The Office in NFL “Best Fans Ever” commercial

One of the coolest TV commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl was one for the NFL itself called “Best Fans Ever” — showcasing football fever in 20 of America’s favorite shows, along with all 32 NFL teams:

The Office makes its appearance at :14, with a scene from Season 4’s ‘Launch Party.’

Super Bowl Party Planning Committee

Andy’s whiteboard says “Super Bowl Party Planning Committee.” Niiiice.

Jenna Fischer in Redbook

Jenna Fischer RedbookThe Office’s Jenna Fischer appears in Redbook magazine (available on newsstands February 15). Jenna blogs about the photo shoot at MySpace.

An excerpt: “I honestly don’t know how professional models do it. In order to give yourself curves in the right places while simultaneously hiding your gut, you have to stand in very unnatural ways.”

Links: Jenna’s blog | Redbook sneak peek NEW

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The Office: The Search, 7.15

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The Office: The Search

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Michael Spiller

Summary (NBC): When Jim gets an emergency phone call from Helene, he is forced to leave Michael in the bathroom of a gas station. Meanwhile, Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out on a journey to find Michael. Back at the office, Pam’s artwork starts a captioning contest that seems to offend Gabe. Guest stars: Amy Ryan, Linda Purl.

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