Jenna Fischer in Redbook

Jenna Fischer RedbookThe Office’s Jenna Fischer appears in Redbook magazine (available on newsstands February 15). Jenna blogs about the photo shoot at MySpace.

An excerpt: “I honestly don’t know how professional models do it. In order to give yourself curves in the right places while simultaneously hiding your gut, you have to stand in very unnatural ways.”

Links: Jenna’s blog | Redbook sneak peek NEW

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  1. what she considers a “gut” is what other women consider a reason to hate her…

  2. I agree wtih LovesItalianFood. She’s an amazing person… sweet, smart, and down-to-earth. I’ll be buying this one.

  3. love the sneak-peek pictures… the “real” cece (her niece) is so precious! she just turned one, didn’t she?

  4. Wowza! Jenna looks awesome! And she really is sweet and “normal.” When I got to meet her outside their studio, she asked me how my vacation was going, what kind of things I was seeing and doing in L.A., and she posed for a picture with me. Made me feel comfortable and not like I was bothering her.

  5. There are about 100 different things I love about Jenna Fischer, but as a guy, I usually don’t really notice a woman’s hair, but Jenna has gorgeous hair doesn’t she? We hardly get to see much change on the show, but in mags and movies and red carpets when she gets all dolled up, her hairstyles make her look even more amazing.

  6. You know those Hot 100 lists? My friends and I always disagree with them so we decided to each make our own. I put Jenna as my #1. My friends questioned me as to why, these pics just prove my point. She’s gorgeous.

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