Angela’s baby bump

The Office’s Angela Kinsey reveals the secrets of her baby bump.

Video 1:
Go inside Angela’s trailer as she searches for the mysterious piece of costume known as a baby bump.
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Video 2:
Angela Kinsey reveals the secrets of her mysterious “baby bump.”
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Video 3:
Angela compares being pregnant vs. playing pregnant during ‘The Office’ filming.
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The Office: Christmas Wishes deleted scenes

Here are three scenes from The Office episode Christmas Wishes.

Meredith tries to give a little comfort and joy to a distraught Robert California.
[Video no longer available]

Dwight and Jim lose an office neighbor – who ends up paying a terrible price.
[Video no longer available]

Andy polls the staff in his quest to make their wishes come true. Continue reading “The Office: Christmas Wishes deleted scenes”

Meet Kate and Oscar Dec. 13 in New York

Meet Kate Flannery and Oscar Nunez

Meet The Office’s Kate Flannery and Oscar Nunez and get a free ream of Dunder Mifflin paper!

NBC Experience Store
30 Rockefeller Center
New York

Tuesday, December 13

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The Dunder Mifflin paper truck will make numerous stops from December 13 through December 15. Follow @DMPaperTruck on Twitter for where it goes next!

Baby Philip’s birth quietly announced on

Unlike the birth of Jim and Pam’s first child Cecelia (“Cece”), which featured prominently in Season 6’s double episode The Delivery, Cece’s little brother Philip came into the world this week with little fanfare.

Pam wrote about Philip’s birth at the Halpert Baby blog:

It’s official! I’ve said goodbye to my lovely lady bump, and hello to baby Philip Halpert!!! Everything went really smoothly. He was delivered completely healthy, and so happy that he was giving a thumbs up on the way out. Afterward, I had to stay for the recommended 48-hours (which is a little long to be eating questionable hospital soup and rock hard rolls, but I made it through).

Jim asked the doctor if there’s anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth, and I shouted out, “Yes! Pregnancy!” LOL. When we brought Philip home, Cece was overwhelmed with emotion. First she threw her Vtech at the wall and started crying, but then all she wanted to do was be near him. It was pretty adorable. Now I just need to get her to be able to say “Philip” instead of “Pull-Up” so I’m not instinctively rushing to her side with Huggies every time :)

Jim Pam Halpert Baby Blog