‘Angela goes to the Emmys’ video

The first of the Angela Kinsey Emmy videos is up at NBC.com — watch here!

In this one, the cameras tag along to watch Angela pick her dress (with the assistance of fashionista Mindy Kaling, aka “Kelly”) and shoes.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip!

Update 12:30pt PT: The video’s now been expanded to include jewelry shopping with Phyllis Smith (“Phyllis”) and sunglass shopping with Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin”). Very funny!


  1. Omg the dress she chose to wear was the dress I came *thisclose* to buying for prom. Now I wish I had gotten it.

  2. Wow I loved the dress she chose. Only a girl as skinny as miss Angela could wear a dress like that with the horizontal stripes!

  3. Angela rocks! I loved the striped dress she picked out. I also loved Mindy Kaling’s new hair! =D

  4. It looks like they’re updating it every hour or so with more things. As of now we get to see her pick out jewelry with Phyllis and sunglasses with Brian (Kevin). I love how she’s seems like such a regular gal who gets the chance to go to the big party. Bubbly and girly just like a lot of us would be.

  5. Haha it’s funny when Brian goes slo-mo. I kind of liked the purple dress better, but the white one is cute! I’m kind of glad she didn’t choose the navy one- the cute striped one kind of fits her bubbly personality!

  6. I absolutel love the dress she picked out. The purple one was beautiful too, but I liked the shorter length on the black/white one. Dang it I wanna go to the Emmys!

  7. They have the rest of the video up now which includes some stuff with Kate Flannery and ends with showing her on the red carpet!

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