Total Axxess interviews Angela Kinsey

In celebration of The Office’s Emmy win on Sunday, Total Axxess is re-airing the interview it did with Angela Kinsey tonight at 7pm Central.

The interview originally aired on August 10th, and since then, audio clips have become available (Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4), but the clips DO NOT include some of the choicest Office tidbits.

Some of the Office highlights missing from the audio clips:

  • Who has the real scoop on Season 3? The writers may be tight-lipped, but the wardrobe staff knows the details of the first six episodes of Season 3, and this is where Angela herself gets the scoop! Anybody here got a contact in wardrobe? ;)
  • How Madden Football impacts the cast (and their trailer locations). During lunch breaks, Angela, Jenna, and Steve usually have lunch together and chat about their families. John, Brian, and Rainn however, dash into the lunch line, fill up their plates as fast as possible, and then retreat to John’s trailer to compete in Madden Football. It gets so rowdy during play time, that Jenna actually had to move her trailer away from John’s because of the noise!

Listen to the Angela Kinsey interview here at 7pm Central tonight.

Thanks, Brad, for the tip!


  1. “that Jenna actually had to move her trailer away from John’s because of the noise!”


  2. “and then retreat to Jim’s trailer to compete in Madden Football.”

    hahaha you called john jim! but hey, i don’t blame you. either one is fine with me =]

  3. If I had one wish right now, I think it would be to work on the set of The Office. They seem like a ridiculously awesome group of people.

  4. The Madden football obsession of these guys never fails to crack me up. I think it was either Jenna or Angela in her blog who said that John didn’t bring his Madden football right away after they returned from holidays and the guys were all really antsy. Hee.

  5. Cameron – You are so right. That would be the best job, wouldn’t it?? They seem like a fantastic group of people and seem to have loads of fun! :) I’m still getting over the fact how different Angela is from her character on the show, that’s so amazing, lol! She seems like a fun and sweet person.

  6. So waredrobe has the scope on what’s going on in Season 3. Maybe that’s becasue someone is pregnant! And obviously they are going to need a maternity wardrobe.

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