Kim’s Halloween journal from ‘The Office’ set

The show that works together plays together. At least that’s the case if you work on ‘The Office’!

I got word today from Kim, The Office’s head of hair styling, that there was a costume contest on set today, with Jenna Fischer as one of the judges!

Here is Kim’s photo journal of the event. All photos used with permission.

UPDATE: Jenna has a slideshow on her MySpace page with even more photos!

The Office

LaVerne (makeup), Kate, and Kim (hair)

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Happy Office Halloween!

Okay, I’m a loser.

I’ve been so preoccupied with getting Office Convention coverage up, I’ve completely neglected one of the most favorite events for Tallyheads — Halloween.

Please post links to your costumes and pumpkins here.

And you guys, please remind me next year to get my act together earlier …

Are you having an Office Halloween?

For the newest Halloween costume ideas, go to OfficeTally’s Halloween archive.

Time for dress up — what are your Office-inspired Halloween costume plans?

The Office Halloween Costumes

You could go as one of the characters, dressed in normal garb, as this group did for an Office Premiere Party (click here for more photos).

Please note the attention to detail in both the attire and the hairstyles.

The Office Halloween Costumes

Or you could go as one of the characters, as dressed up during last year’s Halloween episode:

Three Hole Punched Jim,
A Sith lord,
A Dunder Mifflin superhero,
A blonde woman,
A bloody woman,
Dorothy from Oz,
A hobo,
One of an assortment of felines, or

Attached to a paper mache likeness of your own head.

And be sure to also check out GMMR’s Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly costume tips!

Icons courtesy of sheedy at the LJ Office Icon community.