1. Just when I think he couldn’t possibly be any hotter… I think I need a Coke now to cool down.

  2. Well, they did a good job because John Krasinski made me want to buy a Coke, even though I know it’s just the (evil?) genius of advertising.

  3. Yep, my rational side realizes that this is a ludicrously overdramatic Coke commercial.
    My fangirl side realizes that any soft drink supported by John Krasinski can and will revolutionize the world.

  4. I’m a Dr. Pepper drinker!!! lol

    Still, seeing John in that definitely got me thirsty for a Coke!!

  5. awwww… look how adorable he is! He wants to change the world with a coke bottle. You go, John Krasinski. You go.

  6. Oh wow a Coke ad? It was a “nice” ad but unfortunately it was for Coke lol. Anyway, shouldn’t he be doing an ad for grape soda instead?

  7. Only he could make us feel powerful enough to change our world and do good through a Coke commercial. sigh. :)

  8. Aww. I like it. He looks so good in this commercial. It’s nice to see him doing something different.

  9. nv – I, as a pepsi stock holder, fully encourage you to embrace your fangirl side. I totally agree. lol


    “something big is happening… ” made me burst out laughing cause I yelled “that’s what she said” in my head… and then I swooned when he ran his hand through his hair…. gotta go replay this for the 10th time in 2 minutes….

  10. Um ok, what was that? It was a bit weird, I kept waiting for it to be a parody or something sarcastic! Really dramatic. But yes John is hot, so maybe next time i’ll just watch with the sound turned off, lol.

  11. Um, this commercial makes me thirsty… for him.
    Good Lord, how can he possibly get any hotter?!

  12. There’s also this very thoughtful video from Natalie Portman’s new site MakingOf.com of Krasinski talking about directing and finding his movie.


  13. I find it interesting that they try to give this ad an “indie” feel when it’s for one of the biggest corporations in the world.

  14. I just channeled Kevin for that entire video…. Sat here Open-mouthed and said Niiiiiiiiiiccccce. Especially the hands in the hair.

    Joanna-I noticed that on the second watch. Hubby laughed because I normally don’t let a TWSS pass without at least a giggle.

  15. :::just read Andy R’s comment::::

    hahahahaha oh I love that guys don’t get this…… I mean it’s not as obvious, but clearly this is as “for-the-ladies” as the diet coke commericals featuring the construction workers on break were back in the day…

    btw – it’s been days and I still swoon when I watch this… my inner feminist is mad at myself… lol

  16. “Sorry. This video is temporarily unavailable.” No! Please, no. Is it really temporary or has it been yanked? I had to sneak a peek without sound because I was at work. But now that I’m where I can listen to his oh-so-sexy voice, I get this message.

  17. lol continuity from the whole jinx storyline where Pam asks Jim to buy her a Coke?

  18. NotaBadDay- same thing happened to me. try johnkrasinski.net to see the video

  19. Thank you, RIP Sprinkles!

    I now have 14 bottles of Coke sitting on my desk. I bought everything they had in the cooler.

    Yowza. :-)

  20. I’ll be the first to admit that the ad was a bit melodramatic, but John Krasinski and his epic hotness make up for it.

  21. Haha…I love reading all the responses from the women e-swooning.

    I have to say though, the man has charisma. (I may even have a little guy-crush on him, not gonna lie!)

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