John Krasinski is the voice of Carnival Cruises

From Cruise Industry News:

Carnival Cruise Lines debuts a new television advertising campaign today featuring three new spots that speak to the unique kind of genuine, participatory fun unleashed on a Carnival cruise … Each spot features a voiceover provided by actor John Krasinski from the hit TV show “The Office” as well as the song “Bang the Drum” by Todd Rundgren.

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  1. That’s too funny. I heard one of those ads playing in the background as I was getting ready this morning. I thought it sounded a lot like him! :)

  2. i went on a carnival cruise when i was 12… got horribly seasick and have not set foot on a large boat since then……

    but listening to john krasinski pitch for carnival may just change my mind…

  3. the song choice is funny, too……

    “i don’t wanna work, i just wanna bang on this mug all day.”

  4. Hanley, I just laughed WAY too loudly reading your comment. Very thoughtful. If only I’d remember to think of something witty when I comment on things! I can’t wait to see these ads (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that! – the Blackberry ones were great, too)! And it will be so nice to see it during the Olympics!

  5. I just went on a Carnival Cruise in October. Too bad John wasn’t there, too, to experience the Fun Ship. :)

  6. I love when John does voice over work. I just wonder why the little girl’s inner voice is a man?

  7. Heard this commercial on TV and immediately thought- “OMG IT”S JIM!” haha

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