A letter from The Office writing staff

To all fans of “The Office,”

Tonight is our last new episode for a while, so we wanted to write a quick note (with tanster’s help) to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown us, and other writers, in this weird and difficult time.

Every day we wake up and put on red shirts and drive to a hot, unpleasant location in Los Angeles and walk in circles for four hours. It pretty much stinks, and we would all rather be at work (by a factor of like 10,000), but we continue to do it because the things we are fighting for are fair, reasonable, and incredibly important to the future of our industry. They matter to us, to actors, to directors, and to everyone who works on a TV or movie set.

We certainly hope that this will all be over soon. In the meantime, the best way to help (if you are looking for something to pass the time that does not include watching boring non-union reality shows for three hours a night) is to write letters to the CEOs of these companies, and to tell them that you support the WGA and our attempt to secure a fair deal for our work. There is more information here.

The other thing you can do is to stay informed. The blog www.unitedhollywood.com is the best source for non-Mega-Corp-spun information. WGA.org and WGAeast.org also have updates and information, including breakdowns of exactly what we are asking for, as well as what the companies are offering (which is a fun read, if you like intimidating legalese). Nikki Finke’s site (www.deadlinehollywood.com) has become indispensable as well.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for your support and interest. Stay tuned to OfficeTally for more updates.


The Writing Staff of The Office

Michael Schur and Jen Celotta visit the OTCR

The Office

It was an absolute thrill to welcome The Office’s co-executive producers and writers extraordinaire Michael Schur and Jen Celotta into the OfficeTally Chat Room tonight!

Aside from Mike mistaking Parker for a guy and Jen trying to type replies on a toaster, the chat went very well. They answered questions about the strike and the future of the show.

I talked to Mike afterwards, and he sounded totally pumped about the whole experience. Another chat is a definite possibility for the near future.

A full transcript of the chat after the jump. A few tiny spoilerish tidbits included.

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Angela and me in the news

The Office

Part of my Saturday with Angela included doing an interview with Susan Young of the Contra Costa Times.

Did I ever think in my wildest dreams that I would be interviewed alongside Ms. Angela Kinsey? Uh, NO.

And any time I can combine two of my favorite activities — talking about The Office and eating — it’s a good day.

Links: Writer’s reply turns into ‘Office’ obsession | Video (no longer available)

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Angela stops by OTCR

The Office Angela Kinsey

I know this is a cliche thing to say, but Angela LOVES THE FANS. After spending a very busy day with Angela yesterday, she was determined to take some time to come into OTCR.

She was a trouper to stay in the chat room for nearly 20 minutes, because every few minutes the room would log her out! Grrr, so frustrating!

Angela talks about ‘Fun Run,’ upcoming storylines, the EW photo shoot, and asks some interesting questions.

Following is an abbreviated transcript of her visit. I didn’t get to follow along yesterday, so I’m reading it for the first time today. Thanks, you guys, for being so awesome to Angela!

And Angela, as always, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to come in to OTCR and chat with us!

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Dinner with Angela

The Office Angela Kinsey

I had a lovely dinner with Ms. Angela Kinsey tonight in San Francisco. We talked about ‘Fun Run,’ home renovation, and The Office’s dedicated fanbase. (Of course.)

A few little ‘Fun Run’ tidbits:

“She’s been sick for some time … thank you for asking” was said directly to Greg Daniels, and was improvised.

Angela’s little conversation ender with Pam (“Did Roy ever kill one of your cats?”) was also improvised.

Did Angela break at some point during ‘Fun Run’, and did it make it on air? YES. (Watch the episode again and tell me if you see it.)

A special thank you to our waiter, who took extra good care of us!

I get to spend the day with Angela tomorrow, and I’m not sure where we will be or when. But if one of us comes up to you on the street and asks, “Do you know what ‘Dwangela’ means?”, you better be ready with an answer. ;)

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Thank you, Kev!

Kevin Malone

Just a little thank you to one Mr. Kevin Malone, who made a surprise visit to the OfficeTally Chat Room yesterday!

He logged in from the set Scranton and said, “I am just checking in, post-Emmys to thank all of you for the support.” He chatted with us for about 15 minutes before having to attend a meeting in the conference room. (Hope he didn’t get in trouble with Angela!)

A very abbreviated transcript after the jump.

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My phone call with Jenna Fischer — exclusive!

When I got home today after work (yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I do have a full-time job outside of OfficeTally), I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in my inbox — an email from the newly Emmy-nominated Jenna Fischer, asking if I would like to chat briefly with her this evening.

Um, yes please.

She had decided not to do any formal interviews today, preferring to give an exclusive to OfficeTally to thank the fans! How great is that?

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