Brian and Angela in Scranton May 19th

As Brian Baumgartner mentioned in his latest MySpace blog, he and Angela Kinsey will be visiting Scranton on May 19th.

My source in Scranton says:

Yep, they are indeed coming here on the 19th. The itinerary hasn’t really been established yet, but it looks like it’ll include a rooftop party at one of the city’s downtown parking garages. And I imagine they will end up at the mall at some point.

I’ll post more details the minute I get them!

The Weekend Tally

The Tally is bustin’ at the seams this week!

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Inside TVG’s Sexy Party

Celebrating Rashida Jones’ appearance in TV Guide’s sexy issue, Office cast members talk about who they think is sexy:

Who would Jones — the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones — nominate for next year’s sexy list? “Rain Wilson. He’s got a sexy thing about him, he really does, the more people see him out of Dwight,” she said. “He’s got a sexy nerd thing going on.”

Nice photo of Rashida, Kate, and Brian, too!

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The Monday Morning Tally

I don’t usually post Tallies the first of the week, but the next few days are a bit busy for me, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back …

An assortment of Office-related tidbits sent in by OT readers:

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TV Guide interviews Brian Baumgartner

From TV Guide: Is there anything about [Kevin] that is like you?

Baumgartner: I do have a childlike enthusiasm at times. I certainly enjoy life and get pleasure sometimes in childish things. Other people have said that I am the [cast member] most unlike my character. I take that as a compliment, though I do really love the Kev. Not that we should study the series in a “dramaturgical” way, but if you look at it, nobody doesn’t like Kevin. He is the guy who is friendly with everyone. He has a casual, friendly fantasy football game with Jim, they certainly get along. He totally tolerates Dwight. He doesn’t dislike anyone — except Angela.

Link: Brian Baumgartner Accounts for The Office’s Success