Brian and Angela in Scranton May 19th

As Brian Baumgartner mentioned in his latest MySpace blog, he and Angela Kinsey will be visiting Scranton on May 19th.

My source in Scranton says:

Yep, they are indeed coming here on the 19th. The itinerary hasn’t really been established yet, but it looks like it’ll include a rooftop party at one of the city’s downtown parking garages. And I imagine they will end up at the mall at some point.

I’ll post more details the minute I get them!


  1. Of course they come the day I’m flying to NY from California. Why couldn’t it be the 20th??

  2. aww poor henry :[

    …it might be pushing it to ask my parents to take off work and drive up there (even if its only a few hours away)…oh well…maybe another time…:[

  3. Haha! That totally sounds like something they’d do. Can’t wait to find out the rest of the details! And I wonder if those are the only 2 cast members going to be there?? I wish I could go anyway!

  4. hmm…grad classes or drive across Ohio and PA to see Brian and Angela…tough choice!

  5. WOOHOO!!! I drove up to Scranton to meet Rainn in December and now it’s ANOTHER road trip to Meet Brian and Angela!



  6. I may just make that hour trip up to Scranton and stay with family. Hell, I haven’t seen them in a while so its a win-win-win situation.

  7. I think a trip from Phoenix to Scranton is just what the doctor ordered, CrazyGringa and I can’t wait to visit Scranton..

  8. Seeing the Yankees new minor league team in Scranton and meeting cast members of my favorite show ever would make for a hell of a trip. To bad none of my friends share my passion for The Office so this might be a solo road trip down to PA

  9. I would have to drive 7 and a half hours from Columbus, OH, but it’d be totally worth it if I got to meet Angela and Brian! Is there anyone in the Columbus area looking for a road trip companion?

  10. Heh… roadtrips are always fun. Not so much if you’re going solo, but I can probably turn in some “IOU”‘s from some people. ;) Yay! Now, how far is Scranton from DC? Is Hershey, PA on the way?

  11. Um, could they stay until I drive through town on the 20th on my way home from school? That is so upsetting that I will be missing them by just one day. :(

  12. Argh! We’ll be out of town that weekend!!

    There’s a full page ad in the local arts/entertainment paper about a viewing party at Steamtown Mall this coming Thursday where they say they’re going to give the details for Angela and Brian’s trip. The ad makes a big deal about the mall being featured in the ep, but they picked the wrong date for the party because the episode slated for that night is Product Recall, not Women’s Appreciation. Oops.

    (And of course my son’s 2nd birthday party is on 4/26 so I can’t go to that either.)

  13. My boyfriend thinks I may be crazy to fly there from CA for the weekend…but I’m considering it!

    I wonder if the rooftop party will require tickets or anything to attend…

  14. As a reference, Scranton is an hour and a half east of NYC, 2 hours north of Philly, 5-6 hours north of DC, and about 6 hours from Akron (going 95mph in a minivan). Hershey, from DC, would put you 30-45 minutes out of the way. From the West, the trip is hassle free but extremely boring as there is nothing in Central PA. A drive to and from NYC is hell. So is coming up from the south until you hit the Northeast Extension on the Turnpike.

  15. Here’s what I’ve found out.

    Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) hit Scranton May 19.

    The day will feature a $50-per-person brunch with the erstwhile members of the Dunder-Mifflin accounting department, an autograph signing at the Mall at Steamtown in the early afternoon (noon – 4pm), and, permits willing, a special little downtown get-together. The venue for that shindig can’t yet be announced, but cross your fingers for a roof-raising good time.

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