The Concerns of Mindy Kaling

The Office’s Mindy Kaling has a brand new blog! — The Concerns of Mindy Kaling.

Mindy talks about fashion, food, and other cool stuff with her signature wit and charm.

Today’s post is a poignant remembrance of Steve Jobs: “If you’re like me, when you heard about the passing of Steve Jobs, you had a panicked moment where all you could think about was how much more Mr. Jobs had to give the world, and how sad you were to be robbed of the fruits of those years.”

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New York Times interview with Mindy Kaling

The New York Times’ Curtis Sittenfeld profiles The Office’s Mindy Kaling, including her work in a male-dominated field, her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) (releasing November 1), and of course, her role on The Office. (Including writing details on The Office spoof from the recent Emmys!)

An excerpt:

In 2004, when the producer Greg Daniels was gearing up to adapt “The Office” from the BBC show of the same name — in mock-documentary style, both versions chronicle the lives of unglamorous employees of a paper company — he hired Kaling as a writer-performer, after reading a spec script she wrote. “She’s very original,” he said. “If anything feels phony or lazy or passé, she’ll pounce on it.”

Link: A Long Day at ‘The Office’ With Mindy Kaling

Shrute or Schrute?

Did y’all catch this Twittersation between The Office’s Mindy Kaling and Mike Schur last week?

mindykaling Mar 23, 8:53am:
After last nights game, Dwight Shrute will forever know who Steve Nash is.

mindykaling Mar 23, 10:50am:
I’ve spelled it Shrute in every single script I’ve written since Hot Girl. Have I been wrong this whole time? @KenTremendous?

KenTremendous Mar 23, 10:53am:
@mindykaling Yes. S-c-h-r-u-t-e. Don’t worry — it’s not like you’ve been writing lines for that character since 2004.

mindykaling Mar 23, 10:59am:
@KenTremendous this is legit mortifying. I guess you have a leg up on its spelling cuz you’re in the S(c)hrute clan. #mose

KenTremendous Mar 23, 11:49am:
@mindykaling I also have a “leg up” on it because I saw the way it was spelled in the pilot, and then continued to spell it that way. #burn

I love them.