The Office: The Whale, 9.07

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The Office: The Whale

Writer: Carrie Kemper, Director: Rodman Flender

Summary (NBC): Dwight faces his greatest professional handicap: selling to women — when Dwight must sell to a woman at the lucrative Scranton White Pages, Pam and the ladies teach him how to interact with female clients. Angela suspects the Senator is cheating on her; she and Oscar spy on him at his yoga class. Meanwhile, Andy skypes in from his boat, and Toby convinces several guys in the office to grow mustaches in honor of “Movember.” Guest stars: Jack Coleman, Melora Hardin.

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The Office: The Boat, 9.06

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Writer: Dan Sterling, Director: John Krasinski

Summary (NBC): Andy is forced to step up when his family comes under hard times — Andy must man up when his dad blows all the family money. When Dwight is interviewed on local radio, Jim and the office torture him with bizarre call-ins. Meanwhile, Kevin discovers a secret about Oscar, and struggles to keep it, while Oscar’s fate hangs in the balance. Guest stars: Jack Coleman, Andrew Santino.

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The Office: Here Comes Treble, 9.05

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The Office: Here Comes Treble

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Claire Scanlon

Summary (NBC): Andy deals with a cappella drama — it’s Halloween in the office and Andy invites his college a cappella group to perform, which leads to a confrontation with his frenemy Broccoli Rob. Meanwhile, Dwight finds evidence that a madman is loose in the office and tries to track him down, and the first meeting of Jim’s new job causes a fight with Pam. Guest star: Stephen Colbert.

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The Office: Work Bus, 9.04

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The Office: Work Bus

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Bryan Cranston

Summary (NBC): The office hits the road — when Jim convinces Dwight that the building is unsafe; Dwight rents a bus and sets up the office inside. Nellie asks for Andy’s help in adopting a baby. Meanwhile, Jim tries to make Pam happy with some pie. Directed by ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston.

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The Office: Andy’s Ancestry, 9.03

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The Office: Andy's Ancestry

Writers: Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller
Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy learns he is related to Michelle Obama — Darryl has a hard time in his new role as assistant regional manager when Andy flaunts his bloodlines. Dwight teaches Erin the Dothraki language to impress her boyfriend’s educated family. Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair, and Jim reveals his secret in the warehouse.

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The Office: Roy’s Wedding, 9.02

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The Office: Roy's Wedding

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim go to Roy’s wedding — David Denman guest stars. The wedding toast of Pam’s ex-fiance Roy causes Pam and Jim to examine their relationship for buried secrets. Dwight stubbornly protests Nellie’s mandatory charity initiative by supporting the Taliban and agreeing to live by their severe laws. Clark hits on Erin by dangling a fake newscaster job; Andy also takes the bait.

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The Office: New Guys, 9.01

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The Office: New Guys

Writer: Greg Daniels, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): The office begins its final season. Jim and Dwight are thrown off balance by the arrival of two young employees (Clark Duke and Jake Lacy) that the others dub “the new Jim” and “Dwight, Jr.” Andy comes back from Outward Bound leadership training with a desire for vengeance on Nellie (Catherine Tate). Will Oscar adopt Angela’s cat? Kevin saves a turtle.

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