How should ‘The Office’ end?

How should The Office end?

I teared up reading Tallyhead MuckMallard’s idea for how The Office could end:

I had a crazy idea for the final scene of the series: a pre-teen Cece and Philip are watching the “documentary” alongside a gleeful Uncle Michael & Auntie Holly. Michael says something to the effect of, “and that is how your dad met your mother”. There’s a knock at the door, and Holly answers, and in come a beaming Jim & Pam. They all exchange pleasantries, and Jim & Pam thank Michael & Holly for watching the kids. Michael asks, “So how was the art exhibit?” to which Jim simply says, “Beesly knocked it out of the park.” Then Jim & Pam share one of their patented wordless smiles. End credits

How do you think The Office should end?

The Office ends with one-hour finale

From TVLine:

The Office will close its doors this May with a special one-hour farewell… the buzz is that the finale will air on Thursday, May 9.

… it’ll likely do so without Steve Carell’s original boss, Michael Scott. “I’m hopeful, but I don’t think [Steve] will be back,” NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday the the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena. “He left in the way that he wanted that character to leave.”

Inside ‘The Office’ table read

Variety provides some insight on The Office table read for the season 7 finale, Search Committee.

[Paul] Lieberstein wrote the season finale, and once everyone gathers, two rows deep, around the rectangular conference table, the reading begins. Since “The Office” isn’t filmed in front of a studio audience, this is the best and only opportunity the writers have to hear the episode read from start to finish and gauge how it plays.

Link: ‘Office’ table read