Auction: ‘Rainn Wilson & Friends’ VIP Package

The Office’s Rainn Wilson and OfficeTally are auctioning off a special Rainn Wilson & Friends VIP Package!

Proceeds benefit one of Rainn’s favorite causes, Mona Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting grassroots educational initiatives and raising the status of women and girls worldwide.

The package includes:

  • TWO TICKETS for Rainn Wilson & Friends at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on Saturday, November 19, 2011, including Paramount Club appetizers, personal bar service, private restrooms and coat check
  • A backstage visit with Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kaling
  • One copy of The Office Season 7 DVD signed by the cast

Click below to bid now on this awesome package! (That’s what she said.)


Link: ‘Rainn Wilson & Friends’ 2011 VIP Package


  1. I know, I’m with Kayla. The opportunity would be a dream but money would be a problem.

  2. I’m the first bidder, but I really hope I win!!!

    [ from tanster: awesome, thanks for bidding! :) ]

  3. I’d definitely be bidding on this, but I fear the airfare from England might bump the cost up a little bit :(

  4. My daughter & I have watched Rainn multiple times. No matter what has gone wrong he always makes me smile. I wish I had the funds to bid & wish the best for anyone who gets it!! This would definitely be a bucket list item :)

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