1. That was unquestionably, unbearably, unbelievably creepy. In the absolute best way possible.

  2. OMG! That has to be one of the most disturbing and hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Dear god….

  3. Dwight just birthed a watermelon. And Michael ate it! Ha ha. Great promo. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

  4. Oh wow. There are no words.

    I’m surprised Dwight didn’t birth the watermelon onto Stanley’s car. ;)

  5. Any promo that ends with Dwight zipping his fly back up……

    I just can’t even begin to say.

  6. Good grief. As much as I enjoy Dwight & Michael antics, they can be very disturbing at times…and this is one of those times.

  7. OMG! Was Michael eating a piece of the watermelon baby that Dwight birthed? Wow.

  8. I love Andy trying to be like Jim with his face in his hand. They look like bookends. No Pam again though, looks like. :(

  9. Oh my….

    But did we really expect anything less? Three words…Michael, Dwight, Birth.


  10. I’m shocked yet I’m not but I don’t fully know how to comment. It just looks like Pam isn’t on the show again and that makes me sad.

  11. That was… kind of disturbing. I’ll withhold any further judgment until Thursday lol.

  12. Oh my.

    I hope those are all just deleted scenes.

    They very well could be because, when Rainn Wilson was on the Tonight Show, the “sneak-peak clip” he showed was actually a deleted scene from ‘Goodbye Toby.’

  13. Oooh! Holly and Jan – face to face – is this the start of the smackdown we all hope for!! Choose your corners people! (Go Holly)

  14. Oh. My. Stars.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like Dwight birthing a watermelon…

  15. You would think Holly would have mentioned something about keeping your pants on in the office during her business ethics seminar. Even if you are trying to act out your boss’ ex-girlfriend’s sperm donor baby birth, it’s a bit distracting in an office environment.

  16. I feel that the oakey afterbirth and Michael eating the watermelon are related somehow…

    ewwwww (in a wonderful way, of course)

  17. Okay Thursday…. Get here quickly. Because this is gonna be insaaaaane! Really.

  18. OMG!! BEST PROMO EVER!! hehe!!!

    i cannot wait to see holly and jan go head to head!!

  19. oh. my. blerg.

    My relationship with watermelon is never going to be the same again.

    is it thursday yet??

  20. Dwight birthing a watermelon…WOW. Is it Thursday yet? I want to see what will happen between Jan and Holly.

  21. I never thought I would say this, but I just want Jan and her craziness to go away and leave me alone.

  22. jan/holly interaction is what i have been waiting for baby! this week’s episode is going to be so good!

  23. Oh, the clip won’t play for me but from the comments I am going to presume that Dwight’s given birth to a sizeable “baby girl” and her name is Melanie.

  24. This is the first time I’m viewing an “Office” promo and feel like I need a shower after. Yikes. My eyes.

  25. According to Watch With Kristen, Jim wants Pam to have his babies…do you think that’ll come up in this episode? I know Pam’s afraid of kids, so I hope it’s not a deal breaker for JAM. I don’t think they’d break up over it, but it could still ruffle some feathers…

  26. Get busy, screen grabbers. I toss “tightly wound baby” into the ring for consideration as the official icon of Baby Shower 5:04.

  27. #60 – In a “Goodbye, Toby” talking head, Pam talks about not going to art school if things weren’t so solid with her and Jim and “down the road, if we have a family, I wouldn’t be able to go then, either, so the timing’s perfect…” She’s ready to have Jim’s babies. ;)

  28. So does that mean Jan’s having a girl? I don’t think she’d ever let Michael pick out the boy name if she thought she might have a son. Poor little Astrid.

  29. I.

    Sorry, spoiler-phobic when it comes to clips. I mean, I can wait a day for twice the amazingness.

  30. The JAM fight or whatever it is must not be too bad since they want to “spend every minute together” in the Nov. 6th episode.

  31. Creed is definitely the baby daddy.

    Oooh, what if it was a crazy twist and it was Mr. Gould, her ex-hubby!

    And I hate to say it, but I’m excited for Jam angst.

  32. It HAS to be Hunter…Jan’s obsessed with him almost.

    Putting my money on it.

  33. Katherine (#63) that’s what I was wondering! That is such a horrible name, Jan has changed so much from the character she used to be….. I’m starting to really get tired of her and wish she would kind of start to drift out of the series. Do not get me wrong I love Melora Hardin, but the character of Jan is just getting too annoying. IMO

  34. you know, i used to find kristen from watch with kristen very annoying. but you gotta admit, her spoilers are epic. they somewhat spoil things, but at the same time, you’re begging for more.

  35. Jan’s baby has to be Hunter’s. The song in “Dinner Party” alluded to them hooking up. Jan just made up the sperm bank story.

    Astird!!! Ha!

  36. I think I know what causes some insecurity for JAM, though it doesn’t mean I’ll be right. Pam decides she wants to do art school for a little while longer than the three months she was originally supposed to be gone for. Naturally that bothers Jim cuz he wants to be able to hold his fiance in his arms as much as possible.

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