Beer us strength.

Tonight, the last episode of The Office Season 4 will air.

The LAST episode. For the foreseeable future. WOW.

No more late Thursday night quoting. No more linking to deleted scenes. No more updating the spoiler post.

Well, you know what I say to all that? Adapt. React. Re-adapt. Act.

That’s right — when life throws a strike, you make strike-aid.

OfficeTally will charge full steam ahead, continuing to provide news and entertainment for Office fans, wherever I can find it. Maybe we’ll do the Survivor game for Seasons 1 and 2. Throw in a contest or two. Perhaps I can persuade more Office staffers to swing by for a chat.

OfficeTally will also continue to provide strike coverage. I am keeping in touch with the writers. And they want to keep in touch with you, the fans.

Let’s stay strong and stay together. OfficeTally is still open for business.

Thanks for hanging in there,
Jennie (aka tanster)

P.S. Any ideas on what we can do while we wait for our beloved show to return? Please post a comment.


  1. Wow, this is unbelievable. I think I’m going to cry after tonight’s episode.

    I think we should all boycott watching the show online. DVR, people, please!

  2. I think it would be funny to do an “If I were a writer…” type thing where we would submit a story line how we see it playing out… or something along those lines. I figure we know the characters well enough, so if there is no office, we should create a “2nd Office” here…

  3. NBC is Satan. They went from taking on risky, writer-driven shows like 30 Rock and The Office to completely dismissing the writers of those shows within just a few years. Reel ’em in, make bank, drop it like a bad habit if they want a piece.

    Dear Jeff,
    Screw profit. Give the writers what they want or soon there will be no profit.


  4. ah! this is awful, im completely depressed, this is definitely worse that the summer hiatus, this is unknown time. this is scary, i’ll still be checking every day for strike updates.

    WGA – all the way!!

  5. A very sad day in Office flandom, indeed. I’ll continue to support the writers and hope that our beloved show (and all the others) will be able to salvage the rest of the season somehow.

    Jennie – thanks, as always, for all you do!

  6. Tanster, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all that you do for us. This is a great, organized site, and I’ve enjoyed checking it every day since I discovered it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  7. Wow. “you make strike-aid”? That’s a beautifully-written Michael Scott line if I’ve ever heard one. ;-)

    [from tanster: why, thank you. i worked long and hard on that. twss.]

    This whole thing is very surreal, and it seems OfficeTally will play a new role: a source of unity and encouragement for the die-hard fans during the strike. And what a valuable and immeasurably important role! I’m sure I speak for all the Tallyheads when I say “Thanks, tanster”.

    In the meantime?…I like the Survivor Game for Seasons 1/2 idea. This could really be a nice time for us to get back to our roots (I love, adore, and REVERE Seasons 1 and 2). Also, I’ve been working on developing a simple, tastefully-done, hardcore-fan-focused Office online trivia game. If I ever finish it, I’ll be sure to share.

  8. I’d like to see more Fan Art. Whether just in general or more comic-esque, along the lines of Scranton Summers.

    Hell, if we want to get really ambitious, maybe we can pull enough talent together to do a Flash Animation (with talking and everything)!

  9. I second the support group.
    Chicago fans.. let’s get on this please. :)

    But really Tanster thanks so much, this site and everything related to it means so much to us fans. I’m already crying while typing this… I can’t believe we might have 10 months to go. We HAVE to find some Office related ways to stay connected and keep our show alive. Thank you Jennie!

  10. maybe we should all watch a selected season 1, 2, or 3 show every thursday in place of season 4 episodes. but this would only work for people w/ the dvds

  11. I will pray to the mighty god Jim for help. My alternate is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bjork, then possibly Garbage.

  12. I can’t help but play the optimist and say that I think our beloved office will be back soon enough. After NBC realizes that billions of disgruntled fans are no longer watching their network, but are, in fact, packing on the nasty letters about the distreatment of the wonderful writers… they will be forced to give us our show back.

  13. Oooo yes we could start from the beginning and pick a new one every Thurs to watch and re-discuss our favorite parts.. how things have changed, stuff like that. And for those who don’t own it, they could rent it, or if anyones nearby each other, make friends and have a viewing party. I love this idea!! :)

  14. Sigh. Lord, beer me strength.

    Maybe we could start a petition or something to send to NBC. That’d be cool. And I like Dorky Dancer’s idea. But she’s right, that would only work for people with DVDs

  15. This is all bitter-sweet. I am happy for a new episode tonight but so so sad that we might have to wait until next fall for a new one. Please let the networks cave and give the writers what they want because they more than deserve it.

    Thanks, tanster, as always for such a great Office site!

  16. And I second the PB&J video contest!
    Youtube (keyword: Jim and Pam) is my favorite way to procrastinate.

  17. I don’t think this has fully hit me yet. I feel odd for admitting that it makes me very sad to know we have few (if any) new episodes yet to come this season. “The Office” has become so much a part of my life, and this feels like such a loss. If you would’ve asked me several years ago if I could imagine myself so consumed by a television show, I would’ve thought you were a little nuts. I’ve just come to love the characters, actors, and writers and strangely consider them almost like family.

    Thank you in advance, Jennie, for doing your best to keep us content and give us our “fix.” We’ll get through this – but it won’t be easy. :)

  18. What did I USED to do “pre-Office?” I remember I had a life, but I put it aside somewhere once I got hooked on my favorite show. Well, I guess I better start looking for that life NOW…

  19. Jennie, I want to thank you from my heart for such a wonderful web site. I really enjoy reading all the comments and all the information that you provide. I have only been using the computer for a few years {I am 57 so I was a very slow starter}. This is the only website that I go to regularly, and the only one that I comment on.

    I sure hope that the writers get what they deserve and this strike is over soon. Thanks again!!

  20. It is a sad day indeed. At least we don’t have to worry about The Office being on the bubble and getting canceled like a lot of shows in their first season. I just feel bad for the production staff who is unemployed now.

  21. As per “writing” an episode:

    I always thought it would be interesting if the was an episode which showed us a fantasy version from the perspective of the different people in the office.

    E.G. Stanley’s: Dunder Mifflin goes out of business and he gets a $200 million layoff package (it is HIS fantasy, mind you) and never sees anyone ever again.

    I don’t want to go over the word limit but you see what I’m getting at.

  22. This is a sad day. I sure hope this isn’t the real end of Season 4. The studios need to give the writers what they’ve earned so us fans can get what we need (namely, the Thursday night magic that is The Office).

    While we’re waiting for this unfortunate strike to end,
    I think it would be cool to have an OfficeTally demographic and/or geographic poll (or survey). I’m always curious about where all the other tallyheads are from and what ages, etc. But maybe that’s just me.

  23. Perhaps we could start with season 1 ep 1 and watch a weekly (or more frequently so) episode and comment on it just as we do with new episodes. It could kind of be like a group mini-marathon. We can go in order and rewatch the episodes in all our cyber-togetherness. For example, we could start this weekend with the Pilot and go from there.

    I mean, most of us have them on dvd, anyway.

  24. Ooops, sorry, didn’t realize someone earlier already had that idea. But I second it!

  25. The “greedy writers” aren’t the ones making $50 million a year. Those would be the studio and network heads…

  26. Word, Laura. I never thought something on TV would engross me and capture all my emotions the way The Office has. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend tonight.

    Tanster, thanks for being the glue that’s holding us all together. You are the best.

    I love the idea of celebrating fanvids and fanworks. I’d love to have a contest for best fanvid. And while I love the JAM stuff out there, there are other pairings and categories that are dawesome, too. Celebrating fanworks is a fantastic way of honoring the incredible writers who brought us such endlessly pleasing material.

  27. I’m so sad! I get together with my mom, aunt and grandma to watch the show every Thursday night. You know, family bonding… :(

    I think you should have some sort of contest. Example, people write short scenes for would-be upcoming episodes. We can vote on them!

  28. Wow. The last office episode…ever? It just doesn’t seem real. Surely, sooner or later, the writers will come to an agreement. Couldn’t it come back? Or is this the definite end?

  29. Thanks Jennie! I always know where to turn to for any Office news or updates! I know for sure that I’ll continue to check the site, especially for any news regarding the strike.

    I say we do something regarding quotes or maybe play an OT treasure hunt or something??

  30. heartbroken.

    While I, along with most of us here, fully understand and support our writers, I’m still completely heartbroken.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do next ‘office thursday’… but I’ll tell you what I’m NOT going to be doing, and that is watching the re-runs. boo nbc.

    thanks tanster for all the updates. they are helping me get through this tough time :o)

  31. You know Tanster, if you ever get sick of running this site (yeah right), you could probably have a career in inspiring, quote laden speeches.
    In other words, well said.
    I’ll be here. Bring on the diversions.

    (P.S: If you know when writers/cast members are going to visit the chat rooms, would it be possible to give us some forewarning? I’d love to participate, but I seem to have awful timing.)

  32. Wow… I can’t believe tonight is it :(
    It’s hard to be excited for tonight’s episode knowning this is it for who knows how long. How depressing… I mean of course I will enjoy it (I always do), but after it ends I will probably continue to stare at the screen — in shock.

    And Tanster – Thank you so much for all you do on here!!!

  33. What do you mean this is the last episode in S4? *plugs ears and hums*

    P.S. Tanster, you are my hero for keeping all us tallyheads updated throughout this difficult time :)

  34. This is the original OT chat Jon. I am still down with helping create a “Girls of Office Tally Chat” Calendar. Let me know. ;)

    [from tanster: jon, jon, jon … ]

  35. I love the idea of a Survivor of seasons 1 and 2. The Survivor of season 3 helped me survive the long Office-less summer, so another one might help me survive the strike.

    And if the strike continues, we can move onto Survivor of season 4 from there, since it appears this may be it.

    Enjoy the episode tonight, everyone!

  36. Jennie you are the best!! I dont know how I would get through this strike without OfficetallY!

    Thanks for being the best!

  37. I like the idea of staffers coming by. How about some of the cast too.

    I wish this strike would end, but I don’t see that happening for along time.

  38. #36 Jamtastic–You said it!

    Tanster you are the glue, you are the best. This site really is going to be my fix to get through this. Thank you so much!!!

  39. Tanster,

    I plan to amuse myself during the strike by ranking the cold opens from best to worst. The best, of course, is Future Dwight. That, or UpDog.

  40. This isn’t a long term time killer idea but I thought it’d be cool to have a “I bet you never noticed” section. Tallyheads can leave comments on random things they see in the background or certain anythings that we might have never noticed. For example, in one of the deleted scenes (i forgot which episode) Michael drives pass a building that says “Southern California Construction”. It was really fast and I’m sure not many people noticed it. After noticing that, I realized that I probably watch this show way to much. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents for an idea. Or a favorite scene section where everyone comments with their own personal favorite Office scene ever.

  41. I’m seriously going to go through withdrawals of new Office material. With no disrespect to the writers whatsoever, could there be a writing contest where we, the fans, could submit scenes or mini-episodes? It’s always fun to see what other ideas people have. They could be in script form or written in prose. Just a thought.

  42. They mention how this is the last episode of the office until the strike ends and a little about tonights episode on yahoo’s the 9. There is a link on the yahoo front page, at least for now.

    I’m having a hard time getting excited for tonights episode because I’m so sad that it is probably the finale. I just wish they could have at least gotten to that Christmas episode! I would feel much more content if the last episode was the holiday one, especially because they said it was going to be so good.

    I like the idea about seeing where other tallyheads are from and their ages. Also season 1 and 2 survivor.

  43. So, at this point right now, it is about 100% sure that season 4 is either finished tonight, or at least shorter than it should have been, right?

    There is no way they can make ALL the season 4 episodes initially ordered by NBC just later, in a couple of months when/if the strike is over?

  44. The fantasy Office plot sounds intriguing. Not sure what it would look like, but that could keep it going and maybe give the writers (old or new, who knows?) ideas?

  45. Tallyheads,
    I’ll be in the chat room, moderating your happiness if you need me.


  46. After the long summer wait, here we are again – on the cusp of another long set of reruns and gameshow fillers. Sometimes I tell myself, “It’s just a TV show.” Then I answer, “Yeah, but it’s one hell of a TV show.” Drama/Comedy is just part of the human condition. It brings us joy, and allows us to see ourselves in the shoes of others. The Office is a slice of our lives because it celebrates the humdrum and the search for more. Jennie, you are a beckon of light in a dark television studio. Thanks for keeping this site active during the dark days.

    Idea: How about an online webchat where participants take on the roles of the staff at Dunder Mifflin and create an improvisation episode via chat?

  47. You should have a contest where fans write, star, and submit a video of their own original Office cold open. It’d be interesting to see what people came up with. You know every diehard office fan has at least one scene in their heads they’ve dreamed of pitching to the writers. Here would be your opportunity to play “Office writer” while they’re out on the picket line.

  48. #37 – ThreeHolePunchVersion
    I will, but I’ll be crying.
    Thanks tanster, I’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

  49. “This is the original OT chat Jon. I am still down with helping create a “Girls of Office Tally Chat” Calendar. Let me know. ;)”

    Haha Jon! I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.

  50. #51 and #52 I love those ideas. Actually everyones ideas are so great! Wow, it’s nice to know that if Tanster even gets going on half these ideas I will be a happier person during this drought. :)

  51. I’m really going to miss Office Thursdays. I look forward to it every week. But, I know that sometime in the future, we will have our favorite show back. Can’t wait ’til that day!

  52. #56: I read that the writers cannot use ideas from anyone else and they always have people send them ideas but they can’t even read them!

  53. I am so sad — I hate to be the pessimist but this strike is going to last a long long long time-

    The media companies have no interest in settling but are trying to break the creative unions

    if they break the writers then actors ,directors and the other unions will be a piece of cake.

  54. The end of Office Thursdays so early in the season has me sad, but I’m glad I have OT to keep me informed and happy. :) Thanks Jennie for all the strike coverage and I’m glad all the writers want to keep us informed. They should know we all love them and support them.

    As for ideas, I like the idea of a contest, anything to keep us entertained and I think some of us are easily entertained.

  55. Some people still have no idea what this strike is about and they won’t care until it affects them. If there’s one good thing that comes from having new episodes, let’s hope it’s increased awareness of the strike and support for the WGA.

    Back to watching Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. Season 1, too, if I get bored enough.

  56. Re: Jon #45 ONLY if we get to do a Men of OTCR as well ;)

    I’m all for a scavenger hunt of some sort… I like the idea from UNSHUN #52 the “Have you noticed” is a great idea. Or maybe something like “Didja see who broke in this scene?” Something to keep us watching our already owned dvds. :)

    Not too keen on the idea of having the fans write something – don’t want the network to steal any ideas and keep the strike going without the writers. But they’re all GREAT ideas. Maybe after the strike??

    Tanster you’re the best! Thank God for you keeping us all up to date! I know I can always come here for accurate and up to date info…. I check this site almost hourly at this point at work! Shh… don’t tell my boss. :)

    Enjoy the last episode everyone!!!

  57. Character/Actor profiles. Like have Creed day, where we all watch clips of The Grass Roots and Creed rocking it on the guitar. Or Meredith/Kate day where we all watch clips of her improv group perform.

  58. These are trying times and I think I speak for everyone when I say God bless you, tanster! We have every reason to be down, but we need to stay positive for the writers.

    Idea: I had fun with the DP/Mosby trivia-a-thon. Maybe some kind of trivia based competition?

  59. Idea: How about a “Creed’s Favorite Peach Cobbler Pie” competition? We could invite Creed Bratton himself to decide who has the best peach cobbler recipe. We could invite Paula Deen from the Food Network and make a day out of it.

  60. Officetally- you’re my ray of light through this dark time! It’s good to know that the office community will still be standing strong thorugh this all. I’m so sad to say goodbye tonight! I really hope everything gets straightened out soon, and everyone in lalaland can get back to work.
    I hope everyone enjoys tonight! And there aren’t too many tears (they may be on my end!). Good night, and good luck ;)

  61. Yes I agree, a trivia based competition including all aspects of the office would be entertaining.

  62. Possible ideas:

    1) I like the idea of re-watching an episode from another season and then discussing it. Even if people do not have the DVDs, it’s very likely everyone remembers enough to share in the discussion, or other people’s comments could jog their memory.

    (For example: Today I re-watched “Business School” and was finally able to hear what Angela was saying as she dives to the floor to avoid the bat…”God, this is Angela Martin. Please don’t let that stupid thing come anywhere near me. Please make it go away.” lol That stuff is gold, but if I posted it back in the “Business School” section, I doubt anyone would ever see it)

    2) Someone might have already mentioned it, but trivia/quizzes would be a fun thing to do. They could be trivia about the characters, the writers, the actors, or the show in general.

    3) Another idea would be maye submitting questions for the actors or writers to answer if they had the time. Questions could be on jobs they had before The Office or behind-the-scenes things that go on during production etc.

  63. Jennie,

    I come to read your website a couple of times a day. I just saw this posting and the reality of what’s going to happen just hit me.

    I’m not as creative as the hundreds of readers out there. You and your readers are so talented. So whatever you decide will be good with me.

    All I know is that you are the glue that holds us all together. You connect us with each other, and you connect us with the cast.

  64. Ok, what the frick? Where is the link to the chat room? Am I blind in my grief about losing The Office?

    [from tanster: AJ, it’s the “OfficeTally Chat Room” link in the sidebar (right column), under “Notable Posts.”]

  65. I’ve been so upset all day long, knowing that this would be the last episode for God knows how long. But it feels good to know that so many of you feel the same way. It would be really depressing to come here and see people saying “Oh well, it was nice while it lasted” but instead, you all are making plans on how we can stay entertained while we wait. Office fans are the best!! And of course, Tanster, thanks for being so informative and encouraging us to stay strong!
    Also, I like the idea of starting at Season 1 and rewatching an episode each Thursday and posting comments like we normally would.

  66. I definitely am in favor of a Thursday night episode. It would give some of us OT newbies a chance to comment on episodes from previous seasons.

    Has there been any talk about doing a mailing campaign to Jeff Zucker? I know when Roswell was going to be canceled fans sent the network thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce (an inside joke from the show) to show support. Is there something we could come up with? It would be a long distance method of showing support for the writers.

    [from tanster: Heather, see Write a letter.]

  67. I LOVED “Survivor” for s3 this summer; a series-wide “Survivor” would be great! I also like the idea of resurrecting old favorites for Thursday night discussion; some of s2’s best episodes only have a dozen or so comments on them in the episode guide (I guess that was before OT became the offical mecca of the fandom). Bring those back and we’ll dish!
    Thanks, Jennie, for keeping the site alive while the show/tv is in a coma; we appreciate it!!

  68. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tanster! What would we do without you? I’ve written letters and plan to send lots and lots of postcards – it feels good to do something, anything.

    While we continue to hope and pray for a speedy and fair resolution to the strike (pay the writers, already!), I do like the idea of re-watching seasons 1-3 and discussing them. I was planning to do this on my own anyway, and maybe I’ll feel like less of a fanatic if others are doing it with me (twss). I also really like Sarah’s idea of submitting questions for the actors, writers, etc. to answer when and if they have the time and inclination.

    Again, I can’t thank you enough for what you do for us, Tanster. You’re the best!

  69. I know I’m being selfish, but perhaps you could host a get together for us Bay Area Office fans (and fans for that matter) at a restaurant or something to commiserate, show some Office highlights, and even have a “surprise” Office castmember or writer join us?

    It’s worth a shot ;-). I’d be more than happy to help you set it up Tanster!

  70. There are many groovy (that was for you, Jennie) ideas floating around. Sweet! I have no doubt at all that OT will keep us going until the AMPTP gets their heads out of their butts and gives the writers what they deserve.

  71. As always, thanks tanster for keeping us in the loop. I’m afraid I don’t have too many ideas about how to survive the hiatus (hopefully it is just a hiatus.) I have been toying with the idea of making another fanvid, a sort of sequel to the Getting Hot In Here one I did awhile back. Use it as a kind of tribute to the writers, cast, and crew of “The Office.” I just don’t know if it would be too ironic to voice my support in a new media form, which is kind of the basis of the whole controversy.

  72. 81 – Heather..i was one of those fans of Roswell and aside from the tabasco sauce that was sent we also raised money for a charitable cause (One of the children of a producer was ill) and just the fans of Roswell raised over $20,000. In honor of The Office maybe we could do something charitable to show NBC that we are more than fans and that what we raise is home dedicated we are to the show.

  73. Thanks tanster for all that you do and for helping to keep our spirits up during the strike. Hopefully we’ll get “back to regular programming” soon, though.

    Love everyone’s ideas for keeping things going – group re-watching of old episodes sounds good. And of course I am all for a Chicago support group! I also like the idea someone had for a character/actor of the day feature.

  74. is this definitely the last episode of the season? i mean, say the strike ends in february. is there any chance we will see new episodes before september?

  75. HOW ON EARTH am I going to survive the college week without The Office? I don’t know if I’m going to make it or not.

  76. Thanks for keeping strong Tanster! I hope that we can all give the writers and co. at The Office encouragement throughout this ordeal.

    Never, ever, EVER give up!

  77. Jennie, I would just like to say that you have handled this entire situation with great aplomb.

    Seriously – thanks. As always. :-)

    OFFice TALly!

  78. Seat 18b – PLEASE make a sequel! I can watch “It’s Getting Hot in Here” over and over (and over) again and still roll with laughter each time.

  79. I’m sending out at least five postcards a day to the networks/AMPTP/advertisers and one of them is always an Office-related card being sent to Jeff Zucker. They’re cheap and easy to print and get out. The wga_supporter LJ has graphics you can print out — I put mine on perforated postcard sheets from Staples but even heavy stock paper could work. I usually include a graphic element and then write a personal message and just pop them in the mail. It’s actually been a fun crafty project and it supports my favorite show at the same time!

  80. PS — I like the idea of having get togethers in different cities to show our support — maybe do a letter-writing at a bar one night or something. I know we have quite a few fans in LA that would attend something like this.

  81. Tanster, thank you so much for keeping us updated on whats happing since the strike started!

    i think your ideas were great, contests, trivia, office workers going into the chat room..ect

    Thanks again!


  82. I really don’t like the whole fans-write-the-office idea. I just don’t think anything can be as good as the real thing. That’s why I don’t like fanfic.

    I love the idea of a trivia game for hardcore office fans. I’d also love some kind of quote-off (like a name that quote, or sharing what quotes we integrate into our lives like that’s what she said.)

  83. I’m so sad! At least some of my other favorite shows have a few more episodes to go, but seeing The Office go first is definitely painful.

    I love the idea of a trivia game on officetally, but I warn you, I would win. Nobody else stands a chance. You might as well give me the trophy now. :)

  84. I’ve seen it done on a few websites a while back: we could think up potential episode ideas. Some of the stuff people come up with is actually pretty good, so it’s always fun to read. It’s almost liking watching an episode except…not as good. Obviously. :(

  85. Tanster, thank you so much for keeping us updated with everything! I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for the site, especially after tonights episode! Lets all keep positive and support the writers as much as we can! They’ll pull through this thing and so will we!

  86. I propose an “OfficeTally Talking Heads” competition. The comments on OfficeTally sometimes make me laugh as hard as the episodes, and they would, I think, be great talking head fodder. It would take a lot of digging to comments that would work, probably, but I think it would be fun to watch the Tallyheads as talking heads using other fans’ (or their own) words. Just a thought.

    As for fanworks, I would totally be up for making paintings and drawings.

    Also, I agree wholeheartedly with Laura: Seat18b please make another video!!

    (And if anyone in the Boston area wants to host a support group, I’m so there.)

  87. I think I’d feel better about the strike if I knew what would happen after the hiatus. Will they continue in real time? If so, that sucks because we’ll have missed a bunch of stuff. If not, I feel like that will throw off the pace of the show. Either way I feel like we’ve lost something. Anyway, I know you all know this, I’m just venting.
    In the interim, I think I’ll be working on some kind of fan art or something. I think we should definitely have some kind of online gathering on Thursday nights to discuss an episode. Also, trivia games would be dawesome. This is such an amazing community. I’m glad a strike can’t break it up.

  88. Tanster, you’re the best. I hope the writers check out the comments on this post. I love the mini-marathon idea, but as long as there are new posts for me to check, I will survive. I don’t care how crazy, far removed or off topic they may be…seriously, any tid-bit will do! Post it all!

  89. I like #15’s idea the best. We should pick an episode to watch each Thursday night from the DVD’s. That way, we can boycott the reruns, have an episode to discuss each Thursday, and not go mad.

  90. How about a get together in some cities. I am pretty sure there is a group of us from San Diego posting.

  91. SURVIVOR CONTEST FOR ALL SEASONS! Let’s find out which is the our show’s favorite episode – from seasons 1 to 4!!!!

  92. It is in the writers’ interest to keep the flames of fandom alive so that this show is still a hit when it gets back on the air some day.

    I suggest you to ask some of them (such as Jen, Lee, Gene etc) to provide occasional little columns, maybe a weekly report on amusing things said or done on the strike line. Or their opinions on other shows they like (Lost, Friday Night Lights, etc) or anecdotes about how they got their start. It helps both them and us and keeps support for the writers and the show on the fans minds. Win-win-win.

  93. Tonight is quite emotional, I’d say. To think, this will be the first real season (not counting Season One) that won’t have a Christmas episode. At the very least, it’s depressing. I know it’s risky to say, but as a fan suffering from hiatus, and there being anyone out there that is involved with the production of our beloved show, could we at least, in some way, have a Christmas episode – if not for the industry, but for the fans?

  94. We need to do what we can to give aide to the strike. We can make this the official strike website for The Office and work in conjunction with and

  95. Tanster, when I read your post, it all hit me at once and I could not keep the tears out of my eyes. Wow. The Office, Season 4 is over, possibly for good. I cannot even wrap my mind around that. It seems like we just got started again. The season was hitting its stride, Jim and Pam are finally happy, the half-hour format is back….all to be ripped away from us tonight.

    The end of this show is so much more emotional for me than any other show I watch. Tanster, thanks for all you do. We’ll have to get through this together.

  96. i wish there was someway we could support our favorite writers. is there anywhere for them to post some of their own stuff that we could read/watch? we could support those independent ventures…the big studio guys would hate to see that, right? that way in the meanwhile we would all be entertained.

  97. The coming months are going to be hard, and tonight will be *very* emotional, but I just want to thank you for hanging in there and keeping us informed! You’re doing great work.

  98. tanster, we tallyheads will step up to keep The Office spirit alive!
    One idea I had was to have a video contest that’s strike-related (like Office characters’ talking heads about strikes).

    Thanks for giving us an oasis in our office-less desert!

  99. Here’s an idea: every Thursday night when The Office would normally come on, read a book. The longer the strike goes on, the smarter you’ll get.

    Seriously folks, I’m going to miss The Office as much as the next person, but it’s only a TV show when all is said and done. And there are things we can do which are more productive than watch TV.

    So, pick up a book, call your grandmother, mentor a kid. You could fill that half hour time slot with something and before you know it, you won’t notice The Office being gone.

  100. I watched all the episodes from this season (via DVR) and cried. This really sucks! Today, ! saw John Krasinski on a bus for a Christmas Gap Ad and cried. This is going to be horrible. NO Office. This really sucks! But I have finals and I have decided to take #119 advice. I’m going to read my favorite Hemingway book tonight. And cry. I think I’m in trouble here. I really need to buy a box of Kleenex. (sobs)

  101. I agree with post #119. I love this show just as much, if not more then the next person but in the end it is just a show. Do something to help the world or read more or as I am doing right now watch a presidential debate. And if you really want a show to ease you throw the pain of not having new episodes of the office try pushing daisies, it reminds me, surprisingly, of the office. It’s on wednesday at 8:00 on ABC.

  102. I’m sure this has been mentioned (and sorry I don’t have the time to skim through the comments), but maybe an episode-writing contest? Like fanfiction, but not just JAM fluff, you know? Something that seems like it could be a real episode.

  103. I don’t really get what the studios are thinking. Do they honestly think that the writers are going to give up? That they will come crawling back to their jobs, willing to take a fraction of what they are truly owed for their work?

    The studios are incredibly stupid. Nobody wants to watch the replacement garbage they will put on in The Office’s place. I hope the studios enjoy watching their stock dive in the interim. I meanwhile, will be taking ballroom dancing classes on Thursday nights.

    To quote the great Michael Gary Scott in Business School: “So suck on that [NBC]!”


    in addition to best of seasons contest, I suggest a “Best character” contest, in which the main 14 plus about 30 others get pitted against each other, like DarkUFO did for lost.

  105. Hi there, long-time lurker first time poster…
    I just have to say Tanster, I’m am literally LOL at “Beer us strength”- what a witty title! How apropos.
    Although there will be no more new Offices to make me laugh, I find solace in this community of fans who appreciate the humor and help it live on.
    As Michael might say, “We are all equals, relying on each other’s equal strengths to get through the storm. And I’m like Superman. Or maybe Aquaman since there’s a storm….”

  106. How about every week we come up with our own episodes — decide how we’d finish out the season, decide what we’d like to have happen, even come up with our own memorable quips for the week!

    I think it would be a way to give our poor hearts and minds some closure…

  107. I was about to post my idea, and then scrolled down to see that Liz suggested it already in post #109 (may be suggested elsewhere too, but for now, I’ll say I’m in total agreement with Liz). I was thinking a cage-match sort of thing, like they do on (they’re doing it right now with the Entertainers of the Year poll). Anyway, it would be fun to rank the first two seasons, but I’d be interested to compare them all. It would inspire all of us to dust off S1 & S2 DVDs for a refresher course…

    Jennie, thanks for all you do!

  108. Fan written shows. Get creative and write an episode of The Office! I am a film major, so that would be WAY fun for me. Maybe winner could be a script intern for a day when the show starts up again! God knows they will want the extra help to catch up on things.

  109. This is a very sad day. There was mention of signing a petition and I found this link on Over 53,668 signatures so far. I love the idea of watching via DVD Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and what we have of 4. I started this not too long ago since TBS does not show the reruns here. Tanster – Thanks for keeping this site up and alive and in touch with the writers – it’s helping me to stay informed and I am very appreciative. I am going to be optimistic and keep hoping for a swift resolution. Thursday’s will never be the same!

  110. Another thought…

    In addition to ranking favorite episodes, we could maybe rank other “favorites”. For example, favorite JAM moment, favorite “that’s what she said”, favorite cold open, etc. We could pick our favorite of the episode (which of course wouldn’t work for cold opens), season, or just overall favorite…I’ll leave that up to you.

  111. #131-Sarah, that’s a great idea! There are all kinds of “favorite” category possibilities that might get us through until the strike is over.

    I just can’t believe that it may be many months until we see the next new episode. I’m still having withdrawal pain from missing my second-favorite show, “Mad Men,” that had its season finale a few weeks ago. Do you suppose it’s time to find something constructive to do on Thursday nights? Na-a-ah!

  112. Idea: let your fellow Office addicts know the other shows you watch, cos I assume Office fans’ standards are pretty high.

  113. Idea: In the spirit of “Safety Training,” why don’t we engage in some sort of over/under “bets” to determine when the first new episode will be aired? Or when the strike will cease? Or how many times Mose makes an appearance…or any Office-type betting the characters engaged during the episode.

    Personally, my over/under on…
    – strike ending: December 14
    – new episode: December 20
    – Mose appearances: 3

    Let the games begin!!!

  114. How about we start next Thursday (11/29) with Season 1 and all watch Episode 1 and the deleted scenes and then comment on them. It would keep Thursday nights Office Thursdays, and we would be able to talk about the episode and the deleted scense, unlike when they originally aired and we only had the episode.

  115. I could solve this problem very easily. I would be willing to write future episodes MYSELF, and they would all be VERY funny. Although the actors would not be able to do any more improv bc the actors ARE the writers and improv would be under the category of writing hehe!

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