Vote for The Office as People’s Choice nominee!

peoples-choiceHelp The Office become an official nominee for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2010. The nominees will be revealed November 10; the show airs January 6th, 2010.

Please vote in the following categories:

  • Favorite TV Comedy: The Office
  • Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Steve Carell
  • Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Jenna Fischer

Link: Vote here (vote like crazy until November 10!)


  1. The link brings you to the middle of the voting. Go to the main page and click through to vote from the start to see all categories.

  2. Um, why no John Krasinski on the list? His facial expressions are seriously The Office’s biggest asset. :) I think I’m gonna add him to “other” too!

  3. Ed Helms is also nominated under “Favorite On Screen Team” for The Hangover with Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha. :-)

    I’m voting my heart out!

  4. i know she’s not on the show anymore, but rashida jones is up for favorite breakout movie actress. i loved “i love you man”!

  5. Hey you guys, the way the ballot is ordered, you can basically vote for

    [The Office] -> [Steve Carell] -> [Jenna Fischer]

    in a loop over and over again.

    LET’S DO IT!

  6. It’s a crime that 30 Rock has been dominating our show. Yeah, it’s funny but it is NOT The Office. Let’s win something and change the tides! Come on Tallyheads..let’s do this!

  7. I’m with Jammin!

    Click the link, check a few boxes and type in John Krasinski’s name. Get The Office some well deserved recognition. Don’t be lazy! =)

  8. I have been spending my entire lunch hour voting everyday for the past week! I’ll keep doing it until the 10th too! I too have been writing in JKras’s name.

    [from tanster: good job! i’ve been voting every day, too!]

  9. I’ve voted so many times that if they get nominated, I’m going to feel personally responsible. LOL Just kidding, obviously, but I am going a little nuts with this. I’m also voting for Ed Helms and The Hangover.

    We can do this, you guys!

    [from tanster: YAY! keep it coming!]

  10. I’ve voted so many times that if they don’t get nominated I’m going to be personally offended. Haha..sort of, not really kidding..?

    [from tanster: excellent! keep it going, guys! we only have until next tuesday to vote!]

  11. word of advice: the website says that you can choose 5 choices and those will become the nominees. if you really want The Office to win, then you shouldn’t vote for anything else besides The Office… even if you really like 30 Rock too

    (i don’t like 30 Rock)

  12. This has been my strategy too. And I do like 30 Rock but have had enough of their domination.

  13. Am I nuts, or has voting ended? I can’t find the page to vote anymore. Say it ain’t so! I wasn’t done! lol

    [from tanster: oh no! you’re right, kenna, the ballots are gone. had i known they were going to be pulled, i’d have posted a reminder yesterday. oh well, hopefully we put in enough votes!]

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