Clooney shows Krasinski who’s boss

From Entertainment Weekly:

EW: That John Krasinski guy doesn’t look that tough.

CLOONEY: You know, he’s a good kid. I love him, but the fun part is that he talked s—. [To Pitt] I’ve got this kid John Krasinski in my movie. He’s on The Office — really good actor. The first day on the set he’s like, ”I play basketball” and I was like, ”I play a little too.” And he looks at me and goes, ”I’ll kick your ass.”

Find out what happened on page 6 of the interview. And if you’re a George Clooney/Brad Pitt fan, read the whole article — it’s quite entertaining!

Link: Fun with George and Brad


  1. I agree with Janet. John Krasinski probably has a significant enough height advantage over George Clooney. I picture John holding the ball in one hand at arms length mockingly dangling it in front of Clooney–how was it even a competition?!

  2. Let’s think logically here. If you were John, wouldn’t you let George Clooney win? I mean c’mon. He’s not only your boss but he’s also someone you probably want to like you, right? I don’t think there was a chance John WASN’T going to let him win.

  3. Haven’t anyone seen “ER”? Doug kicked Mark’s ass everytime they played basketball, and Anthony Edwards is way taller than George Clooney ;-)

    And I agree with Lucy (Comment #4). I think I read somewhere that Clooney is a fan of “The Office” (am I correct?). If so, it would be cool for him to make a guest appearance, or even direct an episode. “Good Night, and Good Luck” was a great film, and Clooney did a fantastic job directing it.

    As a longtime fan of “ER”, I’ve also always admired Clooney for the way he remained faithful to his contract to stay on the show, even when he could have left much sooner.

  4. Isn’t awesome?! I check it every so often to get caught up on the latest slang terminology even though I’m in my early 20’s! My friend founded the site! :D

  5. I totally believe George beat John at hoops, because George is a native Kentuckian! And we know how to play basketball better than anyone.

  6. George Clooney is 5’11” and 46 years old. John is 6’3″ and 27 years old.

    As someone closer to George’s age than John’s, I can tell you absolutely, while the height difference isn’t the main factor, the age differential is huge.

    Unless they were playing PIG (or Leatherhead because it has 11 letters), John let him win.

  7. I have been so excited about this movie – my two favorite men involved in one movie – i can’t decide who i would leave my husband for first :)

  8. #12, I second the hoops playing abilities of Kentuckians :-) And great interview, I remembered that George (as Dr. Ross on ER) played basketball on the show all the time….so no wonder John got beat, you just don’t mess with Dr. Ross :-)

  9. Yeah, I agree, John let him win, he is too much of a sweetie to smackdown grandpa.

  10. I love the idea Lucy(#4)! george clooney could play a very good Gould. I’m sorry, but it’s kind of a fact, don’t mess with george clooney. he’s kind of like… a living legend

  11. VERY good point, Native Kentuckian! John was doomed from the start. ;-)

  12. I’m with cardigan…these two are at the top of my “Get out of marriage free” list. There BETTER be some footage of this somewhere!

    And for the record, Clooney’s a very good baller. It doesn’t surprise me that he won.

  13. JKras is so smart. first rule is you never beat your boss at sports (golf, basketball, poker) if the score was 11-8, that means that he could have won, but prob let Clooney take it at the end of the game… smart guy!

  14. The part I liked best about that EW article was Clooney announcing that he and Pitt are going to co-star in a Coen Brothers movie. I adored Clooney in “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” and can’t wait to see him in another one. I can only hope that someday John Krasinski winds up in a Coen Brothers movie. I would die laughing.

  15. Although I don’t doubt that Clooney has awesome basketball skills for someone that is 46, I think that JK let him win. Last year when JK was profiled in Elle, it mentioned that he played college ball. He has to be pretty darn good.

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