The Office: Business Ethics, 5.03

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The Office Business Ethics

Writer: Ryan Koh, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Following Ryan’s recent scandal at corporate, Holly holds a business ethics seminar. Jim makes Dwight comply with the company’s “time theft” policy.

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In a poll conducted Oct. 9-13, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.34/10

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The Office Business Ethics quotes

Dwight: She’s not a virgin, you know.

Creed: The tall guy got engaged.

Holly: Pencils down! Just kidding. Take your time.

Holly: It’s going to be IN-SANE!

Holly and Michael: Let’s get ethical, ethical …

Michael: Ultimately my strategy is to sort of merge this into a relationship without her even knowing.

Kevin: Oooh, check it out: Hired Guy.

Ryan: Okay, elephant in the room. Let’s talk about it.

Michael: Good speech, Ryan. You’re a good guy.

Michael: I think we can all totally agree that Holly is totally fantastic.

Kelly: I’ll just take up smoking. I’ll do it. I don’t care.

Michael: You need to be Robin Williams and M. Night Shyamalan. You need to be Robin Shyamalan.

Michael: Lauren, enough with the pencils.

Andy: Yeah, I took Intro to Philosophy twice. No big deal.

Dwight: You’ve been cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male.

Michael: When I discovered YouTube, I didn’t work for five days. I did nothing. I viewed ‘Cookie Monster sings Chocolate Rain’ about a thousand times.

Michael: I feel very very good. And catharctic.

Michael: You are a thief of joy.

Angela: I once reported Oscar to the INS.

Meredith: Have you ever had sirloin steak, honey?

Michael: “The Merenator,” sleepin’ with suppliers.

Meredith: There’s not a lot of fruit in those looms.

Michael: We’re trying to help you, you stupid bag.

Jim: Yawn. Four seconds.

Michael: Well, well, Holly-lujah.

Michael: Would you care to bang it out over lunch?

Michael: Yeah, it’s kind of business romantic.

Jim: You know, it’s weird. It’s practically a shot-for-shot remake.

Jim: Story’s kind of bland. It’s about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian, who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.

Jim: It’s exhausting being this vigilant. I’ll probably have to go home early today.

Michael: You have to tolerate a lot when you’re part of a family.

Jim: What were we doing for 19 minutes and 48 seconds, Dwight?

Holly: I was just hoping middle school was over.

Michael: You get me.

Michael: How do you tell somebody, that you care about deeply, “I told you so”?

Michael: Get in there right now, or I’m going to lose it!

Stanley: Amen, just keep the ribs coming.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I just did not like this episode! The only funny part was the reminiscent Dwight look at the camera. Other than that, it was just pretty bad. 1 out of 5 stars.

  2. Another great episode! As much as Michael and Holly are perfect for each other, the HR position is going to ruin any chance they have!

  3. I laughed through the entire show. The conference room scenes are the best! Season two office all the way. Only seven more days until next Thursday.

  4. Geez, certainly not “1 out of 5 stars”.

    This episode was solid and likable but not amazing (I’m probably just spoiled after Weight Loss). It felt a lot more old-school Office though, which I liked especially with the Jim/Dwight and Ryan/Michael dynamic. I missed Pam though!

  5. I think this was a great episode, I am so glad they are actually keeping it within the office and not running around in forests and driving cars in the lake. I have no idea why but I was expecting an hour long episode and was bitterly disappointed.

  6. It was nice to have a simple, relaxing episode. A great character showcase, good acting by Steve. I love Holly. She’s wonderful. Missed Pam, but we’ll see her soon.


    We’re in for a good season full of stuff, so it was nice to have a sort of breather week.

  7. Pretty good episode. I thought it was better than the season premiere, but nowhere near Goodbye Toby status. But the season’s just getting started! I think next week will be phenomenal! :)

  8. Not a big fan of this episode. Loved Jim timing Dwight. No Pam????? Come on her on the phone is not good enough for me.

  9. #3 Sammie,

    The first episode was an hour long, so it’s counted as two production codes.

    I missed the first few minutes due to a class, but I thought the episode was alright. Nothing special, but it was pretty funny. I especially loved when Jim was talking to Andy about Battlestar Galactica.

  10. I agree with Sara in Philly…there just wasn’t a lot of funny. Most of the parts that were supposed to be funny felt awkward. Really weak episode…makes me a little nervous.

  11. I thought this one was really funny!! I was actually rolling on the floor during Michael and Holly’s rendition of “let’s get physical.” I missed seeing Pam, though :(

    #3 – It’s 5.03 because the first episode was an hour and therefore counted as two episodes/half-hour installments

  12. This episode wasn’t bad, but I felt a lot of humor was missing. It seemed more like a set up episode for things further down the road.

  13. The whole Holly situation was unsettling, though, I must say. How can Michael throw her leftovers out? I love her!

  14. I think the episode was okay, but in comparison to last week it was a disappointment. If you’re a genuine fan of The Office, though, you’ve gotta love how Jim is going back to his old Dwight-pranking ways. Sadly, it seems like his relationship with Pam is taking away from that. I wish that they would incorporate both =\

  15. I was really disappointed in this episode. There were only a couple of parts I actually found to be funny; the rest was just horribly rushed, and there was hardly any plot development. One of the worst episodes I’ve seen so far.

  16. I think they dropped the ball with this episode. I don’t want to say the worst of the entire series but I can’t think of any other that was as unentertaining as this one…but I understand you can’t hit grandslams every week so of course I will be back to see what happens next week.

  17. I thought this was a good episode. I was glad to see a bit of a Meredith-centric episode. Also thought the Jim/Dwight stuff was awesome.

    Loved the call back to Performance Review when Dwight looked at the camera with a smirk.

    For a second, I thought Michael was going to start treating Holly like Toby, but I’m glad that in the end he pulled through for her.

  18. I liked it! Every episode doesn’t HAVE to be phenomenal. It was simple and humorous, and it had a season 2 vibe to it. The only thing is that it felt extremely short.

  19. I really, really missed Pam. I hope they bring her back soon. It felt unbalanced without her.

  20. I think they could have done a million more things to make this episode better. It fell flat for me, I laughed more at the Kath and Kim premiere then at this episode tonight. Hopefully next week will be better. :/

  21. I enjoyed the Jim/Dwight fun, but the rest of the episode was pretty bad. It was barely funny, beyond awkward even for the office, and just didn’t work. I really hope this is not the tone for future episodes. I’m with Sara in Philly, 1 out of 5.

  22. I don’t know, I was disappointed in this episode. There were some funny parts, like Jim’s time theft prank, and the cold open, but it was so focused on Holly and Michael, and the whole Meredith thing was sort of weird. Also Pam was only in it over the phone at the beginning! But I guess I’ll have to rewatch it and see what I think then. Maybe it was because it felt so short after last week’s one hour!

  23. Not my favorite episode. It’s weird not having the Pam/Jim dynamic in there. But the Dwight/Jim stuff was hilarious. I’m sure next week will be much better!

  24. I was disappointed, I think that Pam not being around made a rather awkward episode worse. 6/10 for me.

  25. I liked this episode a lot. The main reason is it helped move the story along for Michael and Holly. They had their first “fight” I guess and then made up at the ending. Expect next week to have something big happen between them.

  26. I loved this episode. I reminded me so much of season 2! I was worried that the old, awkward part of the office dynamic was lost after season 4, but this makes me feel a bit better.
    They’ve still got it in them.
    Thanks, guys.

  27. I honestly think that was the worst Office episode of all time. Almost nothing happened. I was very disappointed.

  28. I agree with #31, without Pam the episode just felt sad. It felt like a part of the family was missing. Hopefully we’ll have a JAM packed episode coming up soon!

  29. I will be really sad to see Holly leave.I don’t want to see the episode titled, “Gone, Holly Gone”. :( All kidding aside, she is the best character addition since Andy. I was watching the (season 2?) basketball ep on Tues and thought how much funnier it would have been with Andy in the game and Holly probably living some long overdue cheerleader dream out. Be funny to see Andy’s parents sitting front row too.

  30. Subtle humor for this one. I don’t think it was their strongest but it was simple and enjoyable. Pam needs to get back in that office though.

  31. I think the way Holly was treated after calling Michael on the dysfunctional stuff going on in the office is TOTALLY accurate!!

  32. I give it an 8 out of 10. LOVED the whole Jim/Dwight plot line but the rest of it was just too focused for me. But this is the simplicity I’ve been craving for awhile so I guess I can’t complain. In any case, hilarious as usual!

  33. This episode wasn’t anything magnificent or groundbreaking, but I loved it nonetheless. It was simple, hilarious, and brought back memories of the beloved Season 2. The “time theft” storyline was brilliant.

  34. Yawn! Sorry, this was a nothing episode for me. Nobody cared that they were engaged? Kendall saying that what Meredith did was ok because it was saving the company money? Jim and the stopwatch and Dwight with the pee bottle etc… Yawn!

    Swing and a miss guys! I’ve been watching since the very beginning and this is definitely in the bottom 5 of all time. There is a spark missing that I can’t quite put my finger on….:(

  35. Unfortunately, I did not like this episode. AT ALL. And I really wanted to. There were a couple of good moments, but I felt there was so much more that could have been said or done. The best moments were shown in the commercials. :(

  36. I loved Kelly:

    “I’ll take up smoking, I don’t care. I will.”

    Or something to that effect. Oh, Kelly.

  37. “You are… a thief of joy.” Best line!!

    But the scene that made me laugh hardest was the Battle Star Galactica… Dwight smushing the papers was awesome, and Andy’s “…that doesn’t sound right…” was just perfect. I’m still not sure if he was playing along or totally clueless, LOL!

  38. I adored this episode. It was so simple and relaxing and I think last week gave us all heart attacks, so it was a nice breath of fresh air. So many genius little character idiosyncrasies everywhere. Classic.

  39. 1 out of 5? Bottom 5 episodes of all time? Why does everyone need to lump it into some negative category? It might not be the best episode of all time, but it’s kind of cruel to make fun of it like that.

  40. My fave line was “Oh sorry…you wanna say something Dwight?”

    That had me laughing!

  41. It was…okay. Lots of good character stuff but not a lot of humor. I’m not worried :)

  42. I enjoyed it. Of course I’m not sure I could ever really dislike an episode.

    I do miss Pam. It needed her touch. I was happy to see Jim/Dwight hijinks. I’m not sure on the season yet…I am really interested to see next week.

    I’m still having a hard time with Angela being more ok with things. Like her having Outback? I thought she was a veggivor? Not to mention would she really eat that the way Meredith got it?

    Is this really a new side of Angela and Dwight?

  43. I liked the episode too. There were some great moments, like the cold open and the Battlestar Galactica conversation. It wasn’t the best but I laughed a lot through it. Can’t wait for next week because I missed Pam!

  44. I thought this episode was okay :) I watched it twice and liked it better the second time. There are some moments in there that you might not catch the first time. Loved Jim/Dwight, but I miss Pam. :( For some reason, I loved the part where Michael goes “What’s worse that one HR Rep?” and Ryan says “Two HR Reps” then Michael says “You get me.”

  45. I actually liked the episode a lot! I thought it had a good classic vibe to it, while still incorporating some of the new direction. I loved the “Battlestar Galactica” conversation, that whole scene cracked me up. It was also great to see Meredith get her own storyline again…

  46. It’s sad that people state that it wasn’t a good episode because nothing excited happened. It’s as if everyone needs twists and turns around every corner to stay interested. I enjoyed the episode because it was reminiscent of former seasons, and I enjoy the characters’ personalities and hi-jinks–I don’t just watch to be surprised by “new things.”

  47. I was SO sure everyone else would love this episode as much as I did. All seven girls in our dorm room were laughing our butts off. Loved the introduction to Kendall. Now I can see why David Wallace hates him.

  48. I also think this episode was a breather compared to last week. Last week’s episode was so amazing and filled with plot development. This week’s episode seemed like a normal day in the office, almost like a filler episode. I did miss Pam though. The Office is just not the same without her!
    I missed the hour long format too. The episode seemed very short.

  49. i’m surprised with all the negative comments! it felt a lot like Season 2. nice and simple and believeable enough to be a day at the office. very subtle and funny.

    missed Pam though. but thought Holly and Michael were great, as was Jim timing Dwight with the stopwatch.

  50. I was so happy to see Jim and Dwight together again. Of course I missed Pam, but I was happy that the episode wasn’t so focused on their engagement. It brought back the wonderfulness that is the Office. I LOVED the tight spot that Meredith put on Michael and Holly. It was hilarious. “how do you say, to someone you care for deeply, that I told you so?” Classic. I can’t wait to see what happens with them. I gave it an 8… and I thought it was great. It’s impossible to not love an episode of the Office. :)

  51. I didn’t notice till near the end that Pam hadn’t been around. It was a solid, all around fun episode. Maybe not the most memorable “wow” episode but it was good.

    Angela’s look after the cuckold remark and Dwight’s look to the camera after his 19 minute time wasting were highlights.

  52. Speaking for myself, it’s not that I didn’t like it because nothing “exciting” happened, as much as nothing happened. The dialogue was boring, the plot didn’t develop, etc. I judge it by how entertained I was, and other than Jim/Dwight, there was nothing there.

  53. I loved it. This episode continues to remind me of season 2 comedy and plot lines. Not a lot happens, but it’s hilarious.

  54. This was one of the funniest episodes I have seen in awhile. I laughed so hard. So wacky, just like the show should be :)

  55. This was a pretty good episode, people! It may not have been the best ever, but there were quite a few great moments!
    -Classic Jim/Dwight story line (The Battlestar Galactica conversation was hilarious!!!)
    -Great one-liners by Michael (“I told you so,” “Thief of joy,” “You get me”)
    -Holly shined; she was a dork and actually tried to do her job, hearkening back to Michael’s tumultuous relationship with HR (Toby!) no matter what!
    -Meredith, Kelly, Ryan, and many others had great moments!
    -Great cold open! (“To be married?!?” * tackle *)
    Just give it another watch, people! 8.5/10

  56. I always wondered how they’d get Holly and Michael around the whole HR thing. I think she deserves an Emmy for this episode. Really well done.

  57. loved it.
    i was laughing so hard i fell off my couch when jim was talking about battlestar galactica to andy.

    but alas,
    i do miss pam.

  58. Hi folks! It is OK to not like or not enjoy an episode of The Office. You won’t lose your OfficeTally secret decoder ring or anything (well, that’s up to Tanster but I think it’s all good!)

  59. Awesome episode!

    I haven’t laughed this hard at an Office episode since Season 3!

  60. Wow..Jim’s stop watch prank on Dwight and Michael photocopying the framed certificate both had me in stiches..Dwight’s look into the camera when he admits to not be so ethical after all was priceless..very solid episode….although I did miss Pam’s smile :(

  61. I thought it was really cool that they got footage of Cooper’s. I was like, “I’ve been there!” This show’s been the best to Scranton!

  62. I thought it was good, very subtle. It was nice to see them in the office most of the time. I loved Angela’s quick line about reporting Oscar to the INS. I missed seeing Pam, but I don’t think she would have fit into this episode.

  63. I don’t think it was horrible at all…
    The stopwatch prank was the best!!
    And I can now see why Michael still has a job…Kendall must also be “Quite Special”.
    Oh so much for Stanley’s diet…

  64. #66 – I disagree with that sentiment. The show should not be “wacky”. It stands for something much greater than that.

    This ep was lame but much better than most of season 4.

  65. This episode was funny and had a familiar feeling to it. But if I had to choose one word to describe it, that word would be: SAFE.

  66. As sad as it is to have an episode (essentially) without Pam, I thought this was fantastic. It really reminded me why I love the office. There has been too much hype on the Jim/Pam aspect of the show, and I’ve never been happier to see them branch out.

    I loved the Jim/Dwight storyline; back to season 2 antics.

    The whole Michael/Holly bit didn’t catch on with me until this episode. I don’t know why, but I really like the dynamic now.

    All in all, a very good episode.

  67. I loved that episode. Perfect blend of funny and character development. I thought it showed very real sentiments and dilemmas that can happen in an office. Ultimately that is what this show is above. Taking what’s real and relating it in a humorous way. Bravo, writers!

  68. #77, I agree with you completely. As much as I knew Holly was right for Michael, I didn’t really care until this episode. And I missed having Pam around. The office felt empty without her.

  69. Please don’t let Amy Ryan leave The Office, NBC! Have Rainn tie her up and throw her in the back of his car. Anything. That woman is awesome!

    Michael was hilarious tonight; the coffee pot, photo copier and his suggestion to get Meredith a chastity belt. I also loved Jim’s description of Battlestar Galactica.

  70. Best, worst, it’s all subjective. So maybe the Jammers didn’t get much out of the episode. No, there wasn’t any more Dwandygela drama. This episode had Jim/Dwight pranks and Holly/Michael interaction. If you can’t be happy with that… re-watch the latter half of season four. Those episodes are painfully cram-packed with plot development. Me, I just like the comfortably paced, hilarity-infused episodes. To each his own!

  71. This episode seemed really short to me…
    Loved the cold open! haha
    Michael walking away with the coffee pot was classic! haha
    I can not wait for the Dwangela thing to get out for Pam’s sake. I missed Pam!

  72. Classic, hilarious Office! I loved it. Way to go Ryan Koh! The Battlestar Galactica bit, “Hired Guy,” the HR guy (Kendall?) and his “whatever” attitude, Meredith feelin’ good about herself with those Outback certificates–all brilliant sick good stuff. So glad to see a Meredith-centric episode. Kate Flannery is darn cool. Great episode, can’t wait til next week.

  73. what about: “I don’t get where the steak figures in?
    Kevin: I think she got it as a tip. But I don’t know why she didn’t just take cash (paraphrasing).” That was my favorite line!

  74. Did anyone go straight to YouTube after Michael said he watched Cookie Monster sings Chocolate Rain?


  75. Not my favourite episode, but there were some awfully painful awkward moments that were just amazing. Also, that BSG moment was just golden.

  76. I liked the episode because it slid into the same old same old goodness of the office and still brought that new michael holly tension.

    btw, do we know who kendall is played by?

  77. I thought it was good. Not incredibly awesome, but I laughed a lot which is all I really expect from it. Plus Michael finally did something right! Yay!

    I did miss Pam and the whole JAM interaction, but that’s not what the whole show is about. I have a feeling next episode or the one after we’ll have a JAM filled episode and everyone will win.

    It felt very season two-esque, which is always a good thing.

  78. You always expect to cringe at Michael, but when he’s such an insensitive a** toward Holly, you feel so bad for her. The one-hour episodes usually seem too long, but this 30 min. episode somehow seemed too short…go figure. The earlier premiere of Kath & Kim was pretty awful…The Office is still the best sitcom on TV today–by a mile.

  79. Anyone else notice a few plot inconsistencies? For one, it’s highly unlikely that Meredith was meeting up with the hammermill rep. for that period when she had her pelvic cast on. Another is that Dunder Mifflin didn’t start selling hammermill products until after “The Convention” episode, so could six years have passed between seasons 3 and 5?

  80. Well, I thought they were very clever with this episode, in having JAM take a back seat after all of the excitement of last week. I am a huge JAM fan, but the beauty of The Office is that it is an ensemble, filled with great characters. It can’t be all about Jim ‘n’ Pam to really work well, so I thought all of the “oh, are you?” responses to Jim’s announcement was perfect.

    Mind you, I really missed Pam in this ep!

    [Interesting to see some of the Kath & Kim comments too. The Aussie version is so very very funny, but so very specific to Australia. It’s going to be very strange to watch the US version when it shown here on Sunday night. Shame that our TV stations aren’t at all interested in showing the same excitement about the US The Office. :(]

  81. I thought this episode was awsome. It had some of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a while. Everyone was fantastic and if they don’t get an Emmy for this season I’m going to burn Utica to the ground.

  82. Not a fave. I can’t put my finger on what’s weird about Michael. Also the film look is way OTT and distracting to me. Everybody’s golden and glowy. I don’t think we’re in Scranton anymore…

  83. I thought this episode started out fantastic (loved Jim timing Dwight), but ended very suddenly and anti-climatically. Maybe I’m just spoiled by hour-longs.

  84. This episode wasn’t that funny. I did like the part with jim and dwight though. I also liked the part when kelly was talking about taking up smoking:)

  85. This was such an awesome episode! The best scene had to be when Jim was egging on Dwight by discussing Battlestar Galactica with Andy!

  86. I loved the subtle humor last night, and I laughed a lot. Last night was like a Season 1 or 2 episode with Mr. Andrew Bernard and Holly Flax in it. People’s reactions to Jim and Pam’s engagement? Much more realistic than how it would have been played last season. Did anything in this episode take place outside the confines of Dunder Mifflin besides the excellent and believable scene at Coopers? Thank you writers and directors for an amazing episode. 10/10.

  87. Loved it — anyone that has worked for a large corporation will recognize that Business Ethics is an oxymoron

  88. Kate and Rainn are talented actors.

    l really would like to know how many episodes Amy Ryan will be in because in this one her character is written to stay the whole season. maybe lm wrong.

  89. I really liked it, except I feel that 21 minutes just aren’t enough.

    I don’t know why it was so funny to me…but after Dwight says “she’s not a virgin” Jim points. I don’t get if he’s pointing to him or the phone when Pam says “wow”. Anyway, Jim’s mannerisms there just cracked me up.

  90. Gotta say, I laughed out loud for the majority of this episode. Great job writers… there were many one liners that won’t soon be forgotten.
    p.s… the tag… brillant.

  91. I liked this episode because it was very funny. I liked Michael’s comment about Cookie Monster singing Chocolate Rain, but I couldn’t actually find that on Youtube.

  92. Well, tanster, it looks like you’ve officially crossed over from Office fandom to Office insider. The sirloin steak quote is credited to “Kate” and not “Meredith”. ;-D

    [from tanster: shoot! i seem to do that at least once an episode. thanks!]

  93. I’ve gotta say this episode was highly disappointing. If it hadn’t been for the dwight/jim interaction dispersed in between the other scenes I would have turned it off. I don’t think I laughed a single time during any of the Holly/Michael scenes. I was too confused. I just kept wondering if they going to fire Meredith? It was almost overly dark and depressing, this is supposed to be a comedy. It reminded me of “did I stutter” which I also was not a huge fan off because it got overly dark. I dunno, I’m starting to hate conference room scenes.

  94. I don’t really like saying “Season 2” as a reference to some gilded age for the show. We’ve seen plenty of Jim messing with Dwight (the Bluetooth, Benihana Xmas, self-aware DMI) and it’s all been good.

    I thought this episode was great! The Michael/Holly dynamic is perfect, great cold open…and so much for Ryan being sorry, no? Should be a lovely season.

  95. I thought this was a pretty lame episode as well. The Meridith storyline wasn’t credible, the Jim/Dwight storyline was plain unfunny, and the whole episode seemed to wrap up just when you thought it was getting started. I’m also wishing for the Jim character to be infused with the enthusiasm he had from seasons 1 and 2 – by his expressions, Krasinski just seems bored with the part.

  96. Anyone notice the small fact-check blip on the Office last night? Meredith said she had been “sleeping with the Hammermill rep” for 6 years to get discounts on their office supplies, but Dunder Mifflin had never sold Hammermill products up until The Convention in Season 3……….

  97. Eh, I thought the episode was weak. Everything that happened in the conference room was just awkward, but not the usually geniously planned awkward. It was just un-like so many episodes. The time-theft prank was probably the highlight and Michael flipping out was great. “OR I’LL KILL YOU” But I hope for better episodes.

  98. Oh my oh my! This was such a great episode! I laughed and laughed so much. The beginning was awful, with that horrible response to the engagement, but as soon as MS tackled Jim, I was hooked. Holly being such a dork in a Michael Scott way, all those unfinished stories of unethical behavior, and the brilliant use of the stop-watch by Jim (the Battlestar Galactica bit was an instant classic). And not only did I laughed so much, I did it IN MY OFFICE, WHILE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING! Oh man, I’m such a Scott…

  99. Yay! Dwight and Jim are back! I missed Pam immensely, but nothing beats the Dwight/Jim dynamic at its best. I seriously thought of changing my handle to Dumbledore Calrissian, but someone already beat me to it.

  100. I loved it. Classic Office. This years has a 2nd season feel to it, which is awesome. What makes the show great is that the funniest jokes aren’t obvious. We don’t want this show to turn into “friends”. This episode is funnier the more you watch it, just like many of the season two shows. I for on am glad they are going back to the basics to what made this show great.

  101. random question: I thought that Dunder Mifflin only started selling Hammermill paper after the convention? That’s two years ago… not 6?

    anyway, I missed Pam, but I loved it more than most episodes in season 4!

  102. I thought the episode did have a great season 2 vibe to it, but it was missing 2 things: Pam and Toby! I like Holly, but having Toby in that situation would be hilarious to see what Michael would do to him.

  103. I liked when Holly referred to Michael as her best friend on the office. AWWW

    I also love the little subtleties of Ryan and Michael’s relationship. “You get me.” LOL

  104. How many of you felt Jenna just “phoned in” her performance? :) :)

    I’ve only seen it the once now. but a good show. Back to the original formula, lots of cringe moments.

  105. i enjoyed this episode! sure, Pam not being there felt weird, but overall, it was a very funny episode. I thought it was cute when Michael was like, “oh, The Terminator…” and Holly was like, “I’m from the future”

    They’re both such dorks…

  106. Loved the Jim/Dwight prank and Meredith’s confession but the Michael/Holly relationship is in trouble. I felt sad for Michael because he thought he’d found a kindred spirit in Holly until she told him the DM staff are just co-workers, not a family. Then I felt sad for Holly because she didn’t realize what she’d said to offend her only friend at work.

  107. This episode started off great! It sort of fizzled out by the end and got more serious, which was entertaining, but not as much fun. It wasn’t bad, just not awesome.

  108. I am surprised there are negative comments about this season. I think it’s going really well – I’ve laughed out loud at several parts. Dwight is great – he has some great lines. Jim/Dwight picking up their rivalry… great stuff. Holly is funny, and Michael is as awkward as ever.

  109. Wow…this episode felt like a sitcom.

    That’s not a compliment.

    Some big issues (Michael & Holly’s disagreement, Meredith’s ethical violation) were introduced, dealt with and neatly resolved, all in 30 minutes. All that was missing was a wacky neighbor and a laughtrack. Sorry…not one of the better episodes.

  110. Jim’s taunting of Dwight was classic and hilarious! That was the best part of the episode.

    Poor Holly. In some ways she is as freaky as Michael, but much more grounded. I’m afraid, though, that she is not going to last too much longer at DM.

  111. Count me in as a fan of this episode. This episode reminds me of why I fell in love with this show. So many subtle hilarious comments. I enjoyed the “Old School” Jim and Dwight interaction. I laughed from beginning to the end. From the way Stanley was chowing down on those ribs, I’m guessing he is off his diet!

  112. #119 and #126: Maybe they were also buying supplies from Hammermill before they started the partnership to sell supplies for them.

  113. #126~ I agree, my friend and I thought that they got hammermill after the conference, too… I guess we’re just reading wayyy too into it.

  114. I’m really disappointed in this episode, too. Sure, we had to wait two weeks for it, and sure, it must have been hard to compete with last week’s crowd-pleaser, but come on. No Pam? I felt like nothing actually happened in this episode. There was no plot development and very few laughs. When it ended, I actually said “Really? That was it?” Definitely a let-down.

  115. I enjoyed this episode, and felt satisfied when it was over. I loved Dwight and Jim! My husband almost peed himself laughing when Dwight peed in the bottle, and I can’t wait to talk about the Battlestar bit with my coworker, who loves that show. I didn’t mind Pam not being there too much. Although, I can see how people thought it wrapped up too nicely and quickly-probably because it was only a half hour episode.

  116. I was kind of on the fence about this ep. until I watched it again. I am also a huge JAM fan and it did feel strange to have Pam totally absent and I will add my two cents by saying we all want her back very soon…that being said, it felt like more of The Office we all know and love.

    Some other comments have said that it was nice to have a breather week and I agree. It explored other aspects of the show while subtly reminding us of existing storylines (i.e. Dwight’s 19:48 personal break). The Jim/Dwight interaction was classic, Creed was hilarious as usual, Holly is amazing…I love all of these characters and it was nice to see a plot that revolved around someone different. I think we are on track for an awesome season and I cannot wait until next week!

  117. What’s with all the negativity?? I really enjoyed this ep. Classic Office. I mean, no continuity dilemmas were dealt with or resolved -i.e. Jan’s pregnancy, Jim & Pam, Ryan & Kelly, and the Dwight-Angela-Andy triangle was only lightly skimmed – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing; a lot of topics were solved at the premiere, so this was just a light flake ep! LOVED the Michael/Holly (aka Toby) hatred.. “What’s worse than 1 HR rep? 2 HR reps!”; the coffee pot! the photocopier! You can see Michael really developing as a character, he’s not totally giving in to Holly no matter how much he likes her, which is amazing; he still stands up for his beliefs! I’m so proud of him :) And his sensitivity towards her.. fave line “Get in there right now, or I’m GOING TO LOSE IT!!!” Of course, I really enjoyed the Dwight pranks.. I missed that! And the whole Meredith ethics fiasco (althought I agree with 126, DM only started selling Hammermil products since The Convention, S3, not 6 years ago..) Kudos to the writer..a very enjoyable episode!!

  118. After a second viewing this episode was awesome. Everything in it was relatable and hilarious. There were no over-the-top moments. I am still amazed at how well Amy Ryan fits in with the cast. She’s amazing!
    I strongly encourage a second viewing if you were skeptical about this episode last night.

  119. Well that does it for me folks. I used to love the office for a passion, but slowly but surely I have been turned off by it. It began with Dinner Party and as of last night after Business Ethics I am done. It just became a show I might watch if I don’t have anything else to do. The old joke of how inappropriate things can be at an office has worn thin and to cover it, they made all the characters into completely unlikable people. Thanks for the laughs, but they are done. It was fun while it lasted.

  120. @118, Jim has always been bored. The only things that held his attention at all have been Pam and pranking Dwight.

    @123, sorry for stealing your name. At least I didn’t steal a pencil…

  121. Can I ask a sorta-related question? Did anyone else in the central Ohio area have weird, tinny sound on their HD NBC? It was driving me crazy, and the regular broadcast channel didn’t have the same echo problem, so I don’t really have a clue as to who to complain to! LOL

  122. It was great! Loved most everything in this episode, except for the conference room meeting which ran a little long. It’s important to remember that we don’t need twists and turns and cliffhangers to be able to enjoy this show :) It’s not LOST…

  123. I guess I sit in the minority of people that liked this episode and were disappointed in the season opener. I’ve just made the “leap of faith” and will let the writers do whatever they want, plot inconsistencies and horrible business practices aside. The only thing I worry about is that for as badly as the company is being run on the corporate side, the government is going to need to do a bail out of Dunder Mifflin to keep this “documentary” on the air. Or maybe DM can get bought out by Wernham Hogg.

  124. A very weak episode.

    The best part for me was Holly telling Michael over lunch that “they are not friends, they are co-workers.”
    Hopefully, this will sink into Michael’s pea brain.

    I thought Amy Ryan was great in this episode…other than that…not so much.

  125. just putting in my two cents… but i’d like to agree with everyone on how the new season DEFINITELY feels like a season 2 season…. which to me, is the best seasons of all the seasons….

  126. Wonderful classic episode…took me back to Seasons 1 and 2 and reminded me why I fell in love with The Office.

  127. I hate to admit it, but this was not one of my favorite episodes. I just felt like the vibe was not there. I don’t know if it was because Pam was gone or if it was the subject matter, or what, but I didn’t really like it. I also thought it seemed very short. At 9:25 I was like “Wow, the episode is over and I don’t feel like anything happened yet.” So, not my favorite episode ever, but it had some good moments.

  128. I just realized another continuity error. Meredith has been sleeping with the Hammermill rep for 6 years. They weren’t even able to sell Hammermill products until 2 years ago at the Convention.

  129. It’s true this episode did feel very much like something from season 2. I love Holly, she got a lot of good screen time last night. Amy Ryan is fantastic, I wish she could become a regular.

    While I enjoyed this episode I must admit that there was a major downside to it….No Pam:(. I really missed her last night. The show felt like it was missing something….or someone, lol. Just goes to show The Office truly is an ensemble cast.

  130. 158 | Taryn
    “Ditto That!”

    It was kind of like going to a party expecting to see that special someone and she doesn’t show up. You still have a good time but you wish she was there.

    Too deep? Probably.

  131. You gotta love this show. There’s episodes where there’s drama and love triangles and things of that nature. But then there are also episodes like this where it’s just simply about the office, and things that happen in one day at the office. I thought it was kinda cool that the season premiere showed 7 weeks of what went on in the office and this episode showed one day in the office. Good writing.

  132. At first I felt that I didn’t care for this episode. I sat here and thought about it and realized that I have these goofy expectations prior to each show and honestly we don’t want crazy plot twists every week. This was plain and simple and fun. Every week I go back and re-watch and it’s always funnier the second time when I can not worry about the ending but look at the little things that make this show great.

    For those who were upset about the gang not being excited about the engagement, that’s real life. The co-workers are not in love with Jim/Pam like we all are. They’ve been subjected to this triangle for years and are sick of it.

    Good episode.

  133. Does anybody else think that Angela might be pregnant? Dwight made reference in this episode to Andy being cuckolded.

    Also, while everybody thinks that Kevin is the reason why barely any weight was lost in the last episode, it may very well have been due to Angela. At the weigh-in 23 minutes into the episode when no one lost weight, the camera zoomed in on Angela. Maybe it’s because Andy made a comment about wanting the personal days for his honeymoon and Angela felt guilty about the affair…. or maybe it was something else :)

  134. this was a sweet episode. So I guess Outback Steakhouse is sponsoring the show again. I miss the Chili’s references

  135. Personally, I found last night’s “Business Ethics” very enjoyable except for missing Pam a little bit. I only began watching the show last June after seeing Steve Carell in Get Smart. So the Office reruns I’ve caught over the summer, thanks mainly to TBS, have been like “new” to me. While I have enjoyed some episodes more than others, the series overall has been a great discovery, and I look forward to what Season 5 has in store.

  136. Long Tim, I think Meredith’s brain is so pickled she doesn’t know two years from six!

  137. #157

    I noticed the continuity error about Hammermill also. Overall the episode was ok. Definitely laugh out loud moments but a lot of weird awkward moments. Didn’t really enjoy how Michael was treating Holly even though he liked her. I loved Jim talking about Battlestar Galactica while Dwight helplessly listened. awesome classic Jim/Dwight exchange

  138. Not my favorite episode. Hard to believe that the company wouldn’t support their HR person.

    Perhaps Dunder-Mifflin needs a new CEO? If they allowed the antics of Jan, Ryan, still tolerate Michael, AND are willing to sweep Meredith’s indiscretions under the rug, then the company has terrible leadership!

    Also: Does Jim EVER do any work?

  139. Long Tim – that was the first thing I thought about when she said that it was the Hammermill guy.

  140. About Hammermill: [139 | Sir Lemming] This comment brought up a great point. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that Dunder Mifflin was buying some of their own supplies from Hammermill before they made the deal to become a distributor.

    We liked this episode at our house. Very quotable, as always; it’s funny to me that people thought it was worse-awkward than usual. I always moan all the way through the first time I see an episode, and don’t love it until I’ve seen it again… so this one felt like classic goodness to me, too. Hope those of you who were disappointed will “feel the vibe” again next week. :)

  141. Really, this episode feels more like Season 3 than 2, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I don’t know why, but I keep getting the feeling that the creative team is trying really hard to get back to the basics, but at the same time, move ahead.

  142. Hmmm there were some moments I laughed out loud (like when Michael clapped and was like “You’re a good guy” after Ryan’s hook up story. Other than that, I wasn’t a huge fan. But I understand why they made this episode.. to take a closer look at Mike’s and Holly’s relationship.It felt empty without Pam and as much as I love Amy Ryan, I miss Toby!!! It isn’t the same

  143. I really enjoyed this episode. As many have mentioned, the Jim/Dwight interactions were classic (and it was fun having Andy in the mix!); the cold open was great; and the Holly/Michael scenes were just, well, they were what they were! ;-) Amy Ryan is just a treat to have on the show!

    Boy, to sit in on the writing of an episode would just be a treat! Someone mentioned “Dinner Party” — I just want to throw in it’s my new favourite episode. :-D

  144. As a massive Survivor fan, I loved the totally random namedrop of Joanna from season 6. Talk about random; love seeing two of my favorite shows intersect like that.

  145. Upon second viewing I noticed something. Does anyone else think Michael looked and acted more “season one-ish” in this episode? The calmer demeanor, the more slicked-back hair, maybe a tiny bit heavier… Though not as mean.

  146. I missed Pam, but I am glad that she was not in the episode. Like the crew at Dunder Mifflin (especially Jim), I think we are supposed to miss her for a while.

    Meredith was AWESOME. Our company is constantly taking us through ethics training, so I thought the subject matter was great.

    Overall, I think I sometimes take this show for granted. There have been so many great momentous episodes, I think I have a tendency to think that each one will be great and momentous. Some are, but most are just really good and better than anything else on TV.

    Rewatching the episodes on iTunes has taught me that every episode (except Phyllis’ Wedding) is hilarious, worthwhile, and merits multiple viewings.

  147. I really think this was a good episode. It was very season two like, less about the characters and more about the workspace comedy. The only thing that has been bothering me since last season is that the comedy has been more pushed that before. Some things are very funny but less real which makes it kind of silly after a few views. Most of season two is just timeless.
    The HR thing bothered me a little as well. After having an employee arrested I think DM would be more willing to be ethical. Unless corporate is aware of Meredith’s sex behaviour and that’s why they don’t care. Still weird, though

  148. I wasn’t laughing last night. Women using sex for self validation isn’t funny. The writers are losing their touch.

  149. upon second viewing, this is my probably my favorite episode as a whole since the second season. Michael was the perfect amount of goofy, but not over the top. The comments that were quickly interjected during the conference room were fantastic. I guess I am an office fan who doesn’t really need Jim and Pam drama to enjoy the show. I don’t mind the office teetering on a dramedy every now and then, but I watch it for the comedy and that is what this episode delivered.

  150. I love love LOVED this episode!! I totally agree with everyone who said that it had a season 2 feel to it. This was the funniest prank on Dwight in a long, long time, and I love how, for the first time, we were kind of in on Dwight having the last laugh, even though Jim didn’t realize (that AWESOME smirk at the camera.) Holly’s talking head about the tension in the office was heartbreaking. And I love how the show ended on that sweet note of Michael letting Holly do her ethics presentation with that sad smile on his face.
    Favorite moment: Michael photocopying the framed picture off the wall

  151. 170, Director of Marketing – Good explanation. Gotta love helpful Office fans.

    Re: Dunder Mifflin’s unethical business strategy – A lot of financially struggling companies perform underhanded tactics to stay afloat. See Enron or AIG.

  152. I used to think I was on the same wavelength as most Office viewers, but I guess after reading all the comments, I am WAY off base. This episode is WHY I started watching The Office in season 2 and fell in love, it was about the QUIRKY Office hijinks. NOT about the JAM stuff, and drama. I mean, the amount of food Michael was eating at lunch? Freaking Hilarious.
    Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson are the best comedic actors on regular TV today.

    Kudos to this episode, 9/10

  153. … the Battlestar Galactica conversation
    … Michael copying the photo off the wall
    … Jim saying “Jackpot”
    … Michael tackling Jim
    … Every Meredith and Creed line
    … Every Andy line
    … Outback Steakhouse at the end

    This is not forced comedy at all, just plain FUNNY

  154. Okay, unrealistic that corporate HR would support Meredith being tacky and unprofessional, but a hilarious episode nonetheless. I was laughing so hard at the “let’s get ethical, ethical, let’s get ethical, ethical” and then Michael “whooooooo” like what a tough act of entertainment. I love it!

  155. While the Jim-Dwight stuff was funny, this episode was otherwise forgettable. I hope this is not a preview of things to come . . .

  156. Love it. What a well-written episode!

    I like these episodes that focus on the workplace, because they feel so relate-able, and the supporting characters get more screen time. I also love how the Michael-Holly (Molly?) relationship progressed. They tested each others’ boundaries and personal values, and their mutual attraction still survived. Love it, awesome job by the writers!

  157. I’m with you Schruteclone…except…

    Michael tackling Jim is so, IMO, forced humor. A glaring example in fact…….

  158. I loved the stop watch scenes between Jim and Dwight! Great episode! I would love to see more Jim/Dwight pranks in the future.

  159. I loved when Michael attempted to turn the CD player on before he did the dance with Holly… it made me crack up…

  160. #169 – Perfectly said!
    I think after so much JAM, I was (weirdly enough) happy to not see any Drama in this episode at all. It was just a typical day in the office – what I hope we all started watching for. Again, one of my personal favorites since Season 2. Reminscent of Local Ad last season.

  161. I didn’t particularly enjoy Michael tackling Jim either, but other than that, I thought this was a really great episode. Definitely better than Weight Loss in my opinion.

  162. this was an interesting episode. i expected it to revolve around the new JAM engagement, and i was half-pleasantly surprised that it didn’t, even though i love JAM. it reminded me of the old Office days, like in Season 2, when it was all laughs and not as much dramatic storyline. I miss Pam, though, and when is she coming back exactly? Or is she even coming back? I’m a tad confused.

  163. After watching it again, I realize why David Wallace didn’t like their HR person, Kendall. IMO, it is pretty darn believable that companies would look the other way. Whatever makes a buck, folks.

  164. I really enjoyed this episode. There were so many great lines. The conference room scenes always crack me up. Downloaded pirated music..discovering youtube…calling the INS on Oscar! LOL The Meredith thing was a little over the top but glad to see her part of the storyline. I missed Pam. I hope she attends the baby shower.

  165. Does anyone else think that Jim’s smirks to the camera are getting too expected? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jim, but I think there is an unusual focus on him thus far…he gets a lot of exposure compared to other characters. Am I just crazy?

  166. This episode was amazing. It really reminded me of a season 2 episode…which in my opinion was the BEST season. All the JAM stuff was great, even though there wasn’t much of it. I was a little worried that the engagement would sort of ruin the show, but I think that they’re handling it really well by keeping it a minor plot point. I agree that the meredith stuff was a little extreme- but it is very much in her character to behave that way. Anyway- all in all, fantastic episode and I can’t wait for the rest this season!

  167. I have a question…wasn’t Hammermill exclusive with Staples until the Convention? How could Meredith be with the Hammermill rep for 6 years?

  168. I thought it was a really excellent episode. Classic Office. I am glad Jam wasn’t the focus and nothing absolutely needs to happen to make an episode great. You know it was good when you are upset to see the credits roll.

  169. I was a little disappointed in this episode because the whole episode seemed to only be about Michael and Holly. I like it when everyone is touched on, like they were in Weight Loss.

  170. #201- COMPLETELY DISAGREE. Very wrong. This episode gave each character a great one-liner in both the cold opener and during the conference room scenes!

  171. Ok just a quick continuity Error….Meredith said she has been sleeping with Bruce from Hammermill for six years. Dunder Mifflin was not authorized to sell hammermill products until the third season at the convention in Phillie….oh wait does this make me a loser….wow…!!what has two tumbs and needs a life…this guy!! (points at self)


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