‘Casino Night’ gossip from Jenna and Angela

Now that the ban on Casino Night gossip has been lifted, Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) and Angela Kinsey (“Angela”) have updated their MySpace blogs. More juicy details to come from these ladies, I’m sure.

Here’s a blurb from Jenna’s blog:

We all knew the plot but we closed down the set when we shot the “I love you scene” and the kiss. None of the other cast were around so they had no idea how it turned out. We did have a finale watching party with the cast. People were pretty surprised. They cheered. I sat next to Angela and she had her mouth open and her hands on her head the whole time.

WOW. That is absolutely AWESOME that the rest of the cast didn’t know how it turned out before it aired!

Read Angela’s post here.


  1. Yeah, I would have loved to have been there too! How fun would that have been?

  2. I’m assuming there’s only one Tanster out there, so big congrats on winning the signed Lollilove DVD from Jenna! Wasn’t that awesome of her?!?!

  3. Ann Marie, there are many Tansters out there, but probably only one Office-addicted Tanster. :)

    Yes, that was me who won the DVD. Thankful to be at the right place at the right time …

    Jenna is one in a million for giving away her swag like that!

  4. Hey Tanster,
    You’ll have to post a pic of your signed Lollilove DVD AND the Dunder-Mifflin note! How cool for you, congrats!!

  5. I can’t find that blurb on Jenna’s blog either! Am I correct that her most recent blog is entitled “The Contest Winners”? Is there a 2nd page that I am not seeing? The last thing I see is “It’s sooooooo good!” What am I doing wrong???

  6. Ah! I found it! Thank you SO MUCH, Tanster! That was driving me crazy!

  7. You’re welcome, ST. I almost missed it myself — Jenna never leaves comments on her own posts! But it’s a doozy. :)

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