1. This must’ve been said before, but they do look awfully cute together. “They” meaning John Krasinski and Mandy Moore. (Though I suppose it could also apply to John and Brian.)

  2. So, they previewed this movie at the beginning of Knocked Up, and it thrilled my heart to hear the whole theater laugh at various points. Everyone especially laughed at the “Isn’t that MC Hammer?” line that John says at the end. Even though it’s up against Transformers, I think it should do pretty well. Go JKras!

    Oh, and those lips… that hair… those eyes… that, uh, belly… Brian’s the man. :)

  3. Yowsa! That is a good look for Brian! Haha.

  4. John in boxers is too much to handle as I’m sitting in this public library…I don’t think the next person to use computer will like the drool I’ve left behind on the keyboard…… Must view on home computer only…..

  5. I saw a free screening of this movie and don’t remember this scene at ALL. Guess that means I’ll have to go see it again when it comes out…

  6. Forget the scene of him in his boxers, how about the one of him in the Cubs (?) hat?…so adorable.

    Stalkerish, but adorable.

  7. In one of the pics, a woman looks like an old Jenna Fischer. Just me?

  8. wow…i never thought that i would say this but..

    i want to be Mandy Moore right now

  9. GMMR – I hate it when they do that. They release screencaps and previews with the scene in it, then cut it? Cut it from the previews then! It’s like sitting ice cream in front of a five-year-old then snatching it back. Who would do that?? (besides Dwight and Angela :))

  10. aww, poor John got schooled by clooney in basketball. Good for the old man.
    Is it just me, or do John’s legs look HAIRY?
    I’m wondering if I can photoshop myself into the ring-shopping photo. How cute is he?

  11. Sadly from what I understand, the scene with Brian and John doing the belly dancing (?) was cut from the movie…well at least from the screeners.

  12. Oh my…. John in boxers! That alone will get me to see it. Forget the great plot, Robin Williams, and all that jazz. LOL!

  13. I think John and Mandy are really cute together. I love the picture of them entering the church, I love John’s outfit there. I think the one with Mandy leaning on him is adorable too!
    Can’t wait

  14. Okay, I just saw a preview for the movie on TV, and that belly dancing scene with Brian was showed for a sec, so I’m guessing it did make it into the movie. I hope anyways.

  15. John and Mandy look ridiculously cute together.

    Brian is sexy. Kevin should wear that look to impress Stacey.

  16. Very sexy, Brian! That look is so 1990’s and really emphasizes your amazing abs.

  17. Brian looks hilarious in these photos. I really think he’s a funny guy. Kev rules and so does any character played by Brian!

  18. oh, mr. baumgartner. i have been having a bad day, but lol, how can you not smile when brian asks you to behold his glory like that. even john cannot look away.

  19. Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a TON of commercials for this movie? I’ve seen more for this then I did for Pirates 3!

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