1. I can’t believe they left out the dimes in the phone one! Or the computer ding/altoid one!

  2. @2 Kelly

    For some reason a lot of people seem to remember the scene with the dimes in the phone. But really, I’m pretty sure that one was only described in Season 2’s “Conflict Resolution”. Maybe it was just described so well people remember the visuals they imagined?

  3. This rivalry is part of what made the show so great. Why don’t they use this in storylines more often like they used to?

  4. I’ll admit I forgot about a few of these – Future Dwight, the martial arts training, the vending machine. Of course, the altoids and the described ones from “Conflict Resolution” (which includes the dimes in the phone) should have been included.

  5. No mention of the CIA prank, convincing Dwight he smoked the weed, and the bluetooth headset. Another of my favorites is from Benihana when Jim pretends he can’t hear Dwight, then gets him to describe how to butcher a goose to the horrified waitress.

    Of course this would have to be much longer to fit them all in.

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