The Office: The Banker, 6.14

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Writer: Jason Kessler, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): When a potential buyer comes to Dunder Mifflin, Michael, Dwight, Andy and Pam pull out all the stops in hopes of impressing him with their high profile contacts. Michael reminisces about all the great times they have had in the office. Clip show.

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In a poll conducted January 21-25, Tallyheads rated this episode: 4.48/10

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The Office The Banker quotes

Michael: The principles that I’m applying to the office are the same ones that have made Lady Gaga a star. Or any number of drag queens.

Michael: Computron is just one of the many modern devices that I have incorporated into the office.

Andy: Great news, Michael! We’re now the official paper supplier of the NFL.

Pam: Hola! Bonjour! Ni hao!

Pam: For the record, not on board with fake Stanley. Although I get it.

Eric: I’m a glorified fact checker. Actually, I am a fact checker.

Michael: I left a copy of Best American Mystery Stories 1999 in Toby’s favorite stall, so yes, I think I bought us some time.

Dwight: He has more character in a single flake of his dandruff than you have on that entire snowbank on your shoulder.

Dwight: Ignore him. He’s the local lunatic.

Toby: Happy’s a funny word.

Toby: I don’t want to lie. And I don’t want to tell the truth.

Michael: H.R. stuff? H.R. Pufnstuff.

Michael: No, this company does not waste time or resources ever.

Michael: This is a building where friends become lovers and lovers become sexually interactive.

Computron: Computron experiencing emotion.

Computron: Computron wanted to live.

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  1. That episode was AMAZING! It was SO nice to see old clips from past seasons. I have to admit, as soon as they started showing the JAM montage I got a little teary. I love this show so much! :)

  2. So I guess we got to see the much-rumored clip show… Did anyone else know to be expecting something like that tonight?

  3. Loved reliving old moments! But one question, aren’t Jim and Michael supposed to be equals? Is he the top man now because of seniority?

  4. I don’t know how to rate this episode. I mean it had new few scenes, and even fewer were comedic. If I include the footage I’ll give it a 10.

  5. I really didn’t like this episode. How disappointing. It kind of proves that they’re running out of ideas, and it’s breaking my heart. The only good stuff was the JAM Montage. I felt like this episode should’ve been a webisode.. not an actual episode.

  6. it was enjoyable but not satisfying. too many flashbacks! i wanted to see more new stuff!

  7. Well it wasn’t really a “new episode” but I loved it just the same. I like how they showed some deleted scenes (like the full Lazy Scranton vid, and the “that’s what she said” scene from Beach Games). This episode pretty much summarized why I love this show so much. :D

  8. This episode was a nice trip down memory lane. Did anyone see Jim at all? Wasn’t he in a talking head with Pam?

  9. OK, so it was a best-of episode. SO WHAT! What an ingenious way to incorporate it into the storyline! I enjoyed it and appreciate the reminder of why I love this show, through thick and thin. —cheers/dom

  10. This is such an awesome episode! The clips were perfect, and I’ll now be going to sleep singing “Scranton, what, the electric city” LOL What’s not to love about a clip show that also moves the plot along?

  11. Ok… Since this is a clip show and Pam and Jim’s baby is coming soon does that mean that this may be the last season??? I might cry if it is…

  12. I love how Ryan was still in the closet. The last 2 minutes when they played the Dunder Mifflin jingle made me tear, not going to lie. It made me feel like the show is ending, I know it’s not though. I also liked the idea behind the episode, but the last 2 minutes made the show for me.

  13. Are the writers on strike again? This season has been a bust so far, but this episode was the worst. Like we don’t get enough recaps from all the repeats that are aired constantly. I loved all the earlier seasons and thought that the whole show was extremely original and clever. And the cast was great. Please don’t go out like this.

  14. This episode was weird for me, wish the characters would have said something about the past, that would have been funnier.

    I am just not a fan of this format.

  15. Such a funny episode. They showed a lot of good clips all together. Sad about no current Jim! Where was Stanley?

  16. 1) IMO, that doesn’t count as a “new” episode.

    2) It made me fall in love with JAM all over again. They left out four of my top five favorite moments, but w/e. What’s the name of the song that was played?

  17. eh. better than nothing. where the heck was jim? other than the flashbacks, i mean.

    pam’s lines were hilarious. i think my favorite was “For the record, not on board with Fake Stanley…… although I get it.”

    and the “fake stanley” was hilarious.

  18. I really did not like this! I know recap or flashback episodes are common, but I never thought The Office would do it. Are they out of ideas? Surely not. I don’t get it. That is not the way to come back from a month long break. As Kevin would say, “Two thumbs down!”.

  19. I thought this was such a disappointing episode! You wait during break for something fresh and new — and you get the same stuff you can see on reruns! The original parts of the episode were hilarious (like Michael’s parking place and Pam!).

  20. Quite a few squee-worthy moments that I had no problem reliving :-) Still a bit sad that there wasn’t a whole lot of new material, but at least there’s only two weeks left until a brand new episode! (Ugh, why must they make us wait?!)

    On a different note, I hate the fact that Pam’s baby belly has been so inconsistent, and also the fact that they seem to ignore Jim and Pam altogether! Hopefully the birth will be awesome, and not just a thirty second side-note.

  21. I liked it! Sure it was a clip show and not really much new stuff (FAKE STANLEY!), but I really liked the clips that they put together.

  22. This makes me horribly, horribly terrified. Why would they use this episode to do a clip show. Greg Daniels always joked about an Earth Day episode would signal that the writers were running out of ideas, and would be soon ending. We’ve had the green/earth day episode. Now a clip show? I’m not feeling great about this. The Office is my life </3 There will be nothing to live for otherwise :(

  23. I hate to diss my favorite show but this episode just came off as a lazy effort on the show’s part. The pieces that were actually new weren’t even funny, and there was barely enough plot to it to constitute a storyline. I love you Office, but I think they are really running out of ideas now and don’t know where to go with this show. I’m afraid we might be nearing the end. :(

  24. @#5- Lauren. You’re exactly right, it was a professional clip show. I wish NBC would have advertised it as such. But as we know, NBC hasn’t been too smart as of late.

    Really odd to see this as an Office episode, it was interesting, but I just wish we would have been told so I wasn’t so disappointed since I was expecting a “new” episode. But I do get it..Dunder Mifflin isn’t really Dunder Mifflin anymore so a look back was appropriate here.

  25. Yeah, it ranks up there, IMO, with the Seinfeld clip shows. The full Lazy Scranton clip was awesome.

    And yes, if you read the spoiler section, a clip show was announced a LONG time ago.

  26. The Office should never do a clip show. Lauren, I completely agree with you…it did feel like a 22 minute youtube fan video. In fact I turned it off halfway through. I always get annoyed by clipshows…it feels so cheap, especially for The Office. I’m giving this a “1”.

  27. Will, all the actors are signed on for like 2 more years (except Carell, who I think is signed for 1 more).

  28. Who knows the actor that played the banker????

    I have seen him before and it is driving me nuts!!! Please tell me,

  29. I thought the clip show was really great! I wasn’t sure how they were going to handle it without it seeming weird, but they did! Although, it really reminded me of all the compilations on Youtube. Still good, though!

  30. I actually really liked this episode. I knew it was going to be a clip show, so honestly, there was even more new footage than I expected. Loved the “that’s what she said” collection. Bringing back “Sing” by Travis for the Jam clips was perfect! And I agree with #17, Mindy – the Dunder Mifflin jingle montage felt like a series-ender, and it made me tear up. I’m going to be a complete mess when this show actually does end.

  31. Loved the JAM montage and I thought Fake!Stanley is hot…hahaha
    although I thought it was kinda meh ‘cuz I own the DVDs from the past seasons and I watch the syndicated ones…. anyhoo looking forward to next next week… :)

  32. I have an absolute pit in my stomach reading the comments concerning the show potentially ending..I’m glad I can come on here and others feel the same way I do haha, it’s like a little office family. The episode was a great trip down memory lane..but I could go on youtube and see similar clips. Looking forward to the coming episodes though! :]

  33. Okay sure I totally sobbed at the Jim and Pam montage but I still hated the episode. What a cheap way of releasing a “new” episode. This season really worries with me.

  34. So THIS was the clip show. I enjoyed it, especially the Jim/Pam montage :] Didn’t quite satisfy my need for a new episode, though… guess we need to wait two more weeks!

  35. I thought this was good for a clip show. We knew(or people who read spoilers did anyway)from the beginning of this season that there was going to be a clip show at some point, so at least I was prepared. And I don’t think it necessarily means that the writers have run out of ideas.

  36. @30. Jason – the song is Sing by Travis. It’s on their album The Invisible Band. One of my favorites:)

  37. You could not tell Pam was pregnant. I loved the Creed montage and “that’s what she said”. As a mockumentary, a clip show was long overdue.

  38. Yeahhh, that was kind of awkward and I think I agree with a lot of you guys, “lazy,” although Toby was funny.

    I love though how they placed the “Pam’s head on Jim’s shoulder on the boat” clip with the “Pam’s head on Jim’s shoulder in the office” clip. The first thing I thought was, “I wonder if they did that because people on Office Tally noticed the parallel!” :)

  39. @#35-Jo
    Rainn Wilson just tweeted “In a happy coincidence, one of my oldest bestest buddies David Costabile (Conchords, Damages, Wire) played the banker in tonights episode”
    Hope that helps!

  40. @45. Bridgette- I totally thought that too about the JAM clips! I remember us all dying about that on here after the wedding, and I wonder if it was intentional at the time or whether they read our feedback here and realized the similarities between the two scenes.

  41. Hey! I’m Jessica. I’m new here. I also didn’t love the tonight’s show but I didn’t totally hate it. Isn’t The Office going on a break for a bit for the winter olympics? Maybe they didn’t want to do a new episode because of the break they are going on. I personally think that it would be annoying if they had a new episode and then went on a semilong break. On another note, Ryan was looking good tonight. :)

    [from tanster: read this post. and welcome!]

  42. Every decent sitcom that’s ever existed for an extended period of time has done a clip show (Friends did SIX). All of this “well The Office should NEVER have to do one” talk is kind of ludicrous. Take it for what it was: a clip show, and a very well executed one that fits–more or less–into the very loose documentary framework that this show is all about.

  43. How did anyone like this episode?

    If I wanted to watch JAM mashups, I could go on YouTube.


  44. You can definitely pinpoint the decline of The Office with the start of Parks and Recreation. Obviously Greg Daniels and Michael Shur are far more involved with the latter than the former. Parks and Recreation has gotten so much better and The Office is in a steady decline. This “new” episode is proof positive. I guess nothing stays the same and all good things really do come to an end.

  45. God (or the writers) answered my prayers, cause I’ve been wanting to watch the full Lazy Scranton video ever since 2006. The clip montage was very well done, specially the one about Jam.

  46. Welcome Jessica! I loved the episode, and relax friends, this is not the last season. Some bands release greatest hits collections after only 4 albums! Think of it as an appeteaser for the JAM baby arrival extravaganza :)

  47. This has been bugging me since I watched it, was “fake” Stanley the Warehouse “Michael” in Stress Relief? Kinda looked like him.

  48. It’s one thing for a 90s series to feature a clip show. But in the age of YouTube, they really should cease to exist, and the writers of The Office should know better.

  49. @ 50, Scottsdale- Word.

    I really liked it. I think it would be a different story if the clip show didn’t fit in with the overall story in any way, but it really did. I don’t think it means that the writers are lazy at all, I think they wanted a way to look back without just having the characters talk about all the things that had happened. The Jam montage was nothing short of amazing, and was far better than anything I’ve seen on YouTube (no offense). I do see how people could be disappointed if they didn’t know that it was a clip show, since NBC’s promo was incredibly misleading. I did wonder where Jim was, but loved that Ryan was still in the closet (I kind of thought that storyline would disappear after Secret Santa).

  50. Man oh man people,
    While agreeably it was not the greatest, it really wasn’t THAT terrible.

    I’m w/#39. Haley on this one.

  51. The only reasoning I can think of with a clip show is “showing” new watchers of this season what they have missed with previous seasons. Maybe it is more of a sales effort, with potential Office purchases – whether it’s iTunes downloads or DVD sales.

    Other than that, maybe the typical Office fan would like it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t get it either.

  52. A clip show? Really?? Are the writers on strike again? Nothing about Pam’s pregnancy? I give “fake Stanley” two votes, and that’s ALL this stinker of an episode deserves. 2/10.

  53. This was simply the worst episode of The Office ever. I mean, we have to wait a month for a new episode, and we basically get 5 minutes of new content, none of which was particularly funny. I could understand if this was the last episode of last year, acting as a bridge to the new episodes, but as it is, there’s no excuse for a clip show.

  54. 1) Best part – and the part I died laughing at – was Ryan still in the closet. Also… seriously??? Who is dressing that boy lately?!?! He looks ridiculous…. and not in a good way most of the time.

    2) it was well done – clips were well chosen. Some of my favorites. However… a clip show?? come on Office…. you’re better than that.

  55. I felt like this was the laziest episode to date. Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and sometimes heart-warming to see the old clips, but it was useless. Not at all what I was looking forward too. I miss the way I used to feel about the Office. Lately it feels like a loveless marriage. Where did the spark go? I just want a new episode…

  56. Clip shows are always weak. Look at the Simpsons. They had like 4 clip shows in early seasons and they were all horrible, but the show continued to be successful for many seasons. NBC has ordered this episode, so blame them, not the writers.

  57. Jim was missing because he was busy making some comment about the way some man was dancing on a Carnival cruise line.

  58. Scottsdale (#50) you make a good point. It’s inevitable, I think. Ah, well, at least we’re getting some new episodes soon.

  59. I am a diehard fan, but I thought this episode was a waste! I would rather have watched whole reruns of The Office then see them stoop to this. I thought the episode was awkwardly put together, a mishmash with no real theme. The writers should be ashamed of themselves. It was pure laziness on their parts.

  60. Clip shows are generally requested by the network because they are cheap to produce and can be marketed as a “new” episode. Don’t blame the writers and producers. I would bet money it wasn’t their choice to have a clip episode.

  61. I can’t really consider this an actual episode, but I did enjoy it. As much as it will break my heart, seeing all the clips through the seasons made me realize that the show’s approaching a point where it would be perfect to go out strong.

  62. Eh. It was a good clip show, but still a clip show nonetheless. The beginning of the episode was fantastic, but then the clips started and the neighbours’ bass from the other side of the wall started to take my attention more. It was upsetting, to say the least.

    I suppose I see a reason for having a clip show, but alas, I have to wait until after the Olympics for a full Office episode.

  63. I don’t see the need for a clip show. If it was for the 100th episode or something like that I could understand but it wasn’t.

    Having said that, I did enjoy the new parts, such as Toby and computron. In fact they seemed more like what I want out of the show than some recent episodes have. So it was worth it for that.

  64. Sometimes I feel like us Office fans can be the whiniest, most ungrateful fans on the whole planet. It was a clip show – who cares? I really enjoyed it! It was great to see a lot of the moments that made me fall in love with the show, and I think they found a clever way to string it all together. Toby even had a great line! “I don’t want to lie…but I do not want to tell the truth.”

  65. I don’t think I can compare this to a real episode, but if I were to judge it as a clip show, it would be mediocre at best. The first clips didn’t seem connected, and it felt as though they wanted to include as many clips as possible instead of choosing the most appropriate clips. The second part of the episode was slightly better, but the Jim and Pam montage looked like it came straight from YouTube. Furthermore, I thought it was weird that they included very recent clips like Pam slapping Michael in Double Date.

  66. Not a fan of clips show! Friends used to do one every year and it would get sooooo old….Although….I still get teary eyed during the scene (end of S3) when Jim comes in and asks out Pam.

  67. I thought it was weird that there was a new episode followed by a rerun the next week. Maybe NBC didn’t want a rerun show this week so the writers had to scramble something together quickly and this is what they came up with.

    My girlfriend made me watch all of the Friends episodes on dvd and I always hated the clip shows that they did, and there were a lot! Although I never thought The Office would do one, I didn’t mind it.

  68. Even though I enjoyed watching this episode tonight, I am very disappointed that The Office had a clip show. I hope it is their only one of the series.

  69. Great walk down memory lane! They grabbed so many good moments and put them together well. After all these seasons, a clips episode was probably due (and likely a necessity given the weird scheduling around holidays and the Olympics), and this was well done.

  70. I liked this episode. It kinda drew us back to what made the office what it is now, ya know? It was funny looking back. Especially all the “that’s what she said” jokes. That was great.

  71. with the internet and dvd’s clip shows are not needed, i understand that they used to have a place when you would watch a new episode then wouldn’t be able to see it till it became a rerun, but nowaday’s they are not needed, please writers don’t be pressured into doing these things

  72. Lame. Lame lame lame lame lame lame lame. Did I mention this episode was utterly and completely lame?
    I couldn’t stand this episode. What a waste of time and energy. The episodes for the rest of the season better be good after this, because the energy to make a good, solid Office episode was not present here. Granted, it is a clip show-I know that it won’t be in the top 10 episodes ever. But this was lame in the realm of clip shows: the clips seemed chosen for quantity, not for any sort of theme or plot. Overall 2/10 for me.

  73. I hate television for the most part, and am not familiar with clip shows, but here’s something to consider: most of the people on this site are diehards, and have probably seen every episode multiple times. That means that when they’re showing past clips, you’re shrugging and rolling your eyes because you’re so familiar. But think about all of the people who aren’t as obsessive (they do exist, believe it or not). I think this show was definitely more appealing to casual fans who had only seen some of those clips once, or maybe never seen them at all, in which case they may want to go back and watch the show. You could be cynical and call it market-savvy, but I prefer to think that if a show that deserves so much praise can develop a larger fanbase, that’s a good thing. Right?

  74. c’mon people, we KNEW a clip show was coming since a long time ago, and to my surprise it was not as bad as I thought it would be! you have to understand the writers did not “write” this episode, you know they HAD to to please the network and follow a tradition of great shows, just be glad there was some new stuff in it, the writers are nowhere to be at fault and it could have been way way worse, I for one liked it and know many newbies that would benefit from watching this.

  75. Yeah, it was a clip show, but… but… JAN!!!! I was so happy with my hearty bowl of Jan. I’ve missed it so much, I’ll take it in clip form, even though it leaves me wanting more. Come home sane Jan Levenson!

    “This is a building where friends become lovers and lovers become sexually interactive.”

  76. “A clip show is something you do when you’re fresh out of ideas” – Trey Parker, South Park writer.

    I’d like my 25 minutes back. Not only did the new storyline accomplish little (couldn’t they have just made this a Webisode series if they wanted to show it that badly?), but it also watered down the first 100 or so episodes big time.

  77. Wow…so much negativity! I didn’t mind the clip show. They loosely used the impending buyout of DM as a basis for Toby’s “reflections” when thinking about his answers to the investigator’s questions. Sure, I’m constantly watching old episodes on DVD and my iPod, but seeing all those clips in one spot was actually kind of fun! I haven’t watched Beach Games in ages and this made me want to take another look. Clip shows are never as fun as a brand new episode, but I enjoyed it.

  78. If I hadn’t known this was going to be a clip show then I probably would have been disappointed. But I liked it. The new bits were good and I loved seeing some of my favorite old scenes. I got teary at the JAM montage.

  79. So disappointed. A clip show does not equal a new episode in my book, and it definitely feels like it’s treading on more traditional “sitcom” territory….what I love about The Office is that it DOESN’T fit that mold. What’s next – a musical episode? (although that could be pretty hilarious…)

  80. @ #5 Lauren: I completely agree. I understand the concept of it but it just seemed that they got lazy with this one.

    I wouldn’t have minded the clips had they used less of them and added more dialogue. The Lady Gaga joke was mildly funny and the JAM tribute with the Travis song was enjoyable.

  81. We LOVED the clip show at our house. We had a great time playing “Name That Episode” as it was playing out.

    My 13-year old kicked my trash.

  82. Although I was initially disappointed that it was a clip show, I pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the episode. I only started watching the office since syndication. I have watched every episode except 2. (When the heck are they going to rerun New Boss & Company Picnic so i can complete my Office mission?)

    And what was up with Michael’s hair??

  83. I love that Steve Carell’s hair still had some remnants of very light brown from the movie that he did during the fall hiatus. So excited for Dinner for Schmucks!

    Does anyone think that this clip show was made because it would fit into their returning schedules? Perhaps that is why some people were not there.

  84. I’m glad I waited six weeks for a new episode to see clips of shows I have seen for the past six years.

    Since they are using the same tricks as every other sitcom, the next episode should have a lot of story altering events, only to have Michael Scott wake up from a dream.

    Oh wait, next week is a rerun. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Office!”

  85. I’m with everyone else, this felt so lazy and I hate clips shows in general. This was such a let down in terms of development. I really hope they don’t continue on this route, very disappointing.

  86. I loved it! I thought it was a sweet episode, and the new stuff was great and lots of LOL moments! It was a perfectly timed ep halfway through season 6. Kudos to the entire cast and staff! Keep it up :)

  87. Ughh. Hate clip shows. Good to see Toby thought, it’s been a while for significant screen time.

  88. I didn’t think the episode was anything special, but I still enjoyed it. I particularly liked how they went through Jim and Pam’s relationship in one of the clip moments. Did anyone else notice that Jim was only seen in the clips and not in any of the new material?

  89. Good lord, some of you need to get a grip. No, this doesn’t signal the end of the show. No, it doesn’t mean they’re running out of ideas. No, it doesn’t mean the writers are lazy.

    Every great comedy has had episodes like this (see Friends/Seinfeld) for the purpose of conjuring up emotions from the past for the fans. We know you have the DVD box sets and can watch an old episode whenever you want, but there’s a purpose to this. Chill out.

  90. Oh boy! I loved this show! (And this is where being a spoiler-addict pays off. I was prepared for a clip show.) I thought the writers handled it brilliantly. It wasn’t just people sitting around going “Remember when…” It actually had a plot and fit perfectly in the story arc. Kudos, writers!

  91. Not a fan of clip shows…but beacause it was clips from The Office I did laugh a lot.

  92. As much as I hate clip shows, I loved last night’s episode. I think some great clips were picked to show off the Dunder Mifflin staff. The Jim and Pam montage was the best and I loved the use of the song “Sing” by Travis (which was featured in season 2 when they have their first “date” on the roof). And if you didn’t like it, don’t blame the writers and producers because, as other people have said, it’s the network that decides to have a clip show.

  93. People who are calling this “cheap” or saying that “the writers are running out of ideas” might do well to realize that television comedies typically run a clip show after around 100 episodes or so, and this was the 114th episode of the series. So it doesn’t mean anything at all. Be glad it’s been around this long.

  94. They should’ve waited until right before the series finale to do a clip show. This episode felt really disconnected and phoned-in. And seeing the old clips made me realize that I don’t like who the characters have become. Dwight’s more outgoing personality doesn’t jive as well with the show as the obsequious geek did. Jim and Pam are duds now. Everybody has become bizarre. It’s still my favorite show, and this season has been hilarious, but it’s losing its magic. I hope the writers can get it back after watching the old stuff.

  95. I loved all those clips! Poor Toby! He did a great job on this episode!
    I didn’t mind the clip show, I laughed remembering all the stupidity that makes TO one of my all-time favorite shows!

  96. I fell asleep watching this episode! This is coming from someone who will watch the same syndicated episode from The Office twice in one day. I don’t think that this show really lends itself to a clip episode.

  97. Tanster: What did you think of the episode?

    [from tanster: i liked it! we’ve known this was coming since last month, so I went into it with adjusted expectations. :) i think the clips jived perfectly with the storyline. the funniest part of the episode for me was seeing how happy and polite the DM gang behaved, both when the banker arrived and was ready to leave. sweet and ridiculous at the same time.]

  98. I guess The Office expected to win a Golden Globe and allow curious new viewers to catch up with the show’s history. That’s the only logical reason I can think of for why they put a clip show together for the first show after the winter break. I will admit though that some of the clips had me rofling.

  99. HORRIBLE. I can’t believe NBC approved this “script”. I stopped watching because if I wanted to watch clips (and some set to music) I’d search “Office fanvid” on youtube. A disgrace.

  100. Where was Jim? No new footage of him was in the show last night!
    I am very disappointed and am slightly depressed by that episode. Montages!?! really! I hope everyone will completely disregard this episode. Writers, producers, or whoever decided to have a clip show of The Office with montages should be ashamed of themselves. Would this episode really have made Ricky Gervias and Stephen Merchant proud? I hope the writers, producers, or whomever decides will have sense next time.
    I am upset because The Office is the best show, and I do not want all the effort that the writers, actors, creators, producers, and so on have done be a waste.

  101. I thought they did a great job of making a clip episode something worth watching and I was REALLY glad to have some Toby (I’ve missed him!). Plus, I really liked the “fact-checker” – he was great.

    I think Steve Carell’s hair is flat for his new movie – Dinner for Schmucks – not sure, but seems when I’ve seen interviews from the set of the film, he had that hairstyle.

  102. I think Jim summarized this episode best: when you use the same jokes, it just comes across as lazy.

  103. Sara(#65) I totally agree about michael’s hair. First thing I noticed. Was it just helmet-hair from riding the Segway? So flat and slick, ick.

    I agree that this was NBC’s version of the YouTube videos

  104. This episode was necessary. Why waste time showing an important episode with all the breaks coming up. This was a good way to keep the story line moving while not having to waste a great episode in January. March – May will be great! Don’t worry about that.

  105. I think they did a remarkable job given the clip show restraints (which I hope was pushed on them by NBC and not something they chose to do). And while I can see how people would be annoyed at a clip show, cos I was when I first heard about it, I enjoyed the way they presented them as a sort of internal trip down Toby’s HR Nightmares & Dreamscapes. Plus, you gotta remember the diehards knew well in advance what we were getting, and the casual viewer probably enjoyed the format given that they haven’t watched each episode more than once or twice.

    And any annoyance was instantly rectified by a heaping helping of Jammy Goodness, courtesy of “Sing” by Travis. The way the song bled out of the original clip to soundtrack the montage was brilliant. I totally wasn’t expecting it, and given that The Office got me into Travis several years ago and they’re pretty much my favorite band now made it killer on more than one level.

    Add in more new footage than I expected and it’s a thumbs up from me.

  106. I really think people missed the point of this episode, or really just do not understand the TV industry.
    While it may seem lazy to do a clip show, it provides a bridge across the time gap. lazy is showing re-runs.
    this at least moves the story.

  107. I missed the cold open because of a storm watch newsflash here in Arizona. Evidently that was about the only new footage in the whole show. It seemed to me like a final episode type of montage when a show is ending its run. Are the writers out of fresh ideas?

  108. Was reading the comments, and I started to wonder where I missed ‘the other stanley'(sight of him, not the reference) and Ryan in the closet. I must have blinked at those two moments.

    I watched the episode online and finally got it. LOL. And enjoyed watching the episode again.

  109. 118, COMPUNARD-

    That’s the best reasoning I’ve seen yet. I hope everyone here reads that. Well done, sir or ma’am.

  110. What a good moment to remember all the memories the office had, about Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight, everybody. Nice episode folks.

  111. #103 (Dwide Schrude) – Word to all you said. I don’t know why everyone’s so uptight. It’s just a clip show.

    I enjoyed this ep. I love how Toby got a lot more screen time and Fake Stanley was a riot! Would’ve loved to have seen more of him.

    I have to admit that I teared up once they did the Jim/Pam montage all the way to the show montage with the song from “Local Ad”. It really put into perspective how fun it’s been to watch these characters grow and what great an experience it’s been to support the actors that make these characters worth caring about.

    And to conclude the ep with Lazy Scranton was a fantastic final touch!

  112. Eww. While the small bits were pretty hilarious, especially the start, a clip show shouldn’t even be considered “new.” I’d rather have seen a full rerun, even from this year. And the Jim/Pam bit was out of place, eyeroll-inducing, utterly FF-worthy stuff. I don’t hate Jim/Pam, rather like them in fact, I just hate that they’re a cliched, maudlin drawing card for a show that is usually anything but those things. That’s really NBC’s fault, though.

  113. As far as clip shows go, I thought this was really well done and I liked the episode over all. I think the episode was necessary as an interlude while the company changes hands, and I much prefer this to an episode of nonsense that doesn’t maintain the storyline. My favorite montages were the one following Toby’s “happy” discussion with all the slapping (hadn’t realized there were so many slaps on the show!), the one with Creed, and the JAM part of the romance montage (they include the two moments where Pam rests her head on Jim’s shoulder that are my personal favorite Jam moments…). My only disappointment was that there was no new Jim, but that’s probably just because there’s been so much Jim the past few weeks, and there will be so much Jim the next few weeks with Baby Tuna coming.

  114. I completely agree with Matt 108. This episode was useless in my eyes. I’ve found it a real struggle to watch the office over the past couple of years. I really don’t like Jim’s character any more, as he is so serious all the time. I hate to say it but I agree with what Ricky Gervais said at the Golden Globes, it’s about quality of episodes rather than quantity. There are so many storylines that cannot be tackled in 22 minutes and the show is just getting messy in my eyes. This is coming from someone who LOVED the office season 1-3.

  115. Great Show!!

    They didn’t have all the actors available for an entire script, and they didn’t want to do a rerun, so they did this and I laughed the entire episode because this reminded me of how amazingly funny this show is. Every show under the sun does a clip show. Seinfeld did it twice, Cheers did it, The Simpsons have done it, and those are the best Comedy shows of all time along with The Office.

    Great episode I can’t wait for Feb 4th

  116. I actually got really anxious watching it, because it felt like a series finale kind of thing to do. But that aside, I liked it. I mean, come on, it’s just a clip show. No, maybe it’s not an amazing plot-driven show, but it was good on its own. Especially when they included deleted scene clips (Beach Day).

  117. I’ve been so Office deprived that even a clip show is better than nothing. Actually, I enjoyed fake Stanley, seeing Toby and Jan again, the JAM moments the Dinner Party scene and Lazy Scranton. BTW, where is Jan this season?

  118. Was there another writer’s strike I didn’t know about? Did NBC have to pay for that? What a shame. I thought they were above clip shows!

  119. John Krasinski was actually in the episode very, very briefly as the camera panned to the office after the montage. He just didn’t have any lines in it (much like most of the rest of the cast).

    Bring on Feb. 4th!

  120. I’m confused. I thought we all knew it would be a clip show. Why are so many so disappointed?

    Just one more thought: JAN. JanJanJanJan.

  121. Seriously people, CHILL OUT.
    It’s a clip show. Most shows that are on for several seasons have at least one at some point. It does NOT mean the end of the show… Seinfeld had two or three, Friends had six. It shouldn’t be evaluated as a real episode.
    I was actually expecting one or two minutes of new scenes and was pleasantly surprised we got seven to eight minutes.

  122. This was my favorite episode of The Office yet. Everything came together in a good way. I liked the awkward tension between Michael and Toby, and Dwight’s calcutron character was hilarious. The only minor problem was that there seemed to be a lot more flashbacks than usual.

  123. It was nice to see those old clips that reminds us just how wonderful the show has been. The JAM clips were very romantic and sweet, we got to see sociopath Jan(female satan). And clips of my favorite duo Michael and Dwight. Seeing their raid on accounting, dropping the watermelon off the roof, and the Lazy Scranton video illustrates that they are each other’s best friend.

  124. I enjoyed the clip show. It made me remember why I started watching the show in the first place. The JAM moments all made me squee with delight again.

    Of course, I’m ready for a new episode though ;)

  125. I’m going to have to disagree with Pam and say I love Fake Stanley. I also didn’t think that this was a bad episode. Although it was less of an episode and more of a… re-run, i guess. I talked to a lot of my friends, and they didn’t like the episode, but I think it was fitting. I mean, it was kind of a farewell to Dunder Mifflin, and it’s making way for whatever the new company will be.

  126. I think a clip show is fitting to a mockumentary style TV show, and for what it was, I think it was good. Cold open was good, loved the Lady Gaga line. It was nice to see all the scenes that made us love the show, along with some deleted ones (especially Dwight’s “Bon Appetit” from Boys & Girls, one of the funniest scenes of the show in my opinion). I don’t think this ep is going to rank very high nor have a whole lot of replay value when it hits DVD, but I don’t think it was a bad idea to do this with an off week next week.

  127. What, next time a laugh track?! Please, NBC go back to the loved documentary feel. Also, true diehards do not read the episode info so that nothing will be spoiled. Please everyone just disregard this episode. Please a better episode next time.

  128. It was kind of a waste of an episode, but I guess it was fine. It seems like a lot of fans of the office (like me) are really hardcore fans that know every episode inside and out though, so a clip show seemed unnecessary.

  129. For some people who only recently started watching the office, I think this was a good episode because they get to see the funny moments from past episodes. For me, since I have seen every episode, it didn’t have quite the same effect, but it still kept me smiling the whole time. :)

  130. Loved the episode!!! It was a little like watching YouTube self made fan clips, though this one was really professional. Yes, I have all the DVDs and know episodes inside out, but still once in a while go and watch “Jim and Pam” condensed stuff on YouTube. Watching The Banker was very nice. Thank you! Looking forward.

  131. Worst episode ever. Clip shows are terrible, we’ve already seen it all this. Also no new Jim scenes, which was weird since he was the only lead not to have a new scene, from what I can remember.

  132. The only clip that this lacked and I waited for it the ENTIRE time was when michael and dwight drove the car into the lake because of the GPS discussion. If that were in there, that would have completed this episode.

  133. I agree with other that this episode was waste. Fans didn’t need to see clips of Jim’s pranks, Michael’s TWSS jokes, Jim and Pam’s relationship, etc. I really did feel like I was watching a series of YouTube clips, instead of an actual episode.

    Do we have to “look forward to” these types of glorified clip shows for the next few years when the Office is over? I sincerely hope not!

  134. I loved this episode. Not that I had forgotten, but the JAM clips reminded me of how much I wanted them to be together!! :) My fave part though was during the sexual harassment clips. I had forgotten the part where Michael was hugging Phyllis!!! So funny!!

  135. Awwww I loved this episode! I’m hoping that there will be another season after this! The JAM montage was wonderful, of course…just what I needed :)


    Had to…haha.

  136. #1 – We knew a clip show was coming. I think it might have been more of a disappointment to people here who are hardcore fans, but for a casual fan, they might have a different opinion. I’m more in the hardcore group, but still thought it was good. I was laughing a lot and that’s all I really care about.

    #2 – I was surprised by how many clips involving there were with Meredith. It seems like she’s not featured a lot, but she was featured in a lot of the clips.

    #3 – What is going to happen to Toby? Technically, he’s a part of corporate, but with corporate gone, does he become a part of corporate with the new company? Could he be replaced? I got that feeling from watching what he said.

    #4 – Why wasn’t the scene with the car going into the lake grouped with the “waste of resources” scene? That seems like the ultimate waste.

    #5 – Why not a clip show now? There’s a lot of transition going on, with the sale of the company, the pending birth, etc. It’s a good time to have a look back.

  137. I hated the thought of an Office a clip show, but the fact that the show’s greatest deleted scene (“You’re not real, man”) finally got air time made it totally worth it.

  138. The one thing that struck me while watching the episode is how the office has almost the same people working there since the beginning. In most offices, people come and go a lot more than that…now granted, you guys will bring up all the characters that have left – Jan, Todd Packer, Roy – and we’ve gained Andy and Erin – and there was the whole addition and subtraction of the other branch – but when you look at the Scranton branch, really, not too much turnover…just an interesting thought I had… Even Ryan, has been there since the beginnning…

  139. I was disappointed when I realized they were just going to show clips. I was pretty much down on it the whole time I was watching. Then Michael’s talking head at the end brought it all together. I think it was a nice way to say that this is a significant moment for all of these people in this office. Things are changing!
    But, seriously, where was Jim?!

  140. Jason: Michael brought in a younger, more “attractive” Stanley to impress the banker.

  141. I was pretty disappointed with all the clips. As a fan, I knew these all too well. I’m ready for a new day in the office. I did enjoy seeing Michael on the Segway and fake Stanley.

  142. ok tallyheads… you know on the right side of the screen, underneath where it says “follow officetally”? those are the upcoming episodes. for WEEKS, it had The Banker up there, and in parentheses it said CLIP SHOW. it was also mentioned that it would be a clip show several times on the site. we were given plenty of warning. yes, it kind of felt like a youtube fan video (especially the JAM sequence). it also came off as a bit lazy… but nevertheless, they TOLD US that it would be a clip show.

    so quit freaking out! there WAS some new stuff, and frankly, it’s better than nothing. i enjoyed watching it… i did multi-task on my computer instead of focusing on the episode like i normally do, but it was still fun to see stuff from past episodes. i liked that they included deleted scenes (especially the “that’s what she said!” beach scene.)

  143. I don’t get why people were so strongly opposed to this episode. I loved it. It reminded me why I love this show so much and always will. <3

  144. Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that played during the pam and jim clips??

    [from tanster: see the “tidbits” section at the top of this page.]

  145. I totally enjoyed the trip down memory lane, but it kind of felt like something a show that was wrapping up its run would do. That thought kinda made me sad.

  146. I’d have to say I’m part of the hardcore group as opposed to the casual fan but EVERYBODY needs to understand something… and truthfully I never thought I would say something like this but you have to remember, while the show is a comedy… a sitcom if you will… IT’S A LOVE STORY. Yeah, I would have rather seen a new episode instead of a clip show too but the JAM sequence was perfect. Anybody who’s watched this show from the beginning knows this. Jim and Pam ARE THE SHOW. I think it’s beautiful the way they’ve written it all out. It’s a cleverly written love story guys, period. From a show to show basis you might say it’s not but if you look at the entire series, it is without a doubt a very believable modern day love story.

  147. I kind of liked seeing some of the show’s funniest moments. I didn’t know ahead of time that this was a clip show, so I was disappointed. However, it’s certainly not going to keep me from watching.

  148. I was just reading through the comments, and I think #159 said it best: as a huge fan of this show, I know those clips so well. That’s probably where the disappointment comes from. I’m sure that that’s what every show wants, a fan base that knows it so well that it’s disappointed in a clip show. I can’t blame the show for that.

  149. I don’t hate NBC or the writers for this episode, like some do. I agree that for many casual fans this was a nice little looksy on what they missed. The only thing that made me really not like it was the fact that it felt almost like a series finale.
    I only just “found” the Office in November. I have seen every episode now, but I did watch in backwards order (seriously. I watched it all spaced out and disorganizedly) I would hate if this show ended just as it began for me.

  150. This was the straw that broke The Office’s back in my opinion, as I look back on it. It was sputtering up to this point but after this…very few laughs up to the Season 9 finale

    BTW, a clip show on a Mockumentary? HOW?!?!?

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