The Office: The Banker, 6.14

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Writer: Jason Kessler, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): When a potential buyer comes to Dunder Mifflin, Michael, Dwight, Andy and Pam pull out all the stops in hopes of impressing him with their high profile contacts. Michael reminisces about all the great times they have had in the office. Clip show.

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In a poll conducted January 21-25, Tallyheads rated this episode: 4.48/10

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The Office The Banker quotes

Michael: The principles that I’m applying to the office are the same ones that have made Lady Gaga a star. Or any number of drag queens.

Michael: Computron is just one of the many modern devices that I have incorporated into the office.

Andy: Great news, Michael! We’re now the official paper supplier of the NFL.

Pam: Hola! Bonjour! Ni hao!

Pam: For the record, not on board with fake Stanley. Although I get it.

Eric: I’m a glorified fact checker. Actually, I am a fact checker.

Michael: I left a copy of Best American Mystery Stories 1999 in Toby’s favorite stall, so yes, I think I bought us some time.

Dwight: He has more character in a single flake of his dandruff than you have on that entire snowbank on your shoulder.

Dwight: Ignore him. He’s the local lunatic.

Toby: Happy’s a funny word.

Toby: I don’t want to lie. And I don’t want to tell the truth.

Michael: H.R. stuff? H.R. Pufnstuff.

Michael: No, this company does not waste time or resources ever.

Michael: This is a building where friends become lovers and lovers become sexually interactive.

Computron: Computron experiencing emotion.

Computron: Computron wanted to live.

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  1. That episode was AMAZING! It was SO nice to see old clips from past seasons. I have to admit, as soon as they started showing the JAM montage I got a little teary. I love this show so much! :)

  2. So I guess we got to see the much-rumored clip show… Did anyone else know to be expecting something like that tonight?

  3. Loved reliving old moments! But one question, aren’t Jim and Michael supposed to be equals? Is he the top man now because of seniority?