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Mindy Kaling (the effervescent “Kelly”) recently blogged about the last two episodes, ‘Traveling Salesmen’ and ‘The Return’:

The three guys, Gene [Stupnitsky], Lee [Eisenberg] and Mike [Schur] — who have never written together — had barely a week to come up with two episodes, and these might very well be my two of my series favorites.

One week?! Amazing.

Mindy blogs mainly about non-Office topics, and it’s a fun read! Especially if you love to shop. :) (100-calorie snack-sized bags of kettle corn popcorn — I never would have known!)

Link: Things I’ve Bought That I Love

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  1. sorry but i’m a little confused, is mindy ephron a nickname of hers or something?

    i looked at imdb and it said her birth name is “Vera Chokalingam,” i never knew that :p

  2. maybe the ephron is a shout-out to nora ephron, the writer of ‘when harry met sally’ who writes girly articles and books like some of the stuff mindy has. or maybe i’m over-analyzing.

  3. Mindy swears a lot in her blog which is suprising because I can’t picture her doing that (as Kelly). I agree though, it doesn’t sound at all like her!

  4. i disagree with those that say it doesnt sound like kelly…

    sure, we’ve never heard kelly sware. but if you forget about the swaring, it sounds EXACTLY like her. all materialistic and girly and gossipy. (yes, gossipy.) mindy sounds very similar to kelly.

  5. i feel weird reading this. i dunno why, it’s kind of funny, but i’m confused. Is this her blog or a lot of other people’s also?

  6. I’m amazed that some folks don’t think this sounds like Mindy or Kelly. When I first started reading that blog, I was struck by how it sounds *exactly* like Kelly. But if you don’t believe it’s really Mindy, try reading the archives. Note that Mindy isn’t the only writer — you have to look at the “posted by” line at the end of each entry. The Mindy posts sound exactly like Kelly to me, but even without that I think it’s extremely clear that it’s really her once you’ve read enough of it. There are a few pictures of her in the archives too.

    By the way, I have a feeling this blog is aimed more at Mindy’s friends and family than her fans. That likely is one reason that she didn’t use her real name (I doubt she wants that to be the top hit in Google if someone searches for “Mindy Kaling”). I’m also afraid that she may move it or take it down now that it’s getting a lot of fan attention…

  7. As I said in my post right before yours, I have a feeling she doesn’t want that blog coming up under her name in searches.

    Even if that’s not the case, it’s extremely common for people to post online using names other than their real name. For example, your real name isn’t “hyphen,” is it?

  8. good point. i would like to add though, nv thinks that maybe its a tribute to nora ephron. i actually clicked on mindy’s name and under favorite movie, You’ve Got Mail is listed (my fav movie too!!), which was written by Delia and Nora Ephron actually. so, no NV, i don’t think you were over analyzing.

  9. I think that blog is basically for friends and family. She would have a myspace page if she wanted to have a blog connected to The Office fans.

    I hope she doesn’t take her stuff off the site (because it isn’t all written by her) because too many people know about it.

  10. Here’s the article in which Mindy’s blog was discussed.

    (May require registration)

    You guys do bring up a good point about the privacy of public blogs. I had known about her blog for awhile now, and figured just recently that since it was being discussed in this article and other public sites, it was okay to mention it here at OT, especially since it did contain content that Office fans might find interesting.

  11. I’ve been reading it for a while, too. And, she has been mentioning The Office more and more recently on it- so maybe she really doesn’t care.

    The whole point of internet blogs is to be read, anyway. They aren’t private.

  12. Oh man! I’m falling in love with Mindy…

    This exchange between her and the writers in one of her entries is beyond hilarious:

    “Mindy: Something cute, clever and charming.
    (people laugh)
    Writer B: Something funny, relevant.
    Writer C: Something building on that, making it even funnier.
    Michael: Something mind-blowingly, off-the-charts filthy.
    (stunned silence)
    Michael: What? Who said that? (looks around the room)
    Writer B: You did.
    Michael: Nope. Let’s get back to work, you lazy f*ckers.”

  13. By the way, tanster –

    Mindy’s not the only person who contributes to the blog, as evidenced by the long “Contributors” list on the right-hand-side of the page (although she seems to be the primary contributor)…

    So when you look at the bottom of each entry, it’ll tell you who posted it – and the Kettle Corn post wasn’t posted by Kelly, but some guy named Ricky.

    Just FYI.

  14. That is one adorable blog-I love it! I just pretty much read the whole thing, and yeah, it’s definitely Mindy. Now I want to go buy lots of cute things.

  15. Hehe no worries, tanster –

    I finished reading the blog and now I want to go eat the Full English Breakfast at Pastis in NYC and go to that yummy bakery with those small $12 cupcakes.

    Too bad I’m in SF.

  16. Echoing everyone’s comment on how this sounds like Kelly. Its as if instead of doing work, “kelly” is on bluefly.com and doing this blog instead.

  17. Hasn’t Mindy said in interviews that Kelly is an extension of her real-life personality? If you watch her in interviews, real-life Mindy and Kelly do talk the same way.

    Most of the blog entries are by Mindy although there are a few by other contributors.

    Hijack re the blog: OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress is not a true red, but it *is* the perfect red on just about everybody. Salon staff have told me that it’s the favorite shade of the Desperate Housewives cast.

  18. Re #10-13: Actually, Mindy Kaling is not her real name either. It is Vera Chokalingam. I think I read somewhere that Mindy is a nickname she got from “Mork and Mindy”, and Kaling is a shortened form of her real surname. So Ephron could be just another one of her aliases. She isn’t married to someone named Ephron, is she?

  19. I am in LOVE with this blog! She and whoever else writes are absolutely adorable! FYI the list of writers to the right of the blog, they are usually links to her friends blogs. I have a few blogs I’m addicted to on blogger as well. But back to the point, I love this blog, it’s a new favorite. :)

  20. oh.. after re-reading i did see that the list is titled “contributors” whoops! sorry for that one.

  21. is it me or has mindy lost weight? looking at her pic in the nail polish blog, it’s pretty obvious that she dropped prob 10 lbs since season 1/2. Hope she doesn’t go too far

  22. Mindy:
    I just read an article on MSN about how tough it sometimes is to live alone. I am currently moving out on my own from a relationship and the fear of being alone at the end of the day is huge. It’s good to know there are others as anxious as I am. Thank you

  23. Hey Mindy!

    I just read your MSN article called “Living Alone Is Hard.” I just moved out on my own a couple of weeks ago (I had five roommates previously!) and reading your article had me laughing! I literally was trying to control myself from laughing out loud in my very quiet office. Anyways, thank you for that, it made my day.

    Take care and I love watching you on The Office.


  24. Was Mindy in a commercial for Everest college before “making it” in show biz? She was talking about being a massage therapist and making very, very good money.

  25. Living Alone is Hard? not really, if you have two Dogs,and know who your neighbors are.oh…and you own a Taurus 24/7 9MM.

  26. The last entry on Mindy’s blog was in April, as far as I can tell, and I miss it so much! If anyone knows about this and where I might find her new blog (if she is writing one) I would greatly appreciate the info!

  27. mindy’s new blog is over at wordpress


    she posted after a couple months of no new posts on the old url, explaining why she hadn’t posted and apologizing. she made a few new posts for a couple months but i haven’t seen a new one in a while…shame.

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