Feb. 14 episode ‘Moving On’ supersized to one hour

The Office episode airing on February 14, Moving On, has been supersized to one hour, according to NBC.

It will air 9-10/8-9c.

Even better, I’ve confirmed with The Office producers that the second half hour doesn’t count as an episode, so we’ll still have eight episodes left to air after next week.

Here’s a promo.

Awesome Blossom, extra awesome!


  1. Wonderful! I’m sure this doesn’t affect the number of half-hours left in the series, tanster? :)

  2. I wonder if this is the episode that was merged into “The Farm”. I thought they would be separate episodes, but I have a feeling that what was “The Farm” was merged into this episode.

    [from tanster: no, the farm will air separately.]

  3. I wonder if that means they’re also thinking of shelving 1600 Penn. I mean, the low rated show AFTER that show is being shelved and this episode is a ‘supersized’ episode, so I dunno.

  4. Perhaps the “Junior Salesman” deleted scenes in which Pete and Erin look for her birth parents are being added.

  5. I have a feeling they’re realizing they have so many arcs and loose ends to tie up with little time remaining, that the extra half hour is a must-have if they want to end the series with the respect it deserves. I hope this means even more hour long episodes!

  6. At 7, that would be totally awesome! Although, they’d have to be careful about cutting it, since that took place, “in the past” so to speak, and Andy wasn’t there yet.

  7. Oh, sweet! I wonder what the cause is behind this? I guess they’re trying to cram more plot in, which is alright by me. :)

  8. “Awesome Blossom, extra awesome!” Is the perfect phrase for MORE office. Can’t wait :) … So moving on is just going to be longer and not necessarily a separate episode?

  9. I read that they’ll be airing repeats of “Law & Order: SVU” in the 9 PM Thursday slot from now on, but I wonder what would happen if they just stopped deleting scenes from The Office and started running them as one-hour episodes for the rest of the season, and moved another half-hour comedy into the slot to fill the void.

  10. This may sound really dumb, but – is February 21st an episode TITLED “No Office” or is there no new episode of the show airing on that date?

  11. Great news. Basically like getting an extra episode. Man, I will miss this show.

  12. Fangasm!!!
    The more Office the better :)
    @14 there is no new Office on that date :(

  13. Woop woop, the more the better. And this season is getting better and bettter as it goes on. The whole JAM story is making me itch for the next episode…

  14. Woooo! About time, the last 1-hour special was Search Committee from Season 7!! Can’t wait.

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