Pam’s sketch

In this past week’s episode of The Office, Couples Discount, Jim gives Pam her sketch in a frame for Valentine’s Day.

Where have we seen that sketch before?

The sketch is a callback to the Season 5 episode, Business Trip.

The Office: Pam's sketch
In the episode Couple’s Discount, Jim gives Pam her sketch in a frame as a Valentine’s Day gift.

The Office: Pam's sketch
That sketch first appeared in a Business Trip deleted scene,
where Jim looks at Pam’s sketchbook.

The Office: Pam's sketch
Jim: Wow, Pam, that is awesome! Pam: Yeah? Jim: Yeah!

Tipster: Superfan Lizzy B.


  1. I just watched the Business Trip episode and nowhere in the episode does it show the picture. Pam isn’t even in Scranton for any part of the episode except the end, which she doesn’t come in. So I don’t know where this info came from

  2. @Dwight Schrute, as Tanster wrote in the above post, it’s from a deleted scene…

  3. Tanster, I watched this scene once, a long time ago, but can’t find it anymore. The best that I could do was a You Tube video on Jim & Pam, the lost moments (about 35 seconds into the video). But, no dialogue. The deleted scene is out there, or at least it use to be, but I couldn’t find it.

    That Jim held onto the sketch so long, and that he framed it, and gave it to Pam for Valentine’s Day right after Frank basically told the world that Pam’s art sucked, is important. It shows Jim loves Pam, still, and believes in her talent.

    I think this is also a moment that Greg Daniels is giving to the show’s die hard fans – and, since it’s hard to find, for me it was like searching through old photo albums to find the one picture you’ve been looking for. It puts you back in touch with lots of Jim & Pam moments past.

  4. I almost screamed when I saw this in the episode because I loved that deleted scene so much. It’s one of my favourites.

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