Future Dwight helps to demo iPhone


During Steve Job’s Macworld keynote address today, he announced the coming of a revolutionary new product called the iPhone.

To show off the iPhone’s video capability, he used the cold open from ‘Branch Closing’ in his demo!

Click here to see a demo of iPhone’s widescreen video capability, brought to you by The Office and Future Dwight. (link no longer available)

I worked at Macworld myself today, and believe me, the excitement surrounding this thing was unbelievable. And yeah, the phone is FREAKING COOL.

Tipsters: Too numerous to mention! But I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. Can I just say…damn Apple for coming out with yet another fantastic product. Why do I have to have verizon?

    But yeah, I watched the whole keynote, and I was talking with a friend, and we could not think of a better stand-alone clip from this season than Future Dwight.

  2. I know! I just got a phone in Oct and i really want the iPhone! You are vary lucky to work at Macworld Tanster! And this proves once again that Apple LOVES The Office!

  3. God Bless Apple, iPhone, and the cast of The Office.

    I agree, great clip. And I agree, why do I have to have Verizon!? That is, aside from the better network ;)

  4. Tanster, thanks for posting this. What can I say – “The Office” is a brilliant inducement…..I want one!

  5. Apple loves good things, and The Office is a great thing. That iphone….I’m getting me one of those :)

  6. yay me and having cingular! my current phone i bought in may or june of last year. once my contract is up in 2008 i might look into the iPhone. I think The Office clip is what sold me on it.

  7. The potential price of the phone is what’s scaring me away for now.

    Great clip they chose!

  8. Oh. my. god. That is the coolest gadget I’ve ever seen. I got rid of my cell phone over a year ago and I’ve never owned a blackberry or treo, but this is making me drool. I haven’t watched the keynote – what is the potential price that was mentioned? I’m almost afraid to ask.

  9. OMG…. I was just gaping the whole time watching all those videos….

    I’m not an apple fan but gosh… that’s a GREAT gadget!!

  10. I think I am going to forfeit buying a video ipod and buy one of these. I am in need of a new cell phone anyway. And no…the clip from The Office did not sway my decision in any way….at all….

    That thing is so awesome! :D

  11. I have needed a new cell for a really long time, and now I think I just might wait a little longer and get an iPhone. I’m drooling over that thing!

  12. I think they are available in june for 500-700 dollars depending on the amount of GB you get. (or it could be $400-$600, not like thats much better LOL)

    Yeh I’m actually about to purchase a video ipod now that they are $50 cheaper, and plan on selling my mini but this phone is awesome! I’m not one to have high tech phones. I get the one that comes free with the plan lol. But DAMN. I figure I’ll wait 3 years and not get raped with the price. Look at razrs…you can get them for $50 now.

  13. Really, in addition to the iPhone being beyond bitchin’ cool, the fact that the Apple folks knew what clip from “The Office” to pick makes me love them more. Because Barry is right, Future Dwight is the supreme stand-alone clip.

  14. i still think those “i’m a mac and i’m a pc” commercials would be a whole hell of a lot better if they had used jim and dwight instead of those other guys (the other guys are still doing an awesome job!)

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