1. After reading that part of the script in the spoilers, I was waiting for it to air in the episode!! I’m glad they posted it though…it played out exactly like I hoped it would!

  2. That scene would have been my choice to include rather than the awkwardly written and delivered Jim/Ryan e-mail exchange.

  3. What was the scene about? NBC appears to have something against showing videos to Canadians….

  4. that is a great scene, but i bet the jim/ryan email conversation was more plot essential.

  5. Huh. Without this scene, you don’t really get the same sense of Andy plotting so consciously, pretty much as he did pre-anger management.

  6. Could someone write down the script of the deleted scene ? I can only watch the ad before that ;) NBC! #&@#&@

  7. why doesn’t the NBC video page load in firefox? (it loads OK in IE.) that’s hella weak.

  8. That definitely should have replaced the Jim/Ryan scene.

    I will never be your vichysoisse could have been a t-shirt!

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