Help introduce John Krasinski at the Emmys!

The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards takes place live on Sunday, August 29, 8/5pm PT.

Host Jimmy Fallon will read fan tweets as he introduces the various Emmy presenters, including The Office’s John Krasinski!

“For the first time in Emmy history, you can be a part of the live broadcast via Twitter. Sign into your Twitter account… and then click on one of the Emmy presenters. Tweet something about them and Jimmy may use your tweet as part of his introduction for those presenters during the show!”

Either click the link below, or use your favorite Twitter client to tweet about John; just make sure to include John Krasinski and the tag #imontheemmys in your tweet!

Link: Tweet about John Krasinski


  1. Mine was “he’s an Office working Leatherhead who’s Licensed to Wed I know It’s Complicated but Away We Go- @mindyisme

    I did one for Tina Fey also.

  2. If I tweeted…I would say:

    “Introducing huge tv star, John Krasinski…TWSS”

  3. Here’s what I tweeted:

    “I was in a movie about penises. Now I’m on a show with a boob for a boss.”

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