OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 6

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 6OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes.

Similar to the ‘Survivor’ reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 6 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Final status

In some of the most anticlimactic news ever posted on OfficeTally, the episode Niagara has won Survivor Season 6 as the ultimate survivor! The Delivery landed in the number 2 spot.

I’ll be randomly picking three winners from the Survivor Season 6 Giveaway, and then we’ll move on to the final big poll of the summer, the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll. I think this time around, you guys should pick your favorite 10 or so episodes, what do you think?

Thanks for playing Survivor! Here are the final rankings.

The Office Season 6 Survivor Rankings, Final

  1. Niagara
  2. The Delivery
  3. Murder
  4. Secret Santa
  5. Gossip
  6. The Manager and the Salesman
  7. The Lover
  8. Happy Hour
  9. Sabre
  10. The Cover-Up
  11. Secretary’s Day
  12. St. Patrick’s Day
  13. Body Language
  14. The Meeting
  15. The Chump
  16. Double Date
  17. New Leads
  18. The Promotion
  19. Whistleblower
  20. Koi Pond
  21. Shareholder Meeting
  22. Mafia
  23. Scott’s Tots
  24. The Banker

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  1. My two sons and I debate every elimination at length!! Can’t wait to get started; love it!

  2. I’m going with Mafia first round. It might be because it followed the awesome wedding episode. But I really missed Jim and Pam.

  3. I think I’m going with Shareholder Meeting for the first round. Although, I’m thinking I need to go back and watch a lot of these episodes again since I’m really having to think what they were about. Sad.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Banker survived the first round because most people have something they like even less.

  5. I’m voting Scott’s Tots out first round–as much as I love awkward, it went beyond my tolerance. It was too painful.

  6. Bye bye, Scott’s Tots. It was beyond a doubt the worst episode of the season and one of the worst in the history of the show.

  7. Tallyheads, Scott’s Tot’s was a good episode! I don’t want to see it go so soon. The kids/actors in that episode were just awesome, and FOR EVERY TIME, you ever wanted to reach into your TV set and ring Michael’s neck for being so stupid, this episode made him look so bad, and like such the fool he is by crushing all the kid’s dreams of college. He finally got his in this episode. And Erin’s character was brilliant. And remember, Creed figured out Pam was pregnant in this episode as well! LOL
    Cold opening was hilarious with Andy’s baby talk vs. Michael’s Elvis. whatcha gonna do, make their dreams come true, and keep Scott’s tots for a little while.

  8. C’mon, either “The Meeting” or “Shareholder Meeting” need to go first just because they’re too similarly titled!

  9. I still think Scott’s Tots is criminally underrated and hope it doesn’t go this round. I don’t know how to judge The Banker, so I’m just going to vote for Shareholder Meeting, which ranks with The Surplus and Business Trip as my least favorite episodes of the show.

  10. The Banker needs to be the first to go since it wasn’t really a new episode.

    And hey what’s wrong with Phylis’ Wedding? I think I may be one of the only people who actually liked that episode.

  11. I had to vote for “Mafia”. Not only was it the worst of the season, it was the worst out of the entire series, imo.

  12. #9 kreidy-

    I couldn’t agree more! Scott’s Tots makes the short list of episodes of the series that will never, ever get a second viewing from me. Horrible episode.

  13. Haha @ Roy’s Mugshot… hated Phyllis’ Wedding. This is a little like Season 2 though… we all know Niagara is going to win.

  14. you know i have always loved the xmas episodes, but scotts tots, was not my favorite. which sucks cause it comes on my bday in 2 weeks.

  15. “Secret Santa”= gone. Not funny, a disgrace compared to Season 3’s awesome “Benihana Christmas.” “The Lover” was absolutely hysterical in parts. Obviously, Niagara is the gem of this season.

  16. @15: David J:
    But it is still fun to see which one that comes in second, third and fourth!
    and Niagara WAS great.
    Also, Phyllis’ wedding wasn’t THAT bad, it was just horribly awkward. Definitely the most horribly awkward episode ever. But still good.

  17. Never understood why Mafia and Scott’s Tots were unpopular. Nevertheless, the clear choice for round 1 has to be The Banker. You’ve got to get rid of the clip show.

  18. It’s Survivor time again! Woo! What a fun journey this always is – I love reading everyone’s varying opinions! I voted for The Lover, which happens to be my least favorite Office episode of all-time.

    Most seasons I’ve pulled for a different episode to win than most of the crowd, but this time I’m rooting for the top fan-rated ep – Niagara. Happy voting, everybody! :)

  19. I really liked the Banker,because it reminded me why i loved this show & gave me the sudden urge to rewatch the past seasons.I liked Scotts Tots but i didn’t really like Michael being out of the Office like that.. I like him being out of the Office if it involves Dwight or Jim,but the whole interaction with all these kids took some of the funny away,i think.

  20. @Marie

    The worst Office episode is better than the best of what most shows have to offer. I just didn’t like the resorting to fart jokes in Phyllis’ Wedding.

  21. Has to be The Banker because it’s a clip show. If I want to see old clips, I’ll review my DVDs.

    Scott’s Tots wins points because it is so incredibly amazingly intensely and painfully awkward. It takes some courage to write an episode like that.

    I recently rewatched all of Season 6 and I really enjoyed it.

  22. Haha! For the first time ever I’m actually voting for the season finale as my favourite – and now, no one else is! Whistleblower is my number one, followed by Murder and St. Patrick’s Day. I also quite liked Shareholder’s Meeting and Sabre. On the flipside, I voted against The Meeting and would probably put Mafia near the bottom too. All in all, I really enjoyed season six though. Beyond anything else, I though Gabe and Jo were wonderful additions to the ensemble.

  23. I didn’t dislike The Banker, but it wasn’t exactly a true episode. After that I’d have to go with The Promotion and The Meeting. Murder FTW!

  24. I know I’m in the minority here, but I voted for Sabre. The episode was just felt very quick and disjointed, and I hated the Jim/Pam scenes. I don’t know why I dislike it so much, but I know I won’t be rewatching it too soon.

  25. Voted for Niagara. Never have I been so appalled by raunchiness in an Office episode than in Niagara… the excess lewdness kept me from enjoying the episode at all.

  26. My least fav. was the finale. It just didn’t seem like a good season ender until the very last moment. As far as my fav, I would like to choose like 5 episodes as tied, although since only one can win, i loved Gossip.

  27. @ The Horse Hunter: What about ‘Niagara’ was overly raunchy to you? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m honestly curious as the episode never struck me that way!

  28. 1. The Lover
    2. Niagara
    3. The Cover-Up
    4. Gossip
    5. Happy Hour
    6. The Chump
    7. Secret Santa
    8. St. Patrick’s Day
    9. The Delivery
    10. Secretary’s Day
    11. Manager And Salesman
    12. Murder
    13. Koi Pond
    14. Shareholder Meeting
    15. Whistleblower
    16. Sabre
    17. New Leads
    18. Body Language
    19. The Meeting
    20. Mafia
    21. Double Date
    22. The Promotion
    23. Scott’s Tots
    24. The Banker

  29. I’m actually going to agree with The Horse Hunter on the excess lewdness of Niagara.

  30. I know it’s a wasted vote but I went with Niagara just because it was so completely disappointing for me. This is the first time the early voting will be more difficult for the end voting.

  31. I love this time of year. It makes the summer fly by a lot faster and before we know it season 6 will be on dvd and more importantly season 7 begins.

  32. Here’s why I love The Banker: It fits in perfectly with the documentary premise of the show. It’s as if the director of the documentary is listening to Toby say “Uh, we don’t have any safety issues that I know of.” And the documentary director says to himself “Really? What about…” and inserts the clips.

    It will be near the top for me.

    I had to give Scott’s Tots the heave-ho this time. Ugh.

  33. @NotABadDay, I agree with your thoughts on The Banker completely! It wasn’t your average clip show that stops the progression of the story, pulls you out of that sitcom’s world, and throws a bunch of random celebrities in. I enjoyed that it was part of the overall narrative, leaving the viewer to feel that Dunder-Mifflin Scranton really does exist.

  34. Don’t understand how Niagara was lewd.
    I am not at all surprised about The Banker being bottom… but it’s enjoyable nevertheless. I guess it’s just the first that comes to mind when you think of the weaker episodes.

    My second choice was The Whistleblower because I thought it was a really disappointing finale. Especially compared to the usual ones The Office gives us.

  35. I think Andy getting his “down-there” scraped by his keys was the lewd part – did you all gloss over that?!

    “The Meeting”/”Shareholder Meeting” both be gone now!

  36. I really don’t get all the hate for Scott’s Tots, but by the sound of things it’s going to be the next to go. Yeah the premise was a little farfetched, but it was very funny overall… Michael’s reactions and body language at the school were priceless. It’s a solid mid-level episode for me.

  37. My hate for Scott’s Tots is not from Michael’s storyline, which is awkward and hysterical. It’s from the “Employee Of The Month” plot, where Jim is too stupid to realize that Dwight was sabotaging him. Part of the “Jim As Dumb Manager” arc, and not believable for even one minute. There were worse episodes, though. Like “Mafia”.

  38. So sorry to see all the Banker hate. :(

    Goodbye — again — Scott’s Tots.

  39. The OfficeTally Survivor Poll is must-see TV polling! Voters know what works and what doesn’t on The Office. Scriptwriters take note! Spoiler Alert at end.

    The Top-10 most likely to get voted off either portrays Michael or Dwight as mean-spirited without any offsetting comedy, or brings the outside world of business into The Office. No surprise The Banker was #1 to go. Look for Mafia, Scott’s Tots, Whistleblower, Shareholder Meeting, and Double Date to quickly follow.

    Next episodes 11-20 to be voted off: Serious, though not downright mean-spirited episodes with a dash of comedy featuring : Michael’s sad quest for a woman, serious Sabre story arc, Jim & Pam’s serious couple interactions, Dwight’s amoral parent contract, heartless holiday stories (Secret Santa, Secretary’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day).

    Top 6 Surviving Episodes: Warm-hearted, Office-centric episodes featuring Jim & Pam, happy, goofy and lovable Michael, and good-natured full cast interactions, like Niagara, The Delivery, and Murder.

    OfficeTally collective wisdom:
    First 10 to go: Too mean, too business-like, no laughs.
    #11-20 to go: Too serious, no happy Michael, Jim, and Pam, no good-natured full cast interactions.
    Final 6: Warm-hearted Michael, Jim & Pam, Office-centered, goofy, full-cast camaraderie.
    Spoiler Alert: Niagara wins!

  40. @ floppyhair, there were several reasons I thought it was lewd. First off, as Hanley mentioned, Andy’s “injury” is a no-brainer. But Michael and Dwight’s story was all about trying to hook up with girls (which Dwight accomplished), Michael made that completely disgusting speech at the dinner, and it just seemed that “Office” was more sex-focused in its jokes than in a long time. Since I have no appreciation for that type of humor, I couldn’t appreciate the episode, and had to even fast-forward over several parts.

    I completely respect that you enjoyed the episode… I just didn’t. That’s why.

  41. My next vote goes to Mafia. It’s a fine episode, but I think the least funny of the remaining episodes.

  42. I’m rooting for Murder as the top episode of the season. Other faves are Gossip, Niagara and The Delivery. They all had great comedic moments and memorable ones too!

    Some I enjoy when they’re on and then can’t really remember the storyline after.

  43. But Scott’s Tots featured the hit song…”Hey Mr. Scott, whatcha gonnna do, whatcha gonna do, make our dreams come true”. Isn’t that worth something? Sad. I’m still voting off Mafia.

  44. @JMJ I totally agree. I keep trying to vote off “Mafia” and I thought the song was a redeeming quality of Scott’s Tots.

  45. I agree, @ Yeppers, the song make the episode better than Mafia to me, too. The only really funny thing I can remember from Mafia was Michael saying “I will send it back.”

  46. I cannot remember Scott’s Tots being that bad. I recall rather liking it, but I’m going to have to check it out again next Thursday!

  47. I’m a little surprised that Scott’s Tots was next-to-last for the season, it didn’t strike me as a bad show. Maybe Michael doing that much damage and Evil Dwight/Stupid Jim did it in. Next should be Mafia.
    Can’t see the top 2 NOT being Niagara/The Delivery.

  48. I thought Scott’s Tots was great. I know it made a lot of people uncomfortable, but, um, isn’t awkward comedy what made The Office The Office? Sad to see it rank so low!

  49. Scott’s Tots should not be ranked so low. It’s this kind of daring writing that makes the show special.

  50. Murder FTW! I really think Shareholders Meeting needs to be the next to go. Mafia was not that bad.

  51. i think Mafia needs to be next to go…it was a pretty disappointing episode after the ‘awesomeness’ of Niagara!

  52. “Niagara” will win. But I agree with the love for “Murder”. It deserves to be number two.

  53. Shame, Scott’s Tot’s was one of the only ones of the season that had that classic “Office” feel to it for me.

  54. Scott’s tots was awkward & uncomfortable but that is the essence of “The Office.”

  55. Dan (comment #46) is right on. The not-funny episodes will go first. Niagara will easily win.

  56. Scott’s Tots was pointless and painful to watch. I’m glad it’s off the board. The Promotion needs to go next. It wasn’t funny.

  57. #64, I just don’t agree regarding Scott’s Tots. The end result was that Michael crushed the dreams of those kids, but the reason that happened was because he acted exactly within the bounds of his character. Years ago he naively promised something wonderful that he could never deliver. He kept putting off the revelation that he couldn’t fulfill the promise until the absolute last minute at which point he delivered something completely inadequate in an attempt to save face. It’s a mirror of the Health Care episode from season 1 when he tried to promise the perfect health care plan, then promised a big surprise to make up for the lack of a decent plan, and then ended up delivering ice cream sandwiches.

    He does end up promising to help the one kid at the end, even in a limited way. He’s sincere, but incompetent.

  58. #67 Awkward and uncomfortable may be part of the essence of the show, but funny is the major ingredient and Scott’s Tots had very little of that.

  59. I have to disagree with the majority. I really liked Scott’s Tots. I thought it was awkward and funny and sweet at the end. If he hadn’t offered to help that one kid at the end it might have left me not liking it though. I also loved the scene at the end with Michael and Erin. I really liked The Promotion too. I think with some of these newer episodes, you have to watch them multiple times to really appreciate them.

    Anyway, the only episodes I didn’t like this season were Mafia, The Banker, and Gossip.

  60. I agree with you, Alicia (64), but if we’re voting based on escapist fare, that means that people are NOT looking for “classic Office”, which was all about workplace drama and antics. Just pointing out.

    Still voting Niagara.

  61. I actually liked The Delivery better than Niagara. Though I love Niagara now, I remember being disappointed shortly after it aired because it didn’t have as many heartfelt moments as I thought it deserved. The Delivery, on the other hand, mixed together heartfelt moments and comedy.

  62. I’m voting Secretary’s Day. I really didn’t like the way they handled Andy and Erin’s breakup.

  63. For this round, I had to go look up the episode descriptions… just shows how unmemorable this season was. It was hard to choose the next one because there were so many blah episodes.

  64. Agree with #76 Koi Pond has to go next… it was pretty excruciating compared to some of the other episodes

  65. #77 Spinkles-

    I agree. The Delivery was infinitely better than Niagara. Unfortunately, Niagara will win anyway just because it’s the wedding episode.

  66. AliciaV, #75, I disagree with you about the drama this season. Most of the topics that were covered were done comedically, and no episode really had the urgency or emotional heft of previous seasons. There were few poignant moments this season, and I think that most of the serious-sounding subject matter was a platform for jokes. The events this year were hard to become seriously invested in, which is the polar opposite of the Jim and Pam will-they-or-won’t-they.

  67. @72: THANK YOU!

    I’ve been voting for The Promotion every time (and will be)! The issue that I have with The Office in the most recent season, is the speed at which their world is now progressing. In just a 5 episode span, we find out Pam is pregnant, everyone else finds out that Pam is pregnant, Jim is promoted to Co-Manager, and Jim and Pam get married.

    The Promotion was just especially bad with this.

  68. I’d be happy with either “The Promotion” or “The Lover” getting the boot next. The first one was the most boring episode of The Office I have ever seen, and the second was ridiculous. Jenna’s acting was just so over the top and well…bad, I got second hand embarrassment from watching her—and I normally think she’s a terrific actress who really knows how to nail the important scenes. And Pam is one of my faves, so it was disheartening to watch.

    No matter what, I think Murder should be #1. Best of the season!

  69. @79.. THANK YOU. I loved Mafia. I really, really don’t understand why people hated it so much. It was exactly the type of situation Michael would believe he was into. Jim’s prank from his Honeymoon was hilarious, and nobody listens to Oscar. Awesome.

  70. Jennifer #80-You said it best. So hard to choose the next to go because, sadly, most of Season 6 stinks. 5 or 6 really good, “officey” episodes, and 20 or so clunkers.
    Elephant in the room: The Office lost something special when Daniels & Schur, the top 2 writers/producers, left 2 seasons ago. Seasons 5 & 6 were mostly forgettable. Coincidence?
    I’m voting off “Double Date” next, prime example of The Office trend: nasty, unfunny shows and disappearing minor cast. What happened to the team responsible for Dundies and The Injury? Maybe they’re still there, but for every charming “Murder” episode, we have to sit through unfunny, in-your-face episodes like Double Date, Mafia, Koi Pond, The Promotion, The Chump, Secret Santa, Shareholder Meeting.
    “Murder”& “The Delivery” proves The Office still has it. Come on back Greg & Mike!

  71. A. Greg Daniels works with both P&R and The Office. He co-wrote Niagara this year, so he hasn’t “left”.

    B. To whoever wanted The Lover to go next, you better get a bunch of your friends to vote, or it will be around for a while. That was a popular episode.

  72. I would have to agree that it will be tough to choose the next episode to vote off, because this season was so weak. My main beefs are that all the plot lines move too fast and the “real” parts have become too far from real life without being funny. Minor example: in the space of one subplot, Jim learns nobody respects him, so he asserts his authority by making Ryan work in a closet. In real corporate life, as a middle manager, you don’t get to assert your authority. Ever. (In my opinion, one of the most “realistic” parts of the show is Michael’s bosses being unable to do anything about his behavior.) Additionally, the writers have lost their way “romantically” since Jim and Pam became a couple. They just don’t know how to write jokes with/about two people who are in love and good for each other. So they have moved on to Andy and Erin — two immature, uninteresting characters whose relationship is sort of kind of not really played for laughs. I hope that in Season 7 they don’t flub bringing Holly back by having her and Michael resolve their relationship too soon or too easily. Carell is an incredible actor. He deserves to have his last season be one that the fans look back on favorably.

  73. #90 I agree with everything you said. For me this season seemed to jump all over the place. They tried to give us too many different stories without following through with them. I usually really have to think about which episodes I want to vote off. This year I am just going down the list remembering which one I liked the least. Of couse I have a few that will hang on until the end.

  74. #89 A. “Greg Daniels works with both P&R and The Office. He co-wrote Niagara this year, so he hasn’t “left”.”

    While Greg Daniels contributed to a couple of episodes this season, it’s obvious that he no longer involves himself in the day-to-day operations like he used to and the show has suffered for it. On the Season 2 commentaries there are a couple of occasions where they mention that even things like Pam’s hairstyle had to be approved by him. The loss of his dedication to character continuity is how we end up with Jim as the idiot co-manager or Angry Pam for half of this season.

  75. I’m voting “Double Date” off next, too.
    PG Wodehouse No. 90, I agree completely. Too many bad episodes to choose from. And the romance is gone too (Andy & Erin is blah). Plus, as you say, no continuity, nothing to engage our interest week by week.
    One thing, I don’t think Holly is coming back, thank goodness, cause that is blah, too.
    In Season 7, I suspect that Michael will find his new love interest at Sabre corporate. Love is the only reason that Michael would ever leave Scranton. Carell (Michael) will leave Scranton & The Office for the greener pastures of love at his new job at Sabre HQ. It’s a win-win. Steve leaves for love, and Office fans applaud approvingly when Michael FINALLY finds love.

  76. I thought Shareholder Meeting was incredibly underrated. The Promotion should have been voted off already.

  77. I’ve voted for New Leads on every poll after The Banker. I know it got more middle-of-the-pack numbers, but I just thought the whole premise went a little overboard.

  78. After re-watching, I have decided that The Promotion is definitely worthy of being voted off next.

  79. Been voting The Promotion since The Banker. After that, probably gotta vote New Leads.

  80. Come on, ‘Mafia’ and ‘Shareholder Meeting’?! They’re two of the funniest episodes of season 6.

    I’m gonna be so mad if ‘Gossip’ isn’t toward the top, it’s my favorite of the season.

    I rewatched the ‘Promotion’ when they re-aired it recently, and it was awful…it has to go!

  81. Toss up between “The Promotion” and “Double Date” for next off. I’ve lived them, so I hate them both equally :-)
    So many bad episodes to choose from this season. Like many here, I’m puzzled, too. What happened?
    Roy’s Mugshot (92) solves the mystery. Good catch! The “Greg Daniel’s Touch” is missing! As you say Roy, he micromanages his shows with a love for the characters-ALL of them, even the supporting. What’s missing in Seasons 5 & 6 is LOVE-Greg’s showrunner love. Instead, we get Idiot Jim, Angry Pam, and Malicious Michael (Double Date, New Leads, Secret Santa…to name a few). These wouldn’t happen on his watch.

  82. Hey I got one right. I did not like Shareholder Meeting at all. There are a lot of eps I like for one reason and dislike for another. Except for Niagara and Delivery…those are just amazing.
    Hated the whole idea of Pam’s mom with Michael, but I think the Lover is worse than Double Date (although that one is bad too). I guess I am also alone in not hating the Banker. oh well

  83. I don’t think it’s fair to give Greg Daniels all the credit for Seasons 2/3 and none to the other writers who have also been there since the beginning, and who are still on the show. I think even if The Office had 100% of Greg Daniels’ attention, it would’ve ran into some problems this season. The B story through most of those early seasons was Jim and Pam. It’s not surprising that now their relationship is permanent, they are struggling to find that same emotional backbone. That being said, the show is still one of the top comedies on TV, and still had some excellent episodes this season.

  84. This is probably the hardest Survivor poll thus far because this past season had the largest collection of sub-par episodes than other season.. Though last season did have its fair share as well. I absolutely agree with those who said that Greg Daniels, for the most part, walking away from The Office (As well as Mike Schur who has seemingly completely walked away, except to occasionally play Mose) has done much damage to what was once the greatest show on television. I do still love it but the quality between what we see now and what we saw the first few seasons is quite a downgrade. It’s a shame. Hopefully Greg Daniels can come back around and help put forth a great season 7, which is looking to possibly be the last season of the series.

  85. Even though every episode of the office is GREAT, the promotion has gots ta go. It seems like several others agree. It was a good episode, but not as great as the others that are left.

  86. Is everyone forgetting about the painfulness of Secretary’s Day? I’m voting that one off next.

  87. Got to put my plug in for voting off New Leads here. Michael acting insane, bad green screen effects and no Pam.

  88. I’m sure either Niagara or The Delivery will win…but it will be fun to see which one beats the other for sure!

  89. If this sub-par season is the price we have to pay for Parks & Rec’s second season, I’m more than willing to pony up.

  90. I agree with “108. Kevin Crossman”
    Why isn’t The Whistleblower gone?

    [Although i did like The Banker]

  91. With all due respect but who in their right mind is keeping The Whistleblower in the competition? By far the worst full-length episode last season (not counting the mostly clip-show The Banker).

  92. I’ve watched every episode this season, and yet, I don’t remember 75% of what went on in any of them. I think that’s saying something… and not a good something. Although maybe it’s saying I need to frantically count down the days until the DVDs come out so I can rewatch them all…

  93. Daniels and schur leaving probably does have something to do with the mediocre episodes. But I liked season 5 quite a bit, and hadn’t they already left by then?
    I do like what they’re doing with parks and rec, though. I just hope it sticks around for a while, which could be tough considering the low ratings it’s getting. Hopefully it follows in the footsteps of the office, instead of having the same unfortunate fate as arrested development and better off ted.

  94. I think the later episodes such as the chump and the worst season finale yet whistle blower should be the next to go.

  95. WTF!?! Scotts Tots was soooo much better then Mafia, which one of the worst episodes ever. Anyways ‘the meeting’ should go next, such a forced episode.

  96. To everyone who keeps saying S.6 is the worst;
    I loved Season 6!!!

    My old fav. order was 3,2,1,4,5 [I thought the show was slightly declining,] but S.6 is now before S.3

    Am i the only one who thinks this?
    My only real dislike for S.6 was the finale.

  97. Am I the only one who really disliked St. Patrick’s Day? I think that’s the episode when I realized I didn’t care about or enjoy as much about this season as previous ones.

  98. It’s not easy this season to vote off shows because most of the episodes I watched only once and really don’t remember them. However, the ones I remember were superlative.

  99. I’m disappointed to see Koi Pond go so early. This was one of my favorites from the “Jim as Manager” period, because it had the awkwardness of the classic Office, jokes at Michael from the whole ensemble, a funny conference room meeting, Michael taking Jim’s advice too far, and then the surprise reveal of Jim’s involvement in the dive. There were worse episodes than this one, guys.

  100. Shocked at the Koi Pond pick tallyheads. I truly believe it is Promotion’s turn to go. And, I must say, watching reruns last night and CASINO NIGHT WAS ON! Of course, a great episode for JAM, but I forgot how hilarious the entire thing was! AND OMG, Jenna Fischer never looked so perfectly beautiful in that dress. The color of it, and her hair, and she’s just the perfect human being :)

  101. I went with New Leads this round. The dump scene, Michael being too mean and no Pam makes for a vote.

    #123 I agree, watching Casino Night again made me sad how different the show is now. That was television comedy to perfection. Here’s hoping we can get that magic back in season 7.

  102. What!? Really? So many more episodes should have gone before this episode. The Promotion should have been gone a while ago and Double Date needs to go after that.

  103. These recent reruns have been reminding me how much I hated all the storylines involving Jim as unsuccessful manager. It’s not that I can’t handle Jim getting taken down a notch – it’s that the rest of the workers are unbearably mean and dense. Mostly in scott’s tots and koi pond. For koi pond, I don’t think jim was even at fault, but everyone was a jerk to him. And scott’s tots, something fishy was obviously going on, and they knew the process was anonymous, and even after jim said he would fix it everyone continued to be mean. So those are some of my least favorite episodes.

  104. #120 Irrigation Room; great analogy re: coaching/producing!

    I think I’m in the minority here, but I couldn’t stand The Lover… just seemed so contrived and over-the-top. (Admittedly, I haven’t watched it since it aired, so I don’t remember many details other than the main story, but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. TWSS.)

  105. Seriously, Whistleblower has to go already! I couldn’t laugh once. Just because the possible return of Holly was the “big cliffhanger”, that doesn’t mean it was a good episode. In fact, I thought it was possibly the most boring episode in the history of the show.

    Koi Pond I actually really liked and was sad to see it go. It reminded me a lot of the early seasons, when cringing was a good thing…remember?! And I really liked the Pam/Andy dynamic.

  106. I agree with you Alexa. I’ve been voting for Whistleblower from the beginning. It has got to go next! I didn’t like it at all.

  107. I’m kind of disappointed that Koi Pond went so early. Yes, it was during the not-so-great Jim as manager phase, but I really enjoyed the cheesy “fish” puns and the security tape reveal. It was so memorable that several people commemorated it in Peeps!

  108. #129, Janae – you may be in the minority, but I’m right there with you. I’ve been voting for The Lover since the beginning, and I will continue to until it’s gone.

    On the other hand, I liked Koi Pond. Guess I’m just weird. :)

  109. Koi Pond was not the best but I thought it moved up a couple of spaces for the cold open alone (Bookface). And “did you flounder?” was funny.

  110. #137-
    Got to agree especially with #5 and 6 from your list, although I’m not sure how much Daniels had to do with those decisions.

    One question I had all year was why we saw so little of Pam’s point of view, either as a new salesman or being engaged/married to Jim the co-manager, both of which would have been interesting subplots early on.

  111. Ryan 118 – you are NOT alone. I thought Season 6 was exceptional (and I recognize that writing season 2 of a show is a heck of a lot easier than writing season 6). But then I also loved Whistleblower. Favourite episode of the season, by a landslide.

  112. Whatcha think about post# 132 Tanster? Cast vote off??? Also, how bout another crossword puzzle? Too many negative tallyheads, we can pass the summer by with some office puzzle fun:)

  113. I think a lot of people are being unnecessarily hard on Mr. Daniels. The Office is a group effort, it seems like *everyone* has a say in how it’s presented, including the actors.

    #137, most of your points can be countered with “it’s a matter of opinion”. I don’t understand #5, as both Mindy and B.J. are young, and I know B.J. has said he’s never worked an office job. Both of them have been writing on the show since the very beginning, has that made the episodes suffer any?

    As far as Michael becoming unsympathetic, I don’t see that at all. It seems like everyone has forgotten who Michael is based off of (David Brent), and the sweetness of the JAM romance has kind of lured everyone into thinking this is supposed to be a 100% uplifting comedy, which I don’t think was ever their intention.

    Say what you will about Michael last season, but I don’t think he came near surpassing the cringe-worthy person he was in S1. People are (understandably) grasping for “likable” characters, but that’s not really what The Office is (or has ever been) about.

  114. Surprised Koi Pond went already as I really didn’t see any comments from anyone about it. Surprised The Promotion is still above water. I’ve voted it every round after The Banker.

  115. If Whistleblower HADN’T been the finale, I would have really liked it. It was very funny and an all around solid episode. But a finale? No.

    Besides The Delivery and Niagara, Murder was my favorite episode, by far.

  116. Bravo, #142, you hit the nail on the head! All valid points that people should think about. Think about it long and hard (TWSS).

  117. Ok let me get this straight. Whistleblower is gone, but the meeting is still here!??!!

  118. Thank you #142! I completely agree with you! I loved The Office when Michael was a jerk or inappropriate (Seasons 1 – 4) and I absolutely miss that the show has lost that. It was the catalyst for all the hilarious awkward silences and for me that was what the show was all about.

    Now everytime that sort of behavior of Michael is even hinted at, there is an uproar among many people who are commenting on this site. For me, the show has lost a lot of its humour in Seasons 5 and 6. It seems kind of fitting that that happened exactly at the time when Greg Daniels and Mike Schur left for Parks & Rec. And look at that show: Funny!

  119. I don’t really see many similarities at all between leslie and pam. Can’t tell if you’re serious here.

  120. Leslie is more like Michael than anyone. Also, The Chump needs to go next. Just not as funny as some of the others.

  121. I agree that John/Jenna need to be given something more to work with. In S6 aside from the wedding and the baby, they were pretty much reduced to boring one-liners and awkward behaviors. I get that their relationship has changed and they wanted to bring more attention to other characters/plots but come on, after Whistleblower´s “cliffhanger” I sure do miss the old Jim and Pam. And as much as I like Andy, the whole Erin thing is really not generating the interest I guess they expected. We also need more Creed, Kelly and Ryan, those three are hilarious. I think the show is lucky to have Mindy and B.J. as writers. I´m also up for the cast survivor idea, but why not call it a “character” survivor? I mean we´d be judging the characters and the development they had, not the actors themselves. Just a thought.

  122. At first it seems so obvious to me that New Leads should go followed quickly by St. Patrick’s Day, but then I notice that The Promotion and Double Date are still there at the top. It’s so hard! TWSS.

  123. Roy, #155, I just tried to vote “Double Date” out of its misery.
    As they say, “Vote early and vote often!”

    Mario #154, what’s this “cast survivor idea” you’re up for?

  124. I keep voting for The Promotion solely for Jim’s ridiculous “reverse” move after getting yelled at by the office staff. That is SO not something Jim would do, it’s a Michael move, and just because Jim was a manager doesn’t mean he transformed into Michael Scott Jr. Ugh. That episode makes me so mad.

  125. Why is The Promotion still up there… hands down, it’s the worst episode remaining up there. C’mon Tallyheads. I’ve been voting for this for like 3 weeks now.

  126. I’m still going with New Leads and then I will join in The Promotion haters.
    I will say that I am very grateful Pam did not turn into Leslie. I love Leslie but do not want Pam to be anything like her. I love how Pam has developed into who she is now.
    My biggest wish for next season is more Jim and Pam too. I think that is where they strayed the wrong way last season.

  127. It’s interesting to see how these compare to the fan ratings rankings. Koi pond was 14 there, down to 20 on this list. I think it does fit better towards the bottom than the middle.

  128. @ #159

    I guess that’s just the way it goes when you’re in the minority. I’ve been voting for Niagara every round so far… unfortunately, we don’t have cumulative totals… lol. :)

  129. Eh, I probably I won’t get my way for a while, but right now nothing makes me happier than repeatedly hitting the button next to “Secretary’s Day.” I can’t stand Erin, and this was way too big an overdose of her.

  130. Ugh. I just hated all those episodes with Donna. I can’t believe The Chump hasn’t been voted off yet.

  131. Please please make double date go away. That lunch scene was way too long. Three extremely talented actors, one very unfunny scene. I don’t mean to be the party pooper but c’mon people, let’s just give the big prize to Niagara already, you know it’s coming…

  132. Aresa- I am with you. I hate Erin and have been voting for Secretary’s Day in every round so far.

  133. Niagara and The Delivery should have its dinner poisoned by Dwight.

  134. I’m voting for New Leads, it’s time for it to go. I just can’t get over how awful those scenes in the dump were. Horrible horrible green screen almost distracts from the stupidness of the scene. Okay, i will say that the line “hope grows in a dump” is funny, but that whole Michael & Dwight fight was ridiculous and not in a good way.

  135. Yay! Finally some one dislikes Secretary’s Day as much as I do….Thanks Aresa #164!! I totally agree, I keep voting and can’t wait until it goes, way too much Erin!! Just voted it off again, here’s hoping!

  136. Adrienne, #166—I agree! I’ve been trying to vote off “Double Date” for weeks! Why?
    On Principle: No guy-or comedy show- should treat a lady like that and get away with it!

    As to Niagara having a lock on Last Episode on the Island: Yea, I agree…Though “Murder” may pull an upset. Either way is fine with me.

  137. Secret Santa has to go? This show only had a handful of really good episodes this season, and Secret Santa was one of them. Who can forget Michael as bitter, heckling Jesus?

    [from tanster: bitter heckling Jesus lol!]

  138. Secret Santa is my favorite episode of the season. I don’t understand why anybody hates it.

  139. Agree that Secretary’s Day should go next, but not because I hate Erin. I actually loved the character—until they decided to turn her into a whackjob. “My hair was my room” just might be the saddest line I’ve ever heard.

    Secret Santa = Michael calling Toby the Antichrist was priceless. Please don’t vote that one off next!

  140. I’m still voting Secretary’s Day, not because of disliking Erin, which I don’t. It just really bothered me how they handled their break-up.

  141. Wow. I’m really surprised so many people hated Secretary’s Day. I’m not big on Erin either but I thought it was hands down one of the top three of the season. The final scene with everybody making fun of Gabe was priceless. It kind of (I said kind of) reminded me of earlier seasons. I didn’t love Secret Santa, but definitely Double Date needs to go so here’s hoping, again.

  142. I don’t know about voting off Secretary’s Day yet. Personally I’d vote off Body Language or The Chump before Secretary’s Day.

    Also, I agree that Secret Santa was one of the top episodes this season.

  143. How in the world is Double Date still up there? Really. Pam slapping Michael? The Shel Silverstein poem was the only amusing part of the episode.

  144. I rewatched Double Date last night…and this morning voted it off while wondering what took me so long.

  145. Make that two votes for The Chump. Disappointing episode after it seemed like the show was getting back on track (“Body Language”/”Cover Up”).

  146. Hmmm, I really liked Secretary’s Day and I love Erin. I welcome new people coming onto the show in general, though. I also welcome change (I’ll say it again, if The Office goes back to being like it was in season 2, I’ll stop watching – no show should stay the same for seven years – that would just be lame). So I voted for The Meeting again (because I think I was supposed to be on Jim’s side in that episode and I really thought Michael had every right to be mad at him).

  147. Erin at lunch with Michael is enough for me to vote for Secretary’s Day. Although Pam’s talk to Erin and her kiss to Jim is one of my favorite moments of the season.

  148. Another vote for Secretary’s Day. Erin’s story line was terrible and ruined almost the entire episode for me.

  149. Secretary’s Day is one of the best episodes ever. The restaurant scene beats the one in When Harry Met Sally. I really wanted to vote for Niagara, but I was not going to waste my vote on a popular episode.

  150. Apparently I’m in the minority here but I thought Secretary’s Day was hilarious and in the top 10 for the season. I voted off The Meeting. Other than the cheese platter scene, I thought it was kind of boring.

  151. I’m still voting off Body Language. I found the story arc with Donna to be kind of a throw-away. I can see that it may be setting us up for a return of Holly by having him date women that aren’t right for him, but I just didn’t enjoy it.

  152. Sarah,
    I agree about the Donna story line. The whole thing about her being married left me feeling depressed.

  153. “Niagara” wins just for the last 10 minutes alone. As long as “Murder” comes in 2nd, I’ll be happy. I love everything that episode chose to be.

  154. My mission is to vote off all episodes involving Michael dating someone. Didn’t like the episodes with Pam’s mom (Goodbye ‘Double Date’). Didn’t like the episodes with Donna.

  155. Yay! I have been trying to vote off The Chump for a while now.

    IMO, Murder is the second best episode this season, after Secretary’s Day.

    Alas, I think Niagara will be the last episode standing. :-(

  156. For me, the funniest episodes were The Delivery, Murder, and Gossip. (Also liked Secretary’s Day). I also loved Niagara, just because of Jim and Pam. I guess my next vote would either go to Body Language or The Cover-Up.

    The only episode of the season that I missed was “Mafia.” (although I guess it wasn’t that good of an episode anyway; third to worst of the season) :P

  157. For me, the funniest episodes of the season were The Delivery, Murder, and Gossip (also liked Secretary’s Day). I also loved Niagara, just because of Jim and Pam. I guess my next vote is either going towards Body Language or The Cover-Up.

    The only episode of the season I missed was “Mafia” (although turns out it wasn’t that great of an episode anyway; third worst of Season 6) =P

  158. Next up for me, St. Patrick’s Day. Erin’s creepy brother, no Pam, and not enough Todd Packer. Quad-desk couldn’t save this one.

  159. Still voting Secretary’s Day. They seemed to neglect continuity by putting Angela back in as head of the Party Planning Committee without explanation, when Jim and Dwight were already heads. And then no one bothers to mention to Erin that Angela had cheated on Andy.

  160. Also still voting Secretary’s Day… I liked Erin, until they made her crazy. And really, the Andy-Erin romance kind of fell flat for me.

  161. Please don’t vote off Secretary’s Day, guys. It was really among the funniest episodes this season, I think. I never liked the Andy/Erin romance either, but few episodes this season didn’t have it, so don’t hold that against it. I’ve been voting off St. Patrick’s Day for a while, but I think it might stick around longer because a lot of the holiday/group/big moment episodes are getting undue credit. Granted, I loved Niagara and The Delivery, but an episode like Murder is nowhere near the funniest, and I feel like it’s remembered more fondly because every character had something to say.

  162. I do not think Erin is crazy. She is just a little different. The awkwardness is just fun to watch. If it does not kick you out of your comfort zone it is not good comedy.

    I would love to have Erin in my office as my rival’s secretary.

  163. Please, don’t vote off Secretary’s Day. This is one of the few episodes that didn’t have Michael be over the top. It was Steve’s most heartfelt epsiode in a year. I also liked Erin’s wacky but lovable performance, and I also liked that she decided to sort things out on her own. I really liked the Michael/Erin interactions, kind of like a little sister and big brother relationship, just so sweet. The Meeting should be eliminated, it foreshadowed the medocrity that was to come.

  164. I’m sorry, but the Donna episodes have to go next… both were easily forgettable this season. First should be “The Cover-Up” followed by “Body Language”. Then it should be “St. Patrick’s Day”

  165. I picked Gossip this time – Stanley was great, but it just wasn’t a top ten for me. I loved St. Patrick’s Day – not just for Packer, but it was the beginning of the late season arc about Michael growing up – and I enjoyed watching that process. His interactions with Jo and Donna were both evidence of how far Michael has come in six years. In St. Patrick’s Day he started to lose his psychopathic need to be loved, and with Donna – well, let’s just say that three years ago Michael would have loved being “the other man.”

  166. Wow… I need to rewatch this season. Having seen everything but Niagara only once, I really don’t know the difference between “The Meeting” and “The Chump” or whatever.

  167. It’s a mystery how ‘Koi Pond’ got voted off so fast and the horror that was ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ has made it this far? No Pam, Andy and Erin (nuff said), this episode was the worst of the season.

  168. Body Language needs to go next. Way too much awkwardness and not enough humor.

  169. Of course, the first time in weeks I didn’t vote for The Meeting it gets voted off.

  170. 13 more to go. “Niagara” & “Murder” will be the last 2. They have a special “something” which, like pornography, is hard to define but you know it when you see it.
    Even “Secret Santa” & “The Delivery” have a touch of this “something”-Michael as bitchy Jesus, and the fruition of Jim & Pam’s love. Priceless.
    The remaining 9 lack that certain “something”-some more than others. How to choose?
    Season 6 is the 8th Greatest Mystery of the World. For every “Murder” there were 5 “Whistleblowers”. Why can’t we have more “Murders” and less “Mafia’s”?

    Perhaps that special “something” is FAMILY! The sense that no matter how insensitive or offensive Michael or Dwight act, or other serious problems arise, The Office staff is a family-dysfunctional to be sure, yet a family. The 4 episodes I mentioned favorably have that element of family dynamic. The rest don’t-and get voted off quickly.

    The family fun we saw in “Murder” disappeared by “Whistleblower.”
    Note to Season 7 writers: The Office family that plays together, stays together!

  171. I thought Scott’s Tots (IMO third best episode this season, after Secretary’s Day and Murder) had that special something too. Yet it got voted off so early.

    Michael’s lecture on tuition vs. intuition cannot be topped. And I really prefer Erin/Michael over Erin/Andy.

  172. Hey, for fun, let’s jump ahead a year!
    So it’s July 2011 & we’re voting off Season 7 episodes.

    First episode to be voted off: “Open Position.” Jo announces Michael’s departure, and Dwight & Andy conspire to get #1 and #2. Mean-spirited episode with a “been there & done that feel” make it the first to get the boot.

    Last episode standing and winner of the 2011 OfficeTally Survivor Poll:
    “Pam’s Promotion”. Jo appoints Pam as new interim Regional Manager, Scranton. Pam holds her first Conference Room Meeting, unleashing a new sarcastic, don’t mess with me, side of her that shocks everyone-except Jim.

    What’s your choice for “Best” and “Worst” episode from Season 7?

  173. One more vote for Body Language. I really didn’t find Donna’s character, or the episodes involving her, appealing. Honestly, aside from Niagara, Secretary’s Day, The Delivery, and maybe Sabre and Murder, I don’t really care how the rest of the episodes go. They were all pretty much forgettable.

  174. Too bad about Body Language. I really like Pam in that episode. So St. Patrick’s Day? Anyone, anyone, Buehler?

  175. Roy’s Mugshot and I are on the same page. Body Language was good, and Pam was great in it. And I’m voting St. Patricks Day again, for reasons outlined in post 191.

  176. This will be the 10th time in a row i vote for St. Patrick’s Day, but i think this will be the time it goes. Next up: Secretary’s Day. Just too much Erin.

  177. I’ve been voting off St. Patrick’s Day since the worst episode of the season (and arguably the entire series), Scott’s Tots, was voted off.

  178. I gotta vote for The Lover, how that is ranked toward the top of the season is beyond me, too mean spirited. I like St. Patrick’s Day, the characters had a lot of little, yet hilarious moments and there was Megadesk.

  179. Scotts Tots worst ever!?! Um no. I actually truly believe that ‘Mafia’ was the worst ep ever, the banker was better. But anyways Scotts Tots doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. Next to go: St. Patricks Day.

  180. I am so happy St. Patrick’s Day is finally gone! Now for Secretary’s Day. No offense to Ellie, but the producers/writers bringing in a new character and giving her so much screen time at the expense of characters we’ve known and loved have made Erin not so likable in my book.

  181. So sad to see St. Patrick’s Day go – one of my favourite episodes this season and a great demonstration of Michael’s growth as a person this year.

    I voted Gossip next – I could lose that one or Sabre. Just don’t want Secretary’s Day to go this soon.

  182. Ugh, maybe I should wait to buy the DVD’s for Season 6 when they’re deep-discounted to $15 if “Niagara” or “The Delivery” wins.

  183. What is the best way to defend Secretary’s Day?

    Erin has been with The Office since the end of Season 5, and I don’t think the writer is giving her too much screen time. I would expect her to get more exposure than even Pam (no offense).

    I love new characters. Please make Gabe or Charles Miner the new manager.

    I also think Mafia was bad. All the good parts were deleted.

  184. Geez, what do I have to do to get Mafia voted off! I guess I’ll just keep voting for it!

  185. I completely agree with you #214. The Lover was not that great. Is still beyond me why they decided to put Michael in a relationship with Pam’s mom? Pam and Michael became unlikeable for it. I’m still voicing my support for Secretary’s Day, this was the best half-hour episode of the season, and it deserves a second viewing. I wrote before that it was one of the few episodes were Michael wasn’t over the top, I should have written that it was the only episode were he wasn’t over the top. For that one episode he was the Michael that I loved.

  186. #220/221 What do you have to do to get “Murder” voted off? Wait about 5 weeks.

  187. Murder was the first episode I watched since I gave up on The Office in Season 1. I thought it was just not as good as the BBC version.

    But then I saw Erin asking Andy where he was taking her out and her subsequent disappointment. That act-within-and-act was so well performed that I decided to give The Office another try.

  188. It´s really a toss up between Gossip and The Cover Up, but I went with Gossip, not enough laughs. I didn´t even remember what Manager and Salesman was about but I just rewatched bits and it was pretty solid. I really hope Mafia doesn´t make it to the end. It was way overrated and that last shootout scene made me feel very very sorry for The Office.

  189. #222 Dadaist

    I don’t see how Secretary’s Day deserves a second viewing. A second viewing causes you to further notice the glaring plot holes.

    As I mentioned before, we see that somehow Angela is head of the Party Planning Committee without explanation of what happened to Jim and Dwight. And secondly, no one bothers to tell Erin that Angela had cheated on Andy. If someone did tell her off camera, then there should have been no reason for Erin to still be hostile toward Andy.

  190. Great success! Now onto Murder. I can’t get on board with Murder being a good episode because of that scene where they were all pointing “guns” at each other. So incredibly stupid.

  191. I’m really disappointed that Secretary’s Day didn’t make it further in the competition. It was by far one of the funniest episodes of the season. Michael was at his best: awkward, but not too unbelievably loony. Erin was actually given a story, more screentime, and this episode actually made me like her.

  192. I’m so happy to see Secretary’s Day go!

    While Murder did have its good side, like Jim realizing what Michael was actually trying to do, even though he went about it in the wrong way, as a whole, it was not a good episode at all.

  193. @228: I think Murder deserves to stick around for a few more weeks, if anything because of Tube City. It was an episode where the ensemble was featured, so I think it gets points for that, too. Also, the Mexican Standoff scene was great. I like the talking head where Jim reveals that everyone was a double agent.

  194. Looking at the schedule of upcoming repeats, it’s obvious NBC isn’t following this Survivor contest.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  195. I’m glad Secretary’s Day finally got voted off, been voting off that one for a while, now. I have to say Gossip or Murder as to go next. Gossip dragged a bit and Murder was a good episode, just a bit too silly at times. And also, if I had to pick another episode it would probably be Secret Santa.

  196. After rewatching a lot of season 6, all of the episodes seems like they are better than i thought the first time i watched them. And it gets harder and harder every week (TWSS!) to find an episode to vote off!

  197. Man, I still can´t believe Secretary´s Day got the boot before Gossip, Murder, Happy Hour…and so on. Here´s hoping Gossip doesn´t make it another round, that season opener with the “online sensation” thing they were playing was about as low as the gun pointing in Murder.

  198. I think Sabre probably deserves to go next. It’s not a bad episode, but it’s not as strong as the remaining. I’d have to say personally Sabre, Manager and Salesman, and Happy Hour, should be voted off before Gossip or Murder are even considered.

  199. How dare you all saying that Murder should go soon! People, nee, fans of the show are working hard on their segments for the fanisode!

  200. Can we please get rid of ‘The Lover’ and ‘The Cover-Up’ already? Any episodes involving Michael’s love life this season were the lowest points of the season – definitely not Top 10 material!

  201. Murder should go next for the standoff scene alone. Man, that was lame. Gossip was one of the better episodes of the season. Loved the interns and Jim’s attempt to save Stanley.

  202. Another vote for “Sabre”. Weak start to what would be a weak 2nd half of the season.

  203. Hmm. I don’t get it. Nobody’s complaining about The Cover-Up or The Lover, but somehow we get dozens of people trying to vote off Murder and Gossip, which were two of the best episodes of the season. Anyone notice that the intern “Meghan” was looking for an internship at Dunder Mifflin in a deleted scene in the Job Fair episode?

  204. I’m voting off The Cover-Up, because although I know I have watched it (probably more than once), I don’t remember it at all.

    Murder FTW!

  205. I can’t believe Happy Hour hasn’t been voted off yet. I hated that episode and have been voting for it on the last few rounds!

  206. Wow, The Cover-Up was in my top 3. Sabre should have been voted off long ago. The daycare storyline didn’t do it for me at all.

  207. #245 Jen – I’ve also been voting for “Happy Hour” to get the boot. I guess we’re the only ones, though. Sigh!

  208. Finally, Sabre is out! Totally hated what they did to David Wallace in that one. Now I need to decide what to vote for next!

  209. Okay, now it gets hard (TWSS). I guess Gossip would be my next choice just because not much really happened that made any difference for the rest of the season.

  210. Wow, I’m surprised Sabre got voted off so early. That was my favorite episode of the entire season! Well, I’m going to vote off Gossip next, just not that funny and it was kind of boring.

  211. Ahhhh!! Down with the Lover already! It was a mean episode. Dwight Spying on Jim, waaaay overracting Pam. Ugh!

  212. I went with “Happy Hour”, continuing my trend of voting off episodes from the 2nd half of the season. Excluding “The Delivery”.

  213. Kinda tough now, but I voted for “Gossip”, even though I did love the cold open!

  214. I voted off Happy Hour. It was a solid episode, but just wasn’t as funny as the others left. I know Niagara will win, but I’m hoping for Secret Santa. By far, it was the funniest episode of the season.

  215. I just rewatched The Lover and it was pretty good. The mallard felt like Jim and Dwight oldschool and I thought Pam´s reaction was over the top sure, but pretty funny. I think both Happy Hour and Gossip have nothing to do up there, so Happy Hour it is and please let Gossip go next.

  216. Please have Gossip go next! While it was a good episode with a terrific cold open, the rest of the episode was just boring.

  217. I have to go with Manager & Salesman solely for Michael’s desire to make more as a salesmen, in light of Jim and Pam’s situation with a new baby on the way. Not cool, Michael Scott. I don’t like when you’re selfish.

  218. I’m voting off Manager and Salesman because I honestly can’t remember anything remarkable about that episode.

  219. Manager and Salesman for me, too. I’m rooting for a Niagara/Murder/Secret Santa/Delivery final four.

  220. Clearly I’m in the minority, but I think The Delivery should have been voted off a couple rounds ago.

  221. In my opinion, The Delivery was miles better than Niagara. It makes me a bit sad that Niagara will probably win just because it was the “Jim and Pam got married” episode, despite there only being a few minutes of redeemable episode.

  222. The next 3 to go should definitely be The Lover, Manager and Salesman, and Gossip. I’m hoping for The Delivery to win. Niagara should be second, maybe third. It was a great episode, but many of the plot sequences were a drag (Andy tearing his scrotum?!?).

  223. I agree with #259, Vanessa. Secret Santa is nowhere even remotely close to season 2’s “Christmas Party” or season 3’s “Benihana Chrismas”. Michael was so over the top mean spirited in this episode. I’m quite shocked “Secret Santa” has lasted so long; especially because the aforementioned were amongst the series best episodes. Time to go “Secret Santa”.

  224. #267 I agree that “Secret Santa” wasn’t as good as “Benihana’s Christmas” or “Christmas Party”. But we’re not comparing it to those. We’re comparing it to other episodes of a so-so Season 6. And I loved Michael as petulant Jesus.

  225. The Lover left before Manager and Salesman? I seem to be in the minority here, but I just didn’t care for Manager and Salesman at all.

  226. I’m glad the lover is gone now, I didn’t like it all that much. It’s been a while since I saw secret santa, but now that I look through an episode recap I remember a lot of scenes I loved: the cold open with jim and dwight, the whole part with michael listening to kevin’s wish (a thousand helium balloons!), andy and dwight singing, and one of my favorite lines of the season: “I’ll give you a hint. His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight. He can heal leopards.”

  227. The Delivery was definitely the best episode of the season! “Wrong baby!!” So funny!!!

  228. I would say gossip next and then Niagara which is very overrated. The Delivery for the win and Murder runner up.

  229. 274. “I would say gossip next and then Niagara which is very overrated.”

    Amen to that!

  230. Things really aren´t going the way I had expected. What´s Gossip still doing up there? I definitely hope The Delivery doesn´t win. It really didn´t do it for me. A milestone episode but unlike Niagara, it was neither very funny or very sweet.

  231. I agree! I really felt like Manager and Salesman and Gossip should have gone before Happy Hour and The Lover. Oh, well…I’ll keep voting and hope for the best!

  232. I really don’t see the appeal of Murder…IMO, it should have been one of the first ones to go…Guess I’ll just keep voting for it!

  233. Well, my final four is still intact. Which means I’ll be voting off “Gossip”. “Murder” for the win!

  234. I’ve been voting for Gossip since like eight rounds ago. How this is in the final five seems to the best indication of how weak this season was.

  235. Although all the remaining episodes are excellent, I’m voting off The Delivery. I’m still hoping for Secret Santa to win, because I’m sick of Jim-and-Pam-centric episodes always taking first place. Besides, Secret Santa was by far the funniest episode of the season, not to mention the best Christmas episode yet.

  236. Whoops, accidentally voted for “Gossip,” which may have been my favorite episode of the season. Meant to vote for the highly-overrated “Niagara.”

  237. Bah… Manager and Salesman didn’t deserve to go. What a great episode it was, topped off by one of the best moments of the season (Jim dunking Dwight’s tie in his coffee!). But really, all of the episodes left are pretty great and deserve to be here. I’ll vote for The Delivery though… didn’t find a lot of the post-birth scenes very funny or interesting.

  238. Russ – I couldn´t agree more. I don´t get all the fuss over Gossip, Murder and Secret Santa when really solid episodes were voted off. I guess that´s how inconsistent this season was.

  239. The next to go should be Niagara, Gossip and The Delivery. Hopefully, Murder will come in first place!

  240. Looks like no one else agrees, but I voted for murder. I liked it, but I think it’s a bit overrated. Although Gossip is very close, if that somehow stays I’m voting for it next.

  241. @291 hm: I completely agree with you. Murder may be one of the most overrated episodes in the show’s history.

  242. And now it gets interesting… My prediction:
    4. Secret Santa
    3. The Delivery
    2. Murder
    1. Niagara

    I’ll probably vote for The Delivery next, personally. I liked it, maybe just not as much as the others.
    P.S. Don’t forget, Tanster, at the end of this you need to tell us what your top picks were!

  243. 294- “The Delivery is the most overrated Office episode ever.”

    Different strokes. I think that honor belongs to Niagara.

  244. I really liked the delivery personally, but I think Niagara might be the most overrated Office episode to date.

  245. Here’s how it should be:
    4. Niagara (one of the most overrated eps ever!)
    3. Secret Santa
    2. Murder
    1. The Delivery

  246. The Delivery FTW! Had so many hilarious moments. I agree that Niagara is overrated. I think it should come in 3rd. I really hope Niagara doesn’t win just because of the wedding.
    1.) Delivery
    2.) Murder
    3.) Niagara
    4.) Secret Santa

  247. Comment 282- Russ…
    SPOT ON! See my comment under the season 7 link. I was so frustrated with last season. Season 5 wasn’t SUPERB either, but I thought with a momentous second half and great MSPC story arc, it finished pretty darn good as a whole. Season 4 was good in spite of the strike, though it started this whole hit and miss trend that became painful in season 5 with what seems as guest talent (has the star power from the show caught up with it?). Seasons 2 and 3 were cohesive, purposeful, and their worst offerings could compete with some of the better episodes today. Man, I hope this show comes back to form….

  248. I’m hoping that the warring lovers and haters of Niagara, The Delivery, and Murder can save Secret Santa this round.

  249. I wouldn’t mind a Secret Santa upset. Dwight and Andy singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams is enough to win it for me. The Final six Episodes were all among my favorites as all of the characters had their little character defining moments that make the show so great.

  250. Well, since two of my top three are already gone, I guess Murder should go. I liked the whole murder mystery theme too, but I must insist on that gun pointing scene.. it was just painful to watch and it´s one of those moments that reminded me how far the show has come from earlier seasons, and you know I don´t mean that in a good way.

  251. I’m with you guys on the lameness that was Niagara (Phyllis’s wedding episode was 10x better), but my hatred for Murder is greater. I hope it goes this time.

  252. OK, I’m thoroughly confused here. Can someone please explain to me what the problem is with the gun-pointing scene? I really have no idea where all of the hate towards that scene is coming from.

  253. I agree, 309. It seems in character for the typically wacky Michael, Dwight, and Andy. As for Pam, she frequently supports Michael in odd situations (like she did earlier by encouraging the game), until she finds herself so immersed that she starts having fun with it (like she does with the Michael Scott Paper Company).

  254. The episodes left are sentimental and rely heavily on full-cast interaction, not necessarily on comedy. Am I surprised Secret Santa was voted off? No. But, as long as Murder (the best of the three) wins, I’m happy.

  255. Can anyone REALLY do a fanisode of “Niagara” or “The Delivery”?

    “Murder” FTW!

  256. I love “Murder” and hope it wins, but I have a feeling there are enough JAMMERS to give it the boot.

  257. IMO it’d be pretty premature to think either ‘Niagara’ or ‘The Delivery’ will be voted off this week.

  258. Duxfever “IMO it’d be pretty premature to think either ‘Niagara’ or ‘The Delivery’ will be voted off this week.”

    But one can hope. Once gain, Niagara gets my vote.

  259. I really hope Murder wins. One of the few episodes of season six that was hilarious, quotable and creative. But if Murder gets out this round, I really hope The Delivery beats Niagara!

  260. How Niagara is still in is way past me. I mean, just look at the last 40 comments! I haven’t seen one that really wants Niagara to win. Oh well, lets hope it’ll be gone this round.

  261. “How Niagara is still in is way past me.” Really? It was Office Tally’s highest fan-rated episode of the season.

  262. I love The Delivery! It was all presented well. The first half was great! But I’m not as thrilled with the second half. I want Niagara to win, but if it can’t I’m glad The Delivery is the other contestant.

  263. Wow! I am surprised Murder got voted off, I expected Niagara to get the boot. Oh, well. I hope The Delivery wins!

  264. Murder got the boot? Michael Scott said it best – “NOOOO! GOD! No, God, please no! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  265. Sad to see “Murder” go, but I think everyone knew from the beginning that it would be a Niagara/Delivery final two.

  266. Is anyone really surprised that it came down to Niagara and The Delivery? That had to be the safest bet since S2 and Casino Night.

  267. Wow, after all the Niagara bashing I also thought it would go next. That being said, there is no competition whatsoever between these two. I wouldn´t say Niagara was the funniest episode of the season, but it was funny, sweet, it involved the entire cast, and that final scene was really one of the very few stellar moments of this season. The Delivery was a big disappointment for me.

  268. Wow, Niagara and The Delivery. I am shocked.

    Oh well. Murder was the best episode of the season by far, I’m sad to see it go. I don’t understand why the most amount of JAM=best episode!, but different strokes I guess.

    Hoping for The Delivery now. Aside from a few minor cast scenes, Niagara wasn’t even funny.

  269. So apparently Jim and Pam are the only reason anybody is watching the Office. For some reason, I thought the show was about more than that…

    Delivery FTW?

  270. Wow! The list of top 4 is going the opposite way for me!
    My top 4
    1. The Delivery
    2. Secret Santa
    3. Murder
    4. Niagara
    At first I thought it was good, but now ‘Niagara’ just makes me cringe. ‘The Delivery’ ftw

  271. I know it’s a little late to do this but here is my list from my favorites to my least favorites of season 6.

    1. Sabre
    2. Murder
    3. Secret Santa
    4. The Delivery
    5. The Cover- Up
    6. The Meeting
    7. Happy Hour
    8. The Lover
    9. Shareholder Meeting
    10. Niagara
    11. Scott’s Tots
    12. The Meeting
    13. The Promotion
    14. Whistleblower
    15. Manager and Salesman
    16. St. Patricks’ Day
    17. Body Language
    18. The Chump
    19. New Leads
    20. Koi Pond
    21. Mafia
    22. Double Date
    23. Secretary’s Day
    24. The Banker

  272. @332 Justin: I think Niagara and The Delivery were actually two of the funniest episodes this season, and this is coming from someone who not only doesn’t squeal at the thought of Jim and Pam moments, but genuinely disliked them at various points this season. Murder, with its full-cast focus, probably benefited a lot more from sentimental votes than these two did.

  273. Niagara too good to be voted off at 2. BTW why is everybody hating on Koi Pond. It was hilarious

  274. I think it’s time for the delivery to go. Watching it again made me realize that there was nothing funny for the first 35 minutes. At least niagara had funny scenes throughout. They were both very good episodes but.

  275. While The Delivery was an emotional episode, Niagara was about ten times better because it was both funny, emotional and heartwarming at the same time. It also focused on the entire cast instead of just a couple of characters. Indeed; Niagara was an instant classic.

  276. I hope The Delivery wins. Niagara was good but I really didn’t like the second half of the episode at all.

  277. I have been re-watching the episodes from Season 6 over the last few weeks. I have surprised myself by enjoying every one of them so far for lots of different reasons – even ones that I was meh about when they were first shown.

    Just finished watching The Banker and got a kick out of it -hated it when it was shown originally.

    Niagara FTW!

  278. This is not a surprise outcome for anyone is it? I think I could have predicted this two minutes after Niagara ended.

  279. This one is a toss up. I Voted for Niagara, even though I died laughing when Kevin suggested they “Stick spicy food up her (Pam’s) butt!” -My favorite line from the season. Yes, my inner child is 12. Well, he’ll be 12 next month…

  280. Niagara has won it. Not a surprise. Though I don’t quite like the Andy’s injury storyline and the fact that the camera were everywhere during the wedding.

  281. Oh man I was really pulling for The Delivery, partly because I would have won the contest if it won lol. Was the vote close?

    [from tanster: no, the vote wasn’t close. niagara = 74%, the delivery = 26%!]

  282. “In some of the most anticlimactic news ever posted on OfficeTally”

    lol That about sums it up.

  283. YEEEESSSSS!!!!! I knew it!!!!! I always knew Niagara would be the winner. Because it’s the monster episode of the 6th season of The Office.

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