1. Hahaha, wow, Dwight was not kidding about those teens. And I’m kind of disappointed Jim didn’t get the reference, too. Andy scares me.

  2. it funny, cause BJ took allot of references from last season and used them in this episode (ex. Michael getting super hyper from suger then crashing out, and Dwight mentioned that sometimes teenagers use the beet farm for sex)

  3. yay, thanks for the update. haha, are beets some sort of aphrodisiac? what was that gesture that ryan was making at the end of the last clip? i don’t get it.

  4. They’ve added two more clips now. When you see clip 5, you’ll understand Ryan’s gesture at the end of clip 4.

  5. How does Jim not know Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?! I’m a little disillusioned right now.

  6. Maybe that’s why they cut it. They figured Jim was smarter than that. Afterall, he does know the Apprentice and Trading Spouses. If those aren’t pop cultural gems, I don’t know what is. ;)

    More likely though, they ran out of time.

  7. im sorry, did someone other than michael just say thats what she said?

    and get away with it?

    theres an office milestone.

  8. Wow! NBC must be hording these deleted scenes and trickling them out since we have a rerun week. I can live with that.

  9. GO Stanley!!!

    Watching that scene with Karen, Jim and Andy was a little werid b/c it was like watching The Office, with different actors playing Pam and Dwight. But of course, Ed Helms is totally awesome.

  10. Seeing Stanley get along with Michael makes the Baby Jesus happy.

    But it can’t be too often, or it gets stale.

    This was perfect. :-D

  11. Was the “that’s what she said” improvised? Michael almost choked on his pretzel he was laughing so hard.

  12. That Stanley clip is hilarious. I wonder if Steve knew that was coming or if he did but just couldn’t help laughing so hard when he said it.

    Andy is a such a loon, lol.

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