The Weekend Tally

  • Blog update: Mindy — Sour Candies.
  • Article: Hollywood panel discusses strike. The panel included The Office’s Executive Producer Greg Daniels, who said “The executives were so glad to see us … all I’m getting is a feeling of relief to be back to work. There’s a great spirit of gratitude for everyone on my show.”
  • Article: Nesting With a Vengeance (and a Deadline). “Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin on the television comedy “The Office,” is seven months pregnant and “trying to prioritize” all the improvements she is making on her 1950s single-story home in Los Angeles.”
  • Article: Look To The Stars Asks Melora Hardin. Melora feels each person can make a difference to the world.
  • Article: Sox-ing it to LA. Which Office cast members were in attendance at the exhibition game between the Red Sox and the Dodgers?
  • Photos: “Joining other fellow comedians in reading excerpts from the book Comedy By The Numbers, special unannounced guest Kate Flannery showed up to lend her voice to the book reading.”
  • Video: Mose is actually a teacher? Michael Schur turns up on ‘Miss Guided.’
  • Spoiler updates: I’ve backfilled a few interesting spoiler tidbits, including information on the upcoming episode ‘Night Out’ and the possibility of new webisodes! Go to “Season 4 spoilers/news” in the sidebar. Over there. —–>
  • Upcoming event: Craig Robinson plays a series of dates at Zanies Chicago, St. Charles, and Vernon Hills on May 8-10.
  • Upcoming event: Brian Baumgartner participates in The American Century Championship golf tournament, July 8-13 at Edgewood Tahoe, NV.

For a complete listing of events, check out the OfficeTally Calendar.

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  1. Yay for Craig doing something in Chicago. I love it when Office cast members come here. (wink, wink) More come, please!!! hehe.

    And I’m kinda bummed because I scooped the Michael Schur sighting in Miss Guided. Too bad… no video skills. Oh well… it was nice seeing it live!

  2. Dude! My roommate is from Vernon Hills and was planning on visiting home for that weekend! Hopefully we’ll be able to see Craig’s show… I’ve heard great things about it and would pay big bucks to hear his comedy sketches!

  3. Ahhh, I knew that was Michael Schur in Miss Guided! But then as I looked on wikipedia and imdb, I didn’t see anything on it and I doubted myself!

  4. It’s really cool that John, BJ and Steve go places together. I think it really shows how close the cast of this show is.

  5. You forgot to say that Steve Carell was a presenter on the Kids Choice Awards. He looked so HOT! (like last year)

  6. I was watching Miss Guided and I was like yelling “IT’S MOSE!!!”

    Yeah, my family just stared at me. I had to explain my momentary Office writer/character freak out. :)

  7. Tanster~
    I e-mailed you a few days ago about the updated Creed Thoughts blog. It was just updated on the 27th. Just thought you should know!

  8. Usually I prefer to catch the Sox at Fenway.. but God, do I want to be at that game!

  9. I think they should go to Phoenix. We had the Superbowl, but we need more :). And yay to the Miss Guided thing! It’s a cute show, but the atrocity of Ashton Kutcher kills it for me.

  10. I just watched my DVR recording of “Miss Guided” and thought I saw a familiar face. Glad to have you verify it!

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