1. he’s so cute in all his interviews! i love how humble he is and how he talks himself down. i really think he doesn’t know how talented he is. it’s adorable.

  2. It’s insane how adorable he is. Can a girl have two husbands? Oh wait…he’s getting married. That shouldn’t make me feel sad, seeing as how I’m already hitched. But it does. ;)

  3. Saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and John really did steal his scenes. And he’s fourth billed in the credits! The pot scene was hilarious and I was wondering if that was ab-lib or not so yeah. Go and watch it on the 25th!

  4. It’s funny ’cause I say this every time I see an interview of his, but he cannot be any more perfect. I think my little crush on him is deeper than I want to admit, because I just can’t get over how amazing he is in all his interviews.

  5. I. Love. Him. Seriously there’s been a lot of interviews this week and he is more adorable in every one. He is by far my favorite actor. I can’t get over the junkel John thing it’s so cute. Seriously he is humble charming and funny in every interview! I envy Emily Blunt lol

  6. he is one of the best male celebs of all time.
    hilarious, talented, intelligent, tall, athletic, and good looking.

    wish there were more of him.

  7. I love seeing John but wow it seems like is he the only one promoting “It’s Complicated”

    I guess they’re pushing young & attractive to the front

  8. Aww, I completely agree with everyone else, he’s adorable, cute, funny, hilarious and doesn’t understand at all how talented he is. I really admire that he doesn’t act all celebrity-like, and that he admits to being nervous around the big-name people that he gets to work with!

    And yes, a little part of me dies inside when I have to realize again and again that he really can’t be mine. Darn.


    “juncle john” is the cutest thing ever. kind of reminds me of my co-worker’s not quite 3-year-old granddaughter… she says things like, “this is spectacular” or “this fruit is seriously delicious.”

    i want that christmas card… ahem.

    the only thing i don’t like is that he does the same “bit” when he talks about the movie, like “small indie movie,” “oh, they’re up-and-comers”, the nervousness thing… it’s adorable, but getting kind of stale.

    glad they didn’t use the clip that he described… haha! :D

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