1. I would have preferred Koi Pond over Double Date, but oh well. Other than that, they’re rerunning the strongest episodes of the season other than Niagara, so that’s pretty nice.

  2. Thank you NBC! I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Dec. 22nd, so now I get to recover while watching my favorite tv show!

  3. Awesome! I’m so excited for this! Cafe Disco is my favorite, and I love the other Season 5’s in there too ;)

  4. What is going on? It appears on December 23 there will not be an Office marathon but new Mercy episodes instead. ??? :(

    [from tanster: checking right now. but yes, looks like the dec 23 marathon got replaced.]

  5. I’ve been loving NBC’s marathons this week. I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight, though I can’t watch the broadcast version of Secret Santa without thinking about how much better the producer’s cut was.

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