Make a donation to Rainn Wilson’s Lide Haiti for The Office swag!


Make a donation to a great cause and you could end up with The Office memorabilia, or better yet, some quality time with Rainn Wilson himself!

First, every $5 donation you make to Rainn Wilson’s Lidè Haiti program (Empowerment Through the Arts for Women and Girls) enters you in a drawing for an awesome grand prize:

  • Air fare and hotel accommodations for you and a friend to Los Angeles.
  • Walk with Rainn’s zonkey, Derek.
  • Two tickets to closing night of Rainn’s play Thom Pain (based on nothing) at The Geffen Playhouse.
  • Dinner with Rainn!

In addition, for certain donation amounts, you’ll receive some nifty gifties:

  • $100.00: Get a signed and personalized Dwight headshot
  • $125.00: Get a signed “THIS MAN IS A PERVERT” sign (from Women’s Appreciation)
  • $200.00: Get a signed and personalized “THIS MAN IS A PERVERT” sign
  • $300.00: Get a signed and personalized Dwight mustard shirt
  • $400.00: Get a signed and personalized “The Office” script
  • $600.00: Get an original, discontinued signed and personalized Dwight bobblehead!
  • $1,000.00 Get your voicemail message recorded by Dwight

If you’re a longtime fan of The Office, this is a awesome dealio for The Office stuff that you can’t get anywhere else.

Me, I would love an outgoing personalized voicemail of Dwight saying “idiot” over and over again…

Donate here: Win a Day Out of The Office with Rainn Wilson (ends February 2, 2016, 4:59pm PT)

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