The Office: Women’s Appreciation, 3.22

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The Office Women's Appreciation

Writers: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, Director: Tucker Gates

Summary (NBC): Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher. Michael makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing. Supersized, 8:36-9:19pm. (This is the episode we watched being filmed during our set visit!)

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Jim: Oh, what’s this?
Dwight: That is a demerit.
Jim (reading paper): “Jim Halpert, tardiness.” Oh, I love it already.
Dwight: You’ve got to learn, Jim, you’re second in command, but that does not put you above the law.
Jim: Oh I understand. And, I also have lots of questions. Like what does a demerit mean?
Dwight: Let’s put it this way. You do not want to receive three of those.
Jim: Lay it on me.
Dwight: Three demerits, and you’ll receive a citation.
Jim: Now that sounds serious.
Dwight: Oh it is serious. Five citations, and you’re looking at a violation. Four of those, and you’ll receive a verbal warning. Keep it up, and you’re looking at a written warning. Two of those, that’ll land you in a world of hurt. In the form of a disciplinary review, written up by me and placed on the desk of my immediate superior.
Jim: Which would be me.
Dwight: That is correct.
Jim: Okay, I want a copy on my desk, by the end of the day, or you will receive a full disadulation.
Dwight: What’s a dis … what’s that?
Jim: Oh, you don’t want to know.

Phyllis: I think I just got flashed.

Jim: Okay, I’ll call the real police.

Andy: What happened? What can I do to help? I’ll check the web.

Pam: Can you tell us what happened?
Phyllis: Um, I was walking to the building and this man asked me for directions. And he was holding a map. And when I walked over, he had it out … (whispering) on the map.
Angela: Phyllis, you’re a married woman.
Creed: The guy was just hanging brain. I mean, what’s all the fuss?

Creed: If that’s flashing, then lock me up.

Michael: Um … I mean, did he even see Pam? Or, uh, Karen from behind?
Kevin: I’m guessing not.

Michael: Okay, masters of comedy. A guy dropped his pants. Have you ever been to the circus?

Toby: I don’t think laughing about it is an appropriate response.

Michael: Prove it. Let’s see your penis.

Michael: You know, as that was coming out of my mouth, I knew that it was wrong.

Michael: Women can’t have fun if they don’t feel safe. For example, Jan and I have a safe word in case things go too far. Foliage. And if one of us says that word, the other one has to stop. Although last time, she pretended she didn’t hear me.

Jan: Just let my assistant know if you’re coming over so he can get more vodka, okay? Hunter, are you on?
Hunter: You got it, Jan.

Dwight: Employees of this office are very small and delicate. Deserve protection from local pervs. Better a thousand innocent men are locked up than one guilty man roam free.

Dwight: There are several penises there I’d love Phyllis to run her eyes over.

Michael: Dwight, are those your pants? That’s a Polaroid.

Dwight: Due to a recent incident involving Phyllis, a man, a map, and his penis, I think you know what I’m referring to, Michael has authorized me to form an emergency, anti-flashing, task force.

Dwight: I know what you’re thinking. Won’t that just shed more light on the penises. But that is a risk we have to take. Pam, you can draw, kind of, why don’t you work with Phallus on drawing a picture of the exposer that I can post around the community.
Pam: Phallus?
Dwight: Phyllis, sorry. I’ve got penises on the brain.

Pam: I don’t often miss Roy. But I can tell you one thing. I wish someone had flashed me when I was with Roy. Because that would have been the ass-kicking of the year. Especially if it had been Jim. He would not have wanted me to have seen Jim’s … whoo, I am, I am saying a lot of things.

Karen: Hey, did you guys see this memo that Dwight sent out? (Reading) “Women will be sent home if they wear makeup or heels exceeding one-quarter inch. Females are not allowed to speak to strangers unless given written authorization by Dwight Schrute.” This is ridiculous.
Dwight: Attention, I am removing all bananas from the kitchen.
Karen: Dwight, this memo that you distributed, is insulting.
Dwight: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Pam (reading): “Sleeves down to the wrists, button-up collars, and muted colors.” Nobody dresses like that. (Whip pan to Angela.)

Michael: If Pam wants to show more cleavage, she should be able to. I encourage that.

Michael: Respect. R-E-S-P-svee-T. Find out what it means to me.

Michael: Did I come from a woman? Have I slept with a woman? More than one?
Dwight: Less than three.
Michael: That is not current.
Dwight: You know what? Why doesn’t Oscar run the meeting? He’s a homosexual.
Jim: Why don’t you run the meeting? You play with dolls.
Dwight: Those are collectible action figures. And they’re worth more than your car.
Michael: You know what? I am the expert. I will conduct it. I know the crap out of women.

Michael: When Meredith flashed me at that Christmas party, I nearly vomited.
Meredith: I don’t remember doing that.
Angela: What a surprise.

Michael: My point is, a penis, when seen in the right context, is the most wonderful sight for a woman. But in the wrong context, it is like a monster movie.
Dwight (gesturing with his hand): Alien. Bleah!

Michael: Even the hot ones aren’t really that skinny.

Michael: I don’t even consider myself a part of society.

Andy: If it were up to me, you ladies would be the fashion models.
Kevin: Yes, Andy. Then the fashion models could come here and work with me.

Karen: What you’re saying is extremely misogynistic.
Michael: Yes. Thank you. That was not necessary, but I appreciated it. And it proves my point. Women can do anything.
Karen: I’m saying that you’re being sexist.
Michael: No, I’m being misogynistic. That is insane, I am not being sexist.
Karen: That … it’s the same thing.
Phyllis: Michael.
Michael: Yes.
Phyllis: When I got my hair cut short, you asked me if I was a lesbian.

Dwight: I wish I could menstruate.

Dwight: If I could menstruate, I wouldn’t have to deal with idiotic calendars anymore. I’d just be able to count down from my previous cycle. Plus, I’d be more in tune with the moon and the tides.

Angela: Malls are just awful and humiliating. They’re just store after store of these horrible salespeople making a big fuss out of an adult shopping in a junior’s section. There are petite adults who are sort of … smaller, who need to wear … maybe a kids’ size 10.

Dwight: I plan on plastering this pervert’s face everywhere. You can run, but you cannot hide.

Meredith: My car, my rules.

Kevin: Hey, Jim. You wanna go in the women’s bathroom?
Jim: No. Thank you, though.
Kevin: You aren’t curious?
Jim: Not really, I’ve seen a bathroom before.
Kevin: Yeah, but … it’s every guy’s fantasy.
Jim: I think you mean a girl’s locker room. And in the fantasy, there’s usually girls in it.
Kevin (quietly): Yeah. I’m going in.
Jim: Go crazy.
Kevin: Oh … my … god.

Andy: I really appreciate your letting me work alongside you so closely today.
Dwight: Of course you do, moonface. That’s because you’re a preppy freak, you’re the office pariah, and nobody likes you. So, start hanging these all around the building.
Andy: This guy looks like a real deviant.
Dwight: No duh! That’s why we gotta catch him. Start hanging those!
Andy: Aye aye, Cap’n.
Dwight: More like, “Aye aye, General.”

Michael: Many women are competent drivers.

Ryan: She might mention an email that I wrote awhile back, um …
Jim: Oh, right. I remember that one. She read it to me. She said she’s not really ready to date somebody in the office, but she really likes you as a friend.
Ryan: I figured. It’s cool. I don’t … I really wouldn’t want to be in an office relationship anyway. (Kevin can barely contain his tittering behind a magaziine.)

Michael: So … let’s dish.

Michael: Mmm, what is a Pap smear? Or is it “schmear”? Like … the cream cheese.
Pam: Okay, new topic. Kelly, how are things with Ryan?
Kelly: Awesome. Um, awful, I mean. But uh, sometimes awesome.

Michael: I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress.
Angela: Okay, I’m going to be at the doll store.

Angela: Sometimes the clothes at Gap Kids are just too flashy. So I’m forced to go to the American Girl store. And order clothes for large colonial dolls.

Michael: Jan says anything that doesn’t scare us is not worth doing.

Michael: I like cuddling and spooning, and she likes videotaping us during sex.
Pam: Omigod.
Michael: And then watching it back right afterward to improve my form.
Karen: That is not healthy behavior.
Michael: No, it’s not that bad. The worst part is, that she shows it to her therapist and they discuss it.

Michael (crying): You guys … what am I going to do about Jan?

Michael: Cons. Wears too much makeup. Breasts — not anything to write home about. Insecure about body. I’m unhappy when I’m with her. Flat-chested.
Pam: What was the last one?
Michael: She’s totally flat. Shrunken chesticles.

Pam: Michael, you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t make you happy.
Michael: I’m happy sometimes. Um … when we scrapbook, or right towards the end of having sex.
Karen: Look, most relationships have their rough patches, you just have to push through it sometimes.
Michael: Yeah, that’s smart.
Pam: Maybe. But it sounds like you’re just wrong for each other.
Michael: That sounds good, too. I don’t know who’s right.

Phyllis: Don’t think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jan?
Michael: I wanna break up with Jan. Wow! I wanna break up with Jan.
Phyllis: My mom taught me that.

Michael: Wow, I cannot believe this yogurt has no calories!
Pam: No one said it has no calories.

Michael: Let’s face it, most guys are from the Dark Ages. They’re cavemen. And they like a woman to be showing her cleavage, and to be wearing eight-inch heels, and to be wearing, um, see-through underpants. But for me, a woman looks best when she is just absolutely naked.

Toby: I think we hang out an appropriate amount of time.

Creed: I’m a pretty normal guy. I do one weird thing. I like to go in the women’s room for number two. I’ve been caught several times, and I have paid dearly.

Michael: You don’t want anything? My treat. Some panties or … pick a thong or … G-string. T-back. Get a nice bra. Padded bra. See-through, push-up, lace? Thigh-high? Bustier? Any, it just, you know what, I would love to buy you a fresh set of underwear.

Pam: I’m kind of in between boyfriends right now. So I don’t need anything sexy. But I do need some new hand towels, I figure I could cut up this robe.

Kelly: Michael, you know how to change a wheel, right?

Michael: Do you have a crescent? A crescent Allan?

Pam: You know, I changed a tire today. All by myself. This bathrobe’s already coming in handy.

Andy: Halfsies?
Dwight: No. Wholesies.

Dwight: You know, I may have underestimated you. You’re not a total ass.

Michael (leaving voicemail for Jan): Hey, Jan, it’s me. Michael. I’m just calling to say that I think we need a little break. Permanently. And, uh, I know everybody says this, but I wanna remain friends. Or at least, business associates who get along. Oh just so you know, it’s not me, it’s you. Okay, buddy. Somebody just walked in, I have to go. Um, so I’ll talk to you later.

: Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool. ‘Cause they are un-understandable. There’s a wishing fountain at the mall. And I threw a coin in for every woman in the world and made a wish. I wished for Jan to get over me, I wished for Phyllis a plasma TV, I wished for Pam to gain courage, I wished for Angela a heart, and for Kelly a brain. “Michael, how can you appreciate women so much, but also dump one of them?” You mean, how can I be so illogical and flighty and unpredictable and emotional? Well maybe I learned something from women after all.

Dwight: Dunder Mifflin Paper slash Sex Predator Hotline. This is Dwight Schrute.
Jim: Hey, Dwight. It’s Jim.
Dwight: Jim, what are you doing? I’m busy.
Jim: No, you’re not. I’m looking right at you.
Dwight: Ugh, I’m hanging up.
Jim: Don’t. I have information about the sex predator.
Dwight: You have information about the sex predator?
Jim: I saw him two minutes ago.
Dwight: Where?
Jim: In the women’s bathroom, above the sink.

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  1. Simply awesome. Just fabulous. One of the best of the season, hands down.

  2. The VC scene’s were pretty funny, but the end when Dwight looked in the mirror, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Pretty Good Episode

  3. Poor Michael. He didn’t go about that very well but he must be the unluckiest man in the world.

  4. I hope that wasn’t what they meant in the spoilers when they said something “big” was going to happen with Michael and Jan.

  5. One of the best of the season, and possibly the whole series! Michael was on his game!

  6. AMAZING episode! me and my sister in kept calling each other during the commercials laaughing so hard!

    “i wish i could menstrate..”

    “above the mirror..PAM!”

    jam lives!…

  7. That episode didn’t seem very funny to me–there weren’t that many parts that were even supposed to be. The parts that were, though, (Dwight in the women’s bathroom at the end, Meredith’s driving, Kelly at the mall) were great.

    Creed is usually one of my favorites but he wasn’t that funny in this episode. He was kind of over-the-top weird.

  8. that was a good one. im feeling an UP on the jim pam index.
    we’re gaining momentum towards the season finale. or next week’s. who knows.

  9. Let’s see…
    Favorite funny moments:
    -Pam’s picture of the ‘pervert’ and Dwight’s realization at the ending.
    -The guys in the woman’s bathroom.
    … I can’t think of any more off the top of my head! But it was so good.

    Other favorite moments:
    I loved the scene where Pam said she wished she had been with Roy and gotten flashed. Such an insult to Roy, and we all know how much she wants Jim. Especially that look she gave Karen when Karen was buying the lingerie and Phyllis told her Jim would love it.
    Karen seemed like she had hope that relationships survive rough patches because her and Jim are in one, and she wanted Michael and Jan to work it out. I think by the season finale, we may see the breakdown of the Jaren relationship.

  10. I loved Michael’s voiceover at the end.

    “I wished for Kelly a brain” hahahahaha

    Loved the guys hanging in the women’s bathroom! classicccccc

    And I loved how Pam spoke indirectly to Karen about her relationship with Jim, while addressing Michael’s relationship.

  11. amazing.
    this opening was even better than last week’s.

  12. is it just me or did this feel like a season 2 episode AND I LIKE THAT ALOT

  13. Gene and Lee better be getting Emmys for their work this season

  14. > this show sure has changed. But, it’s still good.

    It sure has. But for good? Not sure.

    But I did like…”I have penises on my brain.” In fact I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show with that many mentions of penises.

  15. A Karen/Ryan hookup would be *awesome*! I think she may be too cool for him, though.

    I loved that moment when Pam is so proud of having changed a tire by herself.

  16. One of the best episodes ever. I laughed to tears three times. Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky write the best episodes. The Fight, The Secret, Michael’s Birthday, The Convention, Traveling Salesman, The Return. They never disappoint.

  17. I thought this was very sweet episode. I loved it when Michael told Phyllis, Pam, and Karen that he loved them.

    Did anyone catch that quick part when Pam went into the elevator with Jim and Karen? Very uncomfortable…

  18. The set of wishes at the end was great. Loved the wish for a brain for Kelly.

  19. Man… totally thought about calling the number after it was too late. Did anyone catch it? Please post!

  20. i dont think a ryan/karen hookup would be that cool/ realistic. Why do these people only hook up with people they work with (excluding the purse girl, who was in the office anyway)?

  21. if anyone has called the number already, please post and tell what happened

  22. Uh… awkward (that is meant to be said in a high, sing-songy voice). I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. I think I’m still recovering from the shock of Michael saying to Toby – Let me see your penis. WOW.

  23. Certainly one of the best this season…better than last week, imo…I’d put tonight’s right up there with some of my favorite season two episodes. I’m, again, glad to see Creed get attention. Everyone’s worked with a creepy old man, so it would’ve been a mistake not to feature him more. Some classic Michael moments in this episode. I wish I hadn’t seen the Dwight poster before, it would have made the episode even better (and if you haven’t yet, call that number!)

    And even with the supersize, it felt a few minutes too short…an hour would be the perfect length…I’m glad NBC is considering it.

  24. I was skeptical the way it started but I was sold on the episode a few minutes later. I want to see some more Michael ‘girl-talk’ with the gang. That was by far the best of the episode.

  25. Why is there a bathroom couch? That looked more like a bedroom than a bathroom.

  26. What a great episode! Although I felt bad for Michael (especially when he started crying), my heart broke for poor Jan. I think that Pam IS going to gain her courage and hopefully soon. :) Also, how funny was Kelly! I loved that she started dancing to Michael ringtone and then looked so foolish at the end holding up all those undies and smiling. This is in my top two of this season. So funny and so classic.

  27. That was one of the better episodes of the season. There was A LOT of cringe-worthy moments though; almost to the point where it was too uncomfortable.

    I did like the wish list at the end though by Michael. I wonder what kind of look Pam gave Jim and Karen when she was about to go in the elevator. Like every episode it had a good balance of hilarious moments and serious moments. That lunch table conversation was so awkward.

  28. WOW! Can we say diss Karen.

    Poor Michael. He can be so clueless. I would have preferred no conference room and more mall.

  29. Three words: Best Episode of (plus two more words) the Season!

    Be right back, I have to go help Phallic make a sketch of the pervert.

  30. If you call Dwight Schrute at 1-800-984-3672 he mentions the flasher in his voice mail.

  31. also, Pam changing the tire and being proud of herself afterward was ridiculously adorable.

  32. Was anyone else hoping that when Kevin walked in the women’s bathroom and said, “Oh my god!” that he saw what Pam had written on the wall about Michael? Which would have been another nice call back to last season (The Dundies). Because I sure was, even having it in the background of one of the scenes in there would have been classic!

  33. Strange episode. I think I must have missed something when Michael was describing Jan physically because it didn’t sound like the Jan I see on the show.

  34. i was very much hoping that would happen too! or something else had been written

  35. I was in tears when Michael had his finger coming out of his pants. Truely a great episode.

  36. I really liked this one! It was well written, esp. when Pam was indirectly talking about Jim and Karen’s relationship at the food court. I liked Michael’s wishes at the end. Did everyone get a wish?
    Phyllis-plasma tv

    The guys in the women’s bathroom was hysterical! Sitting around, reading magazines, shooting the breeze.

  37. Michael’s description of Jan sounds a little bit like Karen…coincidence? i think not!

    Perhaps Jim isn’t “happy when he is with her” either

  38. Great episode! I thought it was hilarious but the ending had a good heart to it, in a Michael Scott-kind of way! Only wish there were more Dwight & Andy scenes, but otherwise, it was great!

  39. That was one of the funnier episodes of the season. I liked it. The girl talk with Michael and the ridiculous poster ordeal with Dwight looking like a sexual predator – I busted out in laughter so many times.

    I cringed a lot at the ending. It was great.

  40. Question: Why are people hating Karen so much this episode? I didn’t see her do anything that bad except stand next to Jim when Pam saw them in the elevator (which is what I’d expect a girl friend to do).

  41. anyone pick up the “wizard of oz” homage where michael wished:

    pam courage
    angela a heart
    and kelly a brain

    ??? thought that was interesting

  42. this is NUTS…but i totally am getting a crush on andy/drew! he was AWSOME!

  43. i’m on the phone with dwight…call that 800 number. HYSTERICAL!! keep trying until you get through!!!!

  44. Did anyone notice that JK was trying so hard not to laugh during the scene when Michael had his finger sticking out of his pants? He had his hand covering his mouth, but you could see he was trying so hard not to break.

    Great episode!

  45. did anyone catch the quotes angela said about buying girls’ clothes? (the mall one, and the american girl store one)

  46. 65-PavlovsDog…

    Maybe we will see it in a deleted scene. That would totally cool if you could get a call back to last season. We got brought back to Buisness School when Dwight was poking at the bushes with the broom stick/stake.

    Liked the ep. I think we might have some good progress for Jam. Not too much this episode…but a little is a lot these days.

  47. Yay Pam! Usually I don’t like her, but she was so sweet in this episode and seemed in character for once (sad and quiet) which made her exclamation about changing the tire so much better!

  48. did anyone get what Michael said at the end of the ep. when he said what he learned from women?

  49. I liked that episode but there were SOOO many parts where I was cringing…probably the intent.
    Yeah I SO bad for Jan in this episode but it’s really hard to believe how um, desperate she is.
    And if you missed this episode, Global bought it and the reruns are on Tuesdays at 8:30. So if you missed Women’s Appreciation Day you can catch it on Tuesday.

  50. did anyone catch that dwight called andy “moonface?” in the injury, the wheelchair guy called dwight moonface.

    anyone? or is it just me?

  51. Man, there’s always such mixed reaction on this board… I guess everybody watches this show for different reasons. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of last week’s, but this week’s had me rolling. Dwight the perv, Michael’s uncomfortable meeting, Meredith and Toby’s reappearances, great last-minute JAM action… amazing. On a side note, tonight’s Scrubs had the single best line of any show this season- the last one.

  52. I love the subtle “fight” moments between Pam and Karen when it came to dealing with relationships.

  53. Kelly REALLY cracked me up in this episode, especially the clip of her as Michael talked about wishing for her a brain. Great Creed moments in this episode as well.

    And are we to assume that Ryan made a play for Karen before he knew she was with Jim? Funny how Jim didn’t seem upset at ALL. :)

    Now, JAM haters beware… some JAM analysis…
    If JAM is going to be a reality in two weeks, they’re really going to have to ramp things up in the next like, episode. The very, very subtle inference about the Jim/Karen relationship in the food court, and then Jim’s smile at Pam’s drawing on the fridge… those kind of things, to me, are just not enough to push things to the conclusion people are expecting in the season finale. I think basically the writers killed the chemistry between Pam & Jim this season and they’re really going to have to do some resurrecting if things are going to work out for them by the season finale. As someone else here said about one of the recent episodes: Pam & Jim, except for some rare moments in the last few months, don’t seem to have any sort of regular/solid friendship at all any more; there’s barely any interaction, almost no tension, and at this point it seems JAM getting together would just be like, a nostalgic thing. Like, yeah, remember a year ago when we had a really good thing going, cameraderie and pranks at the office, friendly chats in the break room, a real connection, Jim? Despite the fact that SO much has changed, in terms of circumstances and personalities, let’s get together based on that lost chemistry. It’s just a little awkward. As much as I want to see them get together, I want it to make sense too and not just be a abrupt play for ratings.

    There must be some serious surprises/twists coming up; I just hope they’re not too forced and out there. At least the writers are keeping us guessing, which is sort of the point…

  54. I liked the subtle “fight” moments between Pam and Karen when it came to dealing with relationships.

  55. oh wow. that was hilarious. and poor pam, having to hear karen getting all sexy for jim. i bet he’s thinking about pam when he does what he does with karen. yep.yep.

  56. so could anyone actually sign up for a catalog?
    too bad it wasnt real i want a dunder mifflin catalog

  57. That episode didn’t seem very funny to me–there weren’t that many parts that were even supposed to be. The parts that were, though, (Dwight in the women’s bathroom at the end, Meredith’s driving, Kelly at the mall) were great.

    Creed is usually one of my favorites but he wasn’t that funny in this episode. He was kind of over-the-top weird.

  58. Karen looked great this episode and her character really shined. It just shows how different she is from everyone else at Scranton. I actually felt bad for her when Pam said “…maybe you’re not right for each other”. She looked absolutely crushed. Very telling.

  59. 87-Yeah! Scrubs was great, a real heartbreaker. Especially since I don’t get much outta JAM anymore…

  60. haha this episode was awesome! ok if I were them and my boss stuck his finger through his pants I don’t know if I’d still be working there…im surprised they havent tried to get michael fired!! jk…anyways I felt bad for pam and i’m beginning to think karen is a biyotch because she KNEW pam was listening when she held up the VS stuff, but I think pam is growing…with her very own prank on dwight and changing the tire…I LOVE independent pam!!! rock on girl!

    oh and did anyone notice how jim loved pam’s little drawing?! CUUUUTE!! he soooo still loves her

  61. haha…yup, I noticed that, Dwigt.

    I loved this – “I know women. I know the crap outta them.”

    Also, was anyone surprised that the word PENIS could be mentioned so much on NBC? Especially with Michael’s finger and the blurry pictures…

  62. i loved how jim fell asleep in the bathroom couch. haha. he’s so adorable.

  63. haha yeah i agree with 90 … like in the mall and then in the car when Jan called, Karen said answer it when Pam said don’t answer it.

    Michael listened to Pam. I think we know who the winner is. :-D.

  64. Dan 43

    I think it’s because they see those people everyday, plus Michael dated Carol, and I’m sure some people have dated out of the office, we probably just don’t see it.

  65. 81-BeckySue

    Also, Michael called back to last season’s “Christmas Party” episode when mentioning Meredith “flashing” him.

    I wish we had had some closure as to who the “flasher” was, but maybe the deleted scenes will provide some answers, a la ‘Drug Testing’.

  66. possibly my favorite episode of the season. so many awkwardly hilarious scenes, which is why I got into the show in the first place.

  67. I agree with the JAM analysis. I have always been a fan of those two together but this season has dragged it along until their friendship and tension is just a memory. The second season seems so much stronger primarily because, I believe, Jim and Pam’s friendship. Not even their tension, just their interaction with each other.

  68. I felt just terrible for Michael during this entire episode! Great trick Phyllis used there, getting him to say that they needed to break up.
    Maybe agreeing with Pam’s argument says something about karen and jim, seeing as that seemed to be a subtext of that scene.
    great episode! gotta love jim’s compliment to pam’s artwork

  69. 100|zorro,

    I’m going off of one of the spoilers in the spoilers section, which doesn’t exactly give away anything but just says that JAM fans will be happy by the end of this season. I could see it ending up being some sort of a cliffhanger, like Pam approaches Jim to talk about things and we don’t see what the outcome is till next season. Or maybe even that Karen and Jim break up, and it leaves things wide open for JAM, though maybe nothing happens in the finale. But I feel like those things would be a little on the weak/vague side as well. It sounds like the Michael/Jan situation is going to take center stage in the finale, but I really think more people are going to be hoping for something definitive to happen with JAM.

  70. yeah, all 3 seasons do seem different, but i don’t know what makes them so. anyone care to analyze more?

  71. Does anyone suspect that Jan may quit since she might not feel she can be around Michael anymore without having her crazy, sexual feelings towards him? I think that’ll play into the final episodes’ storylines..but that’s just my guess.

  72. 109-zorro

    I second that idea. I doubt Jim/Pam will jump right into a relationship with only two episodes left, the writers are smarter than that. Plus, would we really want to miss out on seeing Jim/Pam becoming close friends again and giving season 4 a season 2 feel? Karen will probably go ‘byebye’ or have a reduced role on the show, “New Jan” maybe? Which will end Jim/Karen and re-open the door to Jim and Pam’s friendship.

    Is Roy (David Denman) officially not part of the main cast anymore? I keep forgetting to focus on that in the opening credits? Because that’s a door (Roy/Pam) someone needs to put a razor-wire fence in front of (Listening Dwight?)

  73. 79-Usher Jennifer Hudson –

    I had to watch that scene back about three times! JK was hysterical – covering his mouth as if a laugh was so close to busting out!!!

  74. So on the first initial viewing I gave this episode an “It was okay” watched it again and now its a “Loved it” for me. I think going into this week, I knew they were getting down to crunch time with only 3 episodes left, so I think I had to much expectations on it to be ROTFL funny at first sight, something I never really do. I did like this episode for its subtleness though.

    One of my favorite parts tonight was:

    Pam: Sleeves down to the wrists,buttoned up collars, and muted colors? Nobody dresses like that.

    (Camera pans over to Angela, dressed to fit that exact description)


  75. my favorite part of the episode was when Michael had his finger in his pants turned to Toby and made a shrinking sound effect. HILARIOUS. I think this episode was just a little jumbled but i liked it alot. They did build some story arc for the last two episodes and you can’t deny that this show had some heart. Some much needed heart i might add.

  76. When Michael said “Did he even see Pam? Or Karen from behind?” I laughed hard! Frikkin hilarious!

  77. Wow. After last week’s hilarious episode, I wasn’t expecting this one to be as funny. But Eisenberg & Stupnitsky pulled it off, and this is now probably my pick for the funniest of the season so far. With so many great parts it was hard to pick my favorites, but here goes:

    5. Dwight: “Pam. You can draw, kind of. Why don’t you work with Phallus on drawing a picture of the exposer that I can post around the community?”
    Pam: “Phallus?”
    Dwight: “Phyllis, sorry. I’ve got penises on the brain.”

    4. Michael: “What, um… what do you think of role-play?”
    Phyllis: “Oh, it can be fun.”
    Michael: “Yeah? Well, Jan has this schoolgirl fantasy.”
    Karen: “It’s a pretty common one.”
    Michael: “I just… I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress.”

    3. Michael: “There’s a wishing fountain at the mall. And I threw a coin in for every woman in the world and made a wish. I wished for Jan to get over me. I wished for Phyllis, a plasma TV. I wished for Pam to gain courage. I wished for Angela, a heart, and for Kelly, a brain.”

    2. Pam: “I don’t often miss Roy. But I can tell you one thing. I wish someone had flashed me when I was with Roy. Because that would have been the ass-kicking of the year. Especially if it had been Jim. He would not have wanted me to see Jim’s… Whoo, I am… I am saying a lot of things.”

    1. Toby: “Hey, what’s going on? There’s a police car in the…”
    Michael: “What? Oh. Beeeeewwwww…..”

  78. Wasn’t that great compared to office standards in my opinion, although the little parts dealing with Dwight’s face on the flyers were absolutely hilarious.

  79. I agree…I think it’s pretty obvious that all signs point to Karen moving to the corporate headquarters. Rashida Jones is working on new projects, so it just kind of makes sense. I think Jan will stick be sticking around, however, because I feel like the big shocker is going to be Jan pregnant with Michael’s baby.

  80. Does anyone have a screencap of the wanted poster of Dwight? that was hilarious, my favorite part though was when dwight called phyllis, phallis. i laughed pretty hard.

  81. 88|Liz

    I know what you mean. It seemed like Pam was purposely disagreeing with Karen. Like in the car, Karen was like “Pick up!” then Pam was like “Don’t pick up!” Then at the mall Karen said every couple had its rough patch and Pam just said or maybe it’s not meant to be. I like this Pam instead of the one who’s always agreeing with Karen…

  82. Does anyone think that when Karen showed the “outfit” to Phyllis, and when Phyllis said that Jim would love it, do you think she was referring to Jim loving it, but more so on Pam?

  83. omg! GREAT episode!!! it was sooo funny!!! :D loved the part with Michael “Yoby, let me see your p****” hahahhahahaha! Creed was hilarious, as usual! lol at Michael crying, and his face when Jan heard his message! lol omg, the last part with Dwight and Jim ahhahahahahahahah

    great stuff :)

  84. I REALLY enjoyed this episode. I like when they concentrate on the women.

    For some reason when Pam said: “Whoa… I am saying a lot of things.” I started cracking up! So funny.

  85. oh yeah, it was sad that michael and Jan broke up, but she was getting creepy if she was videotaping them and stuff lol!

  86. thank god this season is wrapping up. jim’s season 2 was so much better than pam’s season 3. maybe in the fall when they’re together (i’m guessing) AND INTERACTING like in season 2 it will be better. if it weren’t for michael, dwight, kelly and creed i swear wouldn’t be watching. i think i rewatch the entire season 2 on dvd at least once a month.

  87. i loved how Kelly was busting a movie in Meredith’s van to Michael’s Black eyed pea’s ringtone haha

  88. HA HA excellent episode. . . does anyone remember the dwight quote about wanting to be a woman so he could get rid of calendars and track time by counting back from his last period because that was the highlight of the episode for me but i cannot remember the exact quote

  89. Awesome Blossom,

    What is Global? I see you said that they rerun show on there? Thanks.

  90. So, this one almost takes the cake of my favorite episode of the season. It was filled with those classic Dunder-Mifflin awkward moments, but it also included sexual humor, sarcastic comedy, visual gags, and it still left something to the imagination (like what that penis must have looked like on the map).

    This one was fantastic, and it really showed how awesome owning a DVR is — for example, I was laughing so hard on Kevin’s line, “…then I would have the hot models work here with me…”, I missed what Karen said next, so the ‘rewind’ button really got a work-out tonight.

    The tension between Karen and Pam is unquestionably leading up to a dramatic climax. And, unfortunately for those of Team Karen, it seems like Pam might be victorious. Even during the Michael/Jan break-up conflict, Karen told Michael to wait for the issue to blow over, while Pam said to break-up, and he followed Pam’s advice. Pam is clearly rising to the top, but the duo’s clash contributed to some additional comedy.

    Last quick remarks:
    -Andy/Dwight working together? Who woulda thunk?!
    -a Man break-up? I was thisclose to getting emotional at the end, I can’t imagine those two being apart!
    -Angela’s cat sweater made my day. So priceless!

  91. ya, this episode was way funnier than last weeks , except the jim=dwight, vice versa parts were the best last week.

  92. Women of OT…is the women’s bathroom of Dunder Mifflin Scranton an accurate recreation of the women’s bathroom of your workspace? I have yet to venture into that unknown as of yet. I may soon pull off the courage of Kevin (or Creed?) and go in soon.

  93. Very disappointing.

    * Michael was *way* too over the top, again. The whole penis thing was just too far beyond plausible and got things off to an unfunny start.

    * Dwight was much more caustic than he should’ve been. Didn’t like him for most of this episode.

    * Creed talking about exposing himself? No way — Creed’s a rock star who wouldn’t be flashing ladies. Out of character.

    * Phyllis was way too shaken up. The Phyllis I know would’ve hit the guy with her bag — then had Bob Vance finish the job.

    * Pam’s thing about Roy? Why would she even bring that up? And why would she act excited about the prospect of Jim getting beat up by Roy? Ugh — that talking head clip was *out of character* for Pam.

    * Jan being hung up on Michael is also not in any way believable. And Michael dumping Jan? Excuse me, but Jan is a *ten* — she should be dumping movie stars and tycoons for breakfast. Michael not being happy with her (flatchested?!) is loony. The only good part of Michael/Jan this episode was while she listened to the phone message. It looked almost like sanity was filtering back into her head. And Michael’s face during that part was very funny.

    On the bright side, I thought Meredith was in-character this episode. And Angela was great — accusing Phyllis like it was *her* fault was perfect Angela. And, of course, it was good to see Pam being assertive throughout the episode.

  94. I love people who have never in their lives produced anything for the whole world to see, and yet come on a website and pronounce that someone’s creation is “out of character.”

    Have you ever watched people in public? Normal people do things “out of character” all the time. It’s called evolving. Or, in the case of fiction, “developing.”

    Sorry for the rant. Liked the episode…okay.

  95. Marcus,
    The places I worked at about 20 – 25 years ago had a little sitting area like that, but then they got rid of them. I think it was to discourage people taking too many or too long breaks, or maybe it was an equality thing since guys’ restrooms didn’t have them. I used to love having a couch when I didn’t feel good.

  96. It’s just that, even supersized, I felt like elements were missing. And, while the characters can be in flux, I did think some of their transitions were rushed.

    It’s like Andy’s transformation in Traveling Salesman. We hated him in one or two episodes. Instead of steadily dipping our toes into the JAM pool, NBC is luring us to the edge with a cookie and then pushing us in. I think we’ll like the results, but it all feels so forced.

  97. Did anyone else notice that three of the things michael wished for (brains, heart, courage) for Kelly, Angela, and Pam were straight from the scarecrow, the tinman, and the cowardly lion of the Wizard of Oz? The writers never fail to amaze me…

  98. ok this might just be me, but does anyone else think that karen and jim are heading towards splitsville? karen was talking about how there’s rough patches in every relationship but you have to work through them and then pam immediately interjected with “maybe you just aren’t meant to be together” and then she looked at karen…crazy…then karen brought the underwear over to phyllis to see if jim would like it…hmmm…i think that something big is coming up and i’m excited. also dwight when he looked in the mirror and realized that he looked like the reward poster, was so funny…

  99. So random question, but I figured I could find some answers here… Is there a site that posts screen captures from the episodes? I just want a still of Kelly jumping up and down holding panties. Greatest. Shot. Ever.

    And btw, I think this episode is definitey top 3 or 4 for this season so far. I loved it and laughed out loud. My favorite quote:

    Andy: Halfsies?
    Dwight: No. Wholesies.

  100. Zorro- I agree with your analysis, and add this to it- I can see Jan abruptly leaving/quitting/even being fired to make way for the interview in the last episode, Karen getting it, and having her and Jim break up amicably because they realize that a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work. Jim realizes how little it really affects him, and Pam opens up in a way that pains her right afterwards…

  101. EASILY the best episode of this season. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.. the voice mail bit at the end in particular. LOL @ Steves facials.

  102. I, too, disagree entirely with 134. look, it’s cool to not like an episode, to not find it funny, but 99% of the time when people in these comments try to articulate why something isn’t funny or doesn’t work, it just doesn’t sound right. (my opinions included.) we are in no way, shape or form the authority on what defines anyone’s “character” on this show. dig?

  103. One of the funniest of the season. I always enjoy the show, but I feel tonight’s episode was SERIOUSLY on its game. Wow, I laughed the whole way through and I couldn’t stop quoting lines during the commercial breaks. That’s a good sign.

  104. Well, I for one thought that was a complete mess. First time I thought an episode actually was hurt by the extra time, like they had to stretch to find stuff to fill it. Sadly it felt to me like a high school comedy sketch that just kept meandering without any direction.

  105. John……

    I dont think that Phyllis was way to shaken up. I would expect that out of her, and Its hard to say whether she would have hit the flasher or not cuz she is very passive indeed. In one episode we see her pushing Dwight out of the ladies room calling him a perv, and later in the series we see her getting man handled by Angela at a christmas party. Phyllis is a hard character to place and thats why I like her, you never know exactly if she will speak or stand up for herself in certain moments or just put her head down and look hurt

  106. Scrubs did the Wizard of Oz thing a while ago.

    How does Michael know Pam needs courage? Gil knows it, we know it, but how does Michael know?

  107. chris (#136), what made the show so great early on was that they got you to suspend disbelief. They established the characters, got you to like them, and then had the freedom to make funny things happen based on what we knew about them. They don’t seem to be doing that anymore. Now they’re just having the characters do more and wackier things, hoping that we still tune in. Hey look! Michael’s got his finger sticking out his fly! IMO, the caliber of the show has dropped. What used to be short, well-timed uncomfortable moments are now just long protracted embarrassments.

    Haven’t given up on it quite yet though. Getting there.

  108. I loved the episode. Pam changing the tire was great, Jim commenting on Pam’s artwork (cute), and Dwight looking in the mirror at the end. I laughed out loud! I can’t wait until next week!

  109. how long had been jim and karen going out? 6 months did jim say? dont quite remember.

  110. That was one of the top 3 best Michael episodes ever. he must have said 100 inappropriate things. A tour de force!

  111. Long time lurker, first time poster. I loved this episode. There were great moments in this episode nobody has mentioned yet. I loved Creed’s admision that he was a flasher and his non ironic statement, I go number two in the women’s bathroom, it’s the one weird thing I do. Pam’s hypothetical if Jim flashed her and her comment, I am saying a lot today. Plus her prank on Dwight was great. I loved that Andy realized who the poster was and told Dwight he’d put them up in his neighborhood and in schools. And Dwight for all his security insanity finally came up with a good idea to secure the office park, more security cameras and adding floodlights. I loved Jim and Kevin’s reaction to Ryan’s I don’t want to be in and office romance, it was like two buddies sharing and inside joke.

  112. Such a funny episode. I was laughing the ENTIRE time. Sure it’s over the top but so is every episode. DIversity Day? Office Olympics? Most Offices are beyond reality and silly. I think tonight’s episode was one of the best of the season, right behind Benihana Christmas.

  113. I love coming to OT after the show to see other perspectives of the episode. I find it so interesting that there are some who think it was the best of the season while others hated it. Such varied opinions and we were all watching the same thing.

    I personally thought this episode was up there as one of the best of the season. I was shocked at what they were able to get my the network censors. A lot of really classic moments. Well done Gene and Lee!!

  114. This episode was too nasty and foul for me – I know, I’m in the minority. Ugh, how funny can the male member be if you aren’t in junior high, ugh.

    Good moments: Karen and Pam with the conflicting advice to Pam, Michaels wishes for them all, Dwight trying to protect Angela from the pervert, etc…

  115. hahah did everyone see ryan standing off to the side in the bathroom putting lotion on his hands? lol!

  116. Love, love, loved Jim with the assist to Pam’s prank, sending Dwight to the bathroom to discover his moustache. Ahh! So good.

  117. I know I’ll probably get blasted for this, but tonight’s episode was a bit too crass for me (and no, my name is not Angela! :)).

  118. How the heck did I not realize it was supersized?

    Oh, and Angela at the American Girl store? KILLS ME!!!

  119. ok so i am confused by some of the posts. I understand people are allowed to have opinions. So here is mine. Every week there’s always people that complain and say “man Michael was out of character.” or ” this series is losing it’s touch. i’m still a fan but just for now.” I don’t get what people want is what i’m saying. How can you possibly nit pick every episode? I mean I feel like people are watching the show just to tell everyone what’s wrong with it. It’s ok if you don’t like something but some of the things posted are mind bottling(yes mind bottling)

  120. i’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet but the phone # on the wanted poster is the same phone # on dwight’s business card magnet that was included in the box set of the season 1 and 2 dvds. 1-800-984-DMPC (3672). that anti-flashing message has been there for some time now. very cool. =D

  121. Ok, hear me out. Even thought I rated this episode a 4/5 and laughed at it when it aired, there is a disturbing cookie cutter sitcom element entering the show that shows a disregard for these characters and the basis in reality that this show is centered around.

    1) Dwight took a picture of his own penis and showed it to Michael. Really? Does that seem like Dwight?
    2) Pam’s monologue talking about Jim’s penis. That doesn’t really seem like her.

    Aside from that, I thought there was some lackluster acting especially in the part of Angela and there were some very transparent bits of dialog, like,

    Karen:”All relationships have their rough patches, you just have to push through it together.”
    Pam: “Maybe, but it sounds like you’re just wrong for each other.” (Karen and Pam shoot each other looks)

    I think the show is losing some of the understated subtle quality that made it great.

  122. This episode is totally settin up a confrontation between Pam and Karen.

    Loved all the “want to look away but can’t” moments of the show.

  123. Great episode.

    Classic opening, funny story line, and the beginning of the battle everyone has been waiting for… Pam vs Karen.

    Post 168:

    1)The picture was of his pants/crotch area. Pretty sure he did show his goods to Michael.

    2)You have to remember, Pam is going after what she wants now…which is Jim. She just happened to be caught on film wanting Jim and his parts…

  124. wesley ward(#167)

    I couldnt have said it any better myself. Thanks for that

  125. I thought that was the funniest episode this season, by far. Maybe I’m just juvenile, but I found all the penis humor hilarious. There was so much good stuff with Michael and Jan that I’ll only mention one thing: Michael saying “Yes” to dinner with Jan after he has already left her a breakup voicemail.

    And sorry, Karen, that underwear was not hot, and an unflattering shade of green. (Which is whorish anyway.)

  126. Ok there are some things I have to say before I go to sleep and go take my final exam tmrw.

    1) The whole Dwight not realizing that it was him on the posters seems a little too far, Dwight isnt stupid.

    2) Why is Ryan sending emails to Karen?? He is with Kelly, personally I think Kelly should just leave Ryan he takes advantage of her.

    3) Michael breaks up with Jan, highly unlikely according to the old Michael. Remember what you said Michael “Jan you complete me…” .

    4) The whole scene with Pam talking about Jim’s penis, just seemed awkward to watch.

    5) What was up with Andy this episode, just because he is nice doestn mean he gets the least lines on the show now.

    Maybe its just me or maybe my expectations for this episode were too high, but it just didnt deliver for me. I vote this the worst episode of season 3. Dont get me wrong, some funny lines but not a good Office episode. I am just upset that Michael is not dating Jan, how could he break up with her??

    Rant over.

  127. I can’t believe Michael (or even Dwight) didn’t say “That’s what she said” the entire episode! I thought for sure it was a given, considering the subject matter.

    I picture for the end of the season that, given the hint that Jenna gave in her Myspace blog not to miss Beach Games, something big goes down between Jim and Pam in that episode, and it’s Pam-initiated. In the finale Jim is offered the job at corporate, but turns it down because of Pam, and Karen ends up taking it, because she knows she can’t compete with Pam! That’s probably too much to ask for in 2 episodes…

  128. How can they keep on ignoring Jam? Their relationship was a integral part of making the show great in the first two seasons…and to handle it the way they have done lately is just poor. The past 3 episodes, and NO interaction of any kind has occured between the two, good or bad.

  129. Well it seems people don’t read more then a couple post down.


    post 173

    1) Dwight got it kinda looked like him as he said this doesn’t look like the right guy/ kind of character(something along those lines.) He was so wrapped up in the moment of to find the perve he didn’t sit for a minute to look at the picture. What’s more weird and I’m surprised no one has complained about this yet, was that Jim was the one who told him about it.

    2)Because he wanted a wam bam thank you mam. Don’t forget he’s in the back of the Office now and not sure what happens in the main area. He is with Kelly, but let just say he’s not really in it for the long lasting relationship.

    3)Um Jan apparently has snapped. Her assistant listens in on her trying to seduce Michael, she dresses Michael like a school girl, records them having sex, then shows that to her psychiatrist. Would you really want to stay with that?

    4) I said this a couple post down but…you have to remember, Pam is going after what she wants now…which is Jim. She just happened to be caught on film wanting Jim and his parts…

    5) Well what did Oscar or Stanley say in this episode? Andy is trying to get back into the groove of the office. The best thing for him is to not talk right now as thats what gets him in trouble.

    Worst episode of the season?

    To each his own.

    Post 167 is right on the money.

  130. i when angela was talking about finding clothes that fit her, and they showed a clip of her quickly climbing up on a desk/chair? to reach a shelf, and the way she glanced around after.

    i also loved how jan had her assistant on the line when she was telling michael she missed his body..and how disoriented dwight looked after his freudian slip. can the season 3 dvd come out now, please? i want it already :(

  131. Penis jokes fail as wit ultimately because they presume the wit to begin with. There is nothing funny intrinsically about repeating the word “penis.”

    In short (that’s what she said) I was surprised by how weak this episode was conceptually. The writing was just lame. That Pam “talking head” about Roy/Jim was utterly lacking in meaning of any kind.

    The many close-ups of Karen doiing her best to pull faces signifying various deep emotional states fell completely flat. This actress — where did she hone her craft, in the junior high school talent show?

    That said, Dwight/Rainn Wilson was in his element, and though the dialogue was shallow, Steve Carrel amazed me with his range and his ability to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear of an episode.

    And Jim still had that hair — maddening.

    It’s really starting to feel like a regular sitcom, whose purpose is to recycle the tension of unresolved plot developments, so you keep tuning in hopefully week after week, in the continual but futile wish for some resolution.

  132. i didn’t laugh as much in this episode, but all the heartfelt moments pretty much made up for it. definitely preferred this to last week’s.

    i think anything Dwight says about periods is comedy gold! remember in Season 2 when the women are in the conference room for Jan’s seminar, Dwight said that all them together in one room together would mess up their period cycles and wreak havoc on the plumbing? hahaha

    also the ending was great. loved it. Michael’s wishes for the women were adorable and Dwight’s reaction was hilarious. Kelly was pretty funny too.

    great episode. my only grouse was Pam’s comment about wanting to be flashed at for Roy’s reaction. i get that it was accidentally slipped out, but i dunno, it still weirded me out. i don’t speak for every female, obviously, but being flashed at isn’t something i’d like to consider, nor wish for – even if i will emerge victorious or if my boyfriend was the bionic man and could beat the idiot to pulp or something. i dunno, felt weird. *shrugs* [oh…kay why do i suddenly feel like Angela?]

  133. Prediction: Michael is going to have a big part in Jim and Pam getting together! The writing’s absolutely on the wall.

    Note the scene of Pam hesitating to get on the elevator with Jim and Karen as Michael’s voiceover is wishing her courage.

    In a moment reminiscent of Booze Cruise, during an uncharacteristic moment of seriousness and sincerity, Michael Scott will say what Pam needs to here to give her the courage to go get her man! Mark my words!!

  134. First of all… Last night’s episode was hilarious from start to finish. I think every character was featured in it & thats a good thing. People have to get over the fact that Jim & Pam’s relationship isnt the entire focus of the show. Move On. Its a tv show which has been pretty damn funny this season.

  135. I thought it was a pretty good episode. Am I the only one who thinks Michael’s a wimp? Jan sounds like a GREAT girlfriend. She’s hot. She should go out with Kevin.

    I loved the line about what Michael wished for all of the women at the coin fountain:

    “…for Angela, a heart…for Kelly, a brain.”


  136. Re: the characters being “out of character”:

    Pam’s comment about Jim probably wasn’t what we would expect from her, but remember, she’s decided to say what’s on her mind now. Plus, she was embarassed after she said it. So, Pam knew it wasn’t something she would normally say. Everyone says/does things that are out of the bounds of what we expect, but no one is really static in real life. Real people change and do unexpected things sometimes.

    The same could be said for Michael. It’s been a while since we’ve been given a window in to his relationship with Jan. Things have changed, evidently. I don’t know how some can argue that the show isn’t real enough while expecting things to stay static at the same time. People, relationships change in real life!

    I could totally see Creed being a flasher. He may have been a rock star in the 60s, but he’s just a creepy (and hilarious) old man now.

    I don’t think the Dwight prank was unbelivable. Dwight’s been more gullible in the past.

    And I laughed at almost every penis reference. Guess that makes me immature.

    I stand by my comment that this is one of the best of the season…

  137. Wow. One The Office, So many different reactions.

    The characters are too different, they’re exactly the same. I hate the Office, I love the Office. Jim and Pam should be together, no they should not.

    I think if we can agree on one thing, it’s that 30 Rock should still be on. We have three weeks more of summer hiatus there than The Office. Blurg.

  138. Re: #181

    As for Pam wishing she had been flashed while she was with Roy, I think the only thing she was thinking about was being flashed by Jim. And I definitely would not have a problem with that!

  139. No, Dwight isn’t stupid, but remember in Jwight/Dwim- it took him a few minutes to figure out Jim was mocking/copying him.

    “1) The whole Dwight not realizing that it was him on the posters seems a little too far, Dwight isnt stupid.”

  140. comment #180 | rachel (2)
    “The many close-ups of Karen doiing her best to pull faces signifying various deep emotional states fell completely flat. This actress — where did she hone her craft, in the junior high school talent show?”

    Have you not seen Rashida in other shows??

  141. For the person wondering why “boner” got an advisory warning but they said penis over and over in this episode . . . makes perfect sense to me. Penis is just an anatomy word. The other one implies a bit of . . . excitment. Not just about anatomy.

  142. I agree with 167. People have started to feel sense of ownership or something with this show. Just enjoy it. It’s all very subjective anyways. Some will like one show more than others. There are a couple shows for me from season two that weren’t as good as the others. That’s just the way shows go, but hopefully you love it enough to come back every week. I certainly do. I’m in this for the long run. (But I DO want Jam together soon or my heart will explode. Hehe).

    Having said that…I enjoyed this episode. Especially toward the end. I’m kind of happy to see the Jam tension and the Pam/Karen tension back again. (Yes, I’m one of “those”. Sue me).

    The scene where Michael breaks up with Jan on her voice mail and she walks in to apologize? Oh man! That was classic “Office” awkwardness. I loved it! My husband and I were grabbing hold of one another; cringing and laughing. Good times.

    I also loved Dwight’s discovery at the end when he aligned his face with the mustache on the mirror. Too funny! That was very “Pink Panther”.

  143. I laughed out loud so many times during this episode. Especially Dwight’s “Alien” comment. I really liked the whole comfortable feel of the episode off-setting the awkwardness of Michael’s personal life imploding. I never would have imagined that Jan’s craziness would exceed Michael’s, but it does. Michael now comes across as just blatantly inexperienced with life, but also just looking for a simple happy life, whereas Jan is now a freak, to the point of nearly being unlikable. But, the writers have rescued the unlikable characters before, maybe Jan will be reborn, too. Right now, she really seems painted into a corner.

  144. #177 Greg

    “What’s more weird and I’m surprised no one has complained about this yet, was that Jim was the one who told him about it.”

    What I would like to believe is that, rather than outing Pam, Jim was letting her know (indirectly, of course, since most of their communication seems indirect these days) that he recognized it was a prank, knew she was behind it, and thought it was dawesome.

  145. As far as Creed being a flasher…I figured he was just referring to his happy-go-lucky days as a musician of the 60s, when life was all about peace and free love. But then again, it really wouldn’t surprise me if he spent his days flashing people in line at the soup kitchen…

    Also, thanks to whoever pointed out the “moonface” reference – I caught it, but couldn’t place it.

  146. To quote the great Katy the purse girl I’ll say… “That was A-W-E clap/clap S-O-M-E clap/clap”

  147. I think everyone is giving Karen too hard of a time here. I am a JAM supporter like crazy, its my favorite part of the show, but frankly, everyone needs to give her a little break.

    First of all, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She met a cute, funny single guy she was interested in. And he was interested in her. She didn’t know about his past feelings. All she knew is that she liked him.

    Second. Jim is dating her. He’s not trapped in some relationship, he has as much ability to break it off as Karen does.

    Third. When Karen found out about Jim’s feelings for Pam. She asked him about it and he was honest with her. SHE decided to stay with him…but more importantly JIM decided to stay with her too.

    I think it is part of the brilliant writing to keep us torn regarding Karen. We hate her, but we really can’t hate her either. We know she’s not right for Jim, but she just hasn’t seen it yet. This is the way real-life relationships often play out.

    Props to the writers, I think they are using this great tension to keep us rooting for the JAM relationship.

  148. Why’s everyone being so critical? It was funny stuff! My favorite line was Pam: “I’m saying a lot of things.” Hehe.

  149. I definitely think last night’s episode wasn’t nearly as hilarious as last week’s episode, but this one certainly had more substance. Plot lines were continued and altered, more characters had screen time, and there was a great prank that was part of the story (as opposed to last week’s impersonations, which were great but totally isolated from the story). The extreme awkwardness reminded me of the early shows or perhaps the original UK version, which was refreshing to see.

    Regarding the Pam/Michael/Karen exchange at the mall…I think there’s more subtlety than is apparent at first. I think Karen was talking about “pushing through the rough patches” based on her relationship with Jim, but Pam was talking about “not being right for each other” based on her experience with Roy. That is to say, I think each woman was giving advice to Michael based on what they’ve had to deal with in their own lovelife. Karen gave Pam “a look” because she thought Pam was commenting on her relationship with Jim, but the response “look” on Pam’s face was genuinely innocent. To comment so directly and publicly on Jim and Karen’s relationship is not really something Pam would do…even as “Fancy New Beesley” I don’t think she has learned to be that forward yet.

  150. Oh, and I forgot to mention my favorite sight gag, rewatch and note what Phyllis is holding when Karen asks her about the bra and panty set. HILARIOUS!!

  151. I do not understand the people who disliked this episode. This episode touched upon every element that makes the Office great! Pranks on Dwight, Dwight doing an investigation, conference room scene, provided some Jim/Pam story, awkward moments, Michael/Toby interaction, great non-main characters scenes (Meredith, Kelly, Kevin), Drew/Dwight interaction, and Creed classics. What more do you people want?

    Also, what is with all the love for other shows on here? Scrubs is still good, but has lost its touch this season and last season. 30 Rock, barely got the green light, and I’m sure all the new off-screen controversy with Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are causing NBC to regret that decision now. The Office is just n a different league compared with those shows, and I love Scrubs too, it’s just been lacking lately. The only show deserving mention on here from time to time, would be Arrested Develoment (the only other brilliantly written comedy ever made). RESPECT, R-E-S-P-svee-T!

  152. I loved last night’s episode!

    Regarding the penis humor as typical “sitcom” fare and not funny for The Office – you have to look at the characters. It was *Michael* making penis jokes, which is something *Michael* would do. And has done. And will continue to do. No one else was laughing with him or being amused (save for maybe Kevin, which is also in character to giggle at body anatomy). Everyone else was all pretty much either disgusted or annoyed.

    So while the penis jokes may have been immature and gradeschool-ish to expect a laugh, I say go to the source. Michael is often immature and gradeschool-ish, so the joke fit the character.

    Loved Creed’s small one liners. “If that’s flashing, then lock me up.” So quick and to the point, I couldn’t help laughing.

    I especially love Pam’s relationship with her co-workers. I love her noticing something was wrong with Phyllis and immediately going to comfort her. Then later with Michael, she actually listened and cared enough about him and his problems, scary as they were, to give him genuine and thoughtful advice based on her own experiences.

    And good for her for changing the tire and pranking Dwight solo! Her enthusiasm and pride in changing the tire was so adorable, and I love that Jim appreciated her prank and slyly went in on it with her to end the episode.

    I’m feeling very good for the last two episodes! I just need Fancy New Beesley to open her fancy new mouth!

    That is all :)

  153. I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not, i haven’t had a chance to read all 203 postings (lol) but along the lines of Andy; you could tell when they were outside posting the pics of the flasher; Andy realized that the pic was Dwight and asked if he could hang some around his neighborhood!!!

    Andy is still around, I think we are just going to have to give him some time to come full circle.

  154. Splitting up the men and women in this episode was, in itself, a call back to “Boys and Girls” last season, this time though Michael was with the women. Boys and Girls is one of my all-time favourites, and this epsiode ranks right up there. Seeing the guys interact with each in the womens’ bathroom? Hilarious! (Though I wanted to see what Pam wrote in there). Seeing the women help Michael out and him go shopping with them at Victoria’s Secret? Come on! That’s great character interaction there.

    And how brilliant was Pam’s prank? It was great how it was so obvious to all of the viewers but within the episode everyone is very low key about the flyers (Drew, Pam, Jim, etc.) Pam basically just put it out there and left for the mall and the joke manifested itself into a genius assist by Jim at the end.

    The pervert is, “in the womens’ bathroom above the sink.” Still on the floor laughing about that. “PAM!”

  155. What I also thought was interesting about the Pam/Karen dynamic was their different takes on difficult times in relationships.

    Ex 1

    Karen: “Look, most relationships have their rough patches, you just have to push through it sometimes.”

    Pam: “But it sounds like you are just wrong for each other.”

    Ex 2

    Karen: “Answer it.”

    Pam: “No, don’t answer it.”

    Karen seems to be living up to her reputation as a woman who takes charge and is not afraid of confrontation if it means that the problem can be worked through, and Pam, although she’s trying really hard, is still trying to break through to FNB but she’s not there yet. She still prefers to take an evasive, cut-and-run approach.

    Not that either of these points of view doesn’t have merit. But there are definitely cons to each approach. One approach has you trying to salvage things that aren’t salvageable, and the other has you throwing away something that might be.

  156. I really enjoyed this episode – alot! I especially loved the ending. It’s wonderful to me how crazy, politically incorrect Michael can sometimes hit the nail right on the head and, when he summed up the episode, that’s just what he did. I laughed my guts out – yes, I like “bathroom humour” (literally in this case) when it’s done well, and to balance this with some important “character moments” (Pam changing the tire – you go girl!) is wonderful.
    P.S. I understand that people want to critique each episode, and that’s cool – but I have to say that whether you love an individual episode or not, it’s still the best thing on television.

  157. 210-CrazyGrnga

    Wow, I can’t believe all the good stuff that gets left on the cutting room floor. Maybe those scenes will be deleted scenes (fingers crossed). Those scenes sound great, but what was left in the episode was great, as well. Oh well, compromises always result in win-lose, which is not ideal (Conflict Resolution), but it’s still better than anything else on TV.

  158. Oh, and Michael breaking up with Jan has great possibilities for the next two episodes when he will be bucking for a job at corporate!

  159. Dear Greg Daniels:

    Congratulations! You obviously set out at the beginning of Season 3 to strip Jam fans of all the love and affection we have for these two beautiful characters by removing their chemistry as a couple from the show. Well, last night you finally did it. Don’t get me wrong…it’s been a work in progress all season. But last night I finally realized that I don’t care if they get together or not. And that hurts. Not only will I not buy the Season 3 DVDs, I find it very difficult to watch Season 2 anymore. Now, Season 2 is just a sad sad sad reminder of what we’ve lost.

    So, congratulations, Greg Daniels, you win. You win.

    A Disgruntled Fan

  160. This was another great episode. Two thumbs up to supersized episodes. It also shows how the deleted scenes are even better when kept in the original episode.

    Who knew that Jan was such a freak? I did not think that Michael had the emotional maturity to break up with Jan. Maybe that’s why he had Pam, Phyllis and Karen in his office when called Jan.

    Although I had heard that women’s washrooms sometimes had couches, I did not notice that all the guys were sitting around in the women’s washroom until Creed came in.

    It was great to see Pam with the confidence to pull off her poster prank solo. Usually she is just following Jim’s lead (like in The Alliance).

    What I liked best was that we got to see a bit more of the personality of everyone in the office – from Meredith’s driving to Creed’s complete lack of understanding of social norms, to Angela saying she wears colonial doll clothes.

  161. Okay, I know I’m late to the party, but I just have to say, my favorite line of the episode is: “Whoo, I am saying a lot of things.”

    I haven’t been here to OT in the past few weeks. Gotta say, this was the best episode out of the last 2 or 3.

  162. Oh, and I haven’t had a chance to read through all 200+ comments yet, but has anyone mentioned Kelly “dancing” in the van when Michael’s cell phone rang? Cracked me up!

  163. I thought Jan’s reaction was very much in character, as her talking head in “Cocktails” showed that she’s got real feelings for Michael.

    As for Jam, so we’ll see what happens as the season ends. There’ve been some interesting theories (who gets fired/promoted/moved/whatever) and I think the season will bear some of that out.

    I enjoyed this week’s episode much more than last week, though most of this week’s episode appeared to be mostly plot movement. I am just immature enough to laugh at the penis jokes.

  164. I don’t think anyone has commented on perhaps the most understated moment of the whole show. That moment being when Jim goes to the fridge and sees the picture of Dwight and says, “That’s really cool.”

    He recognized it immediately as Pam’s handiwork, and it was a wonderfully subtle moment, especially since nobody but the camera was around. He didn’t have to say anything verbally, and yet he did.

    So maybe I’m just up in the night here, but I felt that moment spoke volumes.

  165. 195- I agree. I think in the kitchen Jim realized that Pam still has a good sense of humor about things and wasn’t just doing pranks to go along with Jim..but that she can be creative too. I’m glad Jim did that, because it’s always fun to see when Dwight realizes what has been going on.

    I also love how this felt like a real episode. I really liked the majority of the characters were in two places so we got a solid story without too much back and forth.

  166. How many of you think that Phyllis’ line…”Don’t think, just answer..” will come back in the next couple episodes…I’m thinking it just might come from our Fancy New Beesleys mouth.. Just my opinion..

  167. Great show! Really alot of very funny moments. We know that Kelly loves to shop, that was so funny seeing her run into that store.

    I hope that Ryan and Karen do not hook up because it would break Kelly’s heart, please please do not go there writers.I like them as a couple.

    When they were in the ladies bathroom, I got the impression that Jim and Karen are not sleeping together by what Jim said to Ryan. Just my opinion.

    Not too many shows left this season. I still think that Jim and Pam will get together please please let it happen this season.

    I was surprised that Michael broke up with Jan. Clearly out of the blue. What were the writers thinking?? Dwight in the bathroom looking at himself was really funny. “PAM” ha ha ha

  168. Corporate Booty, YES!

    Watch John carefully — he breaks, composes himself, and then breaks again, all in the course of four seconds. Very funny.

  169. LOVED the episode!

    creed was hilarious- I don’t know why people find it hard to believe he would expose himself. NEWS FLASH- rockers are wild.

    I just read all the comments and I don’t remember who wrote the one about the Karen’s underwear being ugly- but thank you! I like Karen’s character. I really do! But that underwear was a gross shade of green!

    and just reading the quotes above, I’m laughing all over again. “You know, as it was coming out of my mouth, I knew it was wrong.”

    This epiosde had it all for me, lots of interactions and just a touch of jam which

  170. is all i really needed to get me though it!

    Only two more epiosdes left :(

    this summer is going to be lonnnnng, I can’t wait for the DVD!

  171. I will just say that I loved this episode. This is the episode we saw being filmed while we were in LA for Paley Fest. We saw them film in VS for like 4 hours. Some of the things that we saw them film and weren’t showed were:

    -Phyllis going up to Michael and holding up a thong to her waist. Michael gives her this disgusted look. It was really funny.
    -After Michael tells the girls that they are going to VS and we see Kelly run in, everyone goes in except Pam and Angela. The two stand outside and just look at each other and then Michael does a little jig to try to get them to go in.
    -When Michael was telling Angela that he really wishes she would get some underwear or something, Angela kept breaking. I think they had to redo that scene like 5 times just because she kept breaking.

    I just thought you guys would be interested in those little tidbits.

  172. Obviously, I’ll be in the minority here, and that’s fine. I know I’m not a television writer, and I don’t claim to be. Just dishing out my opinion. :) For me, this episode ruined alot of what I love about the series. Even though I know it’s supposed to be realistic, it IS a TV show, so there does need to be just a touch of “fairy tale-ish”ness to it. Last night much of that got ruined for me, which I was bummed about. I was so bummed to have it acknowledged that Jim & Karen are sleeping together. Realistic? Yeah, but it took out that level of subtle innocence & charm. I was hoping that Jim’s true love for Pam would somehow keep him from doing that, but…nope. Now I find myself not really liking him so much or caring if they get together…NOT that I’m one of those “JAM needs to dominate the show” people, but let’s face it: it was a beautiful little piece of the Office that I would argue is vital to the show’s success. Also, I’m confused about Jan now…she went from being a person with that tough exterior/gooey center to a flat out perverted psycho. She always had some issues, but…wow. Anyway, I know I will get blasted from many of you. And that’s OK. You are entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine, which is that I think I’m just going to try to forget that this episode ever happened and enjoy the rest. :)

  173. That was a hilarious episode. I laughed out loud a LOT and i literally was covering my face and nearly couldn’t look when Jan WALKED IN!!! ohhh lord. so awkward, that was awesome.
    i also loved that Andy got some back against Dwight, Dwight was being really rude when he put him down after Andy just wanted to do something useful and help : – (

    The only thing I didn’t like about the episode was Ryan and Karen? Ryren? Karyan? No thank you. I hope it doesn’t get followed up in later episodes, that’s a dumb idea.

    And I think I cracked up the most when Michael just started laughing at Phyllis’ flasher moment, that’s good ole Season 1 + 2 Michael right there

    :) loved it

  174. Yes!! I saw him break. I have a dvr and rewound that to see it again last night..Cracked me up!!! Too funny! It’s all in his eyes..The covering of the mouth John? Didn’t fool anyone!!!

  175. See, and I kinda liked the lingerie Karen chose. I think that color green would have been lovely with her skin tone.

  176. Courtesy of Marc Berman from Mediaweek, last night’s ratings for the episode, based on fast nationals. It’s a bit tricky to work out exactly how well the episode performed, seeing it ran from 8.36pm to 9.19pm, and Nielsens are based on half-hour blocks. Anyway, the relevant information courtesy of Berman are as follows:

    8:00 p.m. Viewers: 7.58 million (#4), A18-49: 3.2/10 8:30 p.m. Viewers: 7.43 million (#4), A18-49: 3.7/11
    9:00 p.m. Viewers: 5.98 million (#3), A18-49: 3.0/ 8
    9:30 p.m. Viewers: 5.02 million (#3), A18-49: 2.5/ 6

    Seeing that the numbers for the 8.30 to 9pm hour are consistent with what “The Office” has performed ratings-wise this season, I think that is as accurate a barometer of how “Women’s Appreciation” did last night as we could possibly get. The numbers support recent trends that: (1) “The Office” retains the majority of total viewership from “Earl”; and (2) demonstrates, crucially, significant increase in adults 18-49 ratings from its lead-in (yay!). The 3.7 ratings for the 18-49 demo is the highest amongst all NBC shows for the night.

    The numbers for the half-hour from 9pm are likely brought down by lead-out “Scrubs”, so we probably shouldn’t read too much into them.

    On a personal note, I loved the episode last night! I especially liked Pam’s bubbly TH after she changed the tire all by herself (you go, girl!), and Michael’s wonderful closing monologue (“I wish for Pam, courage. For Kelly, a brain etc…LOL!). Coupled with earlier in “Business School”, when Michael consigned Ryan to the annex, this shows Michael is probably more astute about his employees than he lets on. Awesome! Yes to longer episodes!

  177. Nicole-

    The sleeping together revelation is nothing new. I mean we found that out last week. When Dwight!Jim asked Karen if she wanted to have sex with him and Jim looked at her and was like, “Do you?”…Jim was half kidding with concern to Dwight and half seriously asking her if she was interested for his own sake.

    Plus, Jim isn’t a saint who’s waiting for true love (why people think he is is beyond me…I mean Jim actually a pretty big jerk when you think about it). My money on the fact that he slept with Katy too! He’s a normal man with no sexual reservations in his late twenties in 2007. Of course he’s going to sleep with his girlfriend of sixth months!

    I mean this isn’t the dark ages…I’ll take reality over some unrealistic fairy tale junk anyday.

  178. I have to agree with A Disgruntled Fan #216. I never thought disgruntled fan and The Office could ever be muttered in the same breath. Fact. The first two seasons were much to do with the chemistry between Pam and Jim. Fact. Season three has slowly and painfully dwindled it all down to nothing. How dare you anti-Jammers insist that the show is not about JAM. The first two season prove it. How can I watch Booze Cruise with any hope or what could be? Or what about The Fire when they were clearly trying to make each other jealous? Or what about Drug Testing, and Email Surveillance, and all the episodes when Pam planned her wedding? In seasons 1 and 2 we looked forward to what they were going to do each week, but in season 3, we watched hoping to see them at least glance at each other. Sorry Mr. Greg Daniels, you have some very disappointed JAM fans this season. We hope you have redeemed yourself with the last two episodes so it will make owning the season 3 DVD worthwhile.

  179. I’ve been reading posts since before “Women’s Appreciation” aired here on the West Coast, and don’t have a lot to add, but I want to voice my satisfaction with the episode. I was one who came down on “Safety Training” and want to give credit when I feel they get it right. This episode had it all: it was very adult yet touching, real and yet hilarious, and had a story line that is gently leading towards SOMETHING big. The “cringe factor” has always been an Office element that attracts some and repels others. The Cringe Meter was pegging this week!
    “Women’s Appreciation” is, so far, one of my favorites of the season.

  180. I thought the episode was very good, not great, but better than the last few.

    I don’t think this season is wrapping up with enough tension, though. I think the Pam/karen thing last night was a bit weak. The exchange of comments during lunch (“or perhaps you’re not right for one another”) and the look Karen and Pam had was undersold, Pam’s reaction to Karen’s bikini selection was tame and not that big a deal, and Pam’s entering the elevator with Jim and Karen was only a few seconds and didn’t build much tension at all. It built pity for Pam, but not tension for the end of the season. The end of the season last year did a better job with that because we new the Roy/Pam wedding was on its way, Pam was doing the planning, and Jim was struggling to deal with it, etc. To leave the real build up in tension for the last two episodes now will seem a bit forced and runs the risk of falling flat.

    Perhaps I’m being overly critical, but I love the show and if it is going to be an hour long next year (I’m still not sold on that idea) I think the writers need to be tighter with their story arcs.

    Outside of that I liked the episode a lot. Dwight continues to rock…Kelly and Creed too. Based on the spoilers it seems like they cut a lot out.

    I feel sorry for Michael and Jan. Just when Jan realizes she needs to make more of an effort and acknowledge some of the things Michael wants, he breaks up with her. And if she is preggers then that would be super tragic. I hope they get back together. Michael seems tortured right now.

    btw, we need Packer…soon. Some sort of Packer-Dwight-Andy battle royale would be awesome.

  181. I loved this episode!!! How could you not? It had everything a perfect episode has – painfully uncomfortable moments, a Dwight prank, many laugh-out loud moments (the men in the women’s bathroom, for example!) and subtle, deeply moving moments. That is why I love this show so much – never before has a comedy that is absolutely hilarious been so touching and sweet, but never over the top. Fantastic episode!!!! I cannot believe there are only two left this season. Crap.

  182. Has anyone tried to call the flasher poster phone #?? I’m curious to know what it says, but a little hesitant to call it myself.

  183. “btw, we need Packer…soon.”

    I still don’t understand how Packer relates to the office — is he an employee? a former employee? why does he come by sometimes? I don’t get it.

  184. Wow, I’m really surprised at the negative reviews by some on this episode! I actually thought it was one of the best this season, and reminded me more of Season 2 than just about any I can think of. It was a great blend of awkwardness, laugh out loud funny bits and poignant moments. I can definitely understand why the Jim/Pam fans are getting frustrated, but I am also a fan of their relationship and I trust the writers on this–it will all come together eventually, but perhaps not in the timeframe some are hoping for. On a side note, threatening Greg Daniels with not buying the 3rd season DVD isn’t going to do much good at this point (the season wrapped, after all!). Greg, just continue what you and your brilliant writers are doing–I’m hooked and along for the ride, come what may!

  185. Dwight: “Oh it is serious. (Three demerits, and you’ll receive a citation.) Five citations, and you’re looking at a violation. Four of those, and you’ll receive a verbal warning.”

    I love that you have to do something wrong SIXTY times before you even start to get in trouble. Pretty much Jim could breeze into work a half hour late for two entire months and still be in the clear. That’s awesome.

  186. Definitely call it. It’s pretty amusing but I’ve had some coworkers here who’ve tried to call it as well and have gotten a busy signal! So you might have to try a couple of times.

  187. Who was Ryan talking about when he sent that e-mail? Who did he send it to? Pam or Karen?

  188. i loved the drew/dwight interaction this episode. one of my favorite moments was when dwight handed drew the flyers, and drew does this split-second look at the camera with sheer confusion. like, “he doesn’t know this is him?!?” and then proceeds to mock dwight for the remainder of the episode. HILARIOUS!

    way to go writers. way to go.

  189. I think it was so sweet that Jan drove to Scranton to apologize to Michael, she even grabs his hand when she says sorry

    it felt really sorry for her when she listened to his message

  190. I’m with Nicole (post 226) and Jim (230). I thought it was the lamest episode, second only to Phyllis’ Wedding. Why are they turning Jan into a total perv? She has the ability to play the part of a smart yet vulnerable boss lady, and they’ve made her a buffoon. Pam’s rendering of Dwight and Angela’s finding Gap Kids clothes ‘too flashy’ were the only bright spots in an over the top show. Given that Season I of the Office was a mere 6 episodes, I consider this their Sophomore slump. Michael making fun of Phyllis is old now. And Jam? Who cares anymore.

    I’m glad there are only two weeks left. The writers need a good hiatus to re-group and bring us back to The Office of Season 2. Especially if the show goes to an hour.

  191. I am really hoping that we don’t have a huge Jim/Pam cliffhanger at the end of the season, but at the same time I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I never would have thought that they would have dragged out the Karen thing this whole season, but I guess if we are looking at the whole thing from a realism standpoint it makes sense that they wouldn’t break up unless something major happened. People in relationships that aren’t great tend to plod along until something better snaps them out of it, and Pam certainly hasn’t done much to let Jim know that she wants to be with him. Jim has lost hope, and seems to be making the best of a “just okay” situation. I was hoping that Pam’s confession to Roy was going to be a catylist, but that pretty much fell flat. If we get the much-anticipated “Pam Explosion” by the end of the season I’ll be satisfied, even if that’s all we get.

    Having said that, I really hope that the writers will get them together very early on next season, because at that point I will officially think it has been dragged out too long. I would really like to see how the writers would handle them in a relationship, and make it work. My optimistic self wants to believe that the writers think that us viewers are smarter than the average “Friends” watcher (and yes I used to watch “Friends” religiously).

    Oh! And I loved this weeks episode!!! It was one of the funniest this season.

  192. Concerning Jim and Pam getting together:

    This same debate raged on during the years that “Ed” was airing. Fans pined for the Julie Bowen and Tom Cavanaugh characters to “hook up”. The producers, recognizing that sexual tension and anticipation were powerful engines driving the show (and fan base), wisely delayed allowing that element of the show to be played out. I recall one of the producers, Rob Burnett, being asked in an interview when Ed and Carol would finally be united. He replied that it wouldn’t happen as long as he had “two kids to put through college”.
    He knew that the tension kept the story alive. And once the characters did come together, the show quickly fizzled. The suspense was more satisfying than the consummation, as with so many things in life.

    So be careful what you ask for. Try to be patient, sit back, enjoy the ride, and let them do their jobs. They are, after all, professionals.

  193. so let me get this straight – Ryan tried to ask out Karen??
    that whole thing was really confusing

    Ryan’s always going after Jim’s ladies – remember when he asked Jim if he could call Katy?

  194. Now, usually I don’t like it when people say “did anyone notice when…” because usually there have been two or three comments already about the scene in question. But I’ve read through all of the comments, and I noticed a few people saying that there was no actual Jim/Pam interaction. I’d recommend that you re-watch from the VERY beginning; when Jim walks in late, before Dwight hands him the demerit, Jim says “Hey” in a very comfortable, friendly way to Pam, who answers in like fashion. I’m surprised that the eagle-eyed Jam watchers haven’t mentioned it a million times already. I’m in the camp that says Jim and Pam won’t get together this season; I agree that we’ll have a season-2-esque rebuilding of their friendship/relationship for season 4, and I’m excited for that. (Except that the constant body & physical-relationship humor isn’t my favorite, and it makes me really sad that I’ll be fast-forwarding so much of these last few episodes when I watch these later… like with Sexual Harrassment from Season 2. I’ve never watched that one all the way through, and the couple of times I’ve fast-forwarded through to see Pam’s mom, I remember why I don’t watch that episode. I hope that humor doesn’t become the norm.) :(

    (Sorry, this seems like a very negative post, and I didn’t mean it to be.) I did want to second what Pamcasso said in #201–I think that Pam was thinking of herself and Roy when she said that Jan and Michael might just not be right for each other. I haven’t decided yet if I think that her look to Karen meant that she was thinking about Jim and Karen, too.

    I also loved Pam changing the tire, and the guys kickin’ back on the couches. Poor, stupid, self-centered Ryan… and I hope that Pam cuts up her old robe, and keeps the new one; she gave her Christmas robe to Toby, you know, and that pink one looked really nice! :)

  195. OK – Here’s the thing. I genuinely feel like I appreciate all parts of the show – Dwight being Dwight, Stanley’s resigned looks, Angela buying clothes for large colonial dolls, Kelly going nuts over free panties, Kevin doing that hilarious laugh, etc. But the Jam thing just brings everything down. I know that it supposedly kills a show when “the” couple gets together, but I think it’s being dragged down this way too. You can definitely see Pam’s character developing this season, and that is awesome, but the angst between her and Jim steals some of the humor. Things were always funnier when Jim and Pam were laughing about something together – am I wrong? Is it possible that they could get together and the show would still be as funny?

  196. Concerning the “look” after Pam’s comment about not being right for one another. Karen and Pam had been exchanging looks throughout the entire conversation with Michael.

    My read on it was that Karen either thought Pam was referring to Karen/Jim or Karen was just shocked to think maybe that IS their problem.

  197. I thought it was a fantastic episode. I think people might be looking for a little too much JAM, and not appreciating some of the more subtle moments. If we didn’t have a lot of glances, and smiles, and little moments like Jim noticing the drawing on the fridge, we wouldn’t have anything to base their continuing love on. When they finally do have another kiss, or any interaction, it’s going to be all the better for having all those little moments leading up to it.

    And #221, I had the same thought. I totally envision Pam going up to Jim and saying, “Don’t think, just answer.” That would be amazing!

  198. one thing noone has mentioned – the fact that Michael actually broke up with Jan– Is this personal growth on Michael’s part?

    This is a person who was so desperate for a relationship that when he finally was in a relationship with his Travel agent last season he proposed after 9 dates!

    Seems to me he would be a love struck puppy dog thru thick and thin and yet he finds relationship so bad he breaks up-

  199. I can honestly say that I would rather them not get together than have them get together if it will ruin the show. But I would really like for them to at least be good friends again. I don’t want the show to turn into “The Pam and Jim Makeout Extravaganza”. Can’t there be a happy medium? The whole will-they-or-won’t-they thing is going to wear thin if it’s dragged out too long. I also don’t want the “Ross and Rachel” alternative… where they keep getting together and breaking up because they are just too “kooky” to get it right. Yes, I know I’m asking a lot.

    The only way I think that they could realistically get them together without ruining the show would be to take the focus off them as characters once they get together, which if you think about it, is exactly what has been going on the last three episodes or so. Is it possible that they are doing that on purpose? Hmmm…

  200. “I still don’t understand how Packer relates to the office — is he an employee? a former employee? why does he come by sometimes? I don’t get it.”

    He’s a sales rep for Dunder-Mifflin. What the pairs did in the episode “Traveling Salesman,” he does all the time.

  201. #260 RJ,

    That’s my whole point. They don’t think it’s bad, so it continues. There’s no compelling reason for them to break up. But I think it would be a stretch to say that Jim loves Karen or that he’s even happy with how things are going. Does that make sense?

  202. For Helen, Phyllis had a tiny thong over her arm, like that’s what she had decided on. Which just takes me to a place reserved for Phyllis and Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) alone, that I didn’t need to know anything about!

  203. Why is everyone getting down on this season, because it’s not “Season 2-ish”? Do you really want a show that does the same thing over-and-over again? If so, then go watch Grey’s Anatomy or any of those other sad excuses for shows (According to Jim may be more to your liking). Many have knocked the writers, but have you thought that maybe this is a story arc they’ve had planned for a while? Season 2 built Pam and Jim up, by showing us how close they are and puliing for us to want them to get together. This season has dealt with the dismantling of that to a certain degree, so as to build it back up again in season 4.

    I think they are trying to show us, “You do not know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” How many of us have ever kicked ourselves for letting the possible “one” get away (Pam turning down Jim), only to pine after him/her once you can’t have that person? (Pam THIS season)

    I think season 4 will see Jim and Pam come together again and evolve into a relationship. I hope it’s a slow evolution (friends, better friends, hang out more outside of work together, then the kiss that sets it off) and not a rush into it all and get married right away (although Pam may be tired of waiting, after Roy).

    They can build more storylines (good realistic ones too)out of them being in a relationship (over a few seasons even) than they can keeping them apart for much longer (eventually may lose the realism of the whole situation).

  204. I loved this episode and I don’t understand why people get so frustrated when episodes/characters aren’t what they expect. Just enjoy the show. BTW, does anyone know when the season 3 DVD is coming out?I’m hoping the day after the last episode but that’s just wishful thinking.


  205. not sure if anyone mentioned this but….
    the episode is now available on itunes

    I voted the last two episodes as “liked it”
    but this one got a “loved it” from me

    one last note – this episode was very sexually charged. the whole thing was basically about sexual situations (flasher, Jan’s nympho tendencies, etc…)

  206. Hot Dog Fingers #253

    I think that your comparison to “Ed” is the perfect tale of caution that the writers have to consider. If they drag things out too long, they run the risk of upsetting people and losing viewers. On the other hand, if they get the two together and don’t have a good idea of where to proceed from there, they also risk upsetting people and losing viewers.

    I beleive that it would be difficult to find anyone who is a bigger JAM fan than myself. I’ve read several posts over the past few weeks where viewers are saying forget about the sappy romance, The Office is about more than the relationship between Pam and Jim. Personally, I don’t think that could be farther from the truth. I came into the show a little late. In fact, I only started watching it this past season, although there is not a single episode, including the first two seasons, that I’ve watched fewer than 3 or 4 times. I had casually watched a few espisodes before this season. I understood the premise of the show and I understood the undlying JAM romance. However, it wasn’t until watching the emotion in John Krasinski’s performance at the end of “The Convention” that I was totally roped in. I immediately bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, highglight the best JAM episodes as my favorite episodes. As I watched the episodes more and more, I began respecting the many other aspects of the show and loving the other characters as well. Nevertheless, the JAM storyline has remained my personal focal point.

    With all of that said, I beleive that the recent absence of JAM has likely been a conscious decision by the writers to avoid rushing anything and allowing the show to stand on its countless other great qualities. Yes, almost everyone wants Pam and Jim together, and I’m sure that it will be coming sooner rather than later. Once they’re together, however, the tension between the “romantic leads” (much like it was for “Ed”) is eliminated to a degree, and the writers will then face the task of keeping them together while keeping the relationship fun and fresh.

    I’m not a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, but I recall sitting in a doctor’s office last fall reading an article where the creators commented that keeping romantic leads together and keeping their romances exciting can be some of the most challenging tasks for a TV show. This is what The Office will be facing, and like I said, I beleive that it will be happening sooner rather than later. Unlike “Ed”, The Office has so many more facets that it will remain entertaining, and as we have seen over the past few weeks, can maintain its position as the best show on network television today.

    I just hope that when Pam and Jim finally get together, it lives up to all of the anticipation. Personally, I trust that the writers will make it happen and will make it worth the wait. I’m sure the writing team hasn’t forgotten the great elements that made up classic JAM episodes like “The Client”, “The Booze Cruise”, “The Secret”, “Casino Night”, etc.

    As for the immediat future of Pam and Jim, the only thing I can do is follow the direction given by Jenna Fischer in her blog and make certain that I don’t miss next week’s episode. I don’t know what will happen or how it will happen, but the next six days can’t pass by quickly enough for me.

    Whew. I’m saying a lot of things. I apologize to everyone for being so long-winded.

  207. 252 – Kismet

    I agree with your comments. I would really like to see how the writers would deal with having Jim and Pam in a relationship.

    I think that at that point they will have to bring them into a calm, normal sort of relationship for a while. To continue to have romantic storylines, they can easily pull from one of the other Office couples. Show us some more Dwight and Angela interactions…perhaps that comes out into the open in the future? Also, Kelly & Ryan have been hilarious in the past few episodes.

    As much as the audience loves it…It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a Jim/Pam love story. Let’s see some of that, but some others too!

  208. can someone please explain the ryan-karen thing that ryan and jim were talking about? it makes no sense that karen would explain to jim she wasn’t ready to date anyone in the office b/c the entire time ryan has known her, she’s been dating jim. it makes me wonder if they were talking about pam, not karen?

  209. Re: #26…

    “People in relationships that aren’t great tend to plod along until something better snaps them out of it,”

    I guess I’m just not clear as to why Jim or Karen would think their relationship isn’t great. They seem to have worked out the stuff from “Ben Franklin” and they appear as happy as a couple can be (gently making fun of one another, smiling, flirting, etc.) in “The Negotiation.”

  210. re: 254, I’m with you. What was that Ryan/Karen thing? Why was Kevin laughing when Ryan said he didn’t want an office romance?

  211. Thank you, Foliage, for having The Office’s back! Some people are too analytical and just need to relax and enjoy the ride.

  212. Yes Foliage, I want a show that does the same thing over and over. Smart writing and not making the main characters less than what they are. I don’t want it to settle for funny moments mixed in with too much over the topness. This is the only show I watch (save for the Daily Show). It needs to be worth the time. It has taught me not to buy anymore season passes from iTunes.

    Dave, I agree with you.

  213. Post 277

    He was laughing because Ryan is in an Office relationship…whether he admits it or not…

  214. 276 | nv wonders why Karen said she didn’t want an office relationship when she was already in one.

    Karen was trying to let Ryan down easy. “It’s not you, it’s me.” Except it was him.

  215. Just as i was rewatching it, i noticed that during the shot where michael is saying “just as it was coming out of my mouth, i knew it was wrong”

    look at jim…he’s cracking up

  216. James(#273) said: “Unlike “Ed”, The Office has so many more facets that it will remain entertaining…”

    Hear, hear! I agree and, while I love the JAM storyline, I’m more than happy to watch other characters and their relationships grow.

    Now, I don’t want to completely knock “Ed,” I loved season one of that show. But remember that “Ed” was built on the premise of a guy moving back home to marry the girl of his dreams. The main thread of the show was the relationship between Ed and Carol.

    JAM is not the main thread of The Office. It’s one of many subplots and, rightfully so, takes a back seat to other plotlines on occasion. This is why I think The Office has a lengthy future. The writers are willing to spotlight its many facets and keep the show on a pace that’s realistic.

  217. Mr. Albini-

    Thank you for your comments. I probably should have mentioned in my post that, for me, the Pam / Jim relationship dance is one of the most compelling elements of The Office for me. I, too, re-watch the episodes on DVD, and many of the episodes you mention (and especially “Casino Night”) are among my favorites. For a guy of almost 50, I guess I’m a bit of a sap.
    I had not considered your point about the difference in relationship plots between “Ed” and “The Office”. You hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that the pursuit of Carol Vessey was the basis for the whole “Ed” plot, in spite of the other character development that unfolded. In contrast, “The Office” has much more depth and a more complex story to tell. It’s much more than JAM, and so much more than the sum of its parts.
    I must also agree that the writers must walk a fine line between teasing their audience too long and rushing to a conclusion of Jim and Pam’s awkward journey towards each other. They have fanned the flames of romance and now are caressing the embers to keep anticipation at a fever pitch. As eager as fans may be, this story still can (and will) be much deeper and based on many more events, making the inevital all the sweeter.
    I’m usually an “instant gratification” person but I believe this wait will be worth every agonizing moment.

    And Foliage: well said, I agree entirely.

  218. Seriously, I wonder about the vitriolic comments being posted by people that are anti-Karen. She’s not a ‘villain,’ and neither is the actor who plays her. Yeesh.

    As for JAM, the US Office has it rough – there is no precedent for where they are going. The UK Office ended after 12 episodes and an Xmas special. So what do they do? Do they have Jim and Pam get together now? Then what?

    End of sitcom.

    They can’t realistically keep up the romantic tension that was in the first two seasons indefinitely. They needed a cooling off period. It’s that or they get together and the series ends.

    As for the so-called ‘innocence’ of the 1st and 2nd seasons – this gem was from the third ever episode:

    Dwight: I have tried to treat you all as adults, but obviously, I am the only adult here. Number one: inverted penis.
    Meredith: Could you mean vagina? Because if you do, I want that covered.
    Dwight: I thought your vagina was removed during your hysterectomy.
    Meredith: A uterus is different from a vagina. I still have a vagina.

    The Office is and has always been an adult show. The idea that it was ever ‘innocent’ is, as Jim/Dwight would say, ‘False.’

  219. Longtime reader, first time poster here.

    I love this show dearly, and personally, I think the writers are doing a terrific job. I’m a HUGE JAM fan, but I equally appreciate the other hilarious characters and situations going on here. I mean, look what we have – Michael & Jan’s twisted relationship, Kelly & Ryan, Dwight & Angela, the hilarious Creed, and even the return of Ed Helms has provided some great moments.

    Back on the JAM front though, I just have to trust that the writers know the responsiblity they have to the audience. Season two was all about Jim courting Pam in a sense with Roy as the major obstacle. The way I see it, Pam has been the major obstacle this year, not Karen. But I understand….Fancy New Beasley has been doing a lot of thinking, broadening her horizons, and embracing honesty. Pam’s ready to break out of her shell and at least tell someone how she feels about Jim. I just can’t wait to see how she does it.

    I’ve always felt like Pam’s mom would be a good person to bring it out of her, or suggest her feelings for Jim. Remember when Pam’s mom came to visit that day, and Roy was at reception saying hi, and Pam’s mom whispers to Pam, “Sooo, which one is Jim?” And of course, who does Pam call right after Jim confesses his love for her during Casino Night?

    Anyway, thanks for listening. Can’t wait for Beach Day. :-)


  220. well done Josh- (comment#288)
    I think you hit the nail on the head by saying that this season has been about Pam being the major obstacle.

    I think that in the Merger epsiode Jim tested Pam to see if she was ready, by telling her that he’s dating someone new. He wanted to get a reaction out of her – he wanted her to tell him that she didn’t want him seeing someone new, and Jim wanted her to confess that she had feelings for him – the way he confessed his feelings to her during Casino Night. since her reaction was – no big deal, we’re just friends – he went forward with karen.

    hopefully we can see the evolution of Pam peak before the season ends

  221. Josh-

    You are so right on!
    Just think: if we hadn’t had this season of Fancy New Beasley, just think how less-rich her character would be.
    I like the idea of her mom playing a role. And speaking of Pam’s phone call to Mom in “Casino Night”, what do you think Pam meant when she answered “Yeah, Mom, I think I do”?
    Little things like, in last night’s episode, Pam stopping the elevator to get on with Karen and Jim, show a new side to her. Her advice to Michael was telling as well. I, for one, am enjoying the subtle direction JAM is going. It’s going to be a fun ride, and I trust these people to get it right.
    So far, so good.

  222. I was just thinking about Phyllis’ “Don’t think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jan?” comment to Michael, and Pam’s response to it. I’m wondering if Pam will use it on Jim to ask him if he would rather be with her or Karen. Anyways, just wondering.

  223. I’m sorry if someone already said this but I’ve been thinking about Michael’s “wishes”.

    1. Angela gets a heart- She lets people know she’s dating Dwight.
    2. Kelly gets a brain- She dumps Ryan (he was flirting with Karen at one time evidentally).
    3. Pam gets courage- She lets Jim know how she feels.

    This is how I’m thinking the season could end.

  224. I don’t get why some people are saying the Jim/Pam relationship has to wait til the end. Everyone else on TO is in or has been in a relationship. We’ve seen both Jim and Pam in relationships so a relationship together would not destroy the show or mean it would have to be consummated in the series finale. Actually, what I think would be a cool way to take it would be to make someone else’s relationship the focal point, like Dwight and Angela, or Michael and someone (sane Jan would be nice) and then watch Jim and Pam come together and bloom as a secondary story, almost unnoticed (except by the raving fanatics) and then have it kind of come out of nowhere hitting everyone like Jim announcing he and Karen have dated for six months.

  225. Josh #288

    Very nice take on the fact that unlike Roy, Karen is not necessarily the only obstacle standing between Pam and Jim. In fact, the writers have done a pretty good job at making her as likeable as possible even though she is ultimately dating the soulmate to the office heroine. Regardless of whether Jim is with Karen, the writers have gone to great lengths to show us that Jim still harbors feelings (and deep feelings at that) for Pam. From Jim’s talking head during “Phyllis’ Wedding” where he defensively walks away when addressing the hypothetical of “if” Pam had feelings for him, to his admission that he still has feelings for Pam during “The Return”, and even to the fact that he has repeatedly made conscious efforts to keep a distance between himself and Pam (e.g., his treatment of Pam on “The Negotiation” and the inflection in his voice when referring to her as Beesley on “Ben Franklin”), it remains clear that Jim still loves Pam. As implied (or is it inferred) by Jim’s comments during “The Convention” and “A Benihana Christmas”, however, it’s pretty obvious that Jim has suffered trying to deal with the rejection when he put it all on the line.

    Also, unlike the viewers, Jim doesn’t have the benefit of knowing how Pam truly feels, and at least to date, Pam hasn’t done anything to reveal her true feelings to him. Personally, I think that while the writers have not overly-saturated the plot lines with JAM, they have done an overall nice job at telling the continued story of Pam and Jim, even if it has seemed a little drawn-out at times. In fact, the real storyline in regard to their relationship this season has been Pam’s growth and development as a person. Personally, I wish there would have been more moments like Pam’s excitement when she changed a tire.

    All of this brings me back to the analysis of Josh #288. Is Karen an obstacle? Of course she is because she is dating Jim. However, Pam’s reluctance to reveal her feelings remains the ultimate obstacle at this point. We have not seen the end of her development as a character. The situation is a little different than Season 2 when Jim’s failure to admit that his “crush from a long time ago” was actually a current love for Pam. When Jim finally told Pam how he felt, Pam’s promise to Roy remained the ultimate obstacle. It’s simply not the same situation this time around.

    Finally, I will be the first to admit that Jim has acted like a complete jackass at times this season, but when viewing the season as a whole, along with the end of Season 2, it’s at least understandable why he acts as he does toward Pam, even if many feel that it’s not acceptable for the writers to portray him in this light.

    And for those who have said over the past few weeks that this is supposed to be a show based on reality and the way Jim has acted, especially toaward Pam, is not what would happen in real life, I personally beg to differ. A few years ago I put it all on the line to my Pam just as Jim did in “Casino Night.” Like Jim, I was shot down. Unlike the JAM storyline, my Pam married her Roy (and I ultimately found what I guess could be considered my own version of a Karen). After the rejection, I couldn’t deal with hurt of even being around her, and I completely distanced myself from her, shutting her out of my life to the point that we no longer even talk. So before you start throwing too many daggers toward the writers for the direction they’ve taken Jim, just remember that they direction the writers have chosen is a direction that is based on its own degree reality, regardless of whether that direction is considered popular.

    Again, I am saying a lot of things.

  226. |||–I was just thinking about Phyllis’ “Don’t think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jan?” comment to Michael, and Pam’s response to it. I’m wondering if Pam will use it on Jim to ask him if he would rather be with her or Karen.–|||

    Or Karen will…? She heard it, too, saw how it worked, and she might try to use it on Jim as a deciding factor to put in for the NYC job? It would be nice if Pam could overhear the reply. :-)

    I hope Pam is the one bold enough to ask, though.

  227. Mr. Albini-

    Once again, your eloquence has eclipsed my own, and I agree with every point you advanced.

    Very well put.

  228. 283 | Jackson
    “Question: Why the personal attacks on Rashida’s acting? She’s playing a character breaking up a fictional couple. Stop being so nitpicky. You can argue that other cast members have their moments when they don’t step it up either. Lay off of the cast bashing just because the couple you are living vicariously through hasn’t hooked up yet.”

    I agree! Some people really have a hard time seperating Rashida from ‘Karen, the character on a show’. Saying she can’t act?? I mean how many lines does she have normally on one episode- very little. I think she has done a fine job with what she has been given.

  229. While watching, one of the funniest things was that the preview of the 11 o’clock news centered on the story of a flasher at a high school. Coincidence, I think so!

  230. Just started reading the OT posts and find them thoroughly enjoyable. Keeps the office alive between episodes for me. Thanks to all.

    I am in the camp that thinks this was an amazing episode and that the writers and actors are fantastic. I agree with the sentiments expressed by Kismet, Foliage (for the rest of my life I will smile when I hear that word), James P. Albini and Hot Dog Fingers (laughed out loud when I saw this name). JAM is integral to the Offices continued success but the relationship has to be moved forward in a sustainable way. Part of what keeps me tuned in week to week is the anticipation of what will happen next…for all of the characters, not just JAM. The only episode I found in any way disappointing was S1E1. To much of a copy of the UK series. Since then I’ve found every episode fresh and funny. Sure, some humour appeals more than others but I find the characters are real and true to themselves. Once you start to have expectations for a specific storyline or anything in life that you are not in control of, you set yourself up for disappointment. Enjoy the moments as they happen…on the Office and in life in general.

    Given that Jim was rejected by Pam…twice, I think it is realistic that he has been ultra cautious and has tried to find happiness in another relationship when he felt there was not hope with Pam (remember his face in the Convention when he heard she was going on a date). Jim still has feelings for Pam (as he admitted to Karen) but she broke his heart (Benihana Christmas conversation with Michael). In the wedding episode when it looked like he might make an overture to Pam she ended up leaving with Roy. John Krasinki’s face at that moment was heartbreaking to me.

    Can’t wait for next Thursday night.

  231. Did any one notice that Meridith is eating what looks to be Herr’s brand Salt and Vinegar chips when she’s driving the van?

  232. 302- At least we know that Meredith has good taste in junk food

  233. Thanks, Gabrielle!

    Sometimes I wonder how many Tallyers remember an obscure Season 1 reference (I almost went with Anal Fissure, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue). I like to stick with one so that people recognize me from thread to thread. It seems a lot of people here change names frequently.
    Maybe next season I’ll change my name. It’s tough here. These folks are SHARP and the good names go fast!

    I think it says something about “Women’s Appreciation” that we’ve already got over 300 comments. Whether you liked it or not, this episode created a stir.

    Thanks to all of you for your opinions and insight. It’s really a pleasure to share thoughts about the best show on network television.

    On to “Beach Games”!

  234. Herr’s brand Salt and Vinegar chips are what Jim and Karen spend the day trying to find in “Grief Counseling.” Just pointing out a throwback.

  235. #206. I was thinking that Karen might use it but she is already in a relationship with Jim, although it is obviously in trouble, and she already knows about Jim’s feelings for Pam. I decided that it would more likely be Pam because Michael’s answer to Phyllis’ question confirmed Pam’s argument that sometimes people are not right for each other – not Karen’s that Michael and Jan should try to work it out.

    The way Karen kept looking at Pam when Pam was saying that sometimes people are not right for each other Karen obviously thought Pam was talking about Karen and Jim, although she could have been talking about herself and Roy.

    Michael’s comment to Angela that he would love to buy her a fresh set of underwear was the line of the year. Who’s the skeezy perv now?

  236. Did anyone notice how much better Pam’s drawing of Dwight was compared to the artwork we saw in Business School? There was something sad even a little bit pathetic about her pieces for the art show. This latest drawing seems to be another sign that Pam is taking more risks, being a bit bolder. I always wonder if the writers are really this subtle or am I reading too much into it.

  237. Does anyone think Jim was getting mixed berry yogurt out of the fridge when he saw the poster? ;-)

  238. What happened to my comment? Anyway, Ryan is such a jerk. First he wants to call Amy while her and Jim are on a break. Then he trys to get with Karen behind Jim’s back. But he’s still one of my favorites.

  239. I loved this episode. LOL when Ed Helms gave the camera a look when he first glanced at the wanted poster. Ed Helms did a low key and fab job this episode. My fav performance of the cast. Andy/Drew is a bit older/wiser, but still crazy like a fox and I’m so glad hes in The Office.

    So I am one that would love to see the writers challenge themselves, go against TV storytelling convention & bring Pam & Jim together at some point next season and have romance creatively come from that… That would be real, that likely they would try out a relationship. I mean c’mon, how much do we love their shared smiles, laughter, snippets of conversation… wouldn’t we love to know where he might take her on a first date, how a first real fight would play out, the things they learn about each other. Couldn’t we trust JK to hit the right note as an adorably smitten but not gushy boyfriend? I think so. I think some of the tension could come in the normal tension that does come in relationships.

  240. Yeah I really couldn’t believe some of the things Jan had said in that episode. She’s starting to be a totally different character now. Like that “orgasm” line she said in a deleted Cocktails scene…you’d think she wouldn’t want the cameras to know that. Then in this episode she was talking about missing Michael’s body, practically begging and bribing him to have sex with her and said all that in front of her assistant. She used to be really wary of her coworkers/subordinates in making sure none of them knew about her private business.

    I wonder if she’s pulling an “Andy” to mirror Michae’s pervertedness and test him with it. What’s scary is she really sounds a lot like Creed, just more needy. But yeah I do hope she gets “reborn” and not be as…scary.

    And as for her big news…I can’t think of anything big and lifechanging that could go between her and Michael other than a baby, getting married, or having them move in together. *sarcastically*-> Or maybe her great news is that she’s getting a puppy. *rolls eyes*

    I hope the season finale clears a lot of stuff up…why is it sooo far away??

  241. 310 – Dillyo of Life

    I think you mean Ryan wanted to call “Katie” there was never an “Amy”

  242. Hot Dog Fingers 290 –

    Wow, I have often hypothesized that “Casino Night” conversation between Pam and her mom. It’s my guess (hope?) that it went something like this (way abbreviated, of course):

    Pam’s Mom: When did this happen??
    PAM: About ten minutes ago.
    Pam’s Mom: Did you tell him how you felt?
    PAM: No, I didn’t know what to say.
    Pam’s Mom: You have always said you felt a special connection to Jim.
    PAM: Yes, I know….
    Pam’s Mom: Would you consider something with him?
    PAM: I don’t know mom, he’s my best friend.
    Pam’s Mom: ***sorry, can’t write this line, I tried for 20 mins!!!***
    PAM: Yeah, he’s great
    Pam’s Mom: Are you in love with him?
    PAM: I think I am
    Pam’s Mom: Oh wow…..
    PAM: Um, I have to go….

    And then, of course, Jim enters and he and Pam passionately kiss. =)

    And Mr. Algini, great observations. Oh, I just can’t wait for Pam to say more things next week!!!!!

  243. This episode was just disgusting. I didn’t even make past the first 8 mintues! This used to be a great show about people just going about their day and running into funny or awkward situations. . . this episode was neither of those. It was offensive and perverse. This isn’t jr. high anymore. That kind of thing may get a giggle from adolecents who are hopped up on hormones but for the rest of us adults, this is just sick & wrong.

  244. I’m really surprised by the number of people who were offended by Women’s Appreciation and feel it was a great departure from other Office episodes. While the penis/phallic references were plentiful, Michael’s behaviour was absolutely real to his character since the show began. He has an ‘adolescent’ sense of humour and when situations are tense in the office, it is at it’s best/worst (sexual harassment, diversity day just to name two).

    I thick the writers were sensitive to the audience about the subject matter. While a show laden with sexual innuendo might appear to have been ripe for TWSS comments, there were none. I think that was deliberate because it would have changed the context of the humour to something cruder.

    There was so much ‘classic’ Michael in this episode and one of my favourites was when he was trying to convince Angela to get some new underwear in VS. He is so genuine and sincere in his belief that new underwear is the ultimate thank you gift he can give to the women of the office he does not see anything inappropriate about it at all. That it was Angela of all the women in the office was absolutely perfect. Spot on writers!

    Everyone involved in the Office productions week to week must have such a laugh. Would that everyone could have so much fun at work.

  245. 313 | Pavlov’s Altoid

    My bad. I guess I was thinking of Amy Adams who PLAYED Katie. Thanks.

  246. Hey Hot Dog Fingers(btw, my favorite of all the fake diseases!)

    Last May, I posted my own hypothesis on Pam’s phone conversation with her mom in another forum. I felt her mom would be practical and a little less leading with her questions, since Pam was to marry Roy in a matter of weeks:

    Mom: When did this happen?

    Pam: About ten minutes ago.

    Mom: Did you say anything to him?

    Pam: No, I didn’t know what to say.

    Mom: Well, Pam, you’re marrying Roy.

    Pam: Yes, I know.

    Mom: Do you have feelings for Jim?

    Pam: Um, I don’t know, Mom, he’s my best friend.

    Mom: He seems like a nice guy.

    Pam: Yeah, he’s great.

    Mom: Are you in love with him?

    Pam: Yeah, I think I am.

    I can’t say enough how great Jenna was in that scene. Her emotion was so real. Her voice even cracked a bit when she said, “yeah, I think I am.” I immediately thought it had to be her answer to the love question.

  247. O apologize if this has already been said, but did anyone else feel that michael was finally back to “normal” this episode. not over the top like the rest of this season, but normal and dare i say it, funny.

  248. Josh and Jake-

    I think you’re both about right in your conjecture of Pam’s conversation with Mom. I suppose we’ll never know, and the other end of Pam’s conversation may not have ever been written.

    Given the promo for “Beach Games”, I think we’ll hear, and soon, Pam’s feelings expressed in her own words.

    Go, Fancy New Beasley!

  249. So what in the world did Ryan say to Jim? I’ve watched the episode twice and still can’t figure out exactly what went on.

  250. Hey, I just noticed this and let me know if you saw it, too.

    During the scene when Michael is talking to Toby, and says “Prove it, let’s see your penis!”, keep an eye on John Krasinski immediately afterward. He’s covering his mouth to hide that he’s cracking up at Steve Carell. It’s pretty funny.

  251. In the “Favorite Quotes” section here I don’t see the discussion between Jim and his male workmates in the bathroom regarding his 6-month anniversary with Karen. I don’t have any way to re-watch the episode (unless I buy at at itunes I guess) so I was wondering if someone could post it. I’m remembering something like Jim saying “why are you guys looking at me like that” and then someone says “we thought you were just hooking up”. Anyway, I would be very appreciative!

  252. I don’t know about anybody else, but the scene of Kelly jumping up and down in the Victoria’s Secret cracks me up. So I made an animated gif of it, in a couple different sizes. Here are the links if anybody wants a copy of it:

    Big version – 500×276 – 986kb

    Small version – 300×166 – 328kb

  253. 325 | JamCram

    Thanks. I guess this was new information, then? I was confused because I thought (wrongly) it was referencing something else I missed.

  254. 323 | Voltaire

    I think Ryan basically says that he made a move on Karen because he thought that Jim and her were just “hooking up”.

  255. Back to Casino Night again for a second, I know this has probably been addressed, but I’ve never completely understood what happened between Jim’s confession in the parking lot and Jim coming back into the office to kiss Pam. Did Jim just decide to come back, or did Pam call him? I’ve always thought it was the former, but I wasn’t sure.

    I keep watching the promo for Beach Games over and over. I LOVE the enthusiasm in Pam’s voice….I have never heard her sound so alive! I think Jenna and the writers have done a terrific job with the evolution of Pam this season. I mean, Pam is nowhere near the same person she was last year. I know this sounds kinda lame, but I am really proud of her….breaking up with Roy (twice), continuing to pull great pranks on Dwight in Jim’s absence (and upon his return) pursuing her love of art, processing all of her jumbled, pent-up feelings for Jim and still being friendly to Karen (well, more around Benihana Christmas time). Look out world, here comes Pammy! (I won’t call you Pammy, Pam.)

  256. If Karen leaves, it would be interesting if her position was filled by a Jim-a-like who develops a relationship with Pam. I think I miss the Jim worshipping Pam tension of Seasons 1 and 2 rather than the reverse scenerio of Season 3.

  257. Lol! True to form, whenever these guys write an episode a reference to Pam’s breasts!! Hahah.

  258. Did anyone else notice Kelly dancing in the car to Michael’s ringtone?

  259. My only real complaints:

    – The women’s bathroom being *that* nice was a bit unreal. Let’s be honest–it’s a paper company, not a publishing company or something! And at the very least this would be enjoyed by the NY office and not the lowly Scrantonites.

    – I thought it was strange that Pam was revelling in the idea of Roy beating up a flasher, wishing that someone had done that while they were still together. And then to bring up Jim was just bizarre…that talking head def made me go “??”

  260. Speaking of Kelly, when Pam asked her how things were going with Ryan, was anyone else suprised to hear her say “awesome, no, I mean AWFUL, but its awesome sometimes?” (And thats when we got the first of Karen’s “thoughtful glances,” as if she was thinking “yeah, I know a little bit about what thats like”) Thought Kelly was happy with Ryan, but then maybe she found out about Ryan’s email to Karen.

  261. I just watched it again, and I have to say that the whole pam talking head about Roy beating up someone was just weird.

    The episode as a whole wasnt that good, we’ll see next week what happens I guess. Also, I hope Michael can find a girlfriend again or even back with Jan??

    Dwight has been inside the womens room when he went to see what was written on the bathroom walls about Michael. Wouldnt have Dwight noticed the couch and all the nice stuff??? Its just weird.

  263. Los Benitos #333,

    At first I thought Pam’s talking head about how she wished someone would have flashed her while she was with Roy was a little strange. After watching it again several times, however, it doesn’t really seem all that strange, and certainly not out of character as some have opined.

    There have been a few times that Pam has gotten a little carried away in her talking heads and had to reel herself back in a little (e.g., “Michael’s Birthday”, “The Merger”, and some more that aren’t coming to mind immediately). In “Women’s Appreciaton”, her talking head after Phyllis was flashed and at a time when all of the women in the office (upon re-watching it) appear visibly concerned about their safety. Thus, it begins with her wishing that someone had flashed her while she was with Roy because Roy would have been there to protect her and deliver the “ass-kicking of the year.” She paused, and then said “especially if it had been Jim”, obviously reflecting on Roy’s rage in “Cocktails” after finding out that Jim had come on to her and kissed her, followed by the physical assault in “The Negotiation.” After that, Pam again paused breifly and it was obvious that she was allowing herself to get side-tracked (and visibly excited) by the thought of seeing Jim’s anatomy. The tone of Jenna’s voice when she says “He would not have wanted me to see Jim’s . . .” makes it clear that she had completely digressed from her original subject (not being afraid if she were still with Roy because he woudl have protected her), she let her guard down a little, and she then allowed her mind to wander off, if ever so briefly, to a little fantasy. She caught herself before saying too much, and the “whew, I am, I am saying a lot of things” was said with an obvious tone of embarrassment as if she really meant “wow, I’ve said a little too much.”

    Personally, I thought it was Pam’s most entertaining talking head of the series and it was wonderfully performed by Jenna. To watch it again and see how her thoughts are scattering so much and to observe her embarrassment when she realizes that maybe she is saying a little too much really made me appreciate the entire scene. Sure, we’re not accustomed to hear sweet little Pam say things like that, but remember, this is a more honest Pam.

    Again, maybe I’m crazy and maybe I read too much into certain things, but I thought that Pam’s talking head was completely hilarious and absolutely adorable. For what its worth, the scene showed us, at least in my opinion, the best of both Pam and Jenna.

  264. 336 Mrs. Michael Scott,
    Answer, when Dwight is on a mission, he sees nothing else. No couch or magazines, just his goal. They also mention he went in on “Conflict Resolution”

    Commenting on Pam wanting to Jim’s pants off, *spoiler warning* I think it foreshadows into her wanting to be honest in Beach Games. *Spoiler UN-warning* By her saying that even crossed her mind on television say she has more confidence and is following through with her vow from Cocktails. YAY for Pam!!

    All in All, the episode fell back too much on sexual comedy. I’m sorry but I like the clean comedy on the show so sue me. To me, sex is a crutch only to be used sparingly.

  265. Callan, I just watched that scene over again…and oh yes John was trying hard not to laugh. You could tell he was really trying to hold it in, too. How cute!

    Also, Steve has such an adorable laugh!

  266. After that scene where Karen says that she has things to return while at the Mall did anyone else think that maybe they were hinting that Karen will also be returning something else soon….Jim to Pam?

  267. Didn’t think it was that funny. Wish we could be less dramatic and more comedic throughout. But that’s just my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

  268. Re #337 James P Albini: Thank you so much for dissecting Pam’s TH about being with Roy if she was the one who was flashed! I was perplexed about the segment when I saw it the first time (the show is too smart for me, dangit!), but after reading your analysis, the importance of the TH became clear to me. Wow…Jim has been on Pam’s mind a lot these days :) Kudos to Jenna for her understated but absolutely laugh-out-loud portrayal and agreed that Pam was just totally adorable as she gradually realised that she had gotten way too side-tracked as the TH went on. Thanks again for clearing things up!

  269. In response to comment #340:

    No, you’re reaching waaaaaaay too far.

  270. Someone probably already mentioned this, but I thought it was nice that Pam, Andy and Jim all ended collaborating for a prank on Dwight without actually commiserating on it. When Jim saw that poster on the fridge you could really tell that it reminded him of how awesome Pam is, and Pam must have felt good about Jim using it to enrage Dwight. It’s usually Pam that plays assistant to Jim’s pranks, but she has proven that she can be just as clever and outgoing as he can. And Andy finally being in on a joke was good to see as well.

  271. i liked this episode.

    kelly dancing to michael’s ring tone = awsome.
    michael wanting to buy angela panties? = fantastic.
    karen/pam tension at the food court? = greatness.
    michael and jan’s break up? = heartbreaking, but needed to be done.


    ……i miss jam.

  272. “Michael’s “shrunken chesticles” comment”

    I was thinking about that, too. My immediate response to it was that Jan is hot and that I’ve never really noticed her “size.”

    My second response was to wonder how the writers tell an actress that they’re going to add disparaging remarks about her body into the script.

  273. Isn’t Michael’s wishes for the women so sweet? I don’t get the Phyllis one, but I don’t think he gets Phyllis either. But Angela a heart and Kelly a brain? Priceless. And Pam more courage? Don’t we all wish that Michael, don’t we all?

  274. That was a really good episode. I’m a fan of the Mike/Jan relationship but who knew it was so crazy. That really took me by surprise. The dudes hanging out in the woman’s bathroom was my favorite part, that was hilarious.

  275. I think this hasn’t been mentioned yet, but I was reading an article by Jenna where she said she had to use a bed sheet for curtains. I wonder if the writers thought about that when using the robe for towels.
    Yes sorry very random.

  276. “My second response was to wonder how the writers tell an actress that they’re going to add disparaging remarks about her body into the script.”

    Yeah – they’ve been doing this to Phyllis all along.

  277. I don’t understand the whole exchange between Ryan & Jim in the women’s bathroom? So Ryan wrote an email to Karen asking her out? Even though he’s with Kelly and Jim was “hooking up” (or so he thought) with her? That seems kind of jerky, even for him…

  278. Spicy Curry, I thought the same thing when I saw it, but I guess Ryan really is supposed to be that jerky. I guess he’s supposed to be a jerk, with a likeable side hidden somewhere beneath.

  279. in the beginning, when michael tells toby to show him his penis, and then starts to apologize, you can see jim holding in a laugh in the background.

  280. Tanster, you saw this episode being filmed, right? What was up with the part when Dwight said “Ana-And I know you might be thinking won’t that just shed more light…” It seemed like he stuttered on that line, but they left it in the episode. Was it because the rest of the scene was shot perfectly and they wanted to keep that human aspect (mistake) in the episode? Thanks.

  281. “Respect, did you hear that Dwight?
    Yes… did you hear that Michael?
    No Dwight! Respect RES..eveT Find out what that means to me!!”

    I love that, its hilarious!

  282. I have a few words, if that is okay with you. One:
    I am obsessed with John Krasinski/Jim Halpert.
    Two: I like the office just the way it is.
    Three:I loved Dwight’s performance as well as Jim’s.
    Dwight was so incredibly funny, and Jim…When Dwight
    said he had…IT on the brain, Jim gave that little
    eye-opening thing that made me re-watch it all over again eighty-thousand times. Triple true.
    Well, thanks for letting me post.
    (I loved the last part, too… “Pam!!!”)

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