The Office: Vandalism, 9.14

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The Office: Vandalism

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Lee Kirk

Summary (NBC): Pam’s warehouse mural is defaced — when Pam asks the office to help her track down the vandal who defaced her mural, Dwight and Nellie spring to action. Darryl has difficulty dealing with the cleanliness habits of Jim in their shared Philly apartment. Meanwhile, Angela grudgingly allows Oscar and Kevin to attend her son’s first birthday party.

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In a poll conducted January 31-February 4, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.67/10

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The Office Vandalism quotes

Erin: Welcome to me and Darryl’s World of Lies.

Erin: Like the sneakiest little sneaky sneak you ever saw.

Erin: Darryl, meet Bear-ryl.

Pam: Are those, are those butts?

Oscar: As a politician in this town, you still need the conventional blonde wife on your lawn signs. He is risking everything to have me there today.

Angela: If you get to bring a stud, maybe I do, too.

Darryl: Just a couple of grown, sexy-ass roommates.

Darryl: I ordered them by their Google Trend Ranking so we know who to hit first.
Jim: Who is this guy. We are killing it.

Dwight: Super secret classified conference room meeting. Now!

Erin: Oh. They used worse paint than your paint.

Meredith: It’s 6782, not 83.
Creed: 6783’s also a good time. Less mileage.

Pam: Apparently, he is very passionate about public art.

Dwight: If there’s anything I hate worse than art, it’s crime.

Pam: I was hoping for a righteous mob, I ended up with Dwight and Nellie. But they both have a mob mentality, and I’m pretty sure Dwight has a pitchfork in his car.

Dwight: What is it? I have vengeance to exact.

Dwight: My fetish is signed drawings of butts.

Oscar: How can anyone that weighs less than a guinea hen be so terrifying?

Darryl: Reading is tricky sometimes.

Darryl: Are you going to wash it or are you going to let it soak?

Frank: I’m sorry I didn’t like your crappy doodles. I drew a butt. Big deal. Butts are funny.

Frank: You people can’t fire me. So screw you.

Dwight: Your little feelings party didn’t work out?

Pam: We should go scorched earth on that guy’s face.

Dwight: Normally, I find Pam to be a comforting, if unarousing, presence in the office. Like a well-watered fern.

Dwight: And I’m like, wow, Pam has kind of a good butt.

Dwight: He even looks like a mole.

Senator Lipton: It’s time that we bid bigotry hasta luego.

Darryl: What happened to my Tavis Smileys?

Dwight: Now go make your hands rough with work.

Darryl: Your husband is like a sloppy, homeless hobo.

Dwight: I have to say, I like hanging out with a vengeful bitch.
Pam: I know. You miss Angela, don’t you.

Dwight: Don’t sympathize, you’re ruining the mood.

Kevin: You suck. You’re like, a terrible person. These guys care about you, and you’re just using them. Again, the food was very good.

Brian: If you ever need me, you just call me, and I’ll be there for you.

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  1. I wonder who would deface Pam’s mural. Sounds good, like always. “Dwight springs to action.” – Reminds me of the time Phyllis got flashed and when they found a joint in the parking lot. Good ol’ Dwight.

  2. My theory is that Andy had defaced the mural to upset Nellie as Nellie had something to do with it, and then due to Andy taking three months off and vandalising the mural, David Wallace will fire him. This leads to either Darryl or Jim being offered the job, and they will have to decide between the secure regional manager job, or risk it to get the job he has always wanted.

  3. Whoever Dwight hires as the part-time salesman in the previous episode will deface the mural & get fired in the following episode. Doubtful they’d “fire” a regular this late in the run.

  4. Maybe Pam gets fired for the client she insulted a few episodes back, (“Hey Kool-aid!”) and then moves to Philly with Jim, and decides to pursue her art career again. The guy in the season 4 episode “Job Fair” did tell her to try New York or Philadelphia…

  5. Sounds good but… are these the epic must-see story lines that Greg promised??? I know we’ll see the doc-crew but is that enough? Where’s the Dwight/Angela wedding? The Mike-Scott return?? I was expecting bigger things.

  6. I wonder if this episode will tell us about what is going to happen with Angela and the Senator

  7. I’m excited, especially with Angela having a main-ish plot in this episode, but her and Dwight will be on opposite sides of things…

  8. We haven’t see what is on the mural as yet, but remember that Pam had already painted a mural for Angela and she insisted that the animals be fully clothed? Maybe there is something in the warehouse mural that she is offended by, and with the stress of knowing her husband is gay and had an affair with her co-worker that she just snaps and defaces part of the mural? So my guess is Angela will be the one fired.

  9. Maybe Daryl will deface the mural so he gets fired and will receive a severance package, that way he doesn’t have to quit to move to Philly. That would give Pam another reason to dislike the Athlead situation.

  10. I really can’t imagine Andy firing anyone from the “classic gang”. He would fire Nellie without a moment’s thought, but none of the others, surely. I do like @10’s idea of Darryl trying to force Andy to fire him though, just like he did in Lotto.

    (I am presuming that Andy will finally be back by this point and doing the firing. Unless it’s Andy himself being fired of course, but we have already had that in season 8.)

  11. @Daniel G (11) I find that odd as well. I really hope the Jim & Pam story line ISN’T headed towards a divorce.

  12. Jim needs to spend more time in Philly so he got an apartment there. Pam is just finishing up in Scranton.

  13. Might sound weird, but I bet Pam defaces it herself. She’s upset and maybe taking it out on her art. Just a thought.

  14. If the fired person is the vandal, then it can’t be Pam. I don’t understand why Pam would be fired for vandalizing her own mural (as Abbey suggested), or even how Andy could bring himself to fire Pam at all.

    Of course, Andy could be fired for his long, unannounced vacation, which still fits with the “there’s drama, and someone has to pay for it” aspect of the firing.

    So basically, I’ve narrowed this down to four possibilities, remembering that the firing is not until the following episode:

    Possibility 1: Whoever vandalizes the mural is fired. This just seems too obvious, unless the vandal is someone we wouldn’t really expect, but who wouldn’t harm the show to be fired.

    Possibility 2: Pam defaced the mural herself in self-frustration. The next episode, in a separate plotline, Andy returns and is fired by an angry David Wallace.

    Possibility 3: A returning, disgruntled Gabe (he’s supposed to return sometime, right?) or other ex-employee or Dunder-Mifflin foe is responsible. The next episode, in a separate plotline, Andy returns and is fired.

    I really hope it’s either none of the above or Possibility 1, but with a totally unexpectable vandal.

  15. @9 The mural looks like it’ll be of the group of employees that helped with the complaint tower back in 9.08. Probably won’t offend anyone. But I don’t mind Pam sabotaging her own painting.

  16. I have this theory: there are two people I think one of them is the main suspect of ruining Pam’s mural; one is Angela, because she might be still upset about the thing with the Senator (for being gay) and because Pam told her in the latest episode (“Customer Loyalty”) that he went to the warehouse to see her mural, and the other suspect is Pam herself, because she’s still upset after fighting with Jim on the phone. My other guess is if someone’s gonna be fired in the next episodes, that won’t be Andy, because of course David Wallace was OK with him going sailing in his family boat for weeks in order to support his family. Besides, I don’t care if Gabe returns, the guy is a tall douche.

  17. Something dramatic is going to happen that leads to someone getting fired in episode 15. That might be about Pam’s mural. But, maybe not. What if something else dramatic happens in this episode or the next? We don’t even know for sure if it’s a Dunder Mifflin employee who gets fired.

  18. Considering they were planning a Dwight spinoff when this season was arced out, it seems obvious to me the fired person is Dwight. Not that he’ll stay fired.

  19. Jeeez, poor Pam. She is just getting crapped on in these last few episodes. I feel so bad for her. Especially during Jim and Pam’s fight. I’m just thinking good grief what else can go wrong for her and sure enough somebody wrecks her work. She most certainly needs a hug. Looks as though Brian may come in handy after all. Rut row.

  20. Prediction: things degrade a lot between Jim and Pam, so Pam calls Brian. She goes over to his place intending to do the dirty, but at the last minute realizes she loves Jim and leaves before doing anything.
    I really don’t see how they could end the show without this playing out. They wouldn’t introduce this drama just to have Pam not do anything about it..

  21. You guys. You know how GD has been talking about how he wanted to use this season to explore what it would have been like if Jim and Pam hadn’t gotten together? And then we all assumed that he was exploring this through Pete and Erin? But what if Pete was just a decoy and Brian has been the other Jim the whole time? Apparently Mindy pitched something Pam/Brian-ish back in season 3 and they tabled it. They’ve known it the whole time. BRIAN IS GOSSIP GIRL.

  22. Brian obviously gets fired. They said it at the very end. He’s getting fired for interfering with the show.

  23. Nothing about this one worked for me. Hate that Brian has been introduced in this way. Don’t know what they did to Jim and the Senator, Angela, Oscar didn’t work either. Who would have thought Kevin would have the logic.

  24. I’ve always liked Pam, even when she was a bit wimpy as Roy’s better half but really, writers… many guys in Pam’s world are going to fall madly in love with her and be afraid to tell her…..Jim the “perfect” man, the dude from art school and now boom boom Brian….come on, it’s a bit silly….

  25. Perhaps it was Brian who vandalized the mural. Thinking an upset Pam would want to find comfort in him with an absent Jim!

  26. The writers changed way too much of Jim’s character (morally) for nothing more than a gimmicky way to introduce the first documentarian. It’s hard to believe that a guy who lost it on his wife for not recording their daughter’s dance recital would somehow ignore them completely a couple weeks later.

    I do applaud the creative team and writers for somehow “Breaking the fourth wall” in a show where all characters speak to the viewers. When Brian tells the camera man to cut the video off, it’s the first time we as an audience are acknowledged by, in a weird sense, an audience member

  27. I’ve tried hard to keep the faith! But these two episodes tonight have proven to me that it’s time for the office to go :-(. Without Mindy, BJ, Steve, Ed, and now basically John, this show lost it. Here’s to hoping that the last few episodes will at least be halfway decent :-/

  28. I agree with Anne. This everybody falls in love with Pam stuff is ridiculous. They are absolutely ruining the series for me with this Brian drama. I hate it.

  29. I HATE DRAMA!!!!!!! That’s why I love The Office! The writers need to keep their teenage daughters out of the meetings so they can forget the drama and get back to what makes the show great; Pure Pam and Jim and well-written comedy.

  30. I don’t like to complain every time Jim and Pam have some sort of trouble, since every marriage has its rough patches, but I really don’t like this plot with Brian. I feel like it’s pretty obvious that Pam will struggle with her feelings and think about doing something with Brian, but will end up being faithful to Jim. If the writers decide that Pam and Brian will have some sort of physical relationship then they’ll basically be flipping the bird to nearly every office fan out there, so I’m sure they won’t let anything happen between her and Brian. I also think it’s pretty obvious that Dwight and Angela will end up together. The only couple that I’m not quite sure about is Erin and Andy/Pete, but evidently the writers aren’t even sure about what’s going to happen there.

  31. I know I’m in the minority here, but I really loved both episodes tonight, Vandalism included.

    I know a lot of people can’t fathom any drama in the Jim/Pam relationship, but calm down! Pam hasn’t shown even the slightest intention of cheating on Jim. And at the end of Junior Salesman, Jim’s line about falling in love with the person who worked next to him, that shows that Brian may have had feelings just as strong as Jim’s , but he was never allowed to act on them. In a way, I’m actually very curious to learn more about Brian

  32. Does anyone else hope Jim and Pam split up? Watching her consider hooking up with Brian and then re-visiting a bunch of clips that show Jim and Pam falling in love would be lazy and predictable. Pam is the worst.

  33. I’m surprised no one is saying something about Kevin saying something smart. People complained so much about him being a caricature, yet no one is saying anything.

  34. I’m shocked at how many negative comments there are! People have been complaining for the past few years about how boring the past few seasons are. Now that it’s interesting again, they’re STILL not happy? Good grief. I’ve been watching this show religiously since the 1st season and it has always been clear that the show is centered around the Jim/Pam storyline. The fact that the Office writers are returning to that makes me INCREDIBLY happy. I’ve been DYING for some Pam/Jim drama and now that we have it, I’m thrilled. I’m as hardcore of a JAM shipper as anyone but they are just WAY too perfect. Jim is having a bit of a crisis and he needs someone to bring him back from that so that Jerk!Jim isn’t our last image of him at the end of the season. And the fact that they’re having one of the crew guys shake things up, a crew guy who has presumably been around for 9 years now and is just as invested in JAM as the rest of us, is a great way to make it happen. I love you all, Office writers. You guys never cease to amaze me.

  35. after watching 9.13, I felt literally woozy and more so when brian showed up in this episode. The “mike” thing was cute but again, in another world if jim didn’t exist, I’d root pam on, but that’s not how it is. Please Pam don’t stray!

  36. @29, Beth, You may be on to something. I had another thought – what if in the “Jim and Pam never happened” scenario, Brian is Jim, in the sense that he’s been filming Pam all these years, he’s been in love with her all this time, but he’s had to watch her fall in love, get married to and have children with this other guy? He’s the Jim that never said anything, that never made a move. I’m really intrigued to see what happens next week when he shares a meal with Jim and Pam. I wonder if Jim will realise Brian’s feelings for his wife, since he doesn’t seem to be able to contain them anymore. Maybe it’ll make him think about how that could have been him.

  37. This whole Brian storyline is weird and seems so sudden. I guess it’s a little too postmodern for me.

    I don’t see this playing out in a way that feels true to the show. But whatever. I’ll watch it anyway. How many more eps are left?

  38. #45, I agree completely.

    The problem with Season 8 was that the writers played it safe. There was never really much at stake, unless you want to count the Andy/Erin stuff. While I enjoyed several episodes and there was some genuinely funny stuff, it was mostly forgettable television.

    This season, the writers are taking some chances, and I absolutely applaud them for that. People saying it feels rushed… it’s been two episodes since the doc crew was introduced! Let the storyline play out before passing judgment, because I fully expect a satisfying conclusion (TWSS).

  39. Tonight’s Jim is too different from the Jim we’ve come to know. The writers need to bring him back several notches so that he’s recognizable as the guy we know who’s struggling to make this venture work. It’s OK that he’s enjoying his “bachelor pad” but he doesn’t have to get snarky about it. Kevin stole the show tonight.

  40. What if the writers are messing with us? For all we know, Brian could be related to Pam in some way? Maybe the writers are letting our minds just “run a muck.”

  41. The idea that they are going to throw a love triangle at us with 12 episodes left is beyond stupid. They took two and a half seasons to resolve the Jim/Pam story and now they’re going to “shake things up” with so little time left means either it’s going to be truncated with little depth and massive personality changes like Jim’s tonight all to be resolved with some cliche or they will destroy the central relationship of the show.

  42. Hm, really liked this episode. Not sure about the Pam/Brian storyline, but I get it. I thought Catherine Tate was super funny. Also Mark Proksch! Nate is super funny. Really looking forward to how the season progresses!

  43. I think Brian is Jim’s brother-in-law. Pam told Brian at the start of the episode to say hi to Alyssa. I’m pretty sure Alyssa is Jim’s sister. Although that wouldn’t prevent him from having feelings for Pam. Maybe he is protective. (That’s what I’m hoping so there isn’t some lame love triangle this late in the game). Could this whole documentary be an art project for Pam? The ultimate “senior project” to submit for a job?

  44. Guys, did anyone else notice we finally got to see into that storage room next to accounting?

    [from tanster: pretty cool, right? it’s actually their backstage!]

  45. 54. Ashley, according to Wikipedia, Jim’s sister’s name is Larissa.

    Was the picture on the pickup truck the reason why tonight’s episode was “TV-14?”

    And I think it was great that Kevin finally said something smart and insightful.

  46. Am I the only one completely ignoring the drama?
    Not that sucked into it.

    I’m just waiting for Michael to pop up soon. BOOM!


    It will be the greatest moment ever…

  47. Ugh. This Jim/Pam/Brian stuff is lame. Let me guess…things get worse between Jim and Pam until,they watch the documentary, see all the love, and it makes them fall in love all over again. sigh.

  48. I really enjoyed this episode. Kevin was amazing. You could see Angela’s smile when he told Senator Lipton that he sucked. I’m so happy he stood up for his little Accounting Family.

  49. I liked tonight’s episodes a lot re: the humor (“That son of a #[email protected]#@ is Malaysian.”), but this Brian thing, yeah. Foisted on us like Pete. Why can’t we have a last season devoted to the existing characters? (And where was Brian when Roy was manhandling Pam back in the day, anyway? I mean, really, what a creep — way to use her darkest time yet to try to get with her. Ugh.)

  50. Very fitting that this episode should be directed by a guy who is actually in love with Jenna – her husband!

  51. Anyone else notice that there are no jokes in the quotes from this episode? They should be embarrassed of that scene where one character we’ve only seen one time defends Pam from a character we’ve never seen before. Who’s writing this show now?

  52. Maybe Pam dated Brian during that brief period she was dating back in season 3. Remember after she broke it off with Roy.

    They dated a few times.. she wanted to stay friends because she still had feelings for Jim, and Brian sticked around hoping it wouldn’t work out with Jim.

    I’m thinking Brian was one of the main influences on the documentary crew still being there. Now that he has been fired, they might start looking around and wondering, “Why are we still here?”

  53. I dont understand why the “Drama” between Jim and Pam always has to be about a third part and the potential to cheat.

    Alex and Pam, then Jim and the girl from last season now Pam and Brian.

    If this show went another Season would there be all new Jim and Pam Drama but with a girl coming between them with Jim? To keep the pattern going?

    The raising a family drama was good, it was real. Now it just seems they added a played out story line on top of it just for the sake of drama

  54. #45 Laurie, I understand what you are saying, but if Pam even THINKS of kissing Brian, much less anything else, she becomes this JOKE of a person that simply runs to the nearest guy to her whenever anything goes wrong in her relationships…..pathetic. And how convenient that Jim, the ROCK and person the office spent YEARS showing as her soulmate, conveniently turns into a complete idiot. LAZY story telling.

  55. @55, Yes, I noticed! As soon as they left the closet I recognized it from the Valentines Day episode from Season 7 (PDA) and I was like, that’s where Phillip was conceived!

  56. @44- You’re absolutely right about Kevin! Not only did he say something smart, but Angela actually seemed to appreciate it! I hope there is more development on this…

  57. @ Kevin. So far, from what I’ve seen, Pam hasn’t considered hooking up with Brian. She was simply being nice. I don’t think she’s even really aware if Brian has feelings for her. After reading some of these comments, even some of YOU aren’t so sure. Ease up, she’s not the worst, she’s just caught in the middle.

  58. On the whole, I felt like these were some underwhelming episodes to pair together. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few laugh-worthy moments in both of them, but did little to advance any story-lines (aside from the Jim/Pam/Brian story). Out of the mouths of babes…Kevin’s line was perhaps the most powerful line of the night.

    Of course, the Brian-drama is what pulls everything in. To think that such a small portion of both episodes evokes such a strong reaction from fans is a testament to the work that the writers have done to create such lovable and incredible characters. Of course, I have no fear that the Brian drama will amount to much in the grand scheme of Jim/Pam. At most, I predict Brian will be like another Alex from the Pratt Institute.

  59. I have loved these last few episodes. The Jim/Pam storyline is very realistic. Have you ever went through a major life-change like that? Jim “changing” happens in real life, in real stress. It’s not unrealistic in any way. It’s also not unrealistic that someone who has been a part of their lives for 9 years (Brian) is seeing the change in him and seeing how left alone Pam is feeling. I love the “real-ness” of this. No relationship is ever perfect. I believe the writers will keep our beloved Jim and Pam together, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this whole thing will play out!

  60. I really don’t think it Brian is related to Pam. At the end of Junior Saleman when Jim is talking about falling in love with Pam because of sitting near her, they show Brian. The message is clear…Brian is in love with Pam.

  61. I think we’re headed towards a Casino Night redux with Pam/Brian. Jim/Pam will continue to fight obviously and the “call me anytime you need me” will obviously lead to who she calls after next big fight. I can see Brian revealing feelings + kissing her and Pam being conflicted in a bit of poetic justice towards Jim.

  62. Count me in as one of the few that is enjoying the Jim/Pam drama. I love my PB&J, but whenever I think of my favorite moments, I think of seasons 1,2, and 3. 4 was amazing, but that was because it was fresh. Unfortunately, on TV, happy marriages = boring TV. I very much doubt that PB&J aren’t going to get their happy ending, so it’s nice to see a little drama to make them appreciate each other again. Also, I kind of love the idea that Brian is sort of a Jim, that we didn’t know about.

  63. Also, for the people saying that Jim has changed too much morally…WHAT? For having one tantrum? People in LDR do and say much worse. Considering that Pam said that it is “mostly” sorted out, we can assume that Jim did apologize privately to Pam, and they are trying to get past it. Jim did interfere with Dwight’s salesman pick because of her.

  64. Pam is just a really nice person and some guys just tend to take a women’s natural concern and niceness as something more. Brian most likely does have feelings for her but knows she is married with children. He left the door open when he told her if she ever needed him to call. I am enjoying these episodes. I will be sorry to see the show end.

  65. While Pam and documentary dude having an affair would probably cause Office fans to burn down NBC headquarters, it would definitely make the show more interesting.

  66. I thought it was a terrible episode. As someone who has seen every episode over a dozen times since season 1, and that’s not an exaggeration, is the only thing the writers can come up with is cheating? it’s been done….it’s terribly uncreative.

  67. Yeah, I loved both of these episodes and am enjoying the Jim and Pam storyline. It feels very realistic to me – life changes and you try to figure out how to keep moving along the same path together. This isn’t about Brian – it’s about the normal things that happen in a long-term relationship – someone takes a new job and your lives change and it’s a struggle. As a married person I can totally relate.

  68. Hmm, the attempted assault seemed extreme, but I don’t really mind the Brian stuff. I do mind Jim – doesn’t seem like him, though I suppose it’s possible he could get lost in a dream job. Still… remember this?

    New Baby
    Everything else

    Makes me sad. After 9 years, I really care about these fictitious folks.

  69. It occurred to me last night that there is a Cyrano de Bergerac thing going on with Brian. He has been physically so close to Pam all these years, literally as close as Jim as we saw last night, but she was “forbidden” because he couldn’t cross the line of the documentary. I bet we find out that Brian was helping Jim with winning Pam away from Roy. Now, that he is fired, he has nothing to hold him back. He is going to try to win Pam for himself, but will fail. In essence, we will indeed see what would happen if Jim and Pam never got together. It is nerve wracking to watch now, but if that is how it plays out, it is brilliant writing.

  70. I know that this is random, but has anyone else ever wondered what happened to the Senator’s first son? You know, the one that was with him at the hay festival back in Season 7. I don’t think he’s been seen at all since that episode and it really just doesn’t make sense… I mean, his mother is dead, so where else would he be. On a somewhat related note, the senator is really a douche.

  71. My BIGGEST issue is it has ALREADY been done, by PAM. If she does this again–kisses another guy in a weak moment, the Pam figure is done to me. It would TOTALLY destroy the importance of the JAM ‘specialness’ we have experienced for so long. Jim should move on, because she is just some ditzy girl that is attracted to whatever cute looking guy walks into her life whenever things get serious…..stupid.

  72. I so hope that there isn’t anything going on with Brian. There are only 10 episodes left, and to break up our PB&J would be a complete disaster. 9 seasons just to have them NOT together at the end would be a slap in the face. Tension is good, making it back to Pam without Jim, Jim without Pam, is a BAD move.

  73. I have always shipped Jim/Pam, but I feel like the writers are messing with my head with introducing Brian. It will be interesting to see where they are going with this story-line. I have a love/hate relationship with this Brian thing. So confusing.

    Tanster – Do you know what’s going on with the Jim/Pam/Brian thing or are you as in the dark as we are? What is your reaction?

    [from tanster: i’m just as much in the dark as y’all. i think the introduction of brian is very jarring!]

  74. Getting very frustrated with this season after being happy with the first group of episodes. Clearly, the writers are desperately trying to make up for the last two seasons of minimal plot and character development by cramming as much into the last twelve episodes as possible.

    Also, why on earth did they introduce Clark, Pete and other new characters with so little time left and so many subplots to resolve? Aren’t the eight to ten major characters that have been on this show for years enough?

  75. I feel like the Pam/Brian thing is just insulting to viewers at this point. To me, it really just seems like a lazy device to stir up drama for the final half of the season.

    Brian’s appearance has also stirred up a logical mess of questions about the crew that can’t possibly be kept straight. Why are they finally being shown now? Why have they never intervened in all of the other insane moments that they’ve been around for (like Michael driving a car into a lake, or almost eating a mushroom that would KILL him, or Roy attacking Jim, or whatever else)?

  76. I meant to add to my previous comment (apologies for the double post) – the only way this will conceivably end is with Pam and Jim happily together, having weathered this whole ordeal. Which is why the Brian thing seems like a pretty cheap way to add tension. I don’t think anyone actually thinks Jim and Pam are splitting up, so this seems like a waste of time until the inevitable conclusion.

  77. calm down, people. Jim is being a jerk because he’s caught up in skewed priorities. Pam is low because of it, but loves her man and won’t crack under the pressure of it all with boom boom Brian-even though it’s clear he’s interested.

  78. To me throwing Brian into the mix all of a sudden was awkward. We just met him, it’s just weird to me to see him caring so much about Pam. I don’t care about him yet, like I said we don’t know him. Breaking up PB&J won’t happen but a permanent move to Philly I could see happening.

    I hope Andy and Erin break up when he gets back.

    But I REALLY hope Angela divorces the senator so she can be with Dwight.

  79. I really think people should embrace change, even the unhappy change. Not all relationships end perfectly, this isn’t a fairy tale, even though I agree that the “tension” between Pam and Jim is pretty tame by most marriage problems standards. Also found it very odd that Angela is still with the Senator and he’s openly with Oscar too and she’s putting up with it. Very odd.

  80. I truly have NO PROBLEM with Brian being interested–what with 9 years invested and all, however IF PAM shows interest, after everything we have seen, the show stops dead to me. Then it is lazy Jim=Roy and Brian=Jim and Pam=worthless.

  81. I REALLY don’t want Pam to be confused/tempted by Brian. It would not only kind of ruin Jam’s story a little, for me it would kind of ruin Pam’s character a bit as well. However, I am really looking forward to seeing Brian’s interaction with Jim next week. I’m thinking that the point of it will be for Jim to realise something. I think it will be very interesting to see Jim discover that someone else has had the same feelings for Pam as he did, all this time. To be honest, Jim could stand to be a little jealous at the moment! Pam is breaking her heart over her husband’s absence and seeming detachment at the moment, I kind of would like to see Jim experience a little emotional turmoil over his marriage too.

  82. Blech. Before tonight’s episodes, I was pleased to see The Office had moved away from the cliched, sitcommy love triangle teasers that plagued season eight, and that we were actually going to see a fresh take on realistic marital conflict with no third parties interfering. But now it’s Kathy all over again, this time with Pam being tempted. Is this really the best the writers can do to create drama?

  83. I think we all know how the Jim/Pam stuff will end. The Ady/Erin/Pete storyline is not that interesting to me. I will consider the rest of the season a success as long as they have more Nate. That guy is hilarious.

  84. It seems unlikely that Pam is going to be tempted by Brian. Why would they all have lunch together in the next episode if this was the case? Pam’s in a tough spot; her husband, who has always made her the most important thing in his life, is now trying to launch this new business which has supplanted her in terms of importance. She feels abandoned and Brian is there as a shoulder to cry on, but I don’t think she loves Jim any less.

  85. I think that Kevin’s commment will be the catalyst for a Dwight/Angela reunion, and I can’t wait! Also, I was so excited to see the secret room near accounting. Of course there would need to be a behind-the-scenes area for production, for the crew to put their coats/lunches, etc., but I never thought of that before!

  86. @98
    I guess you can argue it’s Kathy all over again because Pam seems just about as interested in Brian and Jim was in Kathy, which is to say not at all interested.

    The difference I think is Kathy looked to be out for a fling, and Brian seems genuinely into Pam. We can argue the merits of that, but I feel like the point is more that Jim is completely unaware of this potential threat to their relationship or what Pam is really going through. And that’s pretty high stakes for them at this point in their relationship, Brian or no Brian.

  87. Brian who plays Kevin on the show posted Team Brian on twitter, saying he hopes Pam ends with him. It’s not out of character for Pam to cheat anyways… ( i hope he’s kidding about all of that)…


  88. I am so disappointed with the writers making Jim a jerk. For eight seasons we’ve seen nothing but his love and devotion to Pam. Now he’s unaware of her feelings? I agree that it’s an attempt to add drama with the Brian character, but it doesn’t work for me. It’s literally painful to watch Jim being portrayed as someone who is more interested in work than Pam. Give me a break.

  89. @Daniel G, I saw that tweet too, he was totally kidding! He was having a little fun with the fact that fans are so upset. In fact, so was Jenna. She tweeted “So the sense I’m getting from most of your tweets is that Pam should hook up with Brian right? #justkidding”. I think the fact that they’re joking about it when they know fans hate the idea probably means there’s nothing to worry about.

  90. @104 Exactly – there’s already plenty of tension to explore in Jim and Pam’s relationship in the current scenario. So why toss a third party into the mix? There’s a fine line between drama and soap opera, and the writers have crossed it. And judging from interviews, twitter, etc., it seems they’re all having a blast yanking the chains of the Pam/Jim shippers. It’s highly unlikely that “PB&J” will break up, so the potential love triangle is an annoying teaser that is not necessary.

  91. It felt last week that Jim was being a jerk, but in hindsight, it is pretty realistic. For most of us, life is a balance between marriage, kids, career, etc. When there is a change in one, everything else is affected. Jim was a goof-off at work and neglected his career in favor of chasing Pam. Now, he is trying to get his career straight, and isn’t focusing on his marriage. He is just a poor life multi-tasker. I agree with the earlier posters that when they see the documentary and remember what was, all wounds will be healed.

  92. @73 I agree and actually thought we were SUPPOSED to be seeing PhillyJim as different from ScrantonJim. Pam saw it on her trip down there with Darryl and during the argument. PhillyJim is not a slacker “dork” but a driven, motivated professional. Yet PhillyJim is struggling to succeed (both personally and the startup; he is the outsider on a business idea he had) and note no matter what he did he could not convince the investor while with little effort he had relative success in a job he did not like. One thing that triggered the argument was Pam was expecting ScrantonJim to tease her about missing the film and then being excited about her achievement but an exasperated and stressed PhillyJim took his frustration out on her. This is classic relationship stuff.

  93. #79 – totally agree with you – if this documentary has always only been about Pam because the boom guy somehow knows her and is in love with her, I’ll be so pissed. But I remember the season premiere when “someone” (presumably Brian) said to Jim that the documentary was focusing mostly on him? I don’t remember whether it was implied to also be about Pam, but this cannot be some sort of Truman Show thing where the entire world is set up to mess with Jim or Pam. And honestly, it looked like Brian was going to kiss Pam right before he left, which didn’t happen, so I have some hope. Also, I’m with everyone who hates the new character introduction of Brian. It’s too much for the last half of the last season.

    I don’t mind the Jim/Pam fighting, because it happens. And it seems like Jim feels bad, but not bad enough to like APOLOGIZE or realize that what he’s doing is really hurting Pam.

    But, I LOVED Kevin and LOVED the Senator-taking-advantage-of-Angela-and-Oscar storyline. That’s really clever, well-written, realistic, and of course perfectly acted.

  94. My prediction: Jim is going to realize he’s been neglecting his wife and drive back home to Scranton only to walk in on Pam having sex with Brian. How are we seeing it you ask? Toby is filming it. Heartbroken, Jim runs out of the room and frantically calls Michael, who immediately jumps on the first plane to Scranton. They meet at Poor Richards where, after many tears and even more shots of whiskey, they plot to murder Brian. And Toby.

  95. I’ve read most of the comments but forgive me if someone has already said this. It seems to me that what the writers are trying to explore here is the question of: Can one really have it all? For so long, all Jim wanted was Pam and all Pam wanted was Jim. We’ve seen Pam kinda/sorta follow her dreams (I’m thinking of season 5 in art school) but now we’re seeing Jim REALLY chase after the “Philly Jim” career he’s probably always subconsciously wanted. I think, in that sense, this plot-line (ie: tension in their relationship due to distance, Jim’s preoccupation with his new job, even slipping into a Roy-esque persona) is pretty realistic. I just think the speed of it – the fact that (even though he’s been around THEM for 9 years) we as an audience are just now meeting Brian and all of a sudden seeing him flirtily bopping her on the head with the mic and getting fired basically for her – is what’s making it seem unrealistic and ill-conceived. I have faith in these writers, though, and I love this show so I’m here till the end to see how it plays out.

  96. @schrutebeetfarms, I completely agree. I just re-watched both episodes, and I really, really like where the writers are going. I think a lot of the reason everyone is feeling so uncomfortable with this is that it’s so fast, and it’s so mind-blowing to think about how Brian and the others have been watching this for nine years, just like us. I mean, we’re all attached to the characters, so why shouldn’t he/they be? And I don’t agree that Jim is being jerky. Sure, he’s stressed with work — who wouldn’t be? And really, guys? Are you asking him to put aside his dreams for Pam? I mean, he’s already done that. He shouldn’t have to. So I’m going to let Jim learn how to balance life because that’s what people do. Plus, he was really sweet with Pam in these two episodes… But I did wonder if the whole “You’ll find you what would have happened if Pam had stayed with Roy…” meant Jim and Pam. But it couldn’t, because we know it’ll end in a perfectly perfect yet realistic way.
    On another note, I have always wanted to know what’s in that closet.

  97. #113, In the season premiere the voice behind the camera said they were mostly just filming “to see how you guys turn out” meaning Jim and Pam as a couple.

  98. Pam really reveled in Jim’s attention all the while she dated and was engaged to Roy. There’s no reason to think her character has changed that much. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, either. Liking the attention, especially as she’s mentioned over the last couple of years that she feels like she’s getting old and boring, is hardly surprising or groundbreaking. How far it goes is another story–but it would be a bigtime shock to me if the writers had any other plan than to have this ultimately bring Jim and Pam closer together. It’s just a little bump in the road–and a tame one at that–so they can get closer or have some sort of big move or change (ie a move to Philly for the whole family). I’ve kind of enjoyed seeing the cracks in the veneer or a sometimes-too-perfect relationship. Makes it more real and genuine and will hopefully lead to an equally real and genuine send-off for these two. For the record, I also don’t buy that Jim has been a bad husband at all. And I’m with everyone else here that doesn’t care about the Andy/ Erin/ Pete triangle. Ellie Kemper is more than likeable as an actress, but Erin has become inconsistent and too much of a rehash of Pam for my taste.

  99. You know, there’s been talk about Angela leaving the Senator for Dwight… Are we 100% sure that she and Dwight aren’t really married? Remember when Angela was engaged to Andy and Dwight tricked her into marrying him at Schrute Farms? She said she was going to consult a lawyer, but as far as I know we have never received confirmation of an annulment. Is it possible that Angela’s marriage to the Senator is bigamous?

  100. Not sure if this was mentioned, but is Michael behind the documentary? After all, he pictures himself on a yacht in the future….. Seriously, though, I still think Michael is behind the documentary :)

  101. @104 I completely agree with you. Also, did you notice in the final scene that Brian left the door open, but Pam closed it behind her. In early seasons, they used the open/closed door analogy with Jim and Pam ( in The Job & Money). I think it was used here, too, to show that Brian’s interested but Pam isn’t.

  102. EWW!!! Brian the boom guy is creepy Julian from “Up All Night”. He kept calling Maya Rudolph’s character, Ah-Va. Can’t get the slimy image out of my head!

  103. It looks like the title of the episode “moving on” will take on multiple meanings. I’m guessing it will mean: 1)Pam begins to move on from Scranton 2)Brian moves on from Pam 3)resolution to the Oscar/Angela/Senator triangle 4)resolution to Pete/Andy/Erin triangle. I have a feeling this maybe the episode where things start to wrap up more definitively.

  104. So, the door’s open for some BAM (Brian and Pam) with the boom – Meredith will want it!

  105. That is not supposed to be a closet!!! Dwight closed it as an escape route when he started the fake fire!

  106. The Brian subplot is fine, but what I don’t like about it is that it just came out of nowhere. Stuff like when Pam is doing a talking head and Brian playfully taps her head with the boom mike just seem so out of place – no one on the crew ever inserted themselves like that before, and Pam never acknowledged any of the crew on camera before, so it doesn’t feel right. The idea is good, but the execution is a bit jarring. [from tanster: 100% agree!]

    Other than that I liked the episode – Pam and Dwight are always a joy to watch, and I loved how Kevin stuck up for his fellow accountants!

  107. @dunderjam– I totally agree… but I wonder if Brian has been around for all nine years? If he had, you’d think he’d be rooting for JAM just like all the rest of us who have been watching forever. I wonder if it will be revealed that he’s a more recent addition to the crew (ie the post-Michael Scott era) at some point. The fact that he keeps breaking the rules and interacting with the Dunder Mifflin staff would seem more legit if he hadn’t been around very long, and his interest in Pam would be more justifiable if he wasn’t invested in the JAM saga.

  108. Jim on the bed with that guitar was funny, and when he said “I’m couchin’ it!”. I love the cyclical nature of this season. I think that having Pete and Brian mirror aspects of Jim’s past is really cool and interesting. I’ve been enjoying the crew reveal aspect of the new episodes a lot. Also love seeing the Dwight and Pam friendship again, that’s always great! Also Kevin sticking up for Oscar and Angela was so awesome. :) LOVE THIS SHOW!

  109. By the way, I’ve been following Chris Diamanopoulos (Brian) for a few years now. He’s a really talented actor. Started off on Broadway, but besides playing Moe in the Three Stooges movie, he was FANTASTIC as Robin Williams in a behind the scenes TV movie about Mork and Mindy. You can watch the whole thing on youtube. He is really good.

    Oh, and he also played the chief of staff on either the final or second to final season of 24, where he was pretty terrible (the character that is)

  110. In the cold open of “Junion Salesman”, Brian mentioned to Pam that it was the first time in 9 years he messed up, so I think he’s been there the entire time.

    It could be that he has tapped Pam on the head in the past or comforted her when she was upset, but we were never shown that footage; and, only now are the documentary’s producers thinking it’s something worth showing. Like, maybe only now have the producers noticed that Brian’s into Pam and that it could play into her and Jim’s life.

  111. @Ed K- I agree that it is slightly jarring. The reason I’m okay with it is because I get the impression that Brian has been throwing caution to the wind and that all of this interaction we are seeing such as the head bump had not been the norm before. To me it seems like he has liked Pam for a long time and with Jim gone and the two of them fighting he is finally making a move.

  112. I like how Brian is having some sort of a role in the show now. We’ve known the documentary crew was there the whole time but they have only been acknowledged a few times. I feel like the writers are going to start to answer some of the questions we have had for a long time

  113. I’ve watched this show since the original airings of season 2 and like almost everyone else who frequents this website have become emotionally invested in the characters, watched every episode over 50 times and know all of the dialogue and scenes by heart (having a photographic memory is a curse). If the writers planned to create Brian as a potential love interest then I’d be disappointed because that’s lazy writing. But I still believe this is a trick – the writers are talented, in tune with us fan(atic)s and respect continuity. So it is my expectation that this suggestion of a romance is a ruse for dramatic effect. I am expecting a reveal of some sort of prior link between Pam/Brian or Jim/Brian, perhaps brother, cousin, childhood friend, college roommate, et. al. because the documentary has focused on Jim & Pam from s01e01. In s09e01 we hear that they were following them around to see how “they” turn out, and I interpret that as how JIM & PAM turnout – not the company or office staff.

  114. Seems hard to believe that Brian has worked on this documentary for nine years. Don’t the behind the scenes people usually come and go as other opportunities come up? Anyway, I bet that Pam’s art career will be more successful than Jim’s startup, and Brian will be the Scranton Strangler :-)

  115. I think Brian is a ‘red herring’ and we’re all meant to fall for the line of thought that he is in love with Pam. He has said nothing to that effect. The way they are filming his serious looks at her to coincide with a voice over from Jim talking about falling in love with Pam is supposed to lead us down the path thinking Brian has feelings for her. Again, he has said nor done anything more than what a friend (brother??) would do. Of course he consoled her last week, of course he stopped her from being attacked. What person wouldn’t?

    I don’t know what the twist is with him, but I think we are all being set up to think one thing, when it’s really not true.

    Favorite line of the night?

    Absolutely I do!

  116. @JordinGoff I, too, loved Jim on the bed with the guitar! And speaking of cyclical, did that brief moment remind anyone else of Jim’s “Second Life” avatar named “Philly Jim” who was a sportswriter in Philly who carried a guitar? Perhaps that exact moment with Jim on the bed with the guitar wasn’t intended as a callback to that avatar but this entire plot of Jim following his sports-related dreams in Philly is pretty awesome as far as continuity and callbacks go

  117. I was watching some bloopers from season 2 and I noticed the picture on Jim’s desk. The guy on the left in the picture looks like BRIAN. I could be totally wrong, but check it out. I’ve always assumed that it was Jim’s brothers…. Hmmmmm…. Anyone? Anyone?

  118. Btw – to EdK, #128 – Pam has acknowledged the camera crew at least once before. Remember Email Surveillance? Pam is trying to figure out if Angela and Dwight are having an affair and, at one point, someone from the camera crew basically gestures at her to look over at Dwight (or Angela, I don’t remember which) – and she excitedly says “thank you” to whoever it is.

  119. Finally got to see this and I loved it. Well done, with lots of good laughs, and lots of heart, too! I didn’t catch any ‘romance’ between Pam and Brian that others posted about, I just a great and caring long term friendship. What a sad end for him though, to get fired after working on this weird documentary for so many years. And I gotta say, I love Kevin so much!

  120. I was personally disgusted with Val’s lack of concern with the defacing of the mural. She was featured as a sweet, caring person that can handle herself in the warehouse.

  121. That episode was kind of boring actually, I nearly fell asleep watching it. For some reason it just felt like total mid-season filler. Also there were just way too many characters squeezed into the last couple of episodes. I was hoping Andy would be back by now.

    I have absolutely no idea where (or why) they are going with this whole Brian thing. But it was kind of cool when he clocked that guy in the head.

  122. Ultimate twist… Brian actually is in love with Jim, and befriends Pam to get close to him. They hook up in the finale and Pam has to move on ;P

  123. @144. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]How about this for a twist. Brian is a nice guy who likes Pam as a friend. Now, think about the camera man we haven’t met yet. This season have you noticed how often he zooms in on Pam’s legs (Pam exits her car in Lice; Pam talks to Brian in Junior Salesman). It’s a bit much.

    What if there’s a creep in the office that we haven’t met yet? What if that camera guy somehow got Brian fired? As conspiracy theories go, it’s out there but possible, right? Honestly, I liked Brian in Customer Loyalty. Wouldn’t it would be great if that moment was exactly what most of us thought it was the first time we saw it.

  124. @144. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]I always feel like the documentary crew has worked together the whole 9 years – Brian was there that long. But, the camera guy could have been hired last month. Pete and Clark were hired this year. What if no one really knows this guy very well?

  125. Haha I love it! See people. Me and Lynn know what interesting writing is ;)
    I like your story as long as the creeper is somehow related to Creed…. I love that man!

  126. 147. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]Yep, and he was conceived at Woodstock when Creed had a bad trip.

    Creed – what’s not to love!


    “6783 is also a good time, less mileage”

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