1. Absolutely the coolest thing ever! Printing, cutting, and putting it on my desk at work!

  2. These are so amazing – very proud to be a member of Dunder Mifflin Ypsilanti and to experience Cathy’s creativity on a regular basis! Super cool!!!

  3. This is pure art! Thanks Cathy, this will make a great addition to my sister’s birthday present when I see her tonight. And yes, she’s also a big fan :)

  4. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Cathy’s creativity. She also animated an entire bobblehead movie using some of her fellow co-workers from Dunder Mifflin Ypsilanti. It’s the top post on her blog linked above!

  5. It comes with accessories? Okay, this is how I’m spending Saturday morning – hunting down cardstock to print on.

  6. That is a lot of detailed cutting.

    I think the contest should be to make another outfit for P.D. Michael since they obviously couldn’t include everyone. Michael Klump, Date Mike maybe? :)

  7. Super cool! I just got the whole thing cut out and set up. It will be a surprise for my son for his birthday. Even though I don’t have a color printer, it still looks great in black and white. Thank you!

  8. Ok, I am going to NEED to see the Bobblehead movie. I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to live without it. Must. See. Bobbleheads.
    What do you say Cathy?

  9. ROFLOL!! That is too too clever Cathy. I beg to differ….you should SO win an oscar. Thanks for the laugh. Made my Monday worthwhile.

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