1. I love Craig’s interviews- they seem so natural!
    And I do believe Mindy was wearing the dress she raved about in her blog!

  2. Yeah, she was wearing the dress she wrote about. It definitely looks good on her! This was such a funny/cute interview!

  3. Mindy looked lovely as usual:-) I love Craig Ferguson- he is so hilarious, and his interviews are always awesome. I love how they just talk about whatever, nothing seems planned.

  4. Mindy continues to feed my girl-crush with her awesomeness…her Twitters are priceless and I can’t wait to see her dominate NBC next year!

  5. I can’t stop laughing at Craig sipping out of his snake mug.

    From her twitter, looks like she tried that custard place haha.

  6. :D That was really funny. I love the custard and actress/writer oh la la thing.

  7. Great interview. But why was her left hand blurred out? Did anyone else notice that?

  8. Never been to Vegas? I am so jaded to think that everyone’s been to Vegas. That’s so So-Cal of me.

  9. @ ctl5: I think the creator of the video blurred out the network logo in the lower right hand corner.

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