The Office: The Return, 3.14

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The Office The Return

Writers: Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, and Michael Schur
Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): Oscar returns from vacation unsure on whether he still wants to be part of the office. Andy takes advantage of recent events to get closer to Michael. Jim turns to Karen and Pam for help to prank a new target.

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The Office The Return quotes

Dwight: For your convenience, I’ve broken it down into three parts — professional resume, athletic and special skills resume, and … Dwight Schrute trivia.

Dwight: I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me.

Dwight: How would I describe myself? Three words — hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable.

Dwight: There’s nothing on my horizon except everything. Everything is on my horizon.

Andy (looking at Ryan): Big Turkey.

Andy: So here’s to the future. Andy and The Tuna.

Jim: I miss Dwight. Congratulations, universe. You win.

Andy: Addition by subtraction.
Michael: What does that even mean. That is impossible.

Michael: Addition by addition.

Kevin: Oh, hello Oscar. How was your gay-cation?
Oscar: That’s very funny.
Kevin: Yeah, I thought of that like two seconds after you left.

Andy: Gonna go home, get my beer on, get my Lost on.

Andy: Well, then I’ll take that as a “maybe.”

Andy: Things are going pretty good. Getting a lot of face time with the boss.

Angela: Certain events have transpired, and I’ve thought about certain things, and I’m sorry for the way those certain events transpired, and I would just like to make some changes about certain things, and certain situations, and certain accountants …

Kevin: Can I join, too?
Angela: Never.

Pam: Oh that wasn’t the night crew. That was Dwight.

Andy: Feel ya, dawg.

Michael: Love that Andy, right? Solid fellow, seems smart enough. Likes me a lot. A lot. Too much. Like a crazy person a little. Not super crazy, just … there’s something about him that creeps me out. I can’t really explain it. He’s always up in my bidness. Which is Ebonics for “being in my face and annoying the bejesus out of me.” I don’t understand how someone could have so little self-awareness.

Michael: Your gayness does not define you. Your Mexican-ness is what defines you. To me. And I think we should celebrate Oscar’s Mexicanity.

Michael: So Phyllis, I want you to go find firecrackers and a chihuahua. Pam, in the frozen food section, Swanson makes a delightful chimichanga.

Oscar: Why don’t you have me riding in on a donkey, into the office, like Pepe?
Michael: Ah, a burro, of course. If Oscar wants a donkey, let’s get him one.

Dwight: I will literally be standing right here if you need anything at all.

Andy: I think I could go for some tuna fish right about now.

Jim: Encourage him? I’m the victim, okay? He’s fishing for me.

Karen: … each file is password-protected with a different mythical creature …

Jim: Party pooper.

Michael: Who’s that sportscaster that bit that lady? Marv something? Andy is like Marv something. Great sportscaster, big weirdo creep.

Jim: Hey, Ryan. Do you want to pull a prank on Andy?
Ryan: Not right now. But ask me again ten years ago.
Jim: I liked you better as the temp.
Ryan: Me too.

Michael: Have any of you talked to Dwight?
Stanley: Oh sure, we talk all the time.
Michael: Really?
Stanley: No.
Michael: Don’t do that. It’s not nice.

Phyllis: Dwight had a big personality and I have a big personality, and a lot of times, when two people like that get together, it can be explosive.

Dwight: Have you heard of paper?
Staples Girl: It’s gonna be like that, huh?

Dwight: I have snow tires and chains. Plus exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Staples Girl: I don’t like him, his giant head, or his beady little eyes. That’s all I got to say on the matter.

Jim: Would you like to pull a prank on Andy?
Pam: I’m kind of in the middle of … yes, please.

Andy: Large Tuna, have you seen my cell phone device?

Andy: Where is my freaking phone?

Jim: You know what? Maybe it’s in the ceiling.
Andy: You know what? Maybe you’re in the ceiling!

Andy: I don’t trust you, Phyllis.

Andy: I forgot to tell you the plan for this Saturday: you, me, bar, beers, buzzed. Wings, shots, drunk. Waitresses, hot. Football, Cornell/Hofstra, slaughter. Then quick nap at my place, and we hit the tiz-own.
Michael: No. I don’t want to do any of that.

Andy: Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.

Andy: That was an overreaction.

Dwight: That question is meaningless. Just go with the copy paper. It’s your funeral. See how that works out for you.

Michael: It takes a big man to admit his mistake. And I am that big man.

Michael: So maybe you should come back. You should come back. Please.
Dwight: I don’t want to do your laundry anymore.
Michael: We can talk about that.

Jim: Omigod. That’s half-inch drywall.
Pam: I think we broke his brain.

Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, Mr. Dwight Schrute!

Angela: Welcome back.

Michael: Okay, Dwight, you can let go of her hand. You’re going to break it.

Karen: Do you still have feelings for her?

Michael: I don’t want somebody sucking up to me because they think I’m going to help their career. I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me.

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!~~~

    (ok, once my hands stop shaking, i’m gonna post a real comment.. meanwhile, i have to run around my house)

  2. OMG i loved that episode… well, it looks like andy fell into the chocolate river after all… and karen looks like her turn may be coming..

  3. Quite possibly the greatest ending line ever. That was even better than “I want them to be afraid of how much they love me”

  4. JIM! he told the truth! oh that scene was so endearing, and I got a little choked up when Dwight came back, yes choked up. But Jim! OMG!!!! AWESOME!

  5. wow, i can’t believe that jim admitted to karen about his feelings for pam.

    i wonder what this means.

    ummm, and can i be the first to say that i’m glad that the john krasinski/rashida jones relationship has been outed by kristen from e! online. it has brought me closure.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! When he threw the phone across the ceiling and it made that thud, I almost died.

    and obviously the fact that he still loves pam. I vote on another ‘walk up to her and just kiss her’ move again.

  7. first off, whats with the shortened song at the beginning? They did it last week too. I mean I guess its ok if the show is allowed to be 10 seconds longer… but I like the whole themesong.

    “how was the gay-cation?”

    JAM!!! YESSSSS!!!





    wow this was a freaking great episode. The hole in the wall was a good touch. Good thing he didnt hit a stud.

    but we sorta predicted an episode something like this. I’m glad they did it.


  9. I didn’t think the episode would be all that great, but I was wrong. Between the phone bit, Andy putting his hand through the wall and Michael asking Dwight back…that was amazing.

  10. Score a deathblow against Team Karen

    Last couple of episodes have had a very dark feel to them like the British version did…

  11. Funniest episode of the year…. ” I don’t like him his big head or his beady little eyes” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And he said Yes!!!!!!

  12. He admitted it. I can’t believe he admitted it.

    I’m so freaking happy right now.

  13. Finally, the Jammers win one!

    And Karen only has herself to blame. Jim tried to include Karen and even resorted to asking Ryan before he finally gave in to Pam. He didn’t want to let himself rekindle his love for Pam but in the end he had no choice.

    And saying that he still had feelings for Pam…well, it takes a big man to do that. And that big man is Jim.

  14. Ah, that was a great episode! The phone was hilarious and then Andy punching the wall in. He is so clingy it is so funny!
    Awww Jim… you admit you still have feelings for Pam. I wonder where this is going with Karen next week, and who will be first to go, Andy or Karen?
    Can it be any more obvious that Staples sponsors? LOL, Staples is great, but Dwight belongs at Dunder Mifflin. I have to say, Angela was really good in this episode.
    Poor Oscar… his party ended up being for Dwight. I don’t think he was too torn up about it.
    One of my favorite moments: Ryan putting the tilde and the accent over the N and the E in “Lemonade” to make it “Mexican Lemonade.”

  15. My favorite episode this season…can’t wait til it’s up on iTunes so I can watch it again.

    Anyone else starting to love Angela?
    She and D are SO cute.

  16. Episode just ended here on the east coast, but there was no little ending bit at the end before the credits. Was it cut out to make more room for commercials? What did I miss?

  17. I was a little worried by how dark this episode was in the beginning (Michael being very un-Michael), but I was rolling on the floor when that phone sailed over the ceiling tiles and landed with a thud. Meanwhile I have no feeling in my hands since I started clapping when Jim let Karen know how things are with Pam. Hoorah!

  18. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!
    I literally gasped and then screamed with joy when Jim started nodding his head then the YES. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! and the PRANK! I kept waiting and waiting for him to go to Pam!
    And Michael going to talk to Dwight, AMAZING! This whole episode was brilliant! I was bouncing in my seat with joy the whole entire time! Squeeeee!!!!!

  19. Hey can someone tell me what happened in that little bit they have at the end after the final commercial break? I missed it.


  20. I’m so glad that jim was honest to karen about his feelings about pam. also, the ring tone was ‘Rockin’ Robin’ i am so glad that michael finally stood up to andy and told him what an idiot he was. hopefully this will drive him to quit. also, i’m so glad that dwight is back!!!!

  21. something about michael these past two episodes has made them the “saddest/darkest of any episodes yet…it made me feel sad too! i hope michael is back in full form next time.

    it’s all coming back to me. why i loved him so much.
    he sooooooo almost lost me there for a while.
    my dear sweet big tuna.

  23. How long will it be until both Andy and Karen are gone?

    This episode was clearly a sign that things were returning back to normal. Dwight and Oscar were back and so was JAM!

    This season’s finale is shaping up nicely :)

  24. How great is it to see Michael so annoyed with somebody, instead of the other way around?

    LOVED Dwight at Staples and the lady who didn’t like his “beady little eyes”… But of course he’ll always belong at Dunder Mifflin.

    And Jam… YAY

  25. he could have seriously said NO and I would still say that this was hands down the best season 3 episode.

    it was so simple, yet so hilarious.
    GREAT lines, quiet office setting, average day, perfect camera glances… and some jim pranks.

    perfect perfect perfect.

    anyone else excited to refresh officetally tomorrow??

  26. but remember there is a lot of episodes left!!! and AT Least a fourth season!!!!!! i predict 30!!! lol

  27. M: There wasn’t anything… just advertisements for Deal or No Deal and stuff.

    Did anyone else think that Dwight and Angela were going to have a moment of weakness when he came back? I thought he might actually kiss her.

    P.S. What are Andy and Karen going to do now???

  28. I enjoyed the episode very much, but I feel it was the least funny episode of the season. I fear a number of negative posts coming soon. For pure funniness, it was subpar, but from the standpoint of advancing it and making it a legit show that will carry on, it was a 10!
    In your heeeead, in youw’ heeaeada, zoombie, zoooombie, zooombieieieie, in youw’ head,….great!

  29. Wow. Jim’s hesitation said it all…I was afraid they were going to end the show there.
    Next logical step is for Karen (who I felt a little bad for tonight since he wasn’t up front with her last week) to check in with Pam. I wonder what Pam will say.

    Ryan’s comment to Jim “ask me 10 years ago” and Jim’s response “I liked you better as a temp” was great. Ryan has a point though.

    Angela has a heart after all. I hope they don’t make her too nice.

    And Michael ate crow superbly tonight. I love it when he’s nice to Dwight.

    And Dwight is still Dwight.

    And Phyllis has a big personality!

    No Creed or Kelly tonight.

  30. ohhh and the BEST PART was ryan’s look when he drew ~ & an accent on those lemonade bottles! hilarious

  31. and ps – phyllis’s line about her and dwight both having big personalities. LOL I burst.

  32. OH MY GOSH WHAT IF KAREN PLAYS MATCHMAKER AND GETS THEM TOGETHER! next week she asks pam about her feelings for him. what if pam is honest.

    holy crap. i’d believe it. she is a nice girl. she would totally do it.

  33. i think it was great to see michael realize he needed his wingman, dwight. the look on the faces of him and angela in the break room was classic.

    the music playing at staples was hilarious! it was perfect for the scene.

  34. I agree…the look on Ryan’s face was hilarious. I almost fell off the bed when Jim said he still had feelings for Pam. But I have a feeling Pam won’t be completely honest with Karen.

  35. DWIGHT K. SCHRUTE HAS RETURNED TO DUNDER MIFFLIN TO RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY HIS! Take that, Andy… and by the way, you have a stupid ringtone.

  36. Sorry for my third post already, but intro was shortened again! I love the opening theme… the only way I’ll accept it is if it’s making room for a few extra seconds of actual Office time. If NBC is doing it for an extra commercial, I’ll flip out.

  37. i just about died when andy punched a whole in the wall. “that was an overraction”. classic.

  38. Loved it! Absolutely loved it!! Loved it that Dwight came back and loved the scene between him & Angela when he walked back into the office (I was so hoping they’d kiss)!! And JAM … OMG … JAM!!! Jim finally admitted he still has feelings for Pam! Yes!!!!!!

  39. Does it seem odd to anyone that the last 2 episodes have shown a “darker” Michael? It seems like he would happier than ever now that him and Jan are together…

    Perhaps I’m the only one, but I feel bad for Karen.

    Oh…one last thing: I really wanted to see Oscar on a Donkey! :)

  40. I thought it was hilarious to see Michael on the other side of being annoyyed.

    Andy’s little act tonight really made Michael seem like a normal guy-I really felt for him. Hmm. Never thought I would see someone with a bigger personality than Michael enter the office (besides Phyllis, of course).

  41. theory: could they be showing us so many directors cuts to see if the show can handle an hour instead of just a half?

    i would be a happy woman.

  42. I can not wait to try the hone trick at work.

    *sorry for the multiple posts, but I’m still laughing my ass off and can not wait for the producer’s cut

  43. Who do we think is going to be pregnant next month? In the deleted scenes, Ryan says something about Kelly forgetting her pill, but that would be too obvious. I’m still going with Jan :)

  44. Most brillant episode in a while! Loved it!

    The Phone is the greatest prank ever——SO AMAZING!

    ^Halpert, its all I needed to hear.

  45. In the episode listing for an episode in late Feb. It says someone is unexpectedly pregnant.

  46. C (Post 67): it’s a good theory. This is Scrubs’ last season. My Name is Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock (I think) are all coming back. They need to fill that space. Why not just fill it with an hour of The Office?

  47. My second post, sorry, but I just have to throw itout there that I will just die if Pam meekly tells Karen next week that she and Jim are just friends. I’m not saying Jim and Pam have to go pick out china patterns or anything, but I really want Pam to hold her ground this time around. What a great night, though!

  48. I hope not. Her & Jim don’t seem very physical/touchy feely. I think (hope) he’d be careful!

  49. Awesome episode. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve re-watched Jim throwing the phone and Stanley’s look when it made the thump, and Jim admitting he still has feelings for Pam. Finally some progress with Jim and Pam!

    Michaels ending line was a pure classic!

  50. Oh, and wait, further more, it proves how decieving the summaries can be.

    “Jim turns to Karen and Pam for help to stage a prank on a new target.”

    hmmm, wait, where was the Karen in this, she rejected that offer….

  51. alison, what website was that episode listing on?

    Great episode!!!!! One of the best yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. By far the best episode of season 3. This one had everything great about The Office. Might be the best season yet by the end of everything. Can’t wait for the finale.

  53. Samantha, really? I do like Scrubs, I just would overwhelmingly prefer an hour of The Office. I mean, what is the bias against hour-long comedies? Ugly Betty seems to doing fine (and stealing Golden Globes that belong to The Office).

  54. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard at someone crying before. And I loved Michael’s line about Andy’s obvious lack of self-perception…definitely bringing that up in English class tomorrow.

  55. I think Michael was darker because Andy is annoying him. He’ll probably leave next episode and Michael will be back to normal. The show is getting better and better by the episode!!!!!

  56. OMG, my heart started beating fast when I saw Jim nodding his head ever so slightly then come out and say “yes”. YAY!!!

    I thought it was funny that Michael was getting a taste of his own medicine when Andy was being such a pain. I think Michael should have fired him on the spot. If D-M gets any more employees, they are going to have to lease space from Vance Refrigeration.

    I also liked it when Jim said “Ryan, I liked you better as a temp” and Ryan said “So did I”.

    And the look on Dwight’s face when Michael said “Angela, from accounting, told me”. He looked so relieved when he realized Michael was talking about him driving up to NY to deliver the tax papers instead of their “secret” relationship. Angela was wonderful in this episode too.

  57. The Office has already shown that they have enough material and I think the writing team could definitely handle an hour long show. That would be so sweet.

    and while this didn’t have as many burst out loud laughing moments as other for me, I still think it’s my favorite episode of the season. I loved Dwight’s scenes at Staples, he was great. And Michael was fantastic in this episode, although I wonder what’s going on with him and Jan of late, we haven’t seen or heard much from her. Of course I can deal with that thanks to Jim’s “yes”-made my week!

  58. I agree an hour of The Office would be way better than Scrubs, but that’s just what I heard.

  59. On this website…it’s listed under Feb. 1st in the spoiler section. But that epised is supposed to be “Ben Franklin” . so it could be false.

  60. On the topic of scrubs….this episode on now is absolutely HORRIBLE!! Lets start an official campaign for an hour long “The Office”!

  61. Andy was hilarious but he is getting extremely annoying. I have to give Ed Helms a lot of credit for how well he has played him though.

  62. I agree that Ryan drawing the accent marks on the lemonade was the funniest part

  63. Melissa in NC said:
    “If D-M gets any more employees, they are going to have to lease space from Vance Refrigeration.”

    Really? If Andy goes (very possible) and Karen leaves (also possible) that would mean that EVERY Stamford employee is gone! They are actually LOSING employees!

    Also, I thought Ryan’s response to Jim was really rude. Ryan seems to be turning into a real jerk.

  64. luke……

    that episode info was on wikipedia, but it wasnt accurate cuz anyone and their mothers can add false information. The Test isnt an actual title for an ep……..

  65. I loved this episode. However, I sense a denial of liking Jim in our near future.

    I have really liked the last couple of episodes. We are seeing many new sides to all of the characters. This show is so well done.

  66. Did anyone else think Angela was going to kiss Dwight at the end? I thought she was totally going to throw herself into his arms LOL

  67. eisenberg, stupnitsky and schur are brilliant writing together, they wrote the last two episodes. Well done

  68. 2 Things:

    1. No one has mentioned how funny Andy was fishing for “the big tuna”

    2. We need Michael doing a complete show of acting like Chappelle…how priceless would that be????

  69. haha so the funniest part had to be phyllis slamming the desk drawer on andy.

    and dwangela=love =]

  70. IsntItThursdayYet: Totally agree. You could cut that weird, domineering, creepy sexual tension with a bo staff.

  71. Wonderful episode. I was so cuaght up in it that I really can’t pinpoint many details. In addition to the obvious things, I was elated to see a couple of great Phyllis moments. I just love her. Her talking head about Dwight was great and the way she slammed her drawer on Andy just about made me shoot my soda out of my nose.

    Steve Carrel was brilliant as always. I love that he can play toned down just as well as the more outlandish stuff. The Jim moment was even more than I had hoped for. Angela was fabulous…Ed Helms was a scream (I will really miss him if he goes actually).

    Gah! I can’t wait for my husband to finish watching CSI so I can watch it again. Guess I will be staying up late to watch the producer’s cut as well.

    Great day to be an Office fan!

  72. I thought Dwight’s “Battlestar Galactica” sweatshirt was funny. It’s weird not seeing him in his D-M attire.

    I almost thought he might either kiss Angela, profess his love for her, or even propose at the end.

    Such a great episode!

  73. tommy, the scrubs epi. rocks, but i agree, hour long office, and i think all our heads will totally explode, or at least mine will. Andy punched a hole in the wall, is anyone like really scared of him?

  74. i hope that pam actually tells karen the truth. i will die if she says that they are just friends again! oy. i have a feeling that karen is going to tell pam what jim said and then hopefully pam will say something that indicates that her and jim will be together….

  75. So glad when Dwight tore his uniform off and stormed out. I waa kinda hoping he’d kick something over or give the place the finger.

  76. Wow, that was just amazing. I can’t wait for Karen to confront Pam.
    I never really watch Scrubs, but The Office should definitely be an hour long.

  77. oh it was definitely big turkey and i loved ryan and his mexican lemonade. and finally karen is pretty much gone :) back to jim and pam… the universe wins again… not only because jim missed dwight, but because jam is back!!

  78. Oh geez, Andy was so obnoxious with the reeling in Big Tuna… he deserved to lose his cell phone. I wonder if he has found it yet…

  79. DrunkBiking – I think it was Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupinski. Same as last week’s episode. They are by far my favourite episode writers. Sorry about any spelling mistakes in their names.

  80. WOW – while my sides weren’t splitting w/ laughter, I got everything I wanted from this wonderful episode:
    1. Dwight’s Back!!!
    2. Jim confessed his love for Pam to Karen
    3. Michael and the rest of the office turn on Andy

    …I did like andy’s ringtone though, and the prank was funny, but I loved it when Andy punched a hole through the wall. And kevin’s, “gacation” comment

    Overall a great episode…

  81. Dana, I totally thought Dwight and Angela were gonna kiss when he came back, it was so tense, it would’ve been GREAT!

    and ps…I love when Jim pranks Andy, he goes so off the handle (kicking trashcan, punching wall) next time he might jump out the window or something, its great

  82. I know this has been said like 50 times by now but Jim’s “yes” made me jump up and down. I’m so excited for Feb 1st!! Jim still loves her….. Hope has been restored.

  83. This might be kind of cheesy, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was a running gag with Andy’s phone in the ceiling? Like every so often someone will just call the number and freak people out? It could happen rarely but consitently, as a shout-out to us fans who watched it tonight. Kind of like the Chicken Fight in Family Guy.

  84. big tuna – yeah the chicken fight in family guy is hilarious and random if you don’t know what’s going on so, yeah that would be sooo funny if it occurred in a different episode

  85. I think it would work on The Office because it’s those little things that make it a great show. For example I can bet that Seasons from now we will still be able to see that hole Andy punched in the wall all plastered up.

  86. what a great episode!
    michael: so you guys talk to dwight
    stanley: yes
    michael: really?
    stanley: no
    michael: thats not funny

  87. JAM Forever – Yeah I guess so. And it would only show how stupid Andy really is, for not cancelling his phone plan.

    Is there any way to make these kind of suggestions to the writers at NBC?
    Maybe I should just become a writer.

  88. Does anyone know how the hell Baldwin beat out Carrell for best actor in comedic series?? That still bothers me!!

  89. I actually didn’t mind there not being a quick segment at the end over the credits. The rest of the episode was so packed that when the screen went black before the last commercial break, I breathed a sigh and really knew that was the end. I kept watching just to be sure, but having no more tonight somehow seemed right. Really good ep! And I can’t wait for the extended version later tonight!! :-)

  90. it was a decent episode, definitely not “the best” as some are proclaiming!! umm hellooo…the injury, booze cruise, casino night, gay witch hunt, benihana xmas are definitely the top 5

  91. Anyone else notice and LOVE the fact that all Jim had to do was ask Pam if she wanted to pull the prank!? No other words were needed after her ‘yes’. Complete follow-through start to finish and not a word uttered.

    Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about.

  92. maybe if they did that like only once more after andy quits/is fired, right as he’s leaving the room
    it would make him so pissed it would be hilarious

  93. Big Tuna: haha, I don’t know if you can make the suggestions to the writers on NBC, but I’m sure you could leave comments on the actor’s/writer’s myspace pages, like Toby’s myspace if he has one, or something like that.

  94. ummm, and can i be the first to say that i’m glad that the john krasinski/rashida jones relationship has been outed by kristen from e! online. it has brought me closure.

    I’m confused. Knowing they are having a relationship in real life has brought you closure?

  95. Pranking is like foreplay for Jim and Pam.

    I love how effortless it was. Always has been.

  96. The writers did an amazing job with this epsisode!!

    But am i the only one that thinks Pam will deny liking Jim? I mean seriously…She told him the first time that she couldn’t leave Roy. Which implies that even tho she liked him, she wanted to be faithful to the relationship that she had.
    Now that Jim is in a relationship, she thinks he’s happy and won’t want to ruin it.
    The writers are doing an amazing job at making this a realistic relationship. And not just a sitcom “get together in no time”. If they want that to continue, sadly, JAM won’t be together for a long time.

  97. Big Tuna: yes, like “dinka flicka” (isn’t it Dinkin Flicka??) suggested, BJ has a myspace you could leave a comment on.

  98. I don’t think that would work, it’s a little too unsubtle for the Office. You pay such close attention to detail when you watch the show that to have the phone ring unexplainedly would be weird…unless it was in the very next episode.

    Although I agree, the hole in the wall is gonna be there forever and hilarious.

  99. Hmm. I read Jenna’s blog regularly, but maybe I will do the same for (and comment on) BJ’s and Paul’s.

  100. OMG the best episode ever!!
    Karen: Do you still have feelings for her
    Jim: Yes….
    Me: YAY!
    lol, and if Pam denies feelings for him I will crush her :P and dwangela was so cute that when Dwight came back I had tears in my eyes lol

  101. I’m so glad Jim said yes. I thought for sure the episode would end and we wouldn’t hear a response OR he’d deny his feelings. I thought the show was great, but too bad there wasn’t a teensy bit more Oscar. I’ve missed him.

  102. Dinkin Flicka: Wow, I’m glad you weren’t offended that I corrected you :) I really do say that to one of my friends who loves The Office, that and “Fleece it out!” Word.

  103. Two things:

    1. Pam decided to help with the prank: But what did she do? Held the phone for a couple of minutes? Did she do something special to the phone? Didn’t really seem like Jim needed her to do anything… am I missing something? Maybe all Jim wanted was someone to to NOTICE the prank?

    2. I think Karen is going to FIGHT for Jim. She moved, she bought a house, has a good job and really likes Jim. I don’t think she’s going to just back away.

  104. 159 | Cor-NOT University:
    i agree – the whole battery life problem and the fact that andy would cancel his phone plan would make the prank unable to last too long – which is why it should just be used in the next episode (if it’s used at all)

  105. I am so ridiculously happy Jim said yes. I hate Karen. She is the downfall of Jam. And I was totally expecting for Angela to kiss Dwight when he came back, but I guess they had to keep her true to her character. Great episode!

  106. Haha! Ready for the biggest understatement in the history of history?
    The Office is THE GREATEST show of all time!!!

  107. You’re right! And even though next week is all repeats, I will probably watch them, lol. Just like I watched A Behihana Christmas the two weeks it was on.

    “Goin’ Mach Five!”

  108. “Andy’s just all up in my bidness. Which is ebonics for he’s in my face, giving me the heeby-jeebies”
    So good.

  109. Cor-NOT University and dinkin flicka – You are right about the battery life, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess the joke would have to be sooner than later.

  110. Wow. Best. Episode. Ever. Favorite moment: After Andy punches the wall and Jim quietly hangs up the phone. And my love for JAM has been renewed. A “Return” in so many ways….

  111. whats that comment #11… is john and rashida going out in real life or something?

    regarding the pregnant rumors… if karen is pregnant, i’m gonna flip shit.

    and lets all remember, sure andy is being a dick and unlikeable and a PITA and all that… but his character is still hilarious. ed helms plays the character great. andy fishing for tuna was hilarious.

    Nobody here has mentioned angela’s line to michael, “…and certainly not andy.”

    angela definitely gave dwight some cookie later that day.

    eh my dad punched a hole in the wall once ten years ago, theyre just venting :)

    big tuna (133): i am a family guy fan, i like it almost as much as the office. but the battery in the phone would eventually die, so that would be an obvious discontinuity.

  112. hahahaha isitthursdayyet -that is the funniest thing ever. And Quite true. Whores.

    And I agree ChrisM70, Karen is definitely gonna put up a fight. She’s pissed & they’ve set up all this stuff to get her attached to Scranton, so she’s not leaving right away. This should be interesting

    Ahh omigosh Dwight at Staples was incredible!

  113. hmm.. unless they move around the cellphone and charged in between.but that wouldn’t be veryy funny.

  114. Dylan: AWWW JIM IS NOT! He is simply amazing, a truly realistic, funny, and loveable character. I think he’s been a great guy, even giving Pam her space when she turned him down.

  115. apparently my comment is awaiting moderation cause i used the S-word… oops didnt know about that… well hopefully comment #182 will show up :)

  116. DTemp: Other people have used worse… your comment showed up.
    And if Karen was pregnant… oh god. That would be TERRIBLE. But I can almost guarantee she won’t be. That would just be… yeah, they won’t do that to us. And, anyway, I don’t think Jim and her have any chemistry, and its clear he doesn’t really want to get too close to her (didn’t want her to move closer to him, which most guys would want) because he knows he still wants Pam. We don’t know for a fact, but Jim and Karen may not even be intimate.

    And yeah, I guess the cell phone thing wouldn’t work out.

  117. What if, Andy gets fired, Karen announces she’s pregnant, Jim faints, Dwight tries to save Jim, Michael flips out, then Karen says it’s Andy’s baby, and he puts his head through the drywall?
    And it all happens before the first commercial break.
    That would be too insane.

  118. Big Tuna: AWESOME! As long as it isn’t Jim’s, I’m fine with it (that’s horrible, isn’t it? lol)

  119. The only good thing that could come from it being Jim’s baby is that there would be 2 Jims.
    Little Tuna!

  120. Karen pregnant? Where did that come from? Anybody else want a little more Angela revenge following that look she shot at the camera last week? Karen’s bubbly personality appears to be gone. Remember how fun she was in Benihana? Andy has done what no one else has been able to do…… make Michael appear normal. Good episode. Looking forward to the extended edition!

  121. Big Tuna: Ah, two Jims… that would be nice. But not if Karen is the mother. I just can’t see those two together at all. Pam and Jim just work perfectly.

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade”

  122. does anyone else wish they would release more future show information? I mean at this point, the only future episode we know ANYTHING about is Ben Franlkin, the very next episode. they could at least release the episode titles for five shows out.

  123. Matt: You’re right, Karen’s likeability factor has gone down a lot. I don’t think Pam and her are getting along these days :)
    Also, I have no idea where these pregnancy rumors came from… I really doubt they are true at all.

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade”

  124. Ok this one screams ‘Soap Opera:’
    Karen is pregnant, and it is Jim’s baby. But it is also Pam’s baby because they got Karen to be the surrogate mother!

  125. Big Tuna: Wow… no. Where did these rumors come from anyway??

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade”

  126. Perhaps Oscar and Gil are looking to adopt a beautiful bi-racial baby and ask Jim and Karen…..
    OK, just stop me now.

  127. OHMIGOD! Phyllis and Bob Vance (of Vance Refridgeration [sp]) haha, didn’t even think of that. I don’t know how old Phyllis is, but, she might be too old for that.

  128. My guess, IF there is a pregnancy, is Kelly or Jan

    Kelly – because of the deleted scene of her “forgetting her birth control pills on purpose”


    Jan – Just as she finds out about the infamous picture, she finds out she’s pregnant. She and Michael both want a family and kids, so this would be the easiest way for her to forgive about the picture.

  129. Still a GREAT idea though.

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade.”


    this is my first post for this episode.. so even though y’all are talking about pregnancy- JIM AND PAM JIM AND PAM

    but why would karen ask pam about her past with jim? are karen and jim still together? did they officially break up? would karen really still date jim?

    argh so many questions

  131. wow, no bad things to say at all about that! dwight is the greatest character to ever come out of network tv. even though andy was annoying, i still thought it was a good episode. good acting by angela again and rainn, and steve of course. john’s line “congratulations universe, you win” was hilarious. stands alone in second in the best episodes of the season list.

  132. Big Tuna: JAM Forever, lol, not PAM. Right, I do know she is the same age as Michael, but how old is that… forty something? Yeah, I guess that would work. I think that would be the most unexpected.
    And her line tonight about having a big personality was great!

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade.”

  133. UH-mazing episode! Too many funny moments to list, but I must say I love the irony of Michael hiding behind the door talking about how someone can have “so little self awareness”. Brilliant.

    PS-Snowballa- when did Kristen out their relationship? Do you mean she talked about how they dated in the past or did she say they are back together?! Update please!

  134. Just for discussion’s sake, a complete list of females on the show (except very minor or former characters):

    pam, angela, jan, carol, phyllis, karen, meredith, and kelly.

    the ones that are most possible: pam, angela, jan, phyllis, and kelly.

  135. Halpertis life,
    Old Phyllis spilled the beans about Jam to Karen, and she asked Jim directly. When she saw them having way more fun than she was pulling their prank, she got more curiouser and curiouser. When Jim asked her in this ep if she wanted to prank Andy, she really should have said yes.

  136. Where did these rumors come from!!!???
    If they are true… I highly doubt it would be an obvious character like that… not Pam, probably not Karen. Maybe Jan or Phyllis or Kelly.

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade.”

  137. And yeah I think He is 43. Don’t know why, but that number is always in my head when I think of Michael’s age.

  138. Hey All

    Could sometome tell me what was different in the producer’s cut of the ep. I’m up in Canada, and for some reason I can’t watch the producer’s cut. Have to wait for the Season 3 DVD to see it I guess.

    I keep hearing something about a pregnancy and Pam telling Karen about something and like a bunch of stuff I didn’t see.

    So what was in the producers’s cut?

  139. In all honesty, respect is lost for Karen if she stays with Jim after he told her he still has feelings for Pam.

  140. Just to clear the confusion, here is the excerpt from Kristin’s blog discussing John Krasinski and Rashida Jones:

    “Is Office Romance in the Air? When John K. wasn’t chatting up Ben Affleck, he was spending most of the night at the side of Rashida Jones, aka his girlfriend on the show, Karen. As you may remember, the two once dated before she came on the show, and if my Spidey senses are tingling correctly, they could very well be back together—ditto for B.J. Novak (Ryan) and Mindy Kaling (Kelly).”

  141. You know, people really aren’t supposed to relate to Michael (at least, I don’t think so)… but sadly, tonight, I did.
    There is this girl who literally clings like that to certain people, and I am one of her lucky few, I guess. She literally tells me when she is leaving the cafeteria for a few moments and tells me she will be right back, I have to watch her purse sometimes, I’ve heard she talks about me when I’m not around (not gossip, just relates stuff back to me), and always asks me to accompany her anywhere, even to go buy lunch… yeah, so.

  142. I don’t think you can watch the producer’s cut yet.

    The pregnancy thing was started because awhile back in the posts someone wrote they had read in a later episode summary there is an unexpected pregnancy.

    As for Pam, also predictions that Karen will ask her about her feelings for Jim. I think another post mentioned seeing a clip or reading something about Karen asking Pam the question.

    You didn’t miss anything, reginaroadie!

  143. I don’t see how Karen could stay with Jim either. He’s clearly into another woman. He’s admitted as much to her face. It was, in fact, all *over* his face.

  144. universityofscranton,
    my heart pines away for Jan. Her interactions with Michael have been some of the best stuff about the show for me. And if they in fact have this hot and heavy relationship now, where the heck is it? What’s that episode where Michael is doing stupid stuff because he loves his jeans? Michael’s just not very goofy right now, and I miss that too.

  145. Big Tuna- yeah, but Michael and Phyllis are the same age, and i was thinking more like 47.

  146. The first time I heard the pregnancy rumor was in regard to a “missed deadline” which turned out to be Angela not getting the tax forms into corporate on time. Maybe the rumor grew out of that.

  147. after tonights episode immediately ended i thought andy and karen were on their way out right away…but now i’m thinking karen is gonna stick around. there’s no way the writers are going to put jim and pam together right now, the show would totally be schruted…so i think theyre gonna use the fact that karen invested a lot in her decision to move to scranton and she’s gonna stay around. unless of course roy get’s involved again (which i think is most likely). anyway, i think andy is gone, i just hope they keep him around long enough for dwight to get a good prank in on him…maybe team up with jim??? (haha i wish that happened, that’d be tight)

  148. Best episode of Season 3 by far. The last 4 or 5 have been very strong after a mediocre first bunch

  149. I think it’s pretty funny that the Karen + Pam being friends thing lasted uhhh…1 episode? 2 maybe…

  150. I heard the producer’s cut wouldnt be up til midnight because the episode has to be finished on the West Coast, first.

  151. People and things I miss:
    Michael being goofy
    Darryl in the warehouse
    Creed creeping me out
    Meredith’s battle with addiction
    Kelly. Where has she been?
    Kelly and Ryan

    When you think about it, the show is sort of morphing into a very story driven plot heavy show. Looking at the Season 2 discs, you could pretty much just watch any episode and laugh your butt off, without feeling like you missed a lot, or needed a lot of back story. The only thread was Jam, maybe Michael and Jan too. Now there’s very much a “let’s wait and see what happens next week” feel to it. Anybody else think so?

  152. No kidding…WHERE THE HELL IS JAN?! And I am sooo excited that Karen and Jim are done? Well I hope they are.

  153. hmm, Matt, I think you have a point, but I still think the show is great. I would like to see some more of Creed, and Kelly/Ryan, but I think the length of the episode (*cough* should be an hour long *cough*) really limits the material they can have, and keeping threads going like this keeps viewers hooked, so.

    The Office… Because making lemonade into lemoñadé makes it “mexican lemonade”

  154. I’m with you Jam Forever. I’m enjoying it very much right now too. It just seems to be a different show than it used to be?

  155. So, from the clips that I watched (I was watching Ugly Betty, sorry!) I wasn’t too impressed. Michael hasn’t been ha-ha-perky-funny in the last two episodes, and it seems like all the humor is put in Andy’s hands, and I don’t like Andy. I guess he makes the Office more complex, but I can definitley do without his solo stuff..or whatever. They definitley need more of the original minor (or semi-major) characters. And at this point, I don’t care for Jam anymore. Last season…YES, but eh…not so much. This isn’t one of the best episodes. Oh, and we need more Toby!

  156. Great episode!

    It built upon last week’s episode really well to pay off big time. I liked seeing the interaction in Accounting return to “normal.” I loved seeing Dwight’s personality in such a bizarre setting such as the big box store. I was laughing out loud at Jam’s prank on Andy. It was so great to see the teamwork again.

    It’s funny how often Michael’s life parallels Jim’s. With “love triangles” in Casino Night, and “rebounds” in Benihana Christmas, to realizing that they both better connect with Dwight and Pam respectively.

    All around, a very enjoyable episode, although I do feel sorry for Oscar.

  157. Perhaps starting with the Merger, where they brought all these people in, only to have us wonder how and when they would get rid of them all. Oompa-loompa! Andy goes next week for sure.

  158. I believe it’s supposed to be up on after the west coast viewing. So that would be:

    9pm West Coast
    10pm Mountain
    11pm Pacific
    12am East Coast

    geez, i CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!

  159. Andrew,
    No need to feel sorry for Oscar. He just enjoyed a nice gaycation courtesy of Dunder-Mifflin!

  160. i’m so confused with the times cuz i’m in central time and the show comes on at 7:30 not 8:30….but pacific time comes on 8:30 so i have to wait an extra hour than i thought….:(

  161. Matt – that wasn’t over the top, that was classic Angela! She fell apart without Dwight!

  162. wow. what a great episode. i seriously look foward every week to seeing a new episode..really dissapointed that they aren’t having a new one next week. oh well

    so i’m loving the jim-pam storyline right now..i’m think roy will get in the middle of things. which should make things really interesting. i was very happy when jim said yes to karen…just like many of you…

    the pranks in this show are so funny. i hope they keep putting more in for the next couple episodes…like someone else before me said..i hope dwight can pull a prank on andy..and yes i think andy will leave…he’s a great character for the show though. the fishing rod thing with jim was very funny.

    We need to see more toby and kelly. and yes. what about jan and michael..i’m sure the warehouse guys will pop up soon.

  163. Stephen,
    It was certainly a side to her we had not seen before. Dwight, from sales, is her rock!

  164. Overall, it seems like everybody loved this episode, with a few exceptions. I was really disappointed that The Office didn’t win its Golden Globes. Dinkin flicka… there’s always next year! (I USED IT CORRECTLY! lol)
    And, yeah, Matt, the show is definitely good. I really liked those Toby/Michael moments… although they always made me pity Toby so much. “I hate… so much… about the things that you choose to be.” That one had to be my favorite.

  165. Oh Desiree – if you haven’t seen the episode then what business do you have speculating about how good the episode is?

  166. wait, last time i couldn’t watch the producer’s cut (on account of being canadian and all). will it happen AGAIN!

  167. Matt – you could see how quickly she “rebounded” from her soft side.

    “Can I join?”

  168. oh. and anybody extremely mad that ugly betty beat out the office for comedy tv series at golden globes..what a rip off.

  169. Jam,
    Don’t forget “convicted rapist Toby”, and my favorite “Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong about the paper industry.” That pathetic whiny voice of his. Did you see the deleted scene where Angela slapped him? He went “oww”. It was so pathetic.

  170. So, I’ve decided what I’m giving one of my friends (one of my only office-watching friends) for her b-day… for Christmas, I seriously suspended a stapler in jello. An amazing accomplishment, if I do say so myself. Red Jello, and I used dental floss to hold the stapler up in it overnight in the fridge, and by morning, I pulled the dental floss out, and it was a magnificent piece of architecture. Then, I had to bring it into school without raising too many eyebrows and protect it from damage and heat until I had the chance to give it to her. It was amazing. She loved it, by the way. I highly recommend it as a gift. But anyway, so since we don’t even get each other gifts, I’m gonna keep it simple for her birthday and get her a big bottle of lemonade and make it “lemoñadé.” :)

  171. Yes, Stephen, you’re right. She has a strong dislike for Kevin, even blaming the tax form mishap on him.

  172. I really liked tonight’s episode, but Andy was too over-the-top. I guess that’s the point, but he hasn’t been that obnoxious this year. Maybe he’s bipolar and having a manic episode triggered by Dwight leaving, but jeez. He was too irritating to watch. I don’t think he was ever that bad up in Stamford.

  173. Steve, I agree with you. I didn’t find the fishing for Jim thing funny at all, or his version of Zombie by the Cranberries. Take some of that crap away from him and put Kelly back in the show, dammit!

  174. Oh, and P.S. Ugly Betty is very enjoyable. It’s not the Office, but America Ferrera is spectacular.

  175. Right after the merger aired- Greg Daniels said:

    ““I’m about five episodes ahead from where we are now,” he said, referring to the outlining and writing of future episodes. “And it’s certainly not over. And I don’t know the outcome or the end of it. We’re discussing that right now.””

    ok.. 1. Convict, 2. Benihana, 3. Back From Vacation, 4. Traveling Salesman 5. The Return.

    wouldnt he have said it would be over?
    from my point of view.. it CERTAINTLY IS OVER.

  176. It’s so great how Angela trying to be nice involves letting people join The Party Planning Committee! hahah

    And I agree with you Matt, it definitely has turned into a more plot-driven show. Which i don’t mind sometimes, but I just wish they could give all those other characters time. I miss my outrageous Kelly & Creed moments! And Toby & Ryan ahh we need them!

  177. ah, now I understand your post JHIl. I’m glad it’s over. Soon she and Andy will both be gone and we can “get back to normal’.

  178. it’s obvious Andy Bernard’s days are numbered, especially since there isn’t a new episode for awhile. A little mini-cliffhanger.

    I’d say I’m pro-Jam (I mean, it’s written so you are supposed to be), but I felt so bad for Karen tonight. Poor thing. And I really like Rashida Jones. I don’t think she’ll leave; I think she will still be around in Jim’s life by the end of the season.

  179. Yeah, like anybody would WANT to join the party planning committee, except for Phyllis, because she’s so close with Angela!

  180. I thought this episode really gave us so much insight into the Dwangela relationship. Dwight really is her rock in the office, and she just couldn’t make it in there without him. I think her strict and critical ways might just be a front.
    Oh, another thing I loved was when Dwight walked in to Scranton office and said something along the lines of “you did this for me” and Michael agrees, and then the camera zooms in on the “Welcome Back Oscar” banner.

  181. I wonder what we’re to assume about the status of Jim and Karen by the end of The Return?

    I’m kind of assuming they’ve broken up, but I have no idea how they’re going to play this when the show comes back in February.

  182. Man, this board is hoppin’ tonight! It is wayyy too entertaining to read all of this…I think I need a life

  183. I know this belongs on ‘Back from Vacation,’ but along with the Dwangela comment, I thought the Pam/Dwight scene was amazing! Totally unexpected and really touching and then of course funny with Dwight’s awkwardness and his comment at the end. I wonder if that will affect Pam’s willingness to play pranks on him in the future.

  184. I think if Karen hung around after Jim and Karen break up, it could make for some good awkard moments and tension.
    I think Karen was much more likeable in episodes like ‘Benihana Christmas’ amd the one when Jim was still at Stamford and they played video games together. Maybe the stress of the relationship she is in has dampened her character.

  185. JAM,
    Little by little, Dwight is making his way into our hearts as a likeable character. A pretty good trick. I may be more fond of Dwight than Halpert now! How the heck did that happen?

  186. hmm… in the episode summary, Rashida Jones is still listed as a “guest star.” I wonder if that’s a technical term — like, determined by number of episodes she stars in.

  187. Hmmm, so I guess the title “The Return” refers not only to Oscar coming back to Dunder Mifflin, but to Dwight returning to his job, and maybe, possibly Jim returning to Pam? Interesting.

    I wouldn’t count Roy out just yet, though.

  188. Do any of you listen to the “that’s what she said” podcast? It’s great. an hour and a half of show recap and insight from an english teacher and his buddy who love the show. Check it out.

  189. Mmhmm, I always thought Dwight completed the show, but he sure has become more and more of a likeable character recently. I knew he wouldn’t be gone for good after he quit last week, I think all these Office characters are amazing, and the acting is great. This is one of very few shows that have truly “real” people… at least, realistic and in realistic situations. Who knew that such a great show could be about a paper company in Pennsylvania.

  190. I definitely didn’t like Roy in seasons 1 and 2. But this season, he has shaped up his attitude and respect for Pam (it seems that way, anyway), so he is more tolerable (and he is looking a lot better this season :)).

  191. I like Roy well enough, but I’m more rooting that Jim and Pam don’t get together precisely because that’s what everyone wants, and I think the show could very easily fall apart after they get together.

  192. Well, yeah. I clearly WANT Jim and Pam together, because they are just perfect for one another, but then I also worry what will happen to the show if they do get together. That tension between them will be gone, and I think their flirtatious interactions have been some of the best moments of The Office. I wouldn’t want to see those gone.

  193. I was dissapointed in the return, as far as i;m concerned kevin and phylis were the funniest parts of the episode and they had a lot of things that just took up time, but weren’t funny (like the staples lady). Andy got out of control. I thought they could have done a better job with the whole getting Dwight to come back thing. Good thing they threw that Karen Jim breakup into that episode because it was the only interesting thing that happened. (I thought this was a comedy)

    PS. that phone prank was the worst prank yet (and we already saw the first and only funny Andy outburst when he kicked the trash can back in stanford….hilarious)

  194. Well, a dramatic comedy. Not many people have disliked this episode, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I thought it was great. However, I do think they could have gone way farther with the Dwight at Staples thing…

  195. Andy kicking the trash can was hilarious

    But him punching the wall? An actual hole in the wall?

    That was priceless.

    Especially Jim mocking him later. “That is not funny!”

  196. I especially loved how right after Andy did it, he looked at everyone and said “that was an overreaction…” as if explaining the meaning of the word to a child.

  197. it’s interesting how different things strike people as funny or not funny. Unlike mmmmmilf…I thought the Staples lady was a hoot.

    I finally got my husband to watch the show regularly with me…and I find that he tends to laugh at things I don’t and vice versa. Kind of cool really…different jokes for different people all in the same show.

  198. Well, we don’t technically know if they broke up not not, but I’d say Karen is pretty mad. And, after he said that, if she respects herself enough, she won’t stay with him. I think it was good that he admitted it to her and to himself.

  199. Program – They never actually answered that question. Its kind of open ended and up for speculation

    They very possibly could return in February to have them still together and have Karen explain that while Jim’s into her, Pam isn’t into him, so they still are working things out – which could lead to her investigating Pam’s feelings for Jim in return

    There are many ways they could play this. But as they left things tonight? I would gather that they were in the process of breaking up.

  200. Is anyone else of the opinion that there really should be an Office Wiki? I mean, all the articles on Wikipedia are great, but I don’t know that they really belong there. It seems like it’s grown big enough that a full-blown Office Wiki would be justified and would take the load off of Wikipedia having to host so many non-encyclopedic entries. Would anyone else be interested in such a thing?

    (For a great example of a single-topic fan wiki, check out, a Homestar Runner wikipedia.)

  201. The producer’s cut is going up right now. The page has been changed to say “Watch the Producer’s Cut”, but the video hasn’t been uploaded yet.

    Any minute now…

  202. Ok, now that my hands have FINALLY stopped shaking and I’ve FINALLY stopped giggling like a schoolgirl… I hate Andy so much.. it’s not even funny. But the hole in the wall, that was priceless. And I LOVE how Jim and
    Pam didn’t even have to say a word about what they were gonna do to prank Andy. It says volumes about their chemistry. My only beef with the episode: I would have fallen on the floor seizing with glee if Angela a.)hugged Dwight. b.) full out kissed him. But then I would have missed the great Jim/Karen moment, so maybe it’s a good thing…

  203. This was a fun episode to watch although Michael’s seriousness was throwing me off a bit, I’m glad he brought Dwight back to the fold after Angela’s admission.

    “I think we broke his brain” -that’s a classic.

    I’m so glad that Jim admitted that his feelings have not changed although it still seems that the ball is in Pam’s court for her to say something and this time, there’s going to be no one in between them.

    Just two more weeks until the next epsiode, hang in there ya’ll!

  204. That’s exactly what I did, Callan… I got so excited and then “VIDEO NOT FOUND”

    I think they will make us wait until exactly midnight.

  205. Oh, and out of lack of knowing where to put this: i just realized melora and i have the same birthday! cool! ^_^

  206. Grr

    Every time I read its officially up, I get all excited and its still saying error :(

  207. Okay so far, it is GREAT. And there we go, good old Creed being his creepy self once again. Another example of why this show needs to have a longer time slot.

  208. currently watching the cut. is it just me or do they seem to be recycling cars? oscar’s car was jim’s last week, and toby’s last season.. based on my un-auto-educated eye.. hehe.. i made up a word..

  209. The Producer’s Cut for Branch Closing is what ended up on iTunes, so I’d assume it will be the same with this one, Adam.

    Hopefully the DVD will have both versions, as there were things in the broadcast version of Branch Closing (“…magic beans”) that didn’t show up in the Producer’s Cut.

  210. everyone keeps saying that the whole chemistry between Jim and Pam will disappear if they get together, but I think this is just not true. There are always ups and downs of a relationship, so there’s always tension created from that, and, let’s be honest, no one wants the series to end with them finally starting out their life as a couple. I know that I’m thinking much farther- marriage? children? ok, well, maybe not the kid part… Ross and Rachel got together several times over a ten year period of Friends and they were still able to hold the fan base and keep the fans satisfied with Ross and Rachel getting together at the end.
    I LOVED that Jim finally admitted how he feels about Pam- now if only Pam can find out that Jim feels the same way about her! Also, thank goodness that Dwight is back… I know it was only for part of an episode, but we all know that part of what was missing was the fact that Dwight was not around. Though I did love it when Angela was crying- it’s refreshing to see different sides of her…

  211. OMG i’m in the middle of watching the producer’s cut and i had to pause it to comment…creed and jim in the breakroom?? “You’re not real man!” Hysterical…i almost spit my soda all over my screen!

  212. Love the Kelly moment, too… see if they had more time, they really could include all the subtle things.

  213. Best episode. Who ever wrote this is awesome. I love the cell phone joke and Dwight coming back! And the best part, Jim saying he still loves Pam. I wish we didn’t have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode!

  214. Here’s a line no one has talked about yet; Karen’s line about how all fifteen of Dwight’s folders are password protected with a name of a different mythological creature…..

    That one made me laugh so hard.

  215. The subtle joke of using a muzak version of the theme from An Officer and a Gentleman when Michael entered the Staples store to apologize to Dwight and bring him back to Dunder Mifflin was hilarious!

  216. OMG Angela and Pam convo! I can’t believe Angela admits it to Pam.
    “Walking around in your provocative outfits!” (Angela to Pam)
    Wow!!! This director’s cut is awesome.

  217. I love the little Jim/Michael moments that provide clarity for the other. They really are one of my favorite office dynamics.

  218. snowing in michael’s convertible hahah

    andy is a “yes man”

    pam wears “provocative outfits”

    “draw me a map mama” LOL

    phyllis shaking her chest LOL



  219. Is it bad that one of the big reasons I’m happy for the director’s cut is the full Office theme song intro? wonderful

  220. Oh wow, that was AWESOME! Loved the ending with Andy… “management training… anger management, technically.”

  221. Talk about your transitional episode…

    I guess with so much going on, the writers didn’t have time for jokes. Seriously, the only part of the episode I laughed out loud at was the cold open, with Dwight going to the job interviews (hard-working, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable).

    Also, I really don’t like Andy’s character anymore. And I know I’m not supposed to like him, but this episode proves that he is only good in small doses. I realize he was supposed to be annoying and irreverant, but that “I sing silly songs!” gag only goes so far (to be exact, it goes to the episode with the drunken indigo girls singalong and stopped there).

    Sorry for all the negativity… festering!… alright. I have faith in the funny though. I’ll be back here next week.

  222. oh my word, Phyllis shaking hers’!!!!!!! oh my word h my word.

    did anyone else love michael’s sigh at the end when he said he wants people to suck up to him because they love him?

    by the way, why is Ryan such a tool?

    waaaaay to many good things about this episode.

  223. FEAR, i agree about andy…i think he’s reallllly funny, but only in small doses, he pissed me off this episode, he just seemed like a nuisance

  224. OMG, this was an awsome episode!!!!!

    poor Karen, Jim is very cruel. Frist purse girl, now Karen, just like that!

  225. Does anyone remember the exact line in which Michael says that Oscar isn’t defined as gay, but by his Mexicanness?????

  226. they’ve changed the andy character since we first met him. I know he always walked the line between funny and annoying, but i always think they erred on the side of funny. Now i think they’ve pushed him towards the dark side as he is no longer endearing. It is just so predictable how they are systematically picking off the Stamford folks

    – sort of like Survivor, after the tribes merge-

    I thought that he could have been a permanent addition to the office cast and it have pretty much the same dynamic as season two.

    I guess i’m just disappointed in the predictability of their “elimination”.

  227. I love how michael and angela are so sad without dwight and how happy they are when he comes back. Michael never realized how important dwight was to him.

  228. I can’t believe how cold Jim is to the ladies. Think about how he broke things off in “Booze Cruise” with Amy Adams coupled with his unflinching honesty tonight. Pam really has him.

    I’m guessing Pam and Jim get together at Phyllis’s wedding.

  229. Jim was a bit harsh to Katy, but Karen asked him a direct question for the 2nd time and at least this time he was honest. I dont think that’s a bad thing, its worse that last week he 1st lied when asked then backtracked.

  230. So I’m hoping this is what goes down next ep: Karen confronts Pam about Jim having feelings for her in the past. And Pam will play it off lightly something along the lines of..”that was a long time ago, he’s over it, we’re just friends again” just to be nice, you know like she was nice in telling Jim to let Karen move close (which she felt was best for Jim, because obs she loves him). So then Karen will probably say something to the effect of him still having feelings for her. Maybe it ends there, maybe not. What would be totally awesome is if Jim somehow walks in on the end part when Karen tells Pam, and he’s caught frozen and Pam is too. Kinda cliff hanger-y, maybe leading up to Phyllis’ wedding. I really hope something good in the Jam world goes down that night. Or else, nothing, but come on? How great would that be?

  231. hee, hee – I loved this ep. It was just so….right. I finally feel that the show is getting back to the wonderfulness of season 2. And the producer’s cut was awesome! Aw, everything is right with the officeverse once again!
    These next two weeks are going to be tough!!! What better time to start an Office marathon than by watching all the episodes from the beginning?! Woot!

  232. WHat were the three things dwight described himself as?

    I know one of them was alpha male but what were the other two

  233. I guess my “What happened in the producer’s cut” question was a bit premature. I tried watching it, but I still get the “unable to connect from your area” message.

    So what happened on there?

  234. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one but I want to see what it would be like if Toby and Pam went on a date…


  235. the part where i laughed the hardest was when creed said “you’re not real man”…i love it!

  236. I don’t think Jim is being cold, he just can’t deal with the fact that he’s still in love with someone that he thinks ( well as far as he knows, but we all know different) he can’t have. No matter how wonderful the other girls are, your still hopelessly in love with the one you really want, and when it appears that he can’t have pam, he cracks and hurts the other girls unintentionally, ie brooze cruise and tonight.

  237. Haley – Dwight’s terms (I think) were –

    “hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer, malicious, insatiable”

    I know the first 3 are right, but may have missed on the last 2.

  238. Cornell and Hofstra would not be playing football after Christmas. In fact, as an Ivy League school, Cornell’s season ends every year in mid-November.

  239. Quite a fun episode. Really….Ugly Betty won for best comedy? ARE THE GOLDEN GLOBE PEOPLE OUT OF THERE MINDS? That show really is terrible. There is a reason that the office consistenly beats it in the main demographic(18-34) Because anyone who isn’t waiting for grey’s anatomy is watching the office.

  240. My bet is that Andy is gone next week. His jig is up — he can no longer suck up to Michael, and that’s his only MO, so I think he’s done. Especially now that Dwight and Michael are buddies again.

    Although the actor does an awesome job, I’ve always thought of Andy as a temporary character.

  241. does anyone know where i can download this episode “the return” i’ve seen every other episode in the series leading up to it, but couldn’t catch it tonight. i’m a die hard fan and would really appreciate so feedback.

  242. first I’m not an angry person, just at the situation.
    JAM should happen, but not while f-ing over innocent people.

    I agree with Veronica, post number 365. Pam did nothing wrong. it took balls to convince Jim to let Karen get the apartment, because she knows it’s not her place to intervene in their relationship, and she had her chance, twice. Karen did nothing wrong, she someone who knows when it’s appropriate to have fun at work and when to be serious at work (e.g. Benihana Christmas (fun), and The Return (serious)) and she can’t always cater to Jim’s random cravings for pulling pranks.

    if you ask me, Jim is the biggest douche (if i can’t say that word, then jerk, punk, or any other similar word) in the world. He needs to be an adult and learn playing with someone’s heart just cause she’s your temporary “rebound” is a selfish, messed up thing to do.

    and since we’re all on teams, go team “Katy and Karen who should team up to return the favor by f-ing over Jim”

  243. I was so struck by how strong the interpersonal connections are among this group of people…it was really touching.

    This episode was wonderful…so much plot and character development substance…I LOVED Dwight’s co-worker at Staples- she was amazing.

    LOVED Jim’s heartfelt monosyllabic confession to Karen…Jim, I totally forgive you for perhaps trampling on other ladies’ hearts!!

  244. A few comments on this episode:

    You’ve got to love Karen. Jim and Pam are so indirect about their feelings, but Karen comes right out and asks when there’s any doubt on her part. I have to respect that. Her boldness also makes for an interesting show. I know that Jim and Karen will still be together in two weeks, but that Karen, feeling insecure, will probably confront Pam. That puts Pam in charge of her future with Jim – let’s hope she makes the right choice.

    I like how Michael’s been acting these past few episodes. It’s nice to see his character’s depth. He’s not always a doddering fool. Sometimes he’s sweet, competent, and surprisingly perceptive. Other times, um, not so much.

    LOVED the producer’s cut. Phyllis shakin’ her goods? Somebody with computer skills, please make that an animated gif. I need more Creed and Meredith time. Those two are great.

    I find that Andy’s jokes fall flat and that Andy-heavy scenes usually exhaust me because I’m bored. But I think that’s the point. He’s supposed to be annoying and socially awkward. His jokes aren’t written to be funny. His funniest scenes aren’t the jokes he tells but the unintentional stupid stuff he does. Still, though, I’ll be disappointed when he’s gone. I thought he made a great addition to the show, even if his character is an ass. Glad he’s going away for “management” lessons.

    Overall, great episode. Very enjoyable.

  245. I love the look on everyone’s face when Andy punches the wall, especially Jim when he quickly hangs up the phone. HAHA. :’)

  246. I love this episode!! Michael saying ‘Oh, a Burro, of course. If Oscar wants a donkey let’s get one’ was the funniest moment of the episode!
    I one it’s a weird idea, but what if in the next episode Michael finally allows Dwight to fire someone?
    That will be great.

  247. OMG!!!!!!!! what a fabulous episode!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait until FEb.1st new episodes!! I am soooo exited!

  248. Angela was great last night. I got goosebumps when Jim told Karen the truth about his feelings for Pam. I can’t wait to see how Jim/Karen/Pam story line will unfold.

  249. I dont feel like going through all the comments to see if this was mentioned.. but when Michael running through Staples was like Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman .. well that was just pure genius

  250. Not sure anyone mentioned this in the previous 400+ comments, but I was a little disappointed not to see more Oscar. The episode description made it seem like Oscar’s return was the major plot point, whereas really it was about Andy’s shenanigans and Dwight’s return.

    Still, a great episode! Michael was super intense, it looked like he was going to have a mental breakdown!

  251. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE this show. And I personally think season 3 has been the best season so far when you look at the big picture.

    Now that i’ve made my affinity for the show known, I just have to say….some people get WAYYYYYYY to worked up over the show. It’s great that the show is that good that it makes you feel something for the characters. But sometimes when reading these posts I feel like some people are pulling an Andy and punching holes in their wall because Jim/Pam (I refuse to say JAM) hasn’t happened yet.

    Enjoy this great show folks….but remember, it’s just a show, just entertainment. Take a breath and relax. I can’t wait for Feb. 1st!

  252. Okay, I skipped reading the comments after about 350 or so, because I haven’t watched the producers cut yet and I don’t want any spoilers! :-)

    Someone in the early comments had asked what Andy’s ringtone was, and the question was partially answered. It was Rockin’ Robin, but it was sung by Andy himself (“all four parts”). That’s what made it so annoying.

    And speaking of annoying, best line of the show, IMO:
    He’s “always up in my bid-ness. Which is ebonics for being in my face and annoying the bejesus out of me.”

    Oh, another favorite, Jim’s comment to Ryan “I liked you better as the temp” and Ryan’s reply “I did too”. Ryan is aware that he’s becoming someone even HE doesn’t like. Makes the change in Ryan believable and real.

  253. Oh, and what in the name of all that is Holy do we have to do to get this show to be an hour long each week?

  254. I loved this episode. It was one of the best, even compared to the second season! Everyone did an incredible job and the writing was so dead on. So warm and yet still insane comedy, very good stuff. I totally love Phyllis, she has really had some great lines lately. Angela and Michael sharing a sigh and missing Dwight, perfect. Good luck with the Jim and Pam thing. C’mon Pam, tell the truth, it wasn’t really PMS.

  255. “Certain events have transpired. And I’ve thought about certain things, and I’m sorry for the way those certain events transpired. And I would just like to make some changes about certain things and certain situations…”
    “OK, I’ll join. I would love to.”
    “Thank you.”

    “Can I join too?”

  256. agreeing with pc, post 389, ryan is bothering me. but i guess it fits his character. this was an episode filled with plot, loved it.

    i don’t blame karen for not wanting to pull a prank, i totally understand. but jim and pam just have more of a connection.

  257. Another great episode.

    I loved the look on Dwight’s face when he saw Michael at Staples. It was really cute. I also thought that it was interesting how Michael’s eyes looks all red and bloodshot like he had been crying. That was such a sweet moment.

    The prank with Andy’s cell phone was one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. Seriously, that was so funny. I would give anything to pull that prank on someone. It was so great!

    As much as I loved the answer to Karen’s question about Pam last night I did feel bad for Karen. I’m assuming that they broke up. I guess if it wasn’t meant to be it’s nice they he was honest to prevent stringing her along. Pam had better step it up now before she makes Jim look pathetic.

    More Office please!

  258. Syna: it was PMS–Pam Misses (her) Sweetie.

    Okay, that was lame, even for me. I apologize.

    If you need me, I’ll be out trying to get a life. I feel pretty confident. There is nothing on my horizon except everything.

  259. I was suprised Jim said yes but as the writers usually take JAM one step forward then two steps back I suspect the next couple of episodes not to be so positive

  260. – This show is special. It reminds me of how I felt during the first seasons of Miami Vice and Twin Peaks and X-Files and 24.

    – This show goes an hour when Scrubs is done, maybe.

    – NBC, have a Producers Cut available after every episode.

    – Who else was creeped out by Michael’s Spiderman pajamas story?

    – Finally, a reality check: if the sales force was swamped with Dwight’s clients last night, who has been managing the Stamford clients? Stamford was the bigger branch. The sales team should be on the road more often because they are visiting Connecticut based businesses. Why have no replacements been hired for Hannah and Martin and Tony?

  261. How did Michael know that Dwight was working at Staples? I was hoping the Producer’s Cut would answer that question, but it didn’t unless I missed it.

  262. I agree completely with the need for a longer show; every single Thursday at 9 I yell out loud to my tv how this needs to be at least an hour!

    Two of the best lines of the show where just one words; Angela’s “Never” to Kevin, and Jim’s “Yes” to Karen.

    Sigh, a whole more week before the next ep…

  263. I think that Angela probably told Michael that he was working there when she told him about what Dwight did for her.

  264. Favorite moment of this week’s show: the satisfied smile on Angela’s face when Dwight used the broom like a kendo stick on Oscar’s pinata.

  265. not my shoes – two more weeks for a new episode. Next week is a rerun

  266. I thought the TV version of the episode was good. There were many hilarious moments, but all the Andy stuff was just too much to take, there weren’t enough scenes featuring the supporting cast, and although there were some small surprises during the episode (such as how fast the Jim, Karen, and Pam thing is playing out), the main things were way too predictable. The producer’s cut was a big improvement for the most part. It solved my two biggest problems with the TV version with the addition of the many hilarious small scenes with the supporting cast inbetween all of the Andy scenes making them much more palatable. I hope that for future episodes they find a way to include more scenes with the supporting cast in the TV version of each episode rather than only putting them online, since the last few weeks it’s seemed like they’ve put too much focus on just the main characters. Of the added scenes my favorites were the Kelly & Oscar scene, which I thought was a hilarious follow-up to the “Congratulations!” scene from Gay Witch Hunt, and also the “shaking” scene with Phyllis.

    My favorite lines from the episode:

    “Never.” – Angela
    “I don’t understand how someone can have so little self-awareness.” – Michael
    “Dwight had a big personality and I have a big personality. A lot of times when two people like that get together it can be explosive.” – Phyllis
    “Just go with the copy paper, it’s your funeral.” – Dwight
    “I don’t get to wear my ties.” – Dwight
    “I don’t want somebody sucking up to me because they think I am going to help their career. I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me.” – Michael

    And from the producer’s cut:
    “Oscar you really need to learn more about your culture.” – Kelly

    Since I thought the producer’s cuts of both this episode and Branch Closing were much better than the TV versions, and I never saw (or want to see) the edited version of Casino Night, I think in the future when they announce that a producer’s cut will be shown online after the TV version, I’ll just wait to watch the producer’s cut first.

    Also, does anyone know what song was playing in Staples when Michael came in to look for Dwight? I thought it sounded kind of like “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”

  267. Staples prob. just called Michael for a reference check, so that’s how he knew he was working there.

  268. this has propbably already been said but…Did anyone notice the music playing when Michael was talking Dwight at staples was the same music at the end of “Officer and a Gentleman” as Richard Gere carried out the girl out?

  269. the producers cut is 10 times better then the episode that was aired
    it’s funnier and it explains the story more effectively. why can’t they air this version instead??

  270. There was mention earlier in this blog about people hoping Dwight would pull (or take part with Jim) in a prank on Andy. Is that in Dwight’s character? No matter how much he might want revenge for what Andy did (if he even realizes it was Andy’s fault), I don’t see Dwight ever being willing to do what he hated Jim doing to him for so long — pulling a prank in the office. That would be an abuse of company time and resources!

  271. No, I don’t think the show should be an hour long. It’s perfect the way it is. It’d almost be overkill. THink of this past episode. If you got sick of Andy in this one, you’d be vomiting after the end of the hourlong edition.

    And for the UGLY BETTY and 30 ROCK detractors…please, give it a rest! Both shows are geared for two different audiences, and while their humour may not be compatible with you, that doesn’t mean they’re bad shows. In fact, I love UGLY BETTY, and I’m a 29 year old male.

    I really hate that about people sometimes. Sorry to rant and vent out, but come on, now.

  272. Clearly, to drag the opportunity for there to be a true JAM connection, the writers are going to insert Roy by showing how Pam has reconsidered him as a mate since Jim had apparently “moved on” with Karen. That’s the only way to extend the tension since now Karen is essentially out of the way.

  273. If that happens, then we have just come full circle back to last season with a Pam/Jim/Roy triangle. I hope they come up with something fresh and new, even if they have to keep up the tension.

  274. Yeah, with all the employees who have left this season, they should be hiring some new people to replace them. So maybe there will be a new love interest for Pam coming on board.

  275. One thing I didn’t quite understand. Why did Jim swipe the phone from Andy and then go give it to Pam? Why was that necessary, since Pam handed it back to Jim later when they went to the break room. Couldn’t Jim more easily have held onto it in his pocket or something? Did Pam do something with the phone while it was in her possession?

  276. 431: I think she just took down the number, so she could call it after the phone was in the ceiling.

  277. maybe jim gave the cell phone to pam to get the number off of it. you can get a cell number off of a phone if you go into the settings. just a thought.

  278. TO STEPHEN:

    I said I watched it, just not every second of it, and I honestly doubt missing a minute or two is going to change whether I like it or not, cause it never does!

  279. TO DESIREE: OK!

    But you actually said that you watched Ugly Betty. I don’t know too many people who didn’t like that episode, but I do agree that more Toby (and Kelly) would be great.

  280. I can imagine that Pam also temporarily turned the ringer off in case a call came in before they had a chance to put it in the ceiling.

  281. So I just noticed, after the 4th time I watched it. When Andy is singing Zombie, he’s reading the lyrics of his computer. I couldn’t contain my laughter after I realized what he was doing.

  282. odizzlw – I have to majorly disagree with you.
    The show would be much improved in an hour long format. there have been many episodes that made more sense (or were funnier) after watching the deleted scenes or producers cut.

    ex.. Branch Closing episode. it made no sense that Creed (Mr. Tight Wad himself) would buy shots for everyone at the bar. the producers cut showed that he sold a bunch of office equipment, which made perfect sense

    watch last nights episode, then watch the producers cut version.. its no contest. better told & much funnier

  283. I think Jim gave Pam the phone so if Andy kept looking for it and accused Jim of having it, he could stand up and say “search all you want, I don’t have it”.

    Plausible denial.

    The lemonade with the accent marks and the tilde is a big hit at my office today. Leh-mo-nyaah-dae!!!

  284. If they bring someone in to be a new love interest to Pam….that would be the worst….too “Friends” in my opinion. I am so hoping that the writers give us what we want and just let JAM happen….the show can still be so great with them together!

    If they keep dragging it out after this season, I (and many others I am sure) will just lose interest.

    Just my humble opinion.

  285. I am surprised to read some of the comments and see that people are so mad at Jim. I didn’t think he was purposely trying to hurt Karen’s feelings last night at all. I thought he was just trying to be honest. It was clearly painful for him to say it…he doesn’t want to have feelings for Pam anymore, as he has made clear several times this season. So…I think it is unfair for people to be so upset at him. Once again, I think it is just the writer’s trying to be “real”.

    And, as far as JAM goes….as long as they get together in the end, I am happy to wait and see what the writers are going to do with the story line. I loved all of the subtle interactions that happened in Season 2…so I’m fine with dragging it out if they can just be friends again. Oh, and no Roy, of course. :)

  286. That was “freakin'” fantastic! They keep getting better and better!

    “Did you do this for me?”

    (Pan to “Welcome Back Oscar” poster)


    I love The Office!

  287. OMG, when Jim was answering Karen, I was honestly humming the “Jeopardy” theme! Great stuff!

  288. I loved how Phyllis was using gloves when she pulled out the frozen Chimichangas. I don’t think there are usually rubber gloves sitting around when you cook for your coworkers, or at work or at home! I can’t wait to see the cut on the website!

  289. k so is andy and karen gonna be in new episodes? because there not really needed anymore…michael hates andy, and jim has feelings for pam not karen..

  290. Was it just me or did the way Jim said yes sound like he was almost just realizing it for the first time? That he in fact does still have feelings for her. Or at least the first time in a while admitting it to himself?

  291. The important thing is I learned something.
    I don’t want somebody sucking up to me because they think I am going to help their career.
    I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me.

  292. Why can I download last nights Scrubs but Itunes STILL dosen’t have the new office up yet!!!!!

  293. i apologize for a repeat here if it is one, but, we have seen pam and roy laughing alot lately…its not entirly out of the question that they have started talking again, especially after pam’s heart was broken a couple eps ago…who knows

  294. prisonmike – the summary for the next new episode has Karen in it. So I’m pretty sure her (and or Andy) are still on the show

  295. ANyone else here in sales? Anyone else familiar with the term “Ben Franklin” as it relates to selling techniques?

    I think the “Ben Franklin” title will have more to do with Jim/Pam/Karen than anything related to who Michael brings to an engagement party for Phyllis.

  296. So, Knot4ewe, care to enlighten those of us who are not in sales what the term “Ben Franklin” means?

  297. I disagree that if JAM were a couple that the show would lose something. Yes, the tension between them is great….but think of all the tension-filled moments a couple can have? Plus, I think the writers can do it and do it well.

    What doesn’t work (for any show) is to have two people do the will they/won’t they forever….people lose interest.

    to Angie…I think that Jim was realizing it for the first time too….and I think that simple “Yes” and John’s facial expressions speak to his unbelieveable ability as an actor. Where is his emmy?:)

  298. I’m with you Rita…
    allot of people think that the show would die as soon as Pam and Jim get together, because that’s what has happened for previous shows, but why wouldn’t it be interesting to see Pam & Jim deal with issues that everyday couples deal with. the writers are so brilliant. they could find ways to keep it funny and intelligent

    also alittle PDA from Pam and Jim wouldn’t be so bad..

  299. Exactly Corporate Booty (god, I love that…)…I think that this show is not like ones before it. Jenna and John are AMAZING actors and I can’t believe their chemistry….it is beyond words. Sometimes I wonder what Jenna’s husband thinks…he he.

    Anyway, it certainly won’t kill the show, if anything, it will make it better. I mean, if JAM is together and happening…then we can see more Creed and Toby and other faves…

  300. last season was 22 episodes
    so… there are prob only around 9 shows left for this season =(

  301. rofl Angie (442), i didn’t notice the lyrics thing before either.

    i don’t think jim or pam necessarily _have_ to have new love interests. i’d prefer them to both be single for a while and let their friendship (and more than that) blossom again. i can’t wait to see what happens next!

    what happened to kevin’s gf btw? he’s made some passing references on his myspace but there hasn’t really been anything on the show.

  302. They’ve made sure Karen is likable, and we know they can’t/won’t make Jim & Pam look too bad. So how does all of this get resolved without anyone looking too bad?

    I know she’ll bow out gracefully. But will she actually be one to tell them to get their #&*$ together already and do something about it? Or at least be the one to break the news to Pam that Jim still has feelings for her?

  303. has anyone noticed that Karen really like edamame

    she was eating them in the Diwali episode, and she had a bowl of edamame on her desk during last nights episode

  304. 382 leah:
    I was thinking the EXACT same thing! If Pam and Jim dance together at Phyllis’s wedding, I will just die!!! =D

  305. Yay for Jam! Year for Dwangela! Yeah for Karen being gone! Yay for everything! This show was all yays. It was too happy, and I am noticing that the humor is steadily disappearing (though I absolutely loved the prank!!!)

    I really, really, really hope Jam doesn’t terminate in Ben Franklin. I would probably have an emotional breakdown if Jim stayed with Karen. I still have the jitters from Jim saying “yes.” I am so happy!!!

  306. I was thinking…on “Friends” Ross & Rachel was a huge thing. They had tension for a season or so, and finally got together. The writers didn’t drag it out too long, the show was still good. So the writers should make a go of it & give me at least 1 ccrazy Jam love scene. I read too many romance novels…

  307. The end of Karen and Andy is soon!

    I still can’t believe Andy punched a hole through half inch dry wall. (tear) And now he is on his way to “management” training.

    Oompa loompa, doompadee dossum, Andy is now gone, which is totally awesome. Why was he gone, he was such a nice guy. He he was not, he was a total douche. Doompadee doom.

    I agree Andy seems to be submerged in the chocolate river.

    On a lighter note…. wow, Jim admitted to having feelings for Pam! Wha-Wha-Whaat?!? Do I hear some JAM action in the near distance? (crosses fingers)

    As for Karen… burn the bizzatch!

  308. I know Jim telling Karen he still has feelings for Pam can’t HELP their relationship, but I wasn’t really under the impression that it was over between them.

    In my sheer boredom I saw on Wikipedia (yes, i know the MOST reliable source of course!) someone wrote that “it is implied that he and Karen broke up”.
    Hmmm? I really don’t know where they’re gonna take this…

  309. do you think that Andy called Ryan “Big Turkey”, because he ate a turkey sandwich for lunch?

  310. This is what I found…what the hell does it mean?

    Ben Franklin provided one of the best sales methods ever used to date! In fact, this method is even named after him. I’m sure many of you have used this method without realizing that it is called a “Ben Franklin.” It is one of the easiest-to-use sales methods and has proven time and again to be an effective method to close more sales.

  311. i found that site too. thats just the intro to the article. it means nothing. you have to sign up for the site to read the rest of the article. boo.

  312. I don’t know if anyone else has said this, but I was just watching the episode for the 3rd time and noticed that right before they show Karen walking into the conference room to talk to Jim they shoot to Pam. I really didn’t pay attention the first time, but after watching it again and seeing her eye line I think she’s watching Karen go into the conference room. Anyone else notice that? Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part or maybe she did witness the tension and knows something is up. We can only hope, right? I want Jam back!

  313. About the phone prank w/ Jim and Pam – some people were wondering why Pam was even included in the prank, b/c it seemed all she did was hold on to it…but after seeing it again, she probably was able to find out Andy’s phone number so that they could call it when it was in the ceiling…

  314. I agree. At first I thought it was just a general shot of Pam, but after watching it a few times I think it’s very intentional & that one second of film means a lot. She obviously doesn’t know what Jim & Karen said, but hopefully she gets that they’re having issues & makes her move.(but I doubt it)

  315. I noticed that split second shot to Pam, also. She should take advantage of Jim and Karen’s issues, but knowing Pam she won’t. She’ll probably feel bad about, thinking it’s her fault, and stay away! I’m all for an hour every week. So many great scenes from the producer’s cut that didn’t make it to the half-hour segment!

  316. Another thing (I’m bored)… Jim tells karen he still has feelings for pam. Then when everyone is in the conference room w/the pinata, Karen isn’t there & jim is back to his usual spot-next to pam. It made me think that Jim decided he would rather be single & able to hang with Pam like he used to, then to date karen & not be able to spend so much time with Pam. In other words, he’d rather have a little Pam than a whole lotta someone else. I have too much time on my hands. :(

  317. re: the Ben Franklin sales method. If I recall correctly, the salesperson draws a two-column table, with “Pros” on one side and “Cons” on the other. Salesman helps the prospect fill in the Pros to be gained, and then lets the prospect list the Cons. In the end, when the Pros inevitably outweigh the cons, the table makes the case for closing the sale.

  318. Gracias Mark. Hey- does anyone else think the title “The Return” was not only about Dwight & Oscar coming back…but more specifically about the return of Jim & Pam (at least their pranks)?

  319. I have a feeling Karen will be gone within the next 3-4 episodes and Jim & Pam will spend the rest of this season ‘single’. Neither of them have been alone, so its the next best thing to keep the tension going, but not have outside people be part of the equation. I’m ok with that. I see them together next season.

  320. I thikn the “Ben Franklin” show title will mean someone, probably Jim, will be making a Pro/Con type of list. Or in this case, a Pam/Karen list.

    Something like JIm acting as th #2 man in the office, giving pointers to Karen/Ryan on how to be a better salesperson. He goes over severl different types of closes, one of which is the Ben Franklin. He then decides to make his own list of who he should try to be with, Pam or Karen.

    Or, conversely, Karen uses the Ben Franklin method to decide whether or not to stay in Scranton.

  321. SPTS, I agree with you. Neither one of them has been single at the same time, except a little while when Jim was at the other branch. For the love of everything holy, please let’s have some Jam romance in season 4.

  322. It would be nice to see Pam and Jim single for the rest of season 3. (And Karen can haul her ass back to Connecticut.) I really do miss their little “moments” and I hate to admit it, but it is too soon into the series to have them as a couple. I’m not ready to see The Office end any time soon!

    For the love of god enough with the G.I. offspring and the crazy person!

  323. Yeah as much as I want them together, I rather see them both single, flirting with the idea of maybe forming someting for a while, but neither of them getting the courage to do so.

  324. Much as I hate to think about it, whenever a couple finally get together on a show, it’s the same thing. (ER, Friends, Fraiser) I’d like to see the writers show their stuff by getting Jam together, but being original & not follow the usual process of
    1. profess love
    2 .everything’s fine, until some predictable drama
    3. Break up for 3 years or so
    4. secretly get back together
    5. Have baby/get married/move away

  325. When Michael repeats “It takes a big man to admit his mistake” for the closing talking head, the camera captures Michael and Jim in the same frame, reinforcing the dual meaning of the statement. How did I not notice that? Sorry for so many posts…quiet day at work!

  326. Tehehe Alison, you are so right on that. I too hope the writers keep it original.

  327. reply to #500 it is when he and pam are wearing the hats and looking at the hole andy punched. the camera leaves them and you hear jim say that quote.

  328. In response to the boobs, it’s in the directors cut when Michael tries to get pam to shake her maracas.

  329. when the camera pans out after pam and jim are looking at the half inch dry wall, does jim say “it’s frickin funny” or does he say “it’s not frickin funny” like he’s making fun of andy for saying “It’s not funny, it’s actually pretty fricken unfunny.” just curious if anyone had caught that.

    hope that made sense…

  330. He says “it not freakin’ funny” I was thinking it was in reference to Andy’s earlier comment IMO

  331. Alison (re post 490): That very well could be the case. Remember, last season’s episode, The Secret, referred to more than just Jim’s secret crush on Pam. (Like Oscar’s secret about being gay and a bunch of other examples that escape my mind at this point)

  332. Great episode! Classic, including the JAM prank!


    Where would the show be today without Andy and Karen? Could it have maintained it’s momentum without all the new blood provided by the MERGER? I say, don’t be too quick to wish these characters away, unless there are new ones ready to entertain us. Plus, the whole Andy, Michael and Dwight triangle continues to amuse. Who would have thought that Angela could seem

  333. Angela has a new blog post up. It’s pretty cool. Some insider info about the Globes, the last past two episodes, and the current filming. :-)

  334. I’m so happy with the writers. They torture and torture us but then they also reward us soooo much. The Jim and Pam stuff was amazing after so long, and drama with people quitting and coming back makes things interesting while still maintaining the office atmosphere. Bravo!

  335. Okay wait, the “Phyllis’ Wedding” episode is on February 8? wow. I heard somewhere that was gonna be the finale, but I guess not. Right? Cause there’s a lot more than 14 episodes this season.

  336. Do you think Ryan dislikes Jim for some reasons? He seems to always be really sarcastic when talking to him.

  337. Do you think Ryan dislikes Jim for some reason? He seems to always be really sarcastic when talking to him.

  338. Hey, was the woman who Dwight wouldn’t leave alone at Staples the same woman who told Pam to stop using the microphone at the market last season?

    They look really similar.

  339. Another good episode.

    Some random thoughts and observations:

    -Definitely missed Dwight, although I knew he was coming back.

    -Andy is a total a-hole at this point. But he had me dying a couple of times.

    -Where was Kelly?

    -Jim can be rather passive aggressive. Rather might be an understatement.

    – Wow Staples. Dwight definitely likes to keep himself busy. When I heard he was going to be working for Staples I assumed he would be working in their paper sales department not in an actual store. Pretty funny.

    -When Michael went to Staples to talk to Dwight was any one else reminded of that famous scene in “An Officer and a Gentleman”? I was. The cheesy music in the back that sounded like “Up where we Belong,” added to that effect. Maybe not a coincidence from the writers.

    – Dwangela is pretty cool.

    – Karen is as direct as they come, she doesn’t waste any words or actions huh? Total opposite of Pam in that sense. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. Really, I can’t wait. I’m going to freak out.

  340. #514—

    they are two completly different ppl. the staples girl was black and the grocery woman was white. )plzzzz………. no offense intended.

  341. Ok so call me old fashioned but…
    I think the one thing i really like about the Jim/Pam relationship is that it’s more involved with caring for the person. They’re not sleeping together, for obvious reasons -i know-, but i really appreciate that. Now that i’ve said this of course that will all change =[ But it’s just been nice to see something on t.v. that is about a relationship and not just about sex. I really get annoyed when that’s the only plot on t.v. anymore.

  342. I think the woman Nick was talking about in #513 was the one that Dwight offered to help (and wouldn’t budge lest she need him!). This was an older white woman.

    What episode was it with the woman and Pam from last year, Nick?

  343. Allan,

    It was Michael’s Birthday when Jim and Pam go to get gifts to cheer Kevin up because of the possible skin cancer.

  344. Right, I remember that scene now. I went back and looked at the “Michael’s Birthday” ep and it’s *not* the same lady. This one is younger and has dark hair. The one in Staples was elderly and gray. That was a funny scene in the Rite Aid store.

    Pam says, “Luke, this is your father. Come set the table for dinner.” Jim shakes his head and says, “Such a dork.” And then she says, “Jim Halpert, price check on fabric softener…” That’s when the woman says, “Please don’t touch that. That is not a toy.” (Thought you’d like this little reminder. :-)

  345. The woman in Staples that Dwight offers to help is indeed Charlotte Stewart who played Miss Beadle, the school teacher on Little House on the Prairie. Her name appears in the credits at the end of the PC version of the Office episode. Another note of trivia: Melora Hardin (Jan) was also on LHOTP, playing the minor character Belinda Stevens.

  346. Does anyone else think that when Phyllis was talking about her and Dwights personalities that she was slyly referencing back to the episode where they are discussing office romances and she asks if it was ok if it was a one night stand?

  347. I have only read up to #44 and I feel that I have really missed out on a very great show. I took my sister to Baltimore to visit my niece and missed the show. Can’t wait until Thursday night. I will continue reading the comments, thanks everybody!!!!

  348. no – the woman who tolled pam to stop using the microphone in the supermarket was white…

  349. Scarninator, they’re both white. The question was about the older woman shopping in Staples, not the black woman who was Dwight’s co-worker for a day.

  350. shush your face Todd F. Packer
    that’s not very nice…

    so far i love the office
    I grew up in the Bronx and never had a television until about 2 months ago- and I just got into the office. My favorite episode (and the only one i’ve ever seen) is Back from Vacation

  351. you should probably go back and watch seasons 1 @ 2 on dvd because it would give you a more understanding of what’s going on.

  352. Hey Jamican Jan Sun Princess R2D2 The Office Lover and Jam PEarl arent you all the same person

  353. So just something i noticed, i dont see Rashida Jones’ name staring in Phylis’ Wedding episode, does this mean that we may be seeing the end of Jim and Karen?

  354. Officetallyfan,
    Thanks for verifying that (not that I doubt my wife’s uncanny ability to recognize actors and actresses).

  355. Ok so it is offical there is someone more nuttier than “Dwigt”. Andy Takes the cake. Between the Ringer on his phone to his ability to make ass kissing an art, Andy I ruler of the land of annoyance.

  356. The part I love more than anything is at the very end where Michael says “I don’t want somebody sucking up to me because they think I’m going to help their career. I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me.” Right after that, you han hear him breath a little sigh, and something about that is so freaking hilarious. . .

  357. Eisenberg, Stupnitsky and Schur all the way!!
    How hard do these people rock?

    I thought I was obsessed with “The Office” before. I was SO wrong!

  358. I have watched this episode about 3 timesand it still has that “ness” about it. When Jim is talking to Karen and you can see ANdy fishing for him in the back round and Jim just looks normal but kind of ticked at the same time i just love that. And when Jim is sitting in his chair and Andy makeing it look like he cought him. Classic. And of course…. Ryan saying he liked himself more when he was the temp. SO TRUE!!! I dislike Ryan morethen any other caricter on the show. AND HE STARTED THE FIRE

  359. “thats what5 she said”,

    read the spoilers if you would like to know more about Rashida being in future episodes

  360. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get an audio file of Andy’s version of “Rockin Robin” If you could email me, or just post it here I’d be very happy if you kept an eye out for me. thanks :D

  361. Hey, where has Andy been since this episode???? Seriously, he disappeared. Did he get fired or quite after the whole wall-punching thing? It’s driving me Bannanas!!!

  362. Z: — In the producer’s cut online, it showed him going to “management training” as he put it. The he adds, “anger management, technically.” It’s supposed to be 10 weeks long. But he explains to the camera that he expects to be able to finish it in five. He WILL be back because news came out after that episode that he got a regular contract with the show; he’s no longer a “guest.”

  363. I’m glad they got rid of Andy. His character was too over-the-top. All the characters on The Office are believable, although wacky, but Andy was just out of hand. No one is that annoying. He just didnt fit in along with the other characters. So, i think it was a good descision.

  364. haha good episode, Andy punching wall, and getting ticked off cause of phone, Dwight and oscar coming back, andy fishing for jim lol

  365. One of the best Office episodes ever, definitely the best one of the season. The ending with Michael and Dwight is so well acted. Love my Office men.

  366. Other favorite moments,

    Creed saying “we had a funeral for a bird”!!

    Dwight being too good for Staples.

    Dwight organizing Michael’s toys and watering the plants.

    Michael’s reactions to Andy’s craziness.

    In the end, Steve Carell and Rainn should have gotten an emmy for this.

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