‘The Office’ Season 7 premieres tonight!

The Office Season 7

Office fans, it’s finally here, The Office premiere day! Here’s the latest scoop:

More news updated throughout the day!


  1. “We have to establish a pee corner” – The first Office Tally tagline of the new season. Who’s with me?

  2. Please!! Does anyone know what’s the name of the song played in the first promo? (the shorter one)

  3. @Beau Started the Fire: it looks like Jim is in the lobby with security, and the camera is catching his reaction from inside the broken elevator. eh?

  4. I have been waiting four months for this season and I get this! Utterly fantastic. I think this season will be terrific.

  5. Beau, I think Jim is outside of the stuck elevator because the guy in front of him looks like the tech or repair dude in another scene. He’s probably worried about Pam being in the elevator with Dwight! :-)

  6. I bet/hope they are kicking off the season with a big party/musical song opening! I am officially freaking out in anticipation!!! Ü

  7. OMG! Okay guys, I remember last spring on The Rachel Maddow Show she featured these high schoolers who were doing a musical rivalry contest. It involved learning how to sing a song backwards and filming it backwards, then playing the song forwards (does that make sense?!) Anyway, I’m about 99.9999% positive that this is what they are doing and I FLIPPIN’ CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

    Also, loving Pam and Dwight stuck in an elevator, and loving Pam’s old hair. <3

  8. today, i woke up with a headache, went to work and had 2 customers yell at me, and my godson threw up on me.

    my day is totally better now! :o)

    and Brigette, i think you’re absolutely right! i can’t WAIT for next thursday!!!!!!

  9. @Brigette…Indeed, Pam’s old hair FTW!!!!

    Also, like everyone else I’m excited. Let’s hope this season opener is like the best Dundies ever!!

  10. “…It involved learning how to sing a song backwards and filming it backwards, then playing the song forwards….”

    What…? Totally confused, can someone please explain?

  11. What’s the song in the second video? I’ve heard it everywhere but I can’t remember what song it is.

  12. @ #21 Eric: That is the Fratellis’ Chelsea Dagger in the 2nd clip. You would have heard it everywhere a couple years ago, and particularly in the Chicago market last NHL season since it was the theme song for the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the Stanley Cup.

  13. @21 Eric

    If you are referring to the 30 sec. promo that’s Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis (It’s also used in an Amstel Light Commercial) :-)

    The other one is Nobody But Me by the Human Beinz (an oldy but goody)

  14. @ IT Guy and others who want to know what I’m talking about, watch this link

    It’s pretty crazy!
    Also, Dwight’s face is on a poster in one of the classrooms at 1:23! So obviously this project has come full circle. :)

    [from tanster: HOLY CRAP. that was amazing! and check out their “making of” vid as well. wow.]

  15. Rainn Wilson graduated from Shorecrest the rival of Shorewood. In the video they cross out a picture of Dwight. I think Rainn is using the power of the Office to get back at Shorewood. Gotta love it!

  16. Hey,

    Did anyone see the Shorecrest High School Lip Dub, too? Shorewood and Shorecrest are rival schools near Seattle. And Mr. Rainn Wilson attended high school there! Who am I kidding…of course someone already posted this tidbit! Gotta love an Office Fan!

  17. So I guess the Office won’t be returning to its roots of subtlety, realism and quiet humor.

    Sigh. I weep for the past.

  18. @31:

    Yes, nothing says subtle like Michael acting like an idiot after burning his foot on a Foreman grill…or doing a horrible, stereotyped impression of an asian person in front of a crowd at Chili’s…or Michael getting into a fist fight with Dwight in the office, then taking the entire office out of work to go see them fight again (all of this happened in the first few episodes).

  19. PROMOS LOOK AMAZING, I Shorewood like to see this idea you all are talking about happen in the show. The dancing and singing reminds me of Cafe Disco! I have never got out of my chair during a tv show til Cafe Disco and started dancing. Then this Promo,,,,, I CANNOT WAIT!

  20. They’re back to their subtle humor! Awesome! Oh…wait…This is so disappointing being such a huge fan of the show. I had to force myself to even buy the season 6 dvd.

  21. So is there a lip dub competition with another Sabre branch?

    Here’s another vote for the return of S2 Pam hair.

  22. Yep Brigette was right! On the 15-second promo you can see that when Andy opens the door to the office, there’s a sign that says “Lip Dub” on the door (it’s around the 4-second mark).
    Can’t wait for the new season to start!

    [from tanster: wow! you guys have amazing eyes!]

  23. If I had to guess, I would say Michael saw it on the internet and of course, immediately had the office recreate it. Maybe he’ll try to get YouTube to come down and film it. :)

  24. Wow. I am quite impressed by the collective power of Tallyhead Nation…and a little scared.

  25. This is great! I love how all tallyheads put their minds together for the sake of this show. I wonder what would happen if the cast saw us decoding the previews.

  26. to 34:

    the difference is in how the episodes are done. The first 2 seasons had a sense of reality to them, no matter how zany the situation. The last couple of seasons, not so much. Many more obvious lines and humor these last couple of years.

  27. I hope they go all out for Steve’s last season. Season 2 caliber or greater. With how great I think these promos have been, the season premier looks to be up for the challenge.

  28. I think it’s Ryan and his shirt says “Do you woof”.

    [from tanster: you guys seriously have the most amazing eyes ever.]

  29. “A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video.”

    Thank you, Wikipedia.

  30. Grinning like an idiot right now, that clip was priceless. I’ve missed you so much, Office <3.

  31. I kind of wished it was a current song, like “California Girls” or “Dynamite”. By the way. what is the song they lip dubbed?

  32. Now this makes me smile! Great cold open involving everyone. Exactly something they would do, and each one of them stays in line with what their character would do. Gotta be either Andy or Michael behind it. LOVING the old Pam look. So far this season is really looking excellent. Definitely psyched.

  33. They just reduced the video down. It’s only 33 seconds now and you don’t get to see Ryan and Kelly.

  34. I wanted to wait for the premiere on thursday before seeing any clips, but I just couldn’t resist. I hope there’s a lot more cold open left.

    So excited for this season.

  35. Is it likely the other sneak previews are actual scenes in the episode, or simply deleted scenes/unused footage?

  36. I’m not into crazy Office cold opens like I saw in the first promo but the sneak peek looked good. :)

  37. #70

    I believe Stanley is talking to the cameraman and saying “You’re falling behind” as though he’s having trouble keeping up with the lip dub :-)

  38. If you look off to the side, Erin/Oscar skate past Angela and Darryl, I think (they’re in the side office) Can’t wait to see what those two do—especially Angela, who will probably lip sync with total disdain. ;)

    I’m not a huge Jim/Pam shipper (sorry!), but how cute are those two with his “Boogaloo” sign! Awesome.

    Is is Thursday yet?

  39. I love the cold opening for season 7! I can’t stop watching it.

    I love the amount of Andy & Pam, not loving the lack of Michael :-(

  40. I think the writers have gotten wrapped up in the show’s success. These characters once felt like real people, albeit funny real people.

  41. Gotta say, in addition to loving Pam’s old hair, I love her old twinkly “Jim is playing a prank on Dwight” laugh in clip 4. Although I find it odd that she wouldn’t know about the keys, seeing as she and Jim live in the same house and he had to bring them in. Oh well! Really pumped for Thursday!

  42. Yes i love me some Jim pranks! Can’t get enough prankster Jim. I’ve missed that. And Pam’s little laugh at the keys reminded me of her laugh at the jello prank. Such a nice throw back.

    This is gonna be an amazing year.

  43. I think the cold dance open speaks to the revitalized energy of Season 7.
    Change is in the air. The cast looks psyched. The writers have much new material & new characters to play with.
    The Office is back…with a bang!

  44. “Best cold open ever”? Really? It wasn’t that funny. I didn’t even smile. Seriously, what’s the punch line? You think that was better than football in the office, Jim’s various pranks on Dwight, Jim impersonating Dwight, the fire drill, or Creed dressing up as the Joker? No way.

  45. The original 44-second long cold-open has now been put back up, rather than the second 33-second long clip.

  46. A. It says “quite possibly” the best cold open ever. People are allowed to have different opinions.

    B. It’s not even the entire cold open. It’s just a little preview.

  47. Oops. I guess they did post the entire thing. I love Angela’s reaction: “I told you I don’t want to be on the internet!”

    As for the punch line, it’s a spoof of those school/office building lip dub videos that have popped up recently.

    Sorry for the back to back comments.

  48. Hey so when I tried watching the 0:44 clip, the clip kept going to a full 2:27 showing the entire cold open!

  49. Will-I gotta agree with you. As much as I´m excited for this season, I really don´t get the cold open. Then again I´ve never heard of lip dub before so I guess it´s the same problem I had with the Hardcore Parcore thing or whatever. The rest of the clips look pretty good though.

  50. I don’t think the open is meant to be LOL hilarious. It’s just a totally fun cold open that screams new energy and excitement and that’s awesome.

  51. But this isn’t like the other lip dubs, is it? I thought it was supposed to be filmed backward and then played forward or vice versa. Either way, I love how they all stay in character.

    LOL, and I love how Jim dances like he’s in a Peanut’s special.

  52. I’m another one not really loving the cold open. I’m interested to know why they are doing this.

  53. I loved it! It wasn’t supposed to be laugh-out-loud funny it was supposed to be entertaining and fun which it was. I can see why Jenna said it took so long to choreograph. Great job, office cast and can’t wait for tomorrow night!

  54. As of now, not at all a fan of the cold open. This is not the same show as it was in seasons 1-3. That was a show about a mundane American office with some eccentric characters. I don’t know what this is.

    However, LOVEDDDDDD Pam’s laugh during the Jim prank. I had to listen to it a few times to realize where it’s from, but it’s her laugh from the stapler-in-jello incident.

  55. I definitely enjoyed the cold open… Not the funniest thing in the world. It did bug me for a few reasons though. For one, Dwight physically wielding a KNIFE and “Pretending” to threaten people with it. Secondly, Gabe is supposed to have the “Jan/Charles” role at DM, do they really expect me to believe that they put on such a spectacular in lieu of doing actual work for the sake of fitting in. And lastly, did the documentary film crew film this, was that his voice at the end?

    Interesting stuff, comedy for sure, but us Office fans are nitpickers.

  56. That was…interesting. It seems like they are just planning on having fun in Steve’s last season. Office really now is in 30 Rock territory, where I don’t expect it to blow me away every week (like Community currently does :D), but I hope for a few good laughs at least each ep.

  57. 93:

    They’re doing it to be on the internet. You can see all kinds of actual schools/offices doing this on YouTube.

  58. How come they couldn’t have released the cold open in parts, like Dwight’s walnut-cracker, huh…HUUHH?!

  59. Knowing that all these promos and preview scenes are handily provided and right here and forcing myself to NOT watch them is eating me up! So happy tomorrow’s just a day away–I’m pretty sure I could not go longer without peeking because I’m so excited about a new season.

  60. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up, but there was a very popular video online last year where a bunch of students did a lip dub to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas and it was actually pretty cool. They are just doing a parody of that here.

  61. That was interesting, but it wasn’t really all that funny. Honestly, it’s a bit of a let down after the hilarious cold-open of the last season. (PARKOUR!)

  62. I dig it! I caught the full clip just before they changed it back to the short clip. It’s hilarious because of *course* they would try to do something to be on YouTube but they still wouldn’t do it right. It’s not actually a properly done lip dub! And yes, it was Toby’s voice at the very end confirming that it was ready for the internet. More importantly, Pam’s back to season one hair!! One more day!!!

  63. I saw the entire thing last night, and loved it until Dwight’s part. Just a little too OTT for me, although I did get a little laugh when he headlocked Andy, who continued to sing and mug, as if he weren’t being threatened by a crazed maniac.

    I didn’t think it sounded like Toby’s voice at the end though, even thought Andy specifically mentioned his name. Maybe it was just my laptop speakers.

  64. @110 pam pam

    It’s not 100% Old Pam hair, but it’s the same general concept. It’s just instead of it being permed, she maybe takes a few minutes to blow dry it. But it’s no longer Fancy New Beesly/Halpert hair.

    I’m guessing that with Baby Cici, Pam (like many new mothers) doesn’t quite have the same time and energy she used to have to put into her hair in the morning. She’s gone back to her old way, although for a completely different reason, I think when she was engaged to Roy, she just plain gave up. Pam’s hair has always been a symbolic part of the show.

    Either way, it’s refreshing and sentimental to see the old Pam-ish style back. It reminds us of the girl we (and Jim) fell in love with.

  65. Well, this kaboshes my backwards theory! I think I like this better though, how they try to make a really cool lip dub and it’s so perfectly imperfect. Very suiting for these characters. :)

  66. Ahhh, I love the cold open! Poor Toby… left out of the video to do the camera work haha. ;) And I love Kelly and Ryan… oh jeez.

  67. Don’t care how faithful the cold open is to the old school “spirit” of The Office, it is an awesome celebration of the show that should make you smile tomorrow, next week, and twenty years from now. Michael Scott is leaving, so it’s time to cut loose and do things that probably would’ve made viewers roll their eyes in 2006 or 2007. I could watch it 100 times, and I probably will.

  68. I like this cold open. Somehow I think it fits with the overall feel of The Office. Here’s to a great 7th season!

  69. Have resisted watching the spoilers – resist, resist, resist. Can’t wait for tonight. Got my snacks and wine ready to go! (Ain’t no premiere like an Office premiere!)

  70. Just watched the “cold open” and I LOVED it! I honestly can’t think of any other word. Love!

  71. The bit with the key ring was golden. Classic Office right there. The Cold Open and the “pee corner” were everything I hate about what this show has become.

  72. THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Season Premiere night and it looks to be an amazing season planned. Getting the word of another Dundies Award episode for this season makes me want to go to Chili’s tonight!

  73. I couldn’t be happier or more excited for tonight! It will be so special; I am completly filled with bliss and joy!!!! YAY!!!!!

  74. After all these years, it is still incredible that stars like Jenna come to sites like this to talk to fans!!!

  75. I remember talking about the office with friends on the bus in middle school, can’t wait to watch the premier in my freshman dorm…in college. i’ve grown up with this show…hoping for an amazing season!

  76. I think that they couldn’t go wrong if Kathy Bates’ character appoints her nephew to be the new regional manager and it turns out to be Putty from Seinfeld.

    “Good meeting people. Up high.”

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