1. Steve is such a class act. Actually, I’ve been thinking the same thing…that Michael leaving gives the writers a good tangible thing to write toward. I don’t say this lightly when I say I think this season has the potential to be as good as the Second and the Third. Not that I mean to slight the other seasons because each has had spectacular moments.

    Regardless, thank you Steve for giving us all so many great moments over the past 7 seasons. Season 1 seems like 7 seasons ago!

  2. I really enjoyed that interview and thought Steve was so genuine. I do believe this season could be one of the best. It’s going to be very emotional for all of us come next May.

  3. The work Steve has done with this character will live on so far beyond just this time. Watching the progress as they tackle this final season really strikes a chord re. the realisation that every scene that is completed is a step closer to the end now. Steve’s been nothing short of magic in this role and has brought so much joy with his work. I wish he could go on forever, but all good things come to an end. Thank you Steve!

  4. I really think Steve Carell is what has made “The Office” what it is. Sure the supporting characters are hilarious and necessary, but the show should really end after this season. Jim and Pam are together, obviously Michael will end up with Holly… there is no reason to recreate the awkwardness without Michael Scott. Great shows are classics when they end on top…. not because they are cancelled.

  5. I totally agree with Andrea. If they keep it going, I don’t think it will last another season. It can’t go anywhere. The main storylines we care about are going to be over after this season. I mean who really cares about the whole andy, erin, gabe love triangle. I can’t get into that whole relationship anywhere near what i did with jim and pam.

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