New ‘Women’s Appreciation’ scenes

I’ve just been notified by a certain Central Time zoner that at least three new scenes are in tonight’s airing of ‘Women’s Appreciation.’

If it hasn’t played in your time zone yet, WATCH IT! And then post a comment. :)

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  1. Yep, the scenes were pretty good. Tanster, can you confirm if they are on the deleted scenes of the DVD? Otherwise, the episode was completely butchered in order to fit the super-size episode into the half-hour time slot.

  2. For some stupid reason, The Office didn’t air tonight where I am. It was stupid football instead. Hope somebody puts the scenes on youtube.

  3. I knew there were some parts I hadn’t seen before! I’m a Central Time zoner, too. They were good :)

  4. We got Football on the East Coast! Or was it just me?

    Can someone post the new scenes on YouTube?

  5. So…. anyone want to let me know what goes on? I was in class this evening, and since I have them on my computer, I didn’t bother taping them. I should always do that, and tonight is that reason.

  6. Ugh, I hate the Seahawks! I have totally been looking forward to Women’s Appreciation, and then I find there’s a football game on! And to now to top it, there are deleted scenes in the show tonight! Stupid football game. Hmph.

  7. Thanks for the confirmation that they’re on the DVD, Tanster. Stupid football… pre-empted it in Chicago.

  8. I must not’ve caught all of them… The one I did notice was Michael seeing the Pervert Poster on the street lamp & calling Dwight an idiot. LOL! I also noticed they cut out a couple parts in this episode: where Jim sees Pam’s Poster on the fridge & says “That’s awesome”, and they don’t let Dwight yell “Pam!” at the end….

  9. hi! I do agree with silsont that the tone of the episode changed somewhat with regards to the “undersizing”, e.g. I thought the scene in the original version with Pam taking the initiative in changing the tire was a very nice touch in serving as a bit of a harbinger for her confession in “Beach Games”, and of course I missed Jim’s quiet appreciation of Pam’s prank on Dwight. Other than that, I thought the editors did a great job on the episode, which comedy-wise works as well as the original. I was particularly impressed by how they astutely left out Dwight going after Pam after realizing at the end that his was the face on all those posters, since without the earlier scene of Jim appreciating Pam’s prank on Dwight, would make it seem like Jim was setting Dwight off on Pam. Overall, I liked the episode a lot. Props to Dean and Dave!

  10. I saw the episode tonight. I only thought the beginning scene (Jan and Michael talking about the newspaper) and the last scene (dwight in the bathroom) were new. But maybe I just hadn’t seen them before. What was the other new scene?

  11. Julia’s correct. The cold-opener is completely different and its a humorous phone call exchange with Michael, Jan. She said she ‘missed his body’.

    And the tucking part was hilarious!

  12. They cut out the best line of the night: “If I could menstruate, I wouldn’t have to deal with idiotic calendars anymore. I’d just be able to count down from my previous cycle. Plus, I’d be more in tune with the moon and the tides.”

  13. For those who missed it (like me — stupid football game), you can see Michael talk about the tuck here

  14. If Jan had breast surgery, wouldn’t Michael know about it because it would take a long time to heal?

  15. Thanks tanster for the confirmation! Personally, for me the “tucking” was a little too creepy…made me think of that creepy seen in Silence of the Lambs.

    GeorgeJetson (his boy Elroy…), most of the phone call was in the original. The only new part there was the talk about the magazine subscription.

  16. There was 7 minutes cut out from the original airing (was 28 min long when first aired), and 4 new scenes were added, so quite a substantial amount of the mall and driving scenes were cut, as well as Jim’s appreciation of the poster, and Dwight’s shout of ‘Pam’, at the end. Oh, and the cold open was different, Michael’s phone scene extended and Jim/Dwight’s demerit scene cut. I liked the original much better.

  17. oh yay! thanks for posting the michael tucking part, damn football took over nbc for me thanks! that was so funny!

  18. I was so surprised to see new scenes tonight. My favorite was a new scene in Meredith’s van where one of Dwight’s posters was hanging on a tree just outside the window. The look on everyone’s face in the van was priceless. I was upset the VS scenes were eliminated until I saw this. Between this scene and Michael’s “tuck” I was hysterical.

  19. Yeah, wow, the “tucking” thing made me go through my DVR and watch the Producer’s cut again to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and that that was a new scene. They really cut out a lot to re-air this episode. Not a bad job though :)

  20. Thanks Tina.

    Could someone please post the new scenes on youtube? It seems a lot of people missed this episode because of football (myself included). It would be much “appreciated”!

  21. I kind of wish I had had the football – after watching the re-edited version, I want to go back and change all my votes in Office Survivor and kick this episode off first. They cut out all the scenes that helped to balance out how obnoxious Michael was in the beginning and I just thought the episode seemed flat and not particularly funny.

    And I agree with #22 silsont – the “tucking” scene made me cringe and not in a good way.

    Thank God they kept Angela’s large colonial dolls TH though!

  22. Does anyone have any video clips of these? I only got to see the tail end of the show and missed all the new good stuff.

  23. The orignal was definitely better. This time around, the episode seemed off balance, like there was always a little (crucial) part of the joke missing.

  24. Actually, GeorgeJetson, I remember that part of their phone call at the beginning of the orginal episode… I remember her saying “I miss your body”. Unless, that was in another episode as well….

  25. yeah, the tucking thing creeped me out as well. I didn’t know they were adding the extra scenes, and as I watched, I was like “THAT wasn’t in there before!” Yeah, I liked the original better.

  26. What a pleasant surprise on a dull Thursday night. I thought it was the most concise of the four edited supersized episodes thus far. Michael’s casual “I guess I get it” to the “joke” in the Wall Street Journal slayed me.

  27. Okay, so apparently I’m a freak because the tucking thing made me laugh and seemed totally in keeping with Michael’s “feminine side” (wanting to cuddle, wearing women’s clothes, being just a bit too close to his mom). Although I have to agree with silsont – definite Silence of the Lambs flashback!

    I did miss some of the scenes that had to be cut (although my boyfriend’s stance is “Who wants to watch women shop anyway”), but I only have to wait until Tuesday to watch the full episode on DVD – yay!

  28. ah! when he was talking about the full length mirror. i actually said out loud “oh god, please don’t say tucking!”
    and i was by myself.

    i love that they are doing new scenes to keep everyone on their toes. honestly, what other show treats their fans this well?

  29. Ah, Susan. You’re right. I phrased myself wrong, so thanks for the clarification! :D

    And that deleted scene from The Job makes me love Creed even more.

  30. The only part I really missed was Michael screwing up R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Cracks me up every time. Otherwise, I liked the new version because it had, you know, new stuff. Which made it, for me, more interesting than a regular repeat. I also liked how they cut out Dwight yelling “Pam!” at the end. That always seemed too sitcommy to me.

  31. NO! Football was on my NBC station and I couldn’t watch The Office last night! Are they on Youtube or the dvd extras?

  32. I didn’t like the tucking thing either. Too creepy.

    39 | bryce | “THAT wasn’t in there before!”


  33. You know – I thought I had my own private momentary blackout because I knew there was no Victoria’s Secret scene and yet they all came back with VS bags – I’m glad I didn’t lose my mind :)

    I’m in NJ so I get NBC NY and NBC Philly (one of the perks of living between two big cities) – Got The Office on the Philly station even though the NY station had football :)

  34. It’s so nice to get these added bits in the reruns, but yikes, the tucking was out of line for me. Writers, you’re super, please don’t sully the show.

  35. The Office got pre-empted for.. PRESEASON football. Now I love me some football. But this is pre-season. and granted it was an Office re-run, but that doesn’t make me any less disappointed

  36. Didn’t see the episode last night (don’t hate me, I was at a preseason football game lol) but the tucking on the youtube….yikes. I don’t like it when they seem to lost the flavor of Michael. In season 1, he was more or less David Brent. He evolved in season 2 (booze cruise especially i think) but every now and then it’s like Old Michael or some weird version of David Brent comes out to play and the result is Phylis’s Wedding and lines where he talks about tucking himself. Seems out of left field.

  37. I waited all week for Creed’s “hanging brain” line, and they cut it out. So sad.

  38. Yeah, strong agree with Allie on Michael seeming like David Brent on that tucking bit. They’ve done a great job of separating the characters (especially with that direct merger comparison that Jim made), and that just lost that line again.

  39. Thankfully it was my team that was playing, otherwise I would have been even more upset that I missed the new scenes. Oh well…

  40. A major theme in this episode was Michael’s astonishing misunderstanding of femininity, and I think that the tucking scene contributed perfectly for that. Sure, the idea of Michael tucking in front of a mirror is a bit crude, but the insinuation that Michael thinks the only thing separating men and women is the presence of, um…something down there…is hilarious! I think it fits perfectly into the curious-but-ignorant Michael Scott character. Also, it made me laugh a lot.

  41. I might be very unpopular here, but my (grown up) family and I always get together and watch The Office, and we just were open mouthed and hysterical about the whole “tucking” incident. The character Michael is outrageous and pretty well clueless about what is PC, and we thought it fit well – I mean he already talked about plenty of off-color penis talk, so I don’t see where it was so bad. I’d love to see ALL the stuff together in one – guess I’ll just have to get the dvd when it comes out!

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