New York Times interview with Will Ferrell

The New York Times interviews Will Ferrell on his visit to The Office.

Here’s an excerpt:

It was the first week of shooting on the NBC comedy “The Office” following the departure of Mr. Carell, who has been the most reliably devastating weapon in the show’s comic arsenal since its debut in 2005.

These were uneasy times for the show’s permanent cast members, who got choked up when they saw his vacated trailer being moved just a few feet across the parking lot, and now face the uncertainty of where the show will go and whether viewers will still watch it without him.

But for Mr. Ferrell, whose “Office” appearances (starting April 14) would seem like a filigree on an already illustrious comedy career, the tour of duty comes with its own burdens.

Link: New York Times (includes spoilerish tidbits!)

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