1. what a testament to the talented people on that show… that’s great!

    They certainly aged John a few years though, didn’t they? ;)

  2. WOW – John got older and Ed got younger. Way to do your research Premiere but it’s VERY exciting that they are featured!

  3. John Krasinski isn’t 31. He’s only 27 right? Birthday’s in October, correct?

  4. Yeah they got John’s age way wrong. But it was good to see so many of the show’s cast on there. Even Katy! Who I miss.

  5. Wow, congrats to everyone, especially to Ed, Jenna and John! I couldn’t agree more with their choices!!

  6. i’m glad amy adams got some recognition! she’s so talented, and enchanted look like it will be one of those so-bad-it’s-good kind of films.

  7. JKras isn’t 31. Indeed, he is 27. Incidentally, the fact that he is only about a month older than me makes me feel so inadequate about how little I have accomplished in my own life! … Great to see more recognition for The Office cast.

  8. (lemoñadé and Samuel L. Chang, I love your names! LMAO)

    It’s great to see The Office cast getting recognized!

  9. This list actually is pretty good. I’m glad to see most of The Office normals on there, but picking Ed Helms was by far the best pick on this list. He is always funny as Andy, and if Judd Apatow (aka the best director/writer/producer in Hollywood) wants him for a leading role, you know he’s great.

    Also, my favorite nonoffice picks were Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg. Even though I feel Seth is already a huge movie star after Knocked Up, Samberg was a good pick because some people still know him just as that guy that raps about cupcakes or that guy with his stuff in that box. lol

  10. What about Mindy and BJ? I know that John and Jenna are the star couple but these two are just as good.

  11. Man…I think I’m in love with Amy Adams.

    [just want to add that “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” is on the radio at work right now and I’m struggling to keep from laughing out loud]

  12. Nice list for all the ‘Office’ and ‘Arrested Development’ people. Besides their shoddy age research, what was Dane Cook doing on that list? Though I’ve given him plenty of chances through borrowing friend’s CD’s and seeing him on TV, he just doesn’t make me laugh at all.

  13. To the person that doesn’t find Dane Cook’s stand-up funny, Dane Cook is a performance dream. Good to see our purse girl amy adams on there

  14. Had to laugh when I read the picks because just this past weekend I saw the trailer for Amy Adams’ (Katy’s) new movie while I was at the theatre (the only person in the world who hadn’t yet seen the latest Harry Potter). I could barely contain myself from jumping up in the theatre and yelling “That’s Katy from The Office!” Way to go, Amy! That’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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