1. hi BJ, have a happy birthday! Like tanster, you wrote the episode that got me hooked on to “The Office” in the first place too! (in my case, it was “Initiation”) Thank you so much for introducing me to the awesomeness that is “The Office”, and the very best wishes to you!

  2. Happy Birthday! To the only comedian who makes my mom laugh!!! lol haha..
    Go the temp! [ex temp]

  3. Happy birthday B.J.! You’ve written some of my most favorite episodes of The Office!

  4. One of my friends growing up was called, BJ. It was short for Betty Jean. I’ve lost touch with her. Maybe you’ve seen her at the annual BJ Convention? (c;

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Yay firsties! Happy Birthday BJ! Thanks for giving me video-proof that the cadbury eggs are shrinking!

  6. Happy birthday to the guy who had my favorite cut line EVER: 5 across, Mary-Kate and Ashley blank. Michael wrote, “Judd?”

  7. Was anyone ever able to find the Boston Globe article that BJ mentioned on Leno? That would be great to read.

  8. Happy Birthday, B.J.! I used to say “Happy Bird-day,” but that’s lame, hehehehe. Hope you have great one!!

  9. Happy Birthday BJ! You wrote one of my favorite episodes ever and one that I hold dear to my heart since its what got me hooked on The Office (Diversity Day).

    I hope you have another great year!

  10. Happy Birthday

    You’re the best

    Love, me

    hahaha, i love making office references.

    For real though, Happy Birthday BJ!

  11. Happy Birthday, BJ!

    I am partial to Ryan’s talking head after he witnessed Dwangela’s conversation. The look of horror and the speechlessness…brilliant.

  12. Happy Birthday, Fire Guy! Don’t forget to take your cheese pita out of the toaster oven!

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