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May 19, 2008

I had a blast tonight on the fansite panel at The Paley Center. It was really fun watching clips of the different shows and talking about what it’s like to run a fansite.

I hope I wasn’t too goofy introducing ‘The Office’ clip — I still get goosebumps when i watch it. ;)

Thanks to Jenna, Carly, Paul, Steven, and all the other Office fans who came out tonight. Hope you enjoyed the event!

I fly back to California tomorrow afternoon, at which time the regularly scheduled OfficeTally blogging will resume …

May 7, 2008

The Paley Center is very generously giving me ten free tickets to this event, and I’d like to give them away to y’all! If you will be in New York the evening of Monday, May 19th, and would like to attend, please email me your full name and I will put you on the list. I would love your support! (You can also buy tickets here.)

I never thought I would actually participate in a Paley Center event. :)

But The Paley Center has invited me to join a discussion on the influence of TV fansites:

OfficeTally The Paley Center

Tickets are on sale for $8 plus a $1.50 handling fee.

Links: | Buy tickets here


  1. Shoot, why can’t it be MARCH 19th instead of May? I’ll be there next week, AND I’m a member of Paley Center. Frick.

    [from tanster: total frick!]

  2. J…
    I didn’t know it was going to be in NYC!! I will totally go and cheer you on from the audience.

  3. Way to go Tanster!!!!! I am in NY. Let me know if you need any support. I would love to be there with you!

  4. tanster, I am totally there!

    I would love a free pass but would of course pay the 10 dollars :)

  5. Tanster! I’ll totally come support in NYC. :)

    If you’ve got free passes that would be even better.

    Congratulations on being asked to participate!

  6. Tanster, I’d love to go! I live in CT, but can hop the train to NY that night. Love the Paley Center and think it’s great that you will take part in this!

  7. Congratulations on being invited, tanster!

    Just goes to show that the world understands what we already know–you are full of awesome.

    Have a great time!

  8. Of COURSE you’re in Paley Tanster! You’re just taking over! : )

    Wish I could be there……. for the people who go: wear your OT t-shirts with pride!

  9. I am so there!! Good luck Tan. I live in NY, so if you get here a day or two earlier, I can show you around.

  10. If you still have free tickets available, I’m interested! I’m in NYC. I went to a similar discussion at the NY Television Festival last year, about the affect of the online TV community on the fate of the show, some peeps from TWOP were there. It was cool. Count me in!

  11. Tanster! I’ll actually be in the city on that day! I’ll see what I can do and I’ll certainly try to stop by. Congrats on being invited! It’s totally deserved. I don’t know what the fans — and the show too– would do without you.

  12. This is so great – there’s definitely no one better they could have for the panel, tanster! ;) I would definitely fly out there if I could! (Darn work!) I definitely hope some Tallyheads can go in support (and maybe a cast or crew member even!).

    Can’t wait to hear how this goes!

  13. Wow Tanster that is great! It is too bad it isn’t the LA Paley Fest. The schedule this year in LA was very limited.

  14. Congratulations, Tanster! A couple weeks ago I saw this on the Paley Center site, and I was wondering when you’d announce the great news. What an honor! :)

  15. That is so cool tanster! Congrats on getting to be on a Paley panel! Too bad I’ll be in CA when it happens, but may a trip to NYC is in my future? Who knows. ;)

  16. OMG, congrats! Exciting!!! I would totally go but I’m on the other side of the country…dang…

  17. Wow, Congrats! You know you’ve made it when you’re asked to be an “expert panelist” in your field.

    Jennie Tan, I ask you: Once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour!!

  18. Congrats Jennie!

    Have fun in NYC…please do not go to Michael’s favorite pizzeria (Sbarro’s). Plenty of better places to eat :)

    [from tanster: okay. i’ll go to red lobster instead. :) ]

  19. Major congrats, Tanster! They certainly couldn’t have picked a better person for the panel. I SO wish I could be there in body, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit to cheer you on! :-)

  20. How exciting! I think I am actually going to be in New York then…*digs out OfficeTally shirt*

  21. Squee! Lucky you Tanster! Have a good time! I’ll be silently supporting back here in Phoenix!

  22. I actually might be in NY then! What perfect timing! Hopefully I can talk my dad into letting me go.

  23. Yea! I’m so glad that Office Tally, the best TV blog on the whole internet was recognized and you were invited to join in Paleyfest. Can’t wait to read the report on the panel discussion. Congrats!

  24. Yes! Finally something that ISN’T in California. I’m interested in a free pass (though if I don’t get one I’ll still buy one).

  25. Oh my gosh! Way to go Jennie!! You are going to be so totally great!!!!! (read with your best Kelly voice!)

  26. Tanster that is awesome. I will actually be in NYC around then, because I plan on seeing Steve host SNL on the 17th, so I will definitely go to support you and the site. Congratulations

  27. Eff! We’re going to miss you by one week. That bites. My hubby and I are going to NY for Memorial weekend.

  28. I actually already purchased my ticket, so unless I can’t go last minute, I will most definitely be there to support you!!! Especially since you’re the only site I frequent from the attending panelists :o) See you there!

  29. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

  30. Tanster:

    Do you have to be a member to get tickets? Do you need to sign up at their website or are the tickets available to everyone?
    (Us vampire-bats like to fly solo)

    [from tanster: hi vbj, no i don’t think you have to a member to buy tickets. go to the “Buy tickets here” link at the bottom of the post. thanks! :) ]

  31. Congratulations, Tanster! That is awesome! I won’t be able to attend, but I will still be supporting you! You are going to rock socks off!

  32. Congratulations, Tanster! I wish I could go :( But have fun for those of us that can’t make it!

  33. Got my ticket! I look forward to seeing Tanster at Paley. Can’t wait!

  34. Aw, man! I’m visiting NYC, but not until July. Oh well, I hope it’s lots of fun and I can’t wait to hear your report when you get back!

  35. When are you getting to New York? I’ll be waiting in line at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get a standby ticket to see Steve on SNL. And I think he’ll be on Conan either the 13th or 14th (conflicting sources).

  36. Thanks for the ticket to the Paley Center tonight. It was so much fun. I live in NYC but have never been there before. It was also cool to hear from the folks at Lostpedia and TWOP as well. We all really appreciate what you do here at OfficeTally. It’s a great blog and it keeps me sane when I need an Office fix!

  37. Tanster – which clip did you choose?

    [from tanster: the kiss from ‘casino night’ :) ]

  38. I was there last night and thought you did a great job! It really was an interesting panel.
    GREAT choice on the scene! (the kiss at the end of S2)

  39. Tanster, I was there last night, and you were wonderful! The Office was totally in the house, and you represented us so well. I think our voices were loudest in the auditorium. Also, the clip you chose was perfection. Jim and Pam’s kiss in the season two finale.

  40. Congratulations tanster! I’m so mad that I wasn’t in town, but it sounds like it was a blast!

  41. I just want to let all of you know (for those who did not meet her at the convention last year) Jennie is just as awesome blossom in person as she is here.

    Double awesome!

  42. Tanster, you did great last night! Not only was it a great panel, but it made me realize how lucky us Office fans are that the cast is so interactive with their fanbase as opposed to other shows…and how lucky we are to have you as well!

  43. tanster! thanks so much for hooking us up with seats last night for the panel. i love how the officetally fans knew exactly which clip you chose just by the “very satisfying” hint.

    it was great to see how far the cast and crew of the office reach out to their fans beyond any other show on television. it made me proud to call myself a dunderhead.

    and also i’m sorry for telling you how i would have humped john krasinski’s leg. hahaha.

  44. I really enjoyed last night. It was great meeting you afterward. And I loved the clip you picked out, but I’m a sucker for the Jim/Pam scenes.

  45. Awesome job last night! I really enjoyed the panel. And it was great to meet you. :)
    (I’m one of the M/J fans that was there last night :).)

  46. YAY Tanster!

    You did such a great job last night and it was wonderful meeting you afterwards! Like the others, I was reminded how lucky we are at Officetally to have a cast and crew that interacts with the website- I guess I didn’t realize other fansites didn’t have that connection.

    Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you out on the East Coast (My offer to conduct cast interviews still stands, as I’m sure you would be too busy for such a thing)

  47. Thank you for your gracious invitation to last night’s event. When your name got called and you went up to seat yourself among the other panelists, I was happy that us Officetally fans shouted and clapped twice as hard than anyone else. You were great, the clip was great and you gave me greater incentive to contribute to the site as opposed to being such a “passive observer”. Thanks for keeping us so informed…and so entertained.
    My best wishes!!

  48. That’s awesome, Tanster! I’m disappointed I missed it this time, maybe if you do it again next year I’ll be able to go :)

  49. I don’t suppose anyone there was able to get video or audio of the panel? I would love to hear it!

    [from tanster: unfortunately, paley is very strict with its recording policy, so we weren’t even allowed to take photos inside the auditorium! they told me, though, that they will probably post a short clip of the event on their site soon …]

  50. it’s cool to think that fan reactions to episodes have some sort of effect. tanster, will you be posting any interesting tidbits from the evening, what was said about these fan sites etc? i would love to know more!

  51. thank you again sooo much for the ticket- it was so great to hear you speak. Us OFFICE fans are soo lucky- we were def the coolest kids in class. and I KNEW what clip you had for sure!

  52. Congratulations tanster! You deserve to be highlighted for the wonderful site you have developed.

  53. Great job at the Paley Center. I very much enjoyed meeting you and listening to the panel.

    Hope to see you again soon.


  54. Lucky lucky! Wish I could have been there. Must have been SO fun!

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