OfficeTally Quickie Survey

OfficeTally Quickie SurveyI’ve always wanted to know a little more about OfficeTally readers.

Some are diehard JAM fans. Some are spoiler-holics. And some read OfficeTally when they should be studying or working. And that’s pretty much all I know. :)

So please help me and fill out a very short survey. It only has five questions. (And the fifth question isn’t even really a question!)

One respondent will be randomly selected to win an OfficeTally prize package!

The package will contain a 2009 calendar, some Target $1 items, and maybe a t-shirt or some other cool stuff from the NBC Office store. A cornucopia of Office goodieness.

Thanks for your time! -Jennie

Link: OfficeTally Quickie Survey

(Status 8:50pm PT: The response to this survey was so overwhelming, the survey is now closed. Winner of the prize package will be announced soon — thank you so much for participating!)