The Office: Blood Drive, 5.18

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The Office Blood Drive

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael meets a mysterious woman at a Valentine’s blood drive. Dwight and Kevin pair up with single women at the office “Lonely Hearts Party.” Meanwhile Jim and Pam have an awkward lunch with Phyllis and Bob.

The Office Blood Drive rating

In a poll conducted March 5-9, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.86/10

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The Office Blood Drive quotes

Pam: But I’d like to see a machine that puts out candy for everyone … vending machine.

Jim: You’re only engaged once. Well, present company excluded.

Kelly: “It’s time for your dental cleaning, and maybe a check-up, too.”

Michael: These people need to be protected from having love shoved into their faces.

Dwight: It’s so sexy, it becomes hostile.

Michael: Hey, everybody. I just invited Jim to suck it.

Dwight: I can retract my penis up into itself.

Michael: Wow. I feel like a human juice box. Hawaiian Blood Punch. Type O-cean Spray.

Jim: I have a lot of work to do this afternoon. Those mines aren’t going to sweep themselves.

Michael: I was so nervous about this, I don’t think I ate for three days.

Michael: Excuse me, waitress? Where did the lady go?

Meredith: Now it’s just a stupid baby.

Michael: Relationships. We don’t need no stinkin’ relationships.

Kevin: Was he into you, in like, a gay way?

Michael: No, not a giant net.

Michael: I was thinking maybe, like a mixer. Old fashioned meat market.

Dwight: You’re not allowing natural selection to do its work. You’re like the guy who invented the seat belt.

Michael: “I’m in love! I was hit by Cupid’s sparrow!” Funny little bird but he gets the job done.

Dwight: I can untie any knot.

Michael: Meredith recently had a total hysterectomy. So that’s sort of a repair.

Dwight: Three billion women on the planet, most of them live in Asia, so the numbers just don’t add up.

Michael: I think our blood bags touched.

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  1. Great episode! Very understated and nothing was too over the top. I loved the end scene with everyone walking out all together. Very sweet.

  2. SUCH a great episode. Very classic, sad, hilarious and adorable (AND kinky) all at once. Perfect, I would say.

  3. I loved this episode! It’s one of my new favorites for the season so far. I especially liked the Jim/Pam dynamic.

  4. The cold open was weird…other than that, loved it. Perfectly awkward and really cute. “Cupid’s sparrow” was funny, and I loved the references to the season two Valentine’s…Pam got her flowers!!! The Phyllis and Bob lunch was HILARIOUS! It was pretty obvious what was going on when they mentioned it had been ten minutes, but their faces were hysterical. Dunno how I feel about the Kevin love interest…but overall, I really enjoyed this one.

  5. Top 10 among the worst cold opens in 5 seasons.

    Top 10 among best episodes among the 5 seasons.

  6. Hilarious and a great job with Jim/Pam and Phyllis/Bob. If only Michael would have found the girl….maybe next week?

    (PS: I don’t think Dwight was wearing a mustard shirt, was he?)

  7. They just HAD to go looking for Phyllis and Bob, didn’t they??

    Great episode. I was hoping Michael would find that girl.

  8. That was one of Dwight’s better episodes, he was hilarious. There’s 3 million girls, most of them in asia, the numbers are against you.

  9. MUCH better than the Lecture Circuit episodes. I loved the cold open and there was nothing over the top (Angel licking her cat and coughing up a hairball.) The best part for me was Kelly’s dentist appointment reminder.

  10. I was smiling throughout the whole episode! That’s even more important than the laughs sometimes. This episode did not lack laughs — maybe it didn’t have as many as a season 2 episode — but it was overall a very enjoyable, feel-good experience that we’ve had too few of this year.

  11. Another awesome episode. I loved when everyone in the office was telling their worst break up stories. Kevin and Michael were great in this episode. I was happy when Kevin got the girl’s email. It was cool to see everyone be supportive of Michael while he waited for the girl from the blood drive. Jim and Pam’s lunch was no fun. I thought Bob Vance was a bit annoying. However I did enjoy the JAM moments at the beginning of the episode.

  12. I love the scene where all the Office singles are talking about past relationships. It’s incredible how supportive they’re actually being of each other, and Michael (!) of all people is leading the charge! It’s amazing! Michael’s singles mixer was actually a pretty good idea, and I was impressed with the fact that he wasn’t delusional about Blood-Drive-Girl, just hopeful. The scene where they all walk into the parking lot and are all saying goodbye to Michael was really nice too.

    Awesome episode. :)

  13. Oh wow. I absolutely loved this episode. Everything about it. I actually liked the cold opening. Jim and Pam with Phyllis and Bob was amazing. I was hoping we would see a little more after they came back from the bathroom, haha. Oh well. Still loved it. Definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season!

  14. I loved it! But I started watching late, and my DVR never records the first few seconds of it so I missed half of the cold open, so I really did not get it. But other than that it was a great episode. The Jim/Pam dynamic was great because of their reactions to Phyllis and Bob, who always seem awkward to me anyway (but in a very good, endearing way). I love that Phyllis and Bob are so secretly kinky!!! And I’m sort of glad that Michael didn’t see his glove girl again–it makes it more realistic and gives us something to look forward to. Dwight was hilarious–it seemed like he was coming on to that girl when he was really just trying to get her business.

    Great Episode!!!

  15. Great episode – YAY for Kevin! “Are you on email?” drew one of my biggest laughs of the night. I thought the couples’ lunch was hilarious, and I always love when the staff shows that they truly care about Michael. I hope “Cupid’s sparrow” finds its way back to him soon. Haha. :)

    Very enjoyable ep! Nice work, Brent!

  16. Oh goodness. Laughed like a two-year-old when Jim and Pam heard the Vance’s “putting something in the refrigerator.” That’s what she said.

  17. This episode was great and the ending was so sweet. Loved how everyone was so supportive of Michael. Also Dwight was hilarious in this episode, as usual, and Pam finally got her flowers. So cute.

  18. What was wrong with the cold open? Jim helped out Pam, and knew he could get Michael to not say anything by acting goofy. Hilarious.

  19. Good episode overall! Only part I didn’t like was the line of Dwight saying he can retract his penis. That just seemed too weird. Michael was calmly sane as much as he possibly can be, which was a nice change of pace. Creed stealing the blood cracked me up!! Jim and Pam are great as always. Andy was missed in this episode!!

  20. Hilarious episode! I thought the cold open was great, and the issues were realistic… And of course Jim coming to Pam’s rescue never fails to give me great joy :)

    And Phyllis!! That minx!! I knew what they were doing, but JAM stealing the food off their plates was hysterical.

    Michael not eating for 3 days bc he was nervous about giving blood? Classic. Dwight trying to woo the girl into becoming a client? Awesome. Kevin and his sweaty hands? Adorable.

    I do think one of the best parts was the very end tho, with Creed walking out of the bus with the bag of blood in his pocket. Awesome.

  21. “Funny little bird, but he gets the job done!”

    Only Michael would interpret Cupid’s arrow as: Cupid’s sparrow

  22. -I’m mixed on the cold open. I’ll rewatch it tomorrow and maybe will decide.
    -The ending was great. I liked all of them caring for Michael and it was the first time (I think) that Michael ever looked like “one of the group.” Well done.
    -I liked Kevin’s awkwardness during the conversations. I’m not sure if it’ll play out, but it was interesting.
    -Lastly…How about Creed at the end pocketing the blood!? Fantastic.

  23. I liked the cold open. Any time I get to see Michael THAT genuinely happy, it puts a smile on my face. And also, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned my favorite line of the entire episode!

    “I’ve been so nervous for this, I haven’t eaten in like 3 day-”

    Oh Michael, when will you learn?

  24. Awesome episode. Dwight was really funny in a very understated way (never thought I’d say that.) A lot of very funny moments overall. I LOVED the cold open. The Jim and Pam lunch was good, but I want to see more of them!

  25. Solid episode. Loved the cold open. Loved the Jim and Pam stuff. Phyllis and Bob were great. Michael is so sweet – my heart goes out to him. He misses Holly so much. Good to see the show back!

  26. Great cold open, but still experiencing nausea from the restaurant events. Sick.

    Michael has somehow grown more likeable since season one. I suppose we’ve just had more chances to see how lonely he really is and can forgive his selfish jerkiness more easily because of it.

    Anyways, I gave this episode a 5 out of 10. Missed Andy. He gives the show lustre.

  27. Wow, awesome episode, not hilarious but it felt very documentary like with all the talking heads and some of the editing. Loved Michael’s bit at the end with the shot of them walking out together over it. Very sweet episode.

  28. Darn! I missed the cold open! My husband and I knew exactly what Phyllis and Bob were up to. Meredith and Kelly’s decorations were killer. I liked this episode.

  29. The main reason I didn’t care for the Christmas episode was the darkness and dissatisfaction I got from a holiday that’s usually so cheerful. This episode more than made up for my huge disappointment because it ended and left me smiling and genuinely happy. I think it was so great how everyone stayed with Michael at the party until closing time. And then when they’re walking out they’re getting along so well with their boss, talking and smiling with him. It was sweet…

  30. Dwigt, what Pam said under her breath was “vending machine.” I had to rewind it a couple times as well. Laughed my ass off when I realized what it was, though. That’s going under my list of favorite Pam moments.

  31. Dwigt–
    Pam muttered “vending machine” suddenly realizing the office already had a machine that gave out candy!

  32. 32: She says “Vending Machines”

    Question. Was Angela really referring to John David and John Mark, or was that supposed to be Andy and Dwight?

  33. Dwigt: I’m pretty sure Pam muttered “vending machine” under her breath.

    Great episode! Personally, I loved the cold open…I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. Pam, Jim, Michael, and Dwight all being goofy?! Amazing.

  34. 32. Dwigt: Pam said ‘A machine does not give out candy… (sighs)vending machine.’

  35. @ 32. Dwigt

    After the pause she says “oh wait vending machines.” Somewhere along those lines at least.

  36. Where was Andy in this episode? I missed the cold open… Anyway, I loved this episode! Creed stealing blood, Stanley and Phyllis faking giving blood just to get a cookie was priceless.

  37. I love how much of a contrast this was to “Chair Model.” Michael as just so delusional and ridiculous about women after Jan (who is, herself, delusional and ridiculous).

    But after Holly, Michael is so…GROUNDED. It truly was romantic how he waited for that girl to come, and he wasn’t worked up or crazy about it (like the chair model). He was just hopeful that we would show up.

    Michael has grown so much, and not just because of the writing, because this is what truly happens to people when they fall in love, and it all happened on the Valentine’s Day episode. Fantastic! FAN…TASTIC!

  38. Solid episode..Loved Kelly’s reaction to Michael’s “romantic” story about the girl he met in the blood mobile. By the way, who was the girl they sent away from the Lonely Hearts Club Party? She kind of looked like Michael’s blood mobile crush.

  39. @ 43

    Oscar (I think) said Andy is taking all of his honeymoons because of all the non-refundable payments he made.

  40. Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim………carnations, really?
    It’s THE first time I’ve questioned your greatness
    as a boyfriend…….don’t let it happen again!

  41. Loved this episode because it returned to the subtlety that we are all used to. I also loved the more broad episodes like the last few, but I go both ways.

    /That’s what she said

  42. Finally we got a JAM valentines day, PHLOB were great, I love when they take care of Michael :)

    The only negative is that I really missed Andy, and Toby was also MIA :(

    ROFL @ band-aids

  43. Kind of an meh episode. I really liked the cold open and the last scene with Stanley and Phyllis trying to get cookies, but besides that not much stood out.

    I have a feeling though after i watch this episode a second time i’ll like it more.

  44. Fun and sweet episode, but I wish it had aired in February…it felt kind of odd. So there’s that. Otherwise: Creed and Kev forever!

  45. Wow, that certainly made up for my Valentine’s Day…I got stood up. Question: Are they working on Saturday? Because this year, Valentine’s Day was on Saturday. If it actually was Valentine’s Day, I give this episode a 0 for being completely wrong. Except Dwight was right about Soul Mates, mine lives in Liechtenstein, probably.

  46. Best episode of the season, hands down! I just loved every minute of it and it made me laugh out loud several times. Favorite moment: Simultaneous look of Jim and Pam in between Bob and Phyllis as Bob’s feeding her… haha! Looooooved it!

  47. AYYYYYY!!! The cold open reminded me of “wazz-up” in the pilot. I’m so happy that Kevin found a girl. How funny were Jim and Pam at lunch eating all Phyllis and Bob’s food. I hope Michael finds his “princess”

  48. LOVED LOVED LOVEDDD this episode! So funny, and so many hidden jokes that you might not see unless you press that quick jump back button on your TiVO remote. :) I love Michael’s interactions with the rest of the office – you can tell they actually care!

  49. #45 — very insightful comment about Michael. ITA!

    Loved the ensemble feeling of this episode and the fact that nothing was too over-the-top. Lots of hilarious LOL moments for me.

    Kudos to the cast & crew for another great episode!

  50. I’m so happy for Kevin! And I agree with other posters–I’m really liking Michael’s personality right now

  51. I liked this episode. Jim pretending to be Michael was great. Getting “Jimbo” to go along with it was hilarious.

    Michael and his mystery girl (their “blood bags touched”) was cute.

    Dwight was good in this also.

    Good job “The Office” crew.

  52. Wow! The Office is picking it back up! Back to little funny moments and episodes that get funnier the more you watch them! I loved that Angela and Meredith had funny moments that didn’t involve stuffiness and alcoholism.
    I am a big fan of Michael’s badly timed references to great movies. THE OFFICE + BLAZING SADDLES= BEYOND AMAZING

  53. In the last scene where we see Jim, Pam, Phyllis and BobVance, what does BobVance say to Jim when Jim responds, initially i did.. ? After lots of rewinding, I still can’t tell!

    Also, Phyllis chugging her water in that scene is so great!

  54. I loved this episode! I loved Michael’s lonely heart club and his mystery woman. NBC, don’t you know that Valentines was almost a month ago?

  55. Who was the actress who played Michael’s mystery woman.
    It’s driving me crazy. Where have I seen her before??

  56. brilliant cold open!

    And yes, WHO is the mystery woman?! It’s driving me crazy too. Have seen her somewhere before…..

  57. I LOVED that cold open! Pam’s redundancy & JAM’s ability to maintain an ongoing cover-up… it was magical :) Even though the afternoon with PHOB was awkward, Jim&Pam were together, without tension or over the top romance. I’m always glad to see mischievous PB&J.

  58. This episode was great! I loved it, it was subtle, Jim and Pam are adorable, and I loved how supportive everyone is of Michael. And YAY for Kevin!

  59. I can’t believe I forgot it was Thursday night. I missed it. I was too into American Idol. Go figure.

  60. I loved this episode! My husband usually goes into another room to read when I watch The Office–he says he finds Michael just way too annoying–but he stayed in the room for this one and was laughing the whole time. I think it helps that we got a nice dose of Sweet/ Mostly SANE Michael. Loved his line at the end about how what matters most about the prince in Cinderella isn’t that he found her, but that he even picked up the shoe and decided to look.

  61. “Who was the actress who played Michael’s mystery woman.
    It’s driving me crazy. Where have I seen her before??”

    Her name is Kathryn Aselton.

  62. In the words of Dwight “Good, not great.” haha

    I liked it. Dwight made me laugh the most. And Phyllis and Bob totally grossed me out. I had a feeling that’s what they were doing before Jim and Pam ever figured it out haha.

    Stanley trying to scam a cookie from the blood drive truck was AWESOME! :)

  63. Kristen … I’m pretty sure BobVance says to Jim “you didn’t eat much”. Those words might not be exact I’m at work and I can’t play the episode but that was the basic gist. Jim responds with “initially I did” implying that now he can’t eat having heard them doing the deed in the bathroom.

    My question is .. and maybe it’s already been discussed … why haven’t they been using the new opening credits since the Super Bowl episode? I was so excited about those..

  64. Great Episode. Stanley and Phyllis trying to get a cookie, and Creed stealing the Blood. Classic. Kevin still rocking Season 5. I love how they are giving Kevin more story lines this season. AWESOME.

  65. Between the “human juice box” comment and listening to Phyllis moan, I have never had a show work my gag reflex so effectively. Dwight’s retractable penis didn’t help, either.

  66. Loved this episode!
    Jim and Pam running away from the restrooms was gold! I was dying!

  67. I really liked how Andy’s absence was explained. It was funny and really, it was something Andy would do. There were so many little gems in this episode! I don’t even mind they seemed to have Valentine’s Day on the wrong day. ;-)

  68. What a great episode–watched it 3 times now. Love it more each time.

    I’m with others–thought the cold open was a bit “meh” at first…then watched it again. Giggled. Then watched it again. Guffawed! It has definitely grown on me :)

    Can’t wait for another new one next week!

  69. LOVED THIS EPISODE. Hilarious! I loved Kelly’s secret admirer note from the dentist.

  70. FANTASTIC!! I can’t get over it! Everything was perfect – from the hilarious cold open, to Michael’s neverending search for love, to JAM’s private love fest, and everything in between! The whole cast was awesome – Andy and Darryl were definitely missed. It would’ve been great had this been screened the week of V-Day, but hey we’ll have it on DVD for next year!

  71. Alright episode. I think an episode without Andy should be 2 points automatically deducted from the episode rating.

  72. Did anyone else notice that Stanley wasn’t really in the episode until the last scene and the tag??

  73. Not a single “That’s what she said” joke from Michael on Valentine’s day? Now THAT’s growth! (even if that joke never gets old)

  74. “I can retract my penis up into itself” Best Dwight quote EVER!!!!

  75. “Here Comes Treble”, you are right, when i watched it again, i noticed that Stanley was in like 2 shots… and is Stanley single now?

  76. Just watched it a second time and I liked it even more. I just noticed that Michael called the bloodmobile lady “waitress!”

  77. @ 76

    Those opening credits take up a lot of time, and when a show has to be cut down to like 21 minutes, you really can’t afford to have some huge opening credit sequence (unlike the the Super Bowl episode, which was an hour).

  78. I was totally prepared to come on here and defend why I liked this episode so much, but it turns out most other people really liked it too – yay! Loved Dwight’s speech on natural selection. Great episode. P.S. For me, this has been Phyllis’s season – you go girl!

  79. “By the way, who was the girl they sent away from the Lonely Hearts Club Party? She kind of looked like Michael’s blood mobile crush.”

    Wasn’t that her?? I thought it was!

  80. Rainn Wilson almost broke after the penis remark. Wonder how many takes that took, And also, at one point you can see that Creed and Meredith are playing solitaire on their computers, I thought that was a nice detail to emphasize their loneliness.

  81. Very much LIKED the episode. That was the overwhelming feeling after it was over. “I liked that.” It didn’t bowl me over like some this season have, nor did it anger me like some (*cough*The Duel*cough*). I just liked it. But I loved the cold open. Jim was sweet in literally saving Pam’s job, and Michael’s boyish excitement at Jim joking around with him filled my heart. And they even let Dwight play with them!

    I love that Michael seems to go through an entire relationship in the span of a few hours. From nervous excitement, to idolization, to depressed reality, and finally acceptance. Or whatever Michael Scott’s version of acceptance is.

    Oh, and Jim and Pam’s shared camera stare during The Great Phylob Feeding ’09 had tears streaming down my face.

  82. You know, it’s a good thing Pam remembered to include the word “candy” in her opening talking head…

  83. ““By the way, who was the girl they sent away from the Lonely Hearts Club Party? She kind of looked like Michael’s blood mobile crush.”

    Wasn’t that her?? I thought it was!”

    No I watched it two times and the short length brown hair girl that Michael liked had a completely different face then the long black haired girl they turned away

  84. i didn’t really like it. the valentines day plot was random, i mean it’s march, MARCH. plus it just wasn’t that funny. i laughed like twice, & it was just like “ha” not like real laughs.

    hope next week is better:)

  85. Had to comment because apparently no other JAM fans liked this as much as I did. I loved when Jim tried to fake Pam out while she was eating Bob’s steak and then she convinced Jim to cover it up with the broccoli. It was so perfectly couplish and dorky I was dying! I was expecting over the top JAM but instead I got awkward, dorky and super adorable JAM; so much better. Loved the whole ep though and I agree with others; this gets funnier the more I watch it. Definitely worth a few more viewings this weekend.

  86. Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) is kind of a jackass. And that’s all I got to say on the matter.

  87. @ 102

    Blood Drive was supposed to air in February, but Lecture Circuit became a 2-parter and sweeps were pushed back until March.

  88. Loved Michael in this one, particularly the cubid’s sparrow part, he also looked cute in this one! I loved Pam’s laugh when Bob suggested Jim model ladies jewelery!

  89. Chuck, you’re a superstar!

    I saw Puffy Chair a few months ago. Michael’s interest was indeed the female lead.

    She was uncredited on IMDB as of yestereve and trying to place her was really starting to do my head in!

    Thanks for the save.

  90. -Michael was indeed cute & charming in this episode. Poor guy fainted though…well, he’s meant to be w/Holly!
    -Kevin was adorable: “Are you on email?” “Seriously, feel how sweaty my hand is.”
    -Bob Vance: “I honestly don’t know how you can work with that Jackass, that other Jackass and that new Jackass.”
    -Jim & Pam eating off Bob’s plate
    -Dwight saying something about feeling lopsided because of the blood taken from his right arm
    -Stanley & Phyllis trying to score cookies, Creed stealing blood

  91. I really liked this episode, it’s in my top favorites for the season. It’s funny how in just a few seasons, it went from Pam being the odd woman out on V-Day to her being the only one receiving a Valentines gift (Kelly’s card doesn’t count). The cold open was priceless!

    @ 89 – I was thinking that too! But my guess would be since JAM and Phyllis were all out, Stanley was the only non-single person left. So he was probably just with the group so he wouldn’t be the only one not at the party…if that makes sense?

  92. 103, pop1013-

    Excellent observation. What makes Jam so great is that both John and Jenna have had over four years to develop a comfort zone while playing characters in love with each other. Compare this to actors playing a couple in a movie who have just met and have to imagine a multi-year chemistry. John and Jenna don’t have to do it, so little moments like eating Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration)’s food have an added depth of adorableness.

  93. I loved how simple and feel-good this episode was. The mystery woman storyline was so sweet, especially when the office stuck by him. And wow- that line Michael popped out about the significance of just picking up the slipper- probably one of the most insightful Michael Soctt moments ever!
    The understated Jim-Pam storyline was perfection too. I need to take the episode descriptions with a grain of salt!

  94. I liked Michael calling the bloodmobile lady “waitress,” and that Kelly thought Michael meeting the mystery woman was “like a modern day Enchanted.” I guess 2007 is too ancient for Kelly! Oh, and Michael trying to comfort Dwight by saying “You don’t deserve her.” Great episode.

  95. You know what my favorite part was? Seeing Stanley smiling in the parking lot as he and everybody else was leaving work for the day.

  96. I did not understand why Stanley, who is married, was allowed to go to the Valentine’s Day mixer

  97. Great episode. The thumbs-up “Aaaayyyy” in the cold open was just the sort of interaction Michael craves with his co-workers, and his enthusiasm and naivety over it, and his wanting to continue was so very him in a nutshell. I loved how everyone was supportive of him as he waited for the blood drive lady; it’s great to get those little glimpses that the co-workers really do care about each other. And Kevin just about broke my heart!

    Pam and Jim sneaking fries and bites of steak (get out!) was hysterical. Wonderful to see Jim and Pam still best friends but in love, publicly, on a Valentines day episode! Phyllis and Bob–oh yikes, I thought they actually had dined and dashed…how wrong I was!

  98. Great to see Kevin’s mug from Kelly’s party in the scene where he says it’s been a good day after all :)

    Michael: “Where are you from?”
    Kevin: “I’m from here.” Haha, gotta love Kevin

  99. To Ed K (#112), the Enchanted mention could be a nod to Amy Adams … the “Hot Girl” from Season 1. And it’s so classic that Michael thinks it’s “Cupid’s Sparrow.”

  100. Did anybody else see the tiny little bite of broccoli that pam eats when Phylob gets back to the table? It is a puny morsel, and it’s right before The Look. Stanley wasn’t at the original party, and seems to just be thrown into the conference room near the end when they are packing up to leave. Perhaps he was making sales calls and doing a crossword during the mixer. Just a guess.

  101. Didn’t Stanley get divorced? I thought he talked about that recently or maybe last season.

  102. I think Stanley just stayed for the Cake. I could so see him doing that, especially with the little cotton ball cookie stunt at the end!

  103. I can’t remember if Stanley got divorced or not. I know that the wife we have met was his second wife, but for the life of me I can’t remember him saying he got divorced again. Great episode

  104. I didn’t find this episode very funny, but it had its moments, such as the ones that everyone has already posted about. Reading everyone’s posts always gives me a new prospective, so I may watch it again. Looking forward to Golden Ticket tonight (:

  105. Is it just me or are Karen and Andy shown at the restaurant sitting together when Jim and Pam start eating Bob Vance’s fries?

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